Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Oh, where to begin. I was born in 1984 and for the time that I was in the 80s, it was perfect. Nothing that I can think of right now can even begin to compare. Everything was just so much better, simpler somehow. You've got the best cartoons ever made, JEM!!! for one. Jem was, and still is in my opinion, the best cartoon out there. He-Man, She-Ra, My Little Pony, the Smurfs, the Snorks, they were just endless. And they weren't the garbage that's on tv now. I actually feel bad for my sister, who has to grow up now. She gets to experience Jem, because I am that much of a freak, but other than that she thinks the eighties were forever ago. Don't even get me started on the music! I love it, I blast it in my dorm and my roommate thinks I'm nuts. I'm like "Hello, you were born in the 80s too, embrace it girl!" Every song, from 99 Luftballoons, I Think We're Alone Now, Time After Time, and yes I was a New Kids fan. I still have my New Kids sheets, before they were NKOTB... And my class in high school was all about the eighties. Our prom song was Take My Breath Away from Top Gun! Anything by Bon Jovi was considered our anthems...you just can't go wrong with anything from that era. The fashion defined the era. Well, for Halloween my costume choice always is to put on a big, poofy skirt with spandex shorts underneath with bangle bracelets and to tease my hair. I relive the 80s every chance I get. I would give anything to go back :(
From: brittany

THE EIGHTIES RULE--(TOTALLY and to the MAX) Yes I am a product of the 80's! From clothes(YICKS!) to the music (RULES) to the toys (ROCKS)! Do you remember these things? THE CLOTHES: PARACHUTE PANTS--(warm up pants with lots of zippers?) TWO TONE JEANS (gray on one leg, blue on the other?) FINGERLESS GLOVES PUMPS W/LACE BABY DOLL SOCKS GUMMY BRACELETS SWATCHES ROCK AND ROLL GROUP PINS RED,WHITE & BLUE LEATHER (1st Nikes--when they were cheap!) JORDACHE,CALVIN KLIENS, SERGIO VALENTE'S TIGHT JEANS All of the music ruled.....Original Alternative (SOFT CELL, NAKED EYES, TEARS FOR FEARS, U2)Hair Band Rock (POISON, MOTLEY CRUE, CINDERELLA, WINGER) & Just plain CHEESEY (TIFFANY, DEBBIE GIBSON, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK) THE TOYS: STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE DOLLS (keep them..check EBAY) FRAGGLE ROCK THE SMURFS THE SNORKS CABBAGE PATCH KIDS HUGGA BUNCH CARE BEARS GUMMI BEARS GARBAGE PAIL KIDS TEENAGE MUTANT NIJA TURTLES TRANSFORMERS STAR WARS SHRINKY DINKS EASY OVENS (food was gross) Do they bring back memories.......Hey I want my MTV, HAIRSPRAY and my CAMARO!!!!!! Karen email me and we can chat about them!
From: Karen

I was a teenager of the `80s and loved that decade. I think the fashion was great (inspired by the '50s with a modern twist). Today's '70s-styles are total crap. In the '80s we thought '70s styles were a joke, and I still do. Tapered jeans, nice dressy shirts and sweaters, even the late '80s fad of baggy, tapered pants with matching suspenders- it all ruled!
From: Kevin

I like everything retro. I was born in 1988, so I guess you could say I missed out. The 80's were cool, neon colored, and rebellious.
From: Krystle

The are many reasons why I love the 80's One would be that I was growing up and I was still young. live was more simple there was no gst. Less crime the children were better behaved and you didnt have to worry about bills det or war. I truely belive that every thing was more relaxed. there was ozzy at his pike and micheal jackson sang triller. every one remembers that! , pink floyed was popular. madona was every were. I remember my mom saying I couldnt dress like her!!!!!!! What about def leppard. The cosby show and punky brouster. the cabage patch kids, my litte pony I think I still have mine (I still have everything else) we didnt worry to much about one of our class mates killing us and we went to bed in the black hole bed sheets. We watched starwars and drank slerrpees buy the thousands. We hung out at the 7/11 and went roller skating. We saw the berlin wall,on tv, being taken down and we planed out what we wanted to do when we were older. Who could ever forget our fashion? gelly braslets, the micheal jackson jacket and glove, and leg warmers. what about all the jean material. even the word gay had a diffrent meaning. Here in calgary the radio station was xl or am 106. For me, the movies were the best, et, valley girls, goonies, muppets, the breakfast club, stand by me, sweet sixteen, preety in pink, nightmare on elem street, farris bulers day off. what more can I say, dont you forget about me or maybe you can dance you can dance but, I think I will stick with the 80's were sooooooooooo tubeulary. like it was soooooo coooool.
From: jett

