Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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i was unfortunate to be born on october 1986, i dont remember much of my childhood, but a few things of the 8's i managed to recall. Like the mupet babies, bat man, back to the future, the freddy movies, pet semetary, land of the lost, alvin and the chicmonks, saved by the bell, my little pony which i got it like when i was 5 because we never had enough money. and pound puppies i never had one! i can remember some of the fashion, the hair,my mom still has it, and this micheak jackson commercial where he sang some song i think it was for pepsi, oh and the old pepsi can, and sprite but i am not sure if that was 80's. I remember other stuff but they are spanish shows and soaps, i grew up in the the inner city or "ghetto" as people refer to it, and mostly gangsters, they were cleer back then i remember that, much more violent thoungh. My brother got his nintendo like what i think is late 89 or early 90's he had all the coolest games, sold it for $50... i loved that nintendo but i never really knew how to play it, only marvel madness... what i really wish i saw is people in parachutte pants, i have to see it to beleive it, my mom used to make me wear the tights and some weird black shoes and colorful socks, Guess was really popular she had a lot of guess jeans. I can only remember through my mom, she wore like tight guess jeans with this blouse that looks like a swimsuit, she had those shoulder pad sweaters and blouses i got to wear a few times. My dad was in band, he has a syntehsizer, though i never remember him using it. I remember mostly the hair, and the make up, my neighbor used to wear a lot of blue eye shadow with those puffy dresses and thights... I had a bunch of G.I. joe toys, my brother had like all the micro machine cars, i think thats what they are called. I remember hating the smurfs, i hated that. i guess thats all... the 90's were a bit etreme, there was a lot of gangs and the L.A. riots (california) they burned my favorite stor woolworth, i dont remember the exact name. Back in 99 i rediscovered the 80's i fell in love with depeche mode, duran duran, the cure, Bauhaus, sisters of mercy, and nine inch nails, but i was swallowed by the 90's grunge and "so embarrasing" Marilyn Manson want to be goth thing which was wierd, but luckily i was saved by classic rock, and i went back to loving the 80's like Guns N Roses (fav) motley crue, tom petty, def leppard, whitesnake, Bon jovi, Ozzy osbourne, but mainly GNR. weird cobination. well just need help here, on achieving the ideal 80's hair, yeah my hair is boring straight, and my eyeliner isnt dark enough, my clothes look too 90's i still looke like a Manson freak!! but i am so not. i wear the 80's highheels now, and fishnets.. so i really need help on devlipigng the 80's look and be swallowed by that era, never come out... by the way was wody wood pecker 80's cartoon?? so if you want to share memories or advice me e-mail me please slaveondope@webtv.net...
From: Bridget

Although I'm only 13, i wish i could go and grow up in the 80's cuz they was COOL!!
From: Larsen Weitzel

I love the 80s because I love the people who grew up in that time!
From: Grace

WOW! There will never be another decade like the 80's. Such a wide range of music, movies and trends. From preppy, punk and heavy metal and everything in between. One of the only decades where a teenager could find them selves because it wasn't only one or the other. There were so many trends to choose from or make your own. I was born in 1972 and I GREW up in the 80's. From 8-18 there was so much going on. From the cool to the corny. "The Brat Pack" to movies like "Howard the Duck". Television show like "Family Ties" to "Square Pegs" Music from "Duran Duran" to the "The Smith" to "Motley Crue". Least of all do not forget the dress "Penny Lofers" to "Dock Martens". All in all I would not trade any other decade to grow up in. It was the best time of my life. Way to go 80's
From: Lee-Anne Bonus

****I was born in 1984, and what sucks is I pretty much missed what went down in the 80's! I can remember things from '87 or '88 on, so I pretty much got ripped off of the carefree decade! I love 80's music, and I love the movies of the 80's because of the innocence behind them. Now there's all this politically inncorrect crap going on. What I wouldn't give to see a new John Hughes movie come out in 2003. He has brilliant work with Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Those are my all time favorite movies. I also love TV shows of the 80's. When I was little, I remember watching Punky Brewster, the early Full House and Roseanne episodes, 21 Jump Street, Mama's Family, Jem and the Hollograms, The Care Bears, and The Facts of Life. Nowadays, I watch reruns of The Cosby Show, (which is now my all-time favorite!)Miami Vice, and Married With Children. I think back, and TV was soooo much better when I was 4 or 5, than what it is today!!! Now it's all reality crap! And what happened to MTV? I thought it was MUSIC television!!! I LOVE the styles from the 80's! It seemed tame compared to the styles I see now! The 60's and 70's styles are popular now, so I hope the 80's style will make its comeback too. The mall hair is my favorite. It looks better than the stringy, beat-off-with-a-rope hairstyle of today. I wore mall bangs to a school dance once, and I had people coming up to me saying their moms style their hair that way!!! My favorite clothing article of the 80's would be a jacket with frindge on it, like the one Slone wore in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. As for music, I enjoy watching VH1 Classic to get my 80's fix. I like jamming to heavy metal groups, like Skid Row and Poison, but I like other 80's music generes too. Another cool thing was that on the day I was born, the Apple Computer commercial premiered; the one with the lady running with a sledgehammer and throwing it into the big screen that Big Brother's on. Even commercials were better in the 80's! I'd love to go back in time; that would rock.
From: *Krystal Willcutt*

