Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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As one half a fraternal set of twins born in 1974,I can without a doubt safely say that the 80's rocked,before I go any further,I must warn you that I am exremely retro-minded as it is,being a purveyor and connisuer of all manner of things from decades past(especially music,movies and tv).but the 80's-now on the verge of an apparent revival(through programs such as VH-1's awesome,memory refreshing 10-part documentary,I Love The 80's!)does indeed hold more of a special place in my heart,because that was when I went through later childhood and early adolescence.I remember that my family moved a lot because my dad was a musician always looking for a new gig(much like I am today),so my more pivotal 80's memories are marked by where we might've lived at any given time. but the 80's as a whole was,for me,a personal cultural awakening!I used to dig switching back and forth from MTV to CMT(in its early,primitive stages,with no VJ'S,just music),Nashville Now,you can be a star and I-40 paradise on TNN(when it was called the Nashville Network).MTV had only one or 2 actual programs on at the time:a precursor to WEEK IN ROCK/MTV News 1515, called LINER NOTES,hosted by Mark Goodman.and some show called the CUTTING EDGE,both of which came on sunday nights.otherwise,they were ALL about the FREEKIN'music.I recall fondly all my favorite shows:Dukes Of Hazzard(and it's breif spinoff,Enos),as well as Fantasy Island,the Love Boat,Hee Haw,Growing Pains,Kids Incorperated,2HIP4TV(anyone remember that when it was on saturday mornings in '88?),It's Your Move,Riptude,and even the nighttime soaps that my mom watched religiously,like Dallas,Dynasty,Knots Landing,Falcon Crest,etc.,Punky Brewster(and the sick little crush I had on Soleil Moon-Frye when I was 10). some of my fave artists of the day were the Go-Go's,The Bangles, A-HA,Bruce Hornsby,Prince,Sheena Easton,Cutting Crew,Crowded house,and one hit wonders like the Other Ones,The Breakfast Club,Regina,Shannon,The System,A-HA,Kajagoogoo,Oran "Juice" Jones("The Rain"),the Superbowl shuffle,etc.as for flix,I dug Mannequin,Ghostbusters,Ferris Bueller's Day off,Dirty Dancing,All Of Me,Armed and Dangerous,Diner,Potergeist,La Bamba,Pretty In Pink,the Goonies,Teenwolf,Back to the future,etc. and I don't suppose that anyone remembers the saturday morning cartoon KIDD VIDEO,where these kids who had a band would become cartoon superheroes and then,as real people,have a video with a new "original" song at the end of each show? battling the forces of the Master Blaster and His henchmen,the Copycats! GOD,THAT RAWKED!THE 80's,granted,were not without it's flaws:Ronald Reagan,New Coke,Hello Larry,etc.but,from the perspective of one who was a child of that era,things were relatively safer then,we could go to school each day in a small town and not have to worry about the thought of getting blown away by a heat-packing fellow 5th grader,we were taught about sex at the RIGHT age,instead of too early.I could go on and on,but I am sure I have taken too much space as it is.so thanks for your time.If anyone wants to talk 80's(or anything,for that matter)feel free to e-mail me! god bless the 80's-THE DECADE OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!
From: Alan Elam

I was born in '81 and can remember back then better than I can recall last week. I remember watching Transformers, owning everything He-Man and worshipping Mr.T. The '80's was an incredible decade to be a kid. The toys were wicked fun, the music rocked, the t.v. shows were totally cool and I remember it to be a very fun time in my life. Kids today missed out in my opinion.
From: Travis

hanging out and being with friends..having a bonfire and all of us drinking and smoking all night long,those were some of the times that i would go back for..music was better and love was great..my pool partys were a hit,my favorite band is(boston)...they make me think about the summer of 85 to 87..they were the best,,but we did have bad too.i will remember (spencr brafadal) he gave me a place to stay when i got kick out from my mom and dads..going to the beach every weekend and staying up late..th soda called (jolte)keep us up all night..we went to lynn mass just to get it they did not sell it here..so i will be always thinking of the 80,never stop...lynn
From: lynn

I was born in 1983 and yes, cartoons will never be the same again. Man they were great. I love all of the things that have been mentioned so far but I haven't seen anything about Degrassi High. I live in Canada and I think it was unfortunately only televised here. For those of you who have never seen it, you've missed out on the best, the very best part of the 80s and that makes me sad. If you can find the old episodes, watch them! They're great!!
From: Sara

