Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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IMO, the best decade to grow up in the past century was the 1950's. But the 1980's would be a CLOSE second. Rubic's Cubes, Atari, MTV (yes, they once played music videos), Jams,etc. My favorite channel is VH1 Classic because they are the closest to the old MTV of any music channel. Watch it sometime.!!!
From: Fred Smith

Mostly the music & the music videos from the 1980's. Ranging from new wave (The Cars,Depeche Mode,The Go Go's, New Order,Duran Duran,etc.),pop (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, New Edition,the very lovely & multi talented Debbie Gibson,etc),glam rock (Poison,Whitesnake,Def Leppard,Bon Jovi,Motley Crue,etc.), rock (Foriegner,Tom Petty,Joan Jett,Stevie Nicks,Styx,etc.), rap (Run DMC,Beastie Boys,Tone Loc,Salt N' Pepa,LL Cool J), and some extra cheese. ("Weird Al" Yankovic and Milli Vanilli) I also collect CDs/LPs,music videos on VHS/DVD, and cassette singles as a hobbie since 1997. (I was born on early 1984.) And listening to '80's pop since...I can remember.
From: Jose Ramos

I was born in 1976. I remember almost none of the 70's but most of the 80's. I had He-Man and G.I. Joe figures. I had a lot of Transformers (Robots in disguise) and GoBots. I played board games like Mouse Trap, Trouble, Battleship, and Monopoly. But the most fun I had during the 80's was playing arcade games like Pac-man, Frogger, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. and Paperboy. I enjoyed these games so much that I now have my own Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man and Galaxian. These games and many like them became a part of me more than anything else from the 80's. I went to a 2 year technical school and have a degree in Electronics. I spent 3 years working on 2 way radio equipment before I found my calling. I now repair many of the arcade games that I grew up with. Talk about a dream come true. I work on a lot of games I dont remember seeing or just havent played but its very cool when I fix one of the classics that I played back in the day. Its great to be able to help keep alive some of the best games ever made.
From: Steve Kivett

I was born in 1974, so most of my school years were around in the 1980's. I remember watching Heathcliff & Voltron before the schoolbus picked us up for school. I remember Saturday morning cartoons, the Sunday morning USA Cartoon Express (paled in comparison to saturdays, but jabberjaw was cool!), and the after school movies. I remember the jelly bracelets, air jordans, & breakdancing to the Breakin soundtrack in my vandals (thick shoestrings) with my cardboard. I also remember when MTV was worth watching, & eagerly waiting for the top of the hour, with the man on the moon telling me if Dexy's midnight runners would be on that hour. I was in love with the girl from the pour some sugar on me video, as well as the girl from the what it takes video (aerosmith) The 80's are not just a time, but a memory to me which can always remind me of a happy childhood. Kids now dont know what they missed! I would never want to grow up in another era.
From: Brendon

When I arrived at school... My friend, Jennifer & I would measure our bangs & would wear panty hose underneath our shorts & would wear skirts w/ spandex shorts... & talk about the hazing episode of Punky Brewster... you know the one where she got a little older.. & invited "The In Group," = The Bad Girls into her tree house & they made her smoke a cigarette & eat a bunch of crap (raw eggs, ketchup, jelly sandwich, & brownies) that they blended up.
From: Stephanie.

i was born in 1977 so i cant really remember the early 80s but what i can remember was great the cool films of the time like dark crystal, labrignth sos cant spell the A team legend and willow. some of the music was better then now anyway i am looking for garbage pail kids and lucky seven ( lucky seven is about seven kids who do martial arts 6 boys and 1 girl ones called rocky,one called dumb dumb or dumby.i have been looking for these videos for years if any one can help or know where i can get a coppy then i would be so greatful if any one whants to chat or somthing else then you can e-mail me at daron67977@yahoo.co.uk
From: daron