Although I'm 16 and I was born in 1987, I still remember the 80's having some kind of influence on me. When I look at some of my baby pictures I'm wearing the colored overalls and wild hair. I remember watching the old shows and movies, like Terminator and Top Gun. The Super Nintendo is by far one of my favorite games. (Even though it came out in 1992, a lot of the games had an 80's effect to them.) There are TONS of songs I remember listening to by artists such as Madonna, Men Without Hats, Prince, and The Human League. Computers were a big start in the 80's. I remember my dad bringing home his new Apple macintosh. When MTV came out it had more music videos. I remember my mom owning a pair of orange colored converse shoes that she wore around the house. Small memories like these remind me of how happy I am to have been born in such an awesome time.
From: Danielle

I really wish I had been born earlier, so I could remember everything about the 80's!! I was born in '86...so I remember barely anything. I can remember a few things though. I remember watching 'Dirty Dancing' everyday...I think I actually broke the tape from watching it so much. On top of that, I had a skirt I would wear when I was watching it, so that I could pretend I was Baby...lol. I do remember having snap bracelets and those fake gold bangles...used to wear them all the time. I can remember watching Reading Rainbow, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Sesame Street. I remember the muppet babies...they were so cute!! Then of course, Fraggle Rock, because I mean come on, who can forget that?!? And then ALF, he was the best man!! Oh and Alvin and the Chipmunks...best singing chipmunks ever!! LoL. The only music artist I can truthfully remember listening to was Madonna. We had a neighbor who would dress like her, I thought she was so cool. She used to babysit me from time to time, and she would put make up on me...I think there may even be a picture lurking around the family photo albums somewhere. But, I've been discovering all types of music from the 80's. Let me tell you, Debbie Harry of Blondie is my idol, she was freaking 100 times cooler than Madonna ever will be!! Pat Benetar is also cooler than Madonna. Wish these two were still around, instead of Madonna. I wish MTV could actually play music like they did back then!! I tend to watch to VH1 classic, has music videos from the 80's on it...freaking fabulous, since most of the bands of today, with the exception of a few, suck. I own every John Hughes movie made in the 80's...long live the brat pack...lol. But, I'd have to say my favorite 80's movie is, 'Valley Girl,' fer sure!! Has one of my fave 80's songs, "I Melt With You," by Modern English...the 80's...the decade of a lot of freaking 1 hit wonders!! LoL. Anyways, I'm rambling now...once I start, I just can't stop! The 80's were just totally kick ass. I wish I could travel back in time and just live the rest of my life lost in the 80's...lol. I really wish I could've partied away at Studio 54 like there was no tomorrow. Everything seems like it was 100 more times fun back then. It really does suck that I must be content on listening to New Wave compilations on my cd player and watch 80's movies over and over again, so I can just try to catch just the tiniest essence of the whole decade!! I do own some vinyls of the early 80's artists, they're freaking great. I swear, one day, some way, I will bring back the fashion trends of the 80's...all of them...lol. And, people won't look at me like I've lost my mind either!! Anyways, wow, I wrote a lot! Would you like me to go on?... LoL. Just kidding! But I really do love the 80's!! ~Blondie: "I'm not living in the real world. I'm not living in the real world. No more, No more, Yeah!"~
From: Tahnisha

nothing exciting happened in the 80's, it still rocks. TRANSFORMERS ARE THE COOLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: rob stich

My favorite past from the 1980's are watching my favorite sitcoms like "Growing Pains" "Who's The Boss" and other sitcoms which are not from the 80's like "Gilligan's Island" "Beverly Hillbillies". My favorite drama show that I like to watch is "MacGyver".
From: Michal Balicki