THE 80's was a time of just having fun. I wish that one day I'll wake up and it will be 83 again.I still dream of those carefree'80s days at the GALLERIA.With my yellow izod shirt collar starched standing strait up.with my brand new MEMBERS ONLY jacket on."freak me out".ME and all the VAL DUDES& GIRRRRLS.WITH a movie ticket to a 6:00 showing of what else?THE 1983 SLEEPER hit film of the year VALLEY GIRL. Even 20 years later this is still the best TEEN-AGE comedy film from the 80s. 2nd best is THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN. THIS was the best time to be a TEENAGER in the 80s.NOT only were the movies"Bitchin"("like ferr sherr!")THE MUSIC (OH my GOD!) THE music was tubaluar!(NEW WAVE& TECHNOROCK).WHO can forget awesome bands like?THE PLIMSOULS,MEN AT WORK,THE FLIRTS,THE WAITTRESSES,MODERN ENGLISH,SPARKS,THE P-FURS, GARY MYRICK&THE FIGURES, JOSSIE COTTON, BONNIE HAYES WITH THE WILD COMBO,THE GO-GOs, TEARS FOR FEARS,.EVEN ELIZABETH DAILY (LOYRYN FROM VALLEY GIRL)made awesome music.THE 80s was'nt just a decade it was a way of LIFE!! and even today 20 years later it is still a very importanttime and part of my life.GOD BLESS THE 80s & all the wonderfull people like me who belives THE 80s will never DIE!!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE 80s P.S for those who think the 80s sucks "BAG YOUR FACE".
From: Tommy ! from the VALLEY

Why I Love The 80s? The Movies Valley Girl, The Last Amercian Virgin, Sixteen Candles, Werid Science, The Breakfast Club, Zapped,etc. New Wave Music.the Valley Girl Soundtrack. 80s Mtv. Not This Crappy So-called Mtv Thats Out Now-a-days. Friday Night Videos, Night Tracks,saturday Morning Cartoons.(did I Mention Mtv Really Sucks!!!!!! Lately).groups Like Tears For Fears,talking Heads,the Go-gos The Plimsouls, Men At Work,the Eurythmics,the Cars,a Flock Of Seagulls,madness,mr.mister,human League. The List Goes On And On.the Val Talk Like "bag Your Face" "i"m So Sherr" "so Tubaluar" Like Bitchin""gag Me With A Spoon" "to The Max" "i'm Going To Freak Out And Die" The 80s Were And Still Is The "most Awesome Decade Ever"!!!!!!!

I was born in '82, even though I was small, I remember Cabbage Patch Kids (and the equivalent, Rotten Patch Kids) I thought the Rotten Patch Kids were cool. Also, there is one song that I probably heard more often than any other song, The Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian." Anytime my brothers were using the bathroom, I would hear that song from the radio coming through the door. I was a kid, so I had little to no responsibility, that was fun. I remember the old school G.I. Joe's from the 80's and the original Star Wars figures (Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian). We had a dial TV. The one with VHF and UHF, VHF was regular programing, and UHF was fuzzy, but there were a few stations that came through. Mostly Televangical sermons, Foreign commercials and TV, and car dealership ads. I also have Nintendo and Atari (which I still have, but they do not work anymore, at least I dont think so). Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Duck Hunt were my favorites along with the one with the robot that you could hook up to your system, there was a game that came with it, but I forget the name.
From: Chris Walkenbach

being born in 1968, i got to witness the entire 80s and enjoyed every minute of them. what you younger generations don't realize is that you missed out on the best times ever to be a youngster. 80s music was happy, charged, and full of energy . it was the type of music that made everyone want to get up and dance. whether you could or not. how can you want to do that with today's music that is full of foul language and hateful messages? movies and tv were clean and entertaining. the likes of Jerry Springer , Ricki Lake, and Howard Stern didnt exist to poison our airwaves with those embarresing filth talk shows. bottom line i wouldnt live in these times for all the money in the world, but id relive the 80s for free
From: Dan

the 80s had the best movies. the main reason why our movies were so great is because they left out all the "politically correct" crap. could you imagine making the breakfast club today?? youd have to throw in a gay, a black, an oriental, and etc. im not trying to put anyone down, but doing that would turn it into a political movie rather than a teen movie. i think that 80s movies were better than today because they were made for entertainment and left the politics out
From: daniel

hi i was born in 87 and my parents told me about all the shows i use to watch and i remember most of them but i can't remember one imparticular that i loved the most it was called mya the bee they even sang the theme song to get me to remember it cause i was mya crazy if anyone has videos or pics of the show please e-mail me vanessas707@yahoo.com
From: vanessa

The 80's were really a great decade for me since I was born in 1975 and spent my childhood and early teenage years there. The cartoons (Inspector Gadget, Smurfs, Thunder Cats, etc.) were really original and cool. I also liked the clothing of the eighties. Today's clothing seems to tame and not so wild and crazy like in the eighties. The eighties were in one word: fun. In the 90's things really started to get too serious for me.
From: jenny

Why do I love the 80's??...cuz they were "The Best of Times" (styx song). I was 12 in 1980, 16 in '84, 18 in '86 and 21 in '89....I WAS the Eighties!! All my big milestones occured in the 80's . The ones mentioned above and many, many I won't mention for different reasons. It was so much simpler to grow up then. I might've hated it then, but I sure appreitate that time now.
From: Jennifer

i remmember going out and dancing the nite away. i remember rainbow brite. i also loved the talking cricket doll.
From: sugarlumps