I totally loved the eighties! I was born in 1975 and although I recall the very early eighties - it was 1982 that was the beginnings of my fond memories. I remember watching Superfriends, Great Rollercoaster (no Ga-news is good Ga-news with Gary Gnu (Ga-new), Mon Chi-Chi's, Land of the Lost, What's Happening?, The Cosby Show, Charlie's Angels, Adam-12, Starsky & Hutch, Jem, The Muppet Babies, Punky Brewster, 3-2-1 Contact, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Voyage of the Mimi ... I can go on and on ... Does anyone remember Jem? Hardly anyone does. Remember when Barbie Mansions and houses cost like $200??? I used to have one and I was VERY GREEDY with my toys. I loved the 80's. Movies like Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, North Shore and Goonies were super fresh!!! I went to HS '89-'93 and even the 90's were great. Although they cannot compare to the 80's, they were still hella-fresh! I listened to music like Madonna, Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, The Cars, def Lepard, Styx, JOURNEY (my fave), Joe Jackson (Steppin Out), Kajagoogoo and many many more!!! Does anyone remember when Christmas seemed like an eternity away and when it came it was as if you hit the big toy jackpot??? Does anyone remember licorice ropes and Whistle Pops, Ring Pops, and Rainbow Bright??? How about paying $150.00 dollars for a Cabbage Patch doll that you ended up being on a waiting list for like 3 weeks to get. How about Flashdance? I remember being in 3rd grade and going to a sleep over for a birthday party (all girls), watching Flashdance and thinking that we were watching a rated R movie. Hahaha! Those were the days. I grew up in Gardena, California and born in Redondo Beach, Ca. so I remember going to Boy's Market and buying Chinese candy that was wrapped in rice paper. I thought I was cool! Or having a Chinese Jumprope - I was 'da bomb at that!!!! To end this on a great note - do you remember stores like: Boy's Market, Gemco, Zody's, Fayva Shoes or Pup n Taco If u do - you truly are an 80's child as I am. No Doubt we all have a lot in common and remember a helluva lot, so to my fellow playmates from the 80's - you better fight for your right to paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!!!
From: Monica H.

I love the 80s because TV consisted to fun shows that weren't all reality shows! I was actually allowed to watch prime time TV because it wasn't all raunchy and immoral-- remember Growing Pains, Full House, Family Ties, Perfect Strangers, Alf??? Kids can't do that now. Sorry, but Will and Grace is okay, but not near as good as those others. Now networks think that the solution is to put on a reality show--they're all stupid! I refuse to watch any reality shows, other than ones on MTV, 'cause they're the ones that created 'em.
From: CJ

let's compare the 80s with today in the 80s, teen boys had neatly combed and well groomed hair. teen boys today have either a shaved head with a backwards baseball cap on or long greasy ugly looking hair. teen boys in the 80s wore their pants snuggly so our girls could check out and even sometimes pinch our butts . teen boys today wear pants that are 8 sizes too big and droop them down to their knees. what girl looks at that?? teen girls in the 80s had hair styles that made even ugly girls look cute. teen girls today just comb it straight down. (boring) 80s music was happy and energetic. it made you feel good and sometimes even gave you goosebumps. today's music is bland and downcast. that "hootie" guy sounds like he is nodding off to sleep . 80s bands and artists were talented and unique and could even spell. today's bands seem to be just a mish mosh of untalented degenerates who copycat each other. name one female singer today that ISNT a whitney houston wannabe. the 80s had dominating bands like van halen, journey, reo speedwagon, motley crue, pat benetar, rush, def leppard, and etc who had hit after hit all throughout the decade. today is all one hit wonders and their "one hit" isnt even that good. 80s teen movies were entertaining classics that are still a hit with today's younger kids. today's teen movies either have that "clueless" type of atomosphere or are just imitations and parodies of old 80s movies. bottom line, the 80s were the funnest times. today sucks!!!!!!!!!!
From: don

Because i like the fashions of the 80s. Swatch was the thing in 1986 (which i was born in), the preppie look, the year of the yuppie, converse shoes. Then there are some fashon don't's. The acid wash denims, ripped jeans, and burning of the hair
From: Mickey

Man I was born in 1994. What I like most about the 80's was the fact that I didn't have to endure the pain and paint of living through them. You guys make me laugh till I wet myself. Please pretent I didn't say paint. That made me sound dumb, kind of like you guys. Have a nice day.
From: Stewey Botox

I lived in Japan during the 80s... It was a time of civil unrest... At least there was somewhere in the world that can remember the 80s without the nightmarish memories I have... Count your blessings...
From: Tanaka Genjiro

I loved the 80s! I'll never forget the first time I listened to queen. They were what my wife lost her viginity to. And if I ever find the guy! Anyway I loved all the 80s greats, the monkeys, the beatles, Elvis, the who, Dr.who, my fair lady, this old man, and Aerosmith with their original hips. Those were the days. Keep on rocking! David
From: David Gregory