I was born in 1987, so the 80s were almost over when I got brains...but I still remember a lot of the trends, thanks to my older sister, who loved all the 80s stuff to carry it with her into the next decade. My favorite show in the world was Lady Lovely Locks...we lived in a small town with only one movie place, in which there was exactly 3 Lady Lovely Locks movies. Every day, my dad would come home with one of the three movies, and this tradition continued for about 3 years, no jokes, till we moved. Also, we had a computer when I was young, and the only games I would play was Commander Keen and King's Quest. Both have since come out with newer (and might I add, worse,) versions. If anyone knows where I could buy(preferably download) one or both of those games, please email me! at coolchick_123456@hotmail.com........thanks
From: Sarah

The Police. Back to the Future. NES. G.I. Joe. Billy Idol. Adventures in Babysitting. Masters of the Universe. Tears for Fears. The Cars. Bad slasher movies. Even worse teen flicks. Wargames. Ferris Bueller. Goons. Hardcore and pseudo-punk New Wave. That damn cube. The Empire Strikes Back and the one after it with those stupid muppets in it. Oh. The Muppets. You Can't Do That on Television, and, for that matter, the birth of Nickelodeon. Alvin and the Chipmunks. Alf. Growing Pains. Married With Children. Yuppies. Compact Discs. Boomboxes. Lame outfits. Lamer still hairstyles. Miami Beach. The Brat Pack. Money. Selfishness. The Cold War. Flying V guitars. Metal hair. Reagan. Flock of Seagulls. Micheal Jackson. Cyndi Lauper. Madonna. Me. Big cell phones. Leather. Black Leather. The List Goes On. Beat that, 2000s.... I dare you.
From: doug

Does anyone know who sings the song 'Go now' which was out in the 80s? It is NOT the Moody Blues version - this 80s version is by a female singer - I think she sounds a bit like Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders but it isnt!
From: Jack

i was born on 1979, so during the 80's i was in elementary...it was a great time for music, i grew up on new wave, cuz my cousin, during weekends she would go to our gramma's house, hog the casette and lp player and just crank out the cure, the smiths, the housemartins, strawberry switchblade, the sisters of mercy, depeche mode...everything! i can remember clearly swooning over xmal's " matador ", and i was 7 at that...it gave me brain damage....
From: lenore

I was fortunate to be born in 1970. So the entire 80s were my teen years, my class was the last to graduate in the 80s-that being 1989. My musical tastes fluctuated during the decade, but as the 90s wore on I realized that the music from the 80s might just be the best ever. Now I will say that from 1990-1994 the music was still ok, although it wasn't 80s. But in 1995 the music got cruddy. It wasn't until 2001 that I really began to like some of what was playing again. But make no mistake about it-the music we enjoyed in the 80s will never be again. Things were simpler during our decade as well. We had two good presidents in Reagan and Bush, I don't think there had been any achool shootings then(correct me if I'm wrong on that one)and the tv shows and movies were just great. The Cosby Show was probably my fav, along with ALF. I wasn't lucky enough to ever have one of those coca-cola rugby shirts, but thanks to ebay, I still see them from time to time. The cars and trucks that came out during that time-as in General Motors vehicles hadn't started getting ugly yet. My favorite car from the eighties-go ahead and laugh-was the Buick Regal Grand National. Haven't ever owned one, but again, if I want one, ebay is there. On to more serious stuff-we still had the ten commandments in our schools for the first few years of the decade(and now that they are gone how can anyone ask why we have school shootings?), also after seeing how most of todays kids act towards adults, I have to say that our generation was much better beahved towards our parents and adults in general. No offense to any teens who are reading this now that do behave. But there is alot of difference between the teens of today and the teens of the 80s. Just my opinion. And before I go, I have to thank the 80s for another treasure that is still putting out good music-DEBORAH GIBSON. I have all of her cds now, and thank the lord we had her instead of brittany. Also thank the lord we had new edition instead of N*sync, backstreet boys, etc. Never forget the 80s, I won't!!!
From: Russell

**To the ones who were born anytime in the 80s, but who like the things that came during the decade-if any of your friends give you a hard time-ignore them. The 80s were so much better than the 90s and even now. You go on doing your thing-the 80s will always be "the decade!"
From: Russell