I was born in 1970 and remember everything about the 80s.Like "Kid Video" the cartoon where the teenage rockband get whisked away to video land and turn into cartoons. What about video disk players and SuperTV? Oh oh oh, we used to get these big fat neon colored shoe laces where we tuck the ends into our shoes instead of tying them. I had a rat tail and wore Ocean Pacific courderoy walk shorts. Later I had a mullet and wore acid washed jeans. Ooh remember cropped shirts for men? Dinky donuts cereal. The locusts in 1987. Country singer Sylvia. MTVs 120 Minutes (maybe that was early '90s. "You Cant do that on Television" on Nickleodeon. All the girl groups: Expose, Cover Girls etc
From: Jeff

I love the 80s! I was born in the great year of 1984 when the Tigers last won the Pennant and one the first day of spring that year (March 21), I was born. The 80s had the best toys what with Barbies, Teddy Ruxpin, Rainbow Brite...and shows like Punky Brewster, Care Bears, etc. What an innocent time I lived in! Now we have kids shows but they are all about safety. What happened to letting a kid gettin their knees scraped and riding a bike without a helmet?! Now it's all about padding your kid up before they walk out the door. It was such a better time back then...even if there were lots more drug addictions and the coming about of AIDS. The 80s will always be better to me.
From: Andrea

I was born in 1976, I was 5 years old in 81 i can remember watching Thundercats,G.I.Joe,He-man. My mother she like to watch G.I.Joe. After school I would always watch these cartoons with my brother. He is now 30 I miss those day so much. I also remember freggle rock i hope i spelled it right, I loved freggle rock and the muppet show. I wish so much that I could bring those days back. Life seem so easy then.
From: Teedgra Ellis

I was born in 1986. I dunno whether I'm a child of the 80s, a child of the 90s, or a middle man(a child of 1989). I dunno whether I'm straddlin Gen-X and Gen-Y or did I miss the cut for Gen-X. I remember many shows from the 80s. I remember Video Power and Johnny Arcade. I remember every freakin kind of Double Dare known to man, some1 oughta just slap Jason Harris for hosting DD2K....piss-ant! I remember Out of Control with Dave Coulier. 5 words......Fun House with J D Roth. I remember Saved by the Bell and ALF on Saturday morning NBC. The 80s was the time where u were a tight if u had just a cable TV. U were ballin if u had a boombox and/or a Nintendo 2. I feel like a fossil when I see younger kids and younger family with all these new things out, though I have a Playstation 2. I remember Kids Incorporated when Jennifer Love Hewitt was on there. I remember My 2 Dads.....damn! Staci Keanan was soooo fine back then. She had to be if a damn 2-4 year old like myself knew it. I remember Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. I remember 21 Jump Street. Whitney Houston was the Beyonce Knowles of my time, and Janet Jackson was the Ashanti of the 80s. I remember The Facts of Life, though I was there for just the seasons with Mac Astin and I dunno whether or not George Clooney was there or not in the 88 season. I remember the original ER with Elliott Gould. I remember Star Search with Ed Mc Mahon and NOT Arsenio Hall who had his own show to get busy on. The majority of boy bands out there when I was little were black.....since there was only one white one to contend with New Edition, Perfect Gentlemen and the Boys. The reason y I knew them is cuz my sister was my best friend when I was little, and she is a true Gen-Xer and child of the 80s, as she was born in 79 and graduated high school in 96, she isnt like her baby brother straddlin the fence. I rem Showbiz Pizza. I also rem Out of this World and Hogan Family. I was a Back to the Future guru, more then than I am even now. I rem Full House when them Olsen Twins were little. The girl I love is named Michelle. I rem when Boyz II Men were just startin and Jodeci. I rem when the NBA Read to Achieve was the Stay-In-School Jam. I still call it that. I rem Homey the Clown and Jennifer Lopez when she was a Fly Girl(or at least I was there and in elementary school). I rem the Cosby Show....hey Keisha! I rem Sanford and Son when they would be on TBS. I remember M C Hammer talkin about Can't Touch This even be4 he was interested in any girl with the Pumps in a Bump. I rem Vanilla Ice....u know, Suge Knight almost killed him 2, be4 he killed B.I.G. All of these hopefully tell u that I am a child of the 80s or at least an 89 child. T V on Saturdays suck now in comparison to the 80s. Oh yeh, yall please tell me whether or not I'ma child of the 80s, 90s or a fence straddler. Tell me also am I GenX or GenY or a fence straddler of that 2.
From: Lil FieldMOB

I love the 80's and the 80's television show Today's Special
From: Tom

2 words: Don Johnson.
From: Nicole Buchheit

The best thing about the 80's has and will always be the music. All the hair bands. Com'on Guns n' Roses, Metallica, Poision, Motley Crue, Skid Row. Yeah dont forget most of the people rocking out today were born in the 80's.
From: Lisa

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