I Was Born In 1987. I Dont Remember Much But I Remember The Cars And The Music.
From: ian

As i am now entering my mid 30's I believe I understand why we still have a fondness for the eighties, it was a much simpler time (i am talking about modern era here), everthing was new...computers, atari, cable ( at least in my part of the country), and it was a time when we had fewer responsibilities which i think is more of a sign of age than anything. I will always asscoiate myself as an eighties person and be proud of it.
From: r. webb

I was born in 1982, the perfect year to grow up with all the best trends. I hated that mean old Purple Pieman, I wanted to be PUnky Brewster and Pippi Longstocking, I those circular things that you used to tie up the side of your oversized neon t-shirt, The Goonies, Labrynth and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun were the best movies ever, I was terrified that Alf would eat my cats, my parents had to drive me three hours to see New Kids on The Block in concert and my sister and I arrived decked out in New Kids gear, we had tons of Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids, Jem really was excitement and we danced our cares away with the Fraggles. Those Olsen twins were not so damn annoying when they were babies, my Popple was my favorite Christmas present, Fred Savage and Doogie Howser were the men of my dreams, and I was a punk rocker EVERY year for Halloween (still am actually). I Think We're Alone Now and Electric Youth were my favorite songs, that is until I got into Cinderella and Poison, and then there was Bon Jovi and Brian Adams....honestly, what reason can you give me as to why I would not want to be a child of the eighties. The eighties was the best decade in history!!!
From: Trisha

Aaaahhhhhhh... the 80's... a magical decade and an era it was indeed. The mere mentioning of the 80's is enough to send me flying through memory lane for hours on end. I was born in 76 and truly do wish it could have been perhaps a few years sooner... that way I would have enjoyed more of the glorious 80's. When I think of those magical years I think of nothing but happiness, prosperity, material pocessesions, pop-culture with great pop-charts and pop-videos, Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Duran Duran & Bruce Springteen as he was Born in the USA. Toys & games like Transformers, Cabbage Patch Kids, Rubix Cube, Pogo Balls, Atari & colleco video games. Movies which will always remain my favorites such as the Goonies, Raiders of the Lost Arc, Weird Science, Back to the Future & shows like Family Ties, Growing Pains, Cosby Show, A-Team & Night Rider. My bedroom walls were littered with knock-out babe pin-ups like Samantha Fox, Tiffany, Alyssa Milano & Kelly LeBrock. When I think back and reminisce about he 80's, I start feeling warm and tingly inside... I wonder if the new millenium will provide the same for my kids?
From: Chris Lamontagne

Born in '83 i find a lot of people underestimate what someone my age could remember of the decade. Recently on "Last Call with Carson Daly", Rick Schroeder was on and mentioned that Christina Aguliera made some comment about him on her album or something and Carson said what would she know? Excuse me, but a lot. I personally am a pop culture sponge; I started buying albums at 5 yrs old (1988), Micheal's "Bad" of course. And before that I claimed Breakin' and Purple Rain from my parents collection- I knew every lyric and had seen both films. To this day I love so many of the music artists its nearly unlistable, but I must mention my insatiable obsession with Billy Idol. As for films I have an extensive collection of all the cliche period films- the breakfast club, sixteen candles (i want to marry ducky), st. elmo's fire, the lost boys (gotta love keiffer) as well as the soundtrack, ferris, the golden child, weird science, both bill and ted movies (i know them by heart and loved to annoy my parents with the word "bogus" at the time of their release), E.T. etc etc. This evening I was in a nostalgic mood trying to download a "Max Headroom" screensaver... thus I stumbled upon this site. Tonight I had been making a list of the best sitcoms of the decade, so please add to what I've got: punky brewster ***** webster ***** silver spoons *** growing pains **** family ties ***** small wonder ***** pee wee *** cheers ** golden girls **** the wonder years **** empty nest *** doogie howser **** highway to heaven (particularly the Gary losing hair from cancer/Barry Williams episode)**** who's the boss ***** charles in charge **** sanford and son *** mr.dressup, mr.rogers and mr.belvedere **** (canada only, i think?) polka dot door and romper room ***** threes company *** fraggle rock **** shera *** jem ** the muppet show ***** ......CANT THINK OF ANYMORE, BUT ASIDE FROM TELEVISION, MOVIES AND MUSIC, FASHION AND MAKEUP WAS FUN AND OVER THE TOP! Side pony tails, teased six inch high hair (I did this), blush like a racing stripe- pink and very apparent. So much for Carson, I owned 3 pairs of leg warmers! Also I used to cheat on rubix cubes and pull off the coloured stickers (if it was the cheap kind, or take the sqaures off the more expensive ones- never got those back together properly though) and rearrange them. I LOVED THE '80'S AND WOULD GIVE MY RIGHT ARM TO BE FIVE YEARS OLD AGAIN!!!
From: Ellie