Some stuff i remember about the 80s: Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA , Molly Ringwald, The Clash, Eighth Wonder with Patsy Kensit, Phoebe Cates, The Empire Strikes Back, Band Aid, the EDSA revolution (i live in the Philippines), new wave music, lots of beer and pot and clear paste (instead of gel) on my hair.
From: Eriq

The Smiths. Violent Femmes. Modern English. The Soft Boys. The Cure. The Wild Swans. Siouxsie And The Banshees. Dead Kennedys. Concrete Blonde. Echo And The Bunnymen. Style Council. Lotus Eaters. Blue Nile. Pale Fountains. The Adventures. The Clash. REM. The Housemartins. Book Of Love. Propaganda. Nena. The Waterboys. The Alarm. Blue Zoo. Ocean Blue. Red Rockets. Descendents. U2. Boom Town Rats.
From: Eriq

hi i was born in 6/24/88 im 14 btu anyways i love the 80s music. Teenagers on this days dont listen to 80s music but I do. I love 80s music is the best ever. I was born in puerto rico ans in puerto rico idint know anyhting about the 80s music but when i cam here to atlanta,ga i started listening to an 80s radio station and then i started buying all the 80s cd's i could 80s music is the best!!!
From: christian

There are a lot of reasons that I tresure the 80's, actually probably too many to list. I was born in 1983, so I'm going on 20, but I can still remember the 80's very vividly. I was the typical 80's child complete with a rather large collection of bright neon socks to wear with my jelly shoes. (Does anyone remember those?) I played with my cabbage patch dolls, my little ponies and of course i can't forget my popples. I also had this doll that you could wind her arm and her hair would get shorter and than raise her other arm and her hair would grow. I loved that doll. My favorite tv shows included Punky Brewster, Zoobilee Zoo, (go to zoobileezoo.com if you want to bring back old memories)and Full House along with my numerous cartoons that I would wake up early to watch. I only recently started watching the classic 80's movies though. My favorite is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, but I also really like Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club. I could talk for hours just about the interesting clothing I wore and the way I did my hair. I miss that decade and often talk get into long conversations about it.
From: Katie

omg i am 14 and i am OBSESSED with duran duran, in fact, im listenin to them right now! omg-seven and the ragged tiger? one of the best albums ever! and the Cure! and got a couple of cds and i constantly listen to them. before school, when i get home-hey i got in trouble today for bringin a discman and guess what was in there? DURAN DURAN GREATEST! hahaha but i got it back, so i can live again. Cyndi Lauper couldnt have done it better-GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! alwayz got dat sruck in my head! Dead or Alive was cool, i luv the "you spin me right round" gotta nice litl groove to it. lol. but i mean, i like eminem, the white stripes, the strokes, jay-z, just no where near my duran duran and the CLASH! I just got a jean jacket, and im alwayz puutin the sleeves and collar up. jus looks and feels better. i dun noe why.ya noe, my hair is REALLY CURLY, so i tend to look like robert smith, jus not to THAT extent. lol. he wasa cutie, u noe, in dat weird way. All over my books and my binder is duran duran and everyone else iv been talkin about.omg~ i luv dat commercial of ben franklin signin "dont you want me baby" lol dat is so cute. well, for wacky day, im gonna dress totally in da eighties. oh yeah all my friends are gonna. IM DOIN DA HAIR!. mine wont be hard, jus a litl hairspray, ya noe. aqua net. lol. well im gettina seventeen seconds t-shirt tonite and i cant wait to wear it to skool-everyone will be like-"who is DAT?" and m gonna say,"robert smith, duh!" lol! i got john taylor posters everywhere and no one sees how cute he was. yeah, the hair, i noe, BUT IT WAS THE 80S! and i had a bf dat was tottaly into rp, and we cud not talk about nething, i mean we looked likeenimies if u saw us walkin together dow da hall. so i broke itoff- but i mean, dats not the only reason why of corse. we've been friends for 3 years now and....NEWAYZ...ALL DA KIDS GOTTA RING BACK DA 80S-THIS IS OUR TIME TO DO IT-YA NOE, DA WHOLE FASHION REPEATS ITSELF? THIS IS OUR LITL GATEWAY, LOL.SO GET OUT THERE AND BLAST YOUR VAN HALEN, A-HA, DURAN DURAN, W/E AND PUT UP DEM COLLARS! DIS IS GONNA BE FUN~TOTALOLY GNARLY DUDES! LOL! aight well i gotta put in my cure cd, duran duran is about to end, i cant live w.o either of dem! hey if you do morning announcments in ur skool, ask em to play an 80s song, i did it on monday, and it was like the best day ever- believe ME GUYS, THE 80S JUST MAKES YA FEEL BETTER, IM NOT EVEN AS SELF CONCIOUS AS I WAS IN DA PAST YEARS, YA NOE tryin to keep up wit da pace, yea, da 80s theres no keepin up, and its all fun music-SO DO IT! CRANK UP DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS, EVEN IF YOU CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT HES SAYIN, ITS NOT LIKE WE NO IN DA RAP SONGS NOW-LOL. hey check out everythingenglish.com dey got some cool stuff ther-cds, postersm shirts, patches, etc.! and e-mail me pix, letters, w/e at DemielleKM@msn.com and my aol screen ame is XxPopTrashxX go figure huh? lol. aite c yall lataz, and lets get the people of America where dey belong-stuck IN OUR WORLD! lol. buh bye yal~!
From: demielle