I was born in 1971, so the 80's decade was truly my coming of age. There are so many things I love about the 80's, but I'd have to say I thought I looked "awesome" when I was wearing my acid washed jeans with my BIG hair teased high on my head. And, don't forget, Jon Bon Jovi was cooler than the other side of the pillow.
From: Julia

Born in 1973, I was fortunate enough to live through the entire decade! Everything was really innocent, yet still entertaining enough to hold your attention. To me, the 80's meant Michael Jackson, The Incredible Hulk T.V. show, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Smurfs cartoons, cable T.V., singing group New Edition, roller skates, Double Dutch, the Atari and Atari 2600 video games, just to name a few. Kids today are trying so hard to be grown up, they're missing out on something they'll never get back---CHILDHOOD!
From: S. Green

I was so born in the wrong decade! I was born in '89, which I know you're all, "oh, she doesn't know anything about the eighties." Well, believe me, know. I had My Little Ponies, taped Full House and Muppet Babies, and right now have an old gray Gameboy with Tetris in somewhere. Even though I try not to, I couldn't go two hours without saying "like", and people do catch me saying it. I loved the styles cause they where so outrageous! I watched I Love the 80s on VH1, and I knew more than two thirds of everything on there! If only I could go back in time, the eighties would be my first stop!
From: nikki

I graduated in 1986, I am still to this day a DIE HARD Bon Jovi fan.I am 35 and Jon Bon Jovi STILL makes me weak in the knees!!! Such a great inoccent one party after another!! Now dont even think of it, its not safe. I wish things in this world could be as simple as they were back then. I have people laughing at me because they tell me i am stuck in a time warp. Oh well i am staying just where i am, these kids now days have no idea the fun they missed.It was all fun and carefree, GREAT music, and thats when MTV was worth watching. Mtv stinks now. I used to watch it everyday. Now i watch VH1, but its still not even half as good as the OLD MTV used to be. I only have one more thing to say, being as though i have FINALLY found other people who love the 80s like me i can finally say this without embarassment!! I WILL BE A BON JOVI GIRL FOREVER!! 80s was the best Era ever!! Wish i could go back!!
From: Regina

Hello there from Holland! Why I love the 80's??? Because it was a time when cool meant really cool!! It was a time when Bob Geldof could pull off Live Aid and save thousands of live, by having the best and popular bands play live on a marathon gig. (everyone remember that saturday?? July 13th 1985???) It was just great. And then the BIG DIFFERENCE between TV shows then and now. I live in Holland, which means we don't have every show you have overthere, but my opinion is that there will never be such good shows as "M*A*S*H*, Taxi, The Dukes Of Hazzard, A-Team an so on. And there is also a big difference between television for children. In the 80's television shows for children had some sort of violence (c'mon, let's not ignore it, remember He-Man, Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors and Transformers???) But, in my memory, it was the time where those kind of cartoons started to show up for the first time. But it wasn't anything as explicit as it is now... Take MTV for example. In those days ou could see the new U2 video (accompanied with a cool special) as well as Duran Duran's latest and Boy George as guest host... Now a days you get to see a few braindead guys who love to perform JackAss stunts on television, or a tired old junk who tries to recapture some of his glory he once had in Black Sabbath... really sad... If I have any wish, I guess I'd wish for a DeLorean timemachine, and when that baby hits 88 mph "you're gonna see some serious shit"!!!! And visit that great time.... I would like to add a few things that can turn me in a nostalgic 80's person; Duran Duran's 1984 "Sing Blue Silver" world tour, Live Aid, U2,s "Pride (in the name of love)", St. Elmo's Fire (if there are any of you who don't have many 80's memories and you really want to know what the 80's looked like??? Get a copy of that movie and enjoy!!!), The Breakfast Club, Real Genius, The Goonies, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Gremlins, ET, Star Wars, About Last Night, Beverly Hills Cop, Footloose, Flashdance, Diner, Ghostbusters, The Big Chill, First Blood, Rocky, and a many more great films that just put you back there!!! As well as television's great shows like M*A*S*H, Taxi, The A-Team, Knight Rider, The Dukes of Hazzard, Love Boat, Who's The Boss?, Married... with children and many more.... The conclusion: When I go out on the town on a saturdaynight i see a lot of kids really dancing their asses off on re-done 80's classics and that's when I realize... "Boy, time flies!!! Those days are 20 years ago!!!" And now I get to see what they have missed and which I am so thankful for to have lived it, seen it, felt it... THE 80'S!!!! Keep up the good work with the site!!! Greetz from Holland from Michael van Beek
From: Michael

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.