One reason I loved the 80's was the music. Unlike alot of the stuff put out today, 80's music was (for lack of a better term) FUN! Okay, sure, Bare Naked Ladies put out alot of fun songs. But most of what I hear these days is fairly serious. But can anything really compare to Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London"? :)
From: David

If you were born in the eighties you do not remember the eighties. I was a teenager during the eighties, turning 12 in 1980. I remeber the eighties with great fondness. I remember when MTV was first aired and for those of us that did not have MTV there was always Video Rock (11pm every week night) on channel 57 in our area. Spiked hair and punk enter the early eighties in and we left with long heavy metal hair. I loved the music and listen to the big eighties hits at work as I am right now, during some down time I found this site and it has taken me back.....yeap they were the golden years.....
From: Jean

I was born in 1980 so I was able to experience all of the 80's. It was a fun time with great shows, great movies, great cartoons and shows, and just a fun culture in general. I would be fun to experience that time again, it was really much less serious at that age and in that time. With war with Iraq taking place and the economy in trouble, it makes that time all the more attractive.
From: Joe

The 80s were the most care-free decade for me. The best shows were on tv (Who's the boss?), toys were fun (Transformers), the Nintendo was awesome! And Dire Straits were so classy while Van Halen rocked! Awwwwww I loved the 80s. Things weren't so boring and repetitive (like the music of today). It was a time where new things were happening. Also Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Ozbournes guitarist) died in a plane crash, which is a bad thing of course because I think he could have been the best ever. :( OH and who can forget Leisure Suit Larry????? And all the 256 colour strip poker games on the computer??
From: mikey

i was born in 88 and so i'm growing up in the 90's buti wish it were the 80's! my favorite music is from the 80's, it doesn't get better than that. all the new punk is horrible (sorry if you like it) but old punk was so goooood.
From: katie

in was born in 1980 and remember nearly every year from 1981. I am still living in the 80s and to every one in 03 its great. My hands are never to far away from a synthesizer (what a sound those things made).I try not to watch any movies made after 1995 because they are not up to my standards. music today is gees what can i say how about nothing.
From: grant weatherstone