The full text of this appears at: http://www.sybershack.com/more/archives/hairband.htm The day Nirvana's "Nevermind" hit record stores, Ratt crawled into the cellar, the cat dragged Poison out the back door, and Meatloaf went straight to hell. The hair bands provided the soundtrack of my youth. Warrant was there when my friends and I jammed air guitars in our rooms. Nazareth was there for my first slow dance. Whitesnake's lyrics gave me an education that ninth grade health class could not touch. This year, I turned 28. I'm a husband, a father, and a middle manager in a cubicle whose job is described by outsiders as "something to do with computers." I pay a mortgage. I garden and can salsa. I work out, not to impress the ladies with bulging biceps, but to try to maintain a reasonable level of health. I worry about regularity. I can't remember the last time I was up all night and slept all day. And I'm happy this way. I have had a very good life and somehow I seem to blunder into good fortune, despite myself. For my birthday this year I asked for gift certificates to an online used CD store. With my haul I set out shopping to reclaim some of my lost youth. You'd be amazed how many really good CDs you can buy for $25. Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Poison, I ordered them all. When they started arriving in the mail, I'd have the package open and the CD playing faster than C.C. Deville rips out a solo. Oh, don't get me wrong., the irony wasn't lost on me the morning I commuted to my cubicle in my Honda Civic screaming "well I spend my money on women and wine, but I can't tell you where I spent last night." Of course I'd spent the previous night with my wife and son and dog, as I had the night before that, and the night before that. Soon, I was ironing my Dockers with Quiet Riot providing the background Noize. My wife even got into the nostalgia of the music: "Swingin' to the drums; swingin' to guitar; swingin' to the bass in the back of my car"? More like "swing now or never, and try not to wake up the baby." The sexual innuendoes in the music seemed more quaint than risqué: "Like gasoline, ya wanna pump me, and leave me when you get your fill." The guitar solos seemed more comforting than edgy. The hair seemed, so, very, big. And it made me realize what a great time the late 80s and early 90s were for growing up. Mullets and Cameros were staples of my teenage years. And by the time Kurt Cobain killed the golden age, I was off to college. The cold war was over, education was readily available, jobs were everywhere, and this new thing called the "Inter-net" was just coming to the masses. It turned out to be a pretty good time to be a grown up. And while a few of the hardiest like Metallica and Bon Jovi survived the day of the grunge, and the greats like Santana and Aerosmith will keep making music until they are buried, I know we shall never look upon a pop music scene like the arena rock days again. And I'm not too upset about it. I take solace in my discount bargain basement CDs that contain the anthems you don't hear even when the local radio station has an 80s night. Perhaps my passive acceptance of the fall of pop culture means that a little bit of the grunge attitude did stick, despite my best efforts. Oh well, whatever, nevermind.
From: Bill

i was born in 1983 and experienced the greatest era ever! i mostly remember the cartoons like my little pony, care bears (both of which are now being revived!!) popples, my pet monster, rainbow brite, the wuzzles, jem, punky brewster, gummi bears and the ewoks! i even have cheer bear from 1984, care bears poster, a punky brewster figurine, and tonight I was playing crackout, metroid and mario on my original 1985 nintendo! all the tv shows and games kids play now involve fighting and violence-and they are just really crap! im so glad i was an 80's child!
From: kt

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