I was born in '71 in Guyana (yes, South America). The eighties for me were the coolest. Up until 1985, Guyana never broadcasted TV signals. That's 14 years without TV, so as you can imagine, we were pretty good with our reading at an early age. A blessing in disguise I guess. We only had one radio station and they were always behind the times in terms of the latest hits. I remember tuning my parents vacuum tubed shortwave to pick up Voice of America on some evenings to hear the latest music. Billy Ocean, Billy Idol, U2, Howard Jones, Til Tuesday, The Thompson Twins, Kool and the Gang, Aha, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Big Country, Men at Work, Hall and Oates, and the list goes on. We never recieved MTV, but we saw Superstation WTBS "Night Tracks" that played music videos on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 6am. It was the next best thing to MTV. Of course with TV, we enjoyed GI Joe, He-Man, the Smurfs, Mask, The Transformers, and (when we were bored) Jem. Not to many Cabbage Patch Dolls but we had lots of CPD stickers. And then there were the teen flicks: Real Genius, Revenge of the Nerds, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, Sixteen Candles, and (the king of them all) Fast Times at Ridgemont High. My favorite character was Jeff Spicolli ... and I was the first to use the 'dude' word in high school back home. When I came to the US I got into surfing ... don't ask. Biggest crushes: Debbie Gibson, Kim Fields, Joyce Hyser (from "Just one of the Guys"), Virginia Madsen ("Electric Dreams"), Jennifer Beals ("Flashdance") and Susana "killer lips" Hoffs (the Bangles). Who could forget The Cars "Drive" or Foreigner's "Want to know what love is" or Chris Deburgh's "Lady in Red", and not wanting to be alone on the dance floor when they were playing? I LOVED the big hair. I loved the ladies when they wore that neon lipstick, with the oversized shirts, and the double belts. Baggy jeans, Chuck Taylor high-top Converse sneakers with thick laces. Electric Boogaloo, Breakin, and Beat Street. It was a good time to be a teen. The 80s I will always cherish fondly.
From: Lawrence H.

The 80's were off the heezy for sheezy frying onhickalackalying frying pan. Well tha's it later squirrels im outie 5000.
From: yapson

how are the vibes, man? We are so upset, we believe that we were born in the wrong year- 1989. We are often told "Man- you were born in the wrong decade." The 80's were the most rad~ everything from the Care Bears to the Clash and Big hair to Boy George. If we were born earlier we could have experienced the 80's live in person- instead we do our best to revive everyone's inner 80's child! We quite frequently enjoy the following: Molly Ringwald, The Clash, The Brat Pack, Say Anything, and as much gaudy 80's clothing and jewlery we can get our hands on. At least we can proudly say: We were made in the 80's.
From: Jelly Roll & Rhymes

I was born in 1983 and I llllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee the eighties. I reminise and wish i could go back all the time. my favorite movie was Stand by me and the Goonies, and rember the toys, they were awesome. i rember my buddy dolls i had one! cabbage patch kids, watchable watches,GI joes,Rambo, my sister used to watch GEM! and her band they used to make music, barbie. We had the cartoons in the 80's we had the cartoons!old school Spiderman, Archie,Vultron,Gobots,Flinstones, Jetsons, Hanna barbera cartoons, Tom and jerry, ABC after school special, Transformers was and still is my favororite show in the world My favortie transformer was StarScream, Ninja turtles, He man, Thundercats. Shera. everything was so care free in the eighties we had club houses, cowboys and indians, Da Fort, the Woods, everyone was happy from what I can rember. I used to watch Silverspoons, Cosby show, differnt world, three is company. I mostly rember when i lived in my old house I used to watch micheal jackson constalny me and my bros and my sister used to dance infront of the TV and do all the moves hahah. Bumpin the viynal on my dads record player of thriller ahhah. back then we had Viynel kids dont even know what that is nowadays. I loved it nowadays kids arent kids. Nintendo and atari. Super mario bros ahahah we used to play that for hours. THe old Simpsons that were actually funny and they could actually swear and due stuff. I see my lil nephew at about 7 years old trying to be cool and trying to get designer clothes like abercrombie and Gap. the lil kids nowadays are tryin to be teenagers not kids lil kids try to be cool instead of going outside and playing cowboys and indians kick the can hide and hide and go seek. The good stuff . Im like wtf We werent cool in da 80's as kids no one cared. I rember playin until your mom yelled for you to come in when the street lights came on. just haveing fun was the 80's playin streetfootball and baseball. I loved my childhood and i wouldnt change it for the world. I wish my kids could have the childhood i had but it seems as if that things changed and now they have computers and hella video games. Well at least our childhood was awesome. The 80's were the best years because kids could be kids. We didnt really worry bout abuducstions and babysitters and all that we just played outside and road bikes. i rember my 3 wheeler batman bike i used to mob in that even with its plastic wheels ahaha it was da sh*t. I love the 80's and i love my childhood in the early 90's shit got gay around 1996-97 when i got into 7th grade. but o well the 80's rocked. Nowadays kids gotta be down and be all MTVed up and their like 8 that aint right cuz your childhood i belvie is the best time of your life not shit to worry about but just being a kid I wish i could go back.
From: CC evans

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