Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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It's just the Music of the 80's.Ok some of the songs are a bit dodgy (EG Agadoo,The Birdie Song,Shaddup a your face etc) but the rest are best!
From: Avril

Born in 1979 ...80's were the absolute best times of my life. It was like growing up through history.
From: Tommy Vercetti

I loved the eighties because I was a child with no bills, no worries-noting but new experiences ahead of me. Everything seemed so fresh and exciting back then. Today life feels warmed over, refried-so been there done that. People are jaded today. Nothing seems to phase us.
From: Abril

I have my fondest memories of the 80's. I was born in 1979, but there was soo many great things about the 80's. The movies were the best. Goonies rocked, and I loved how in 80's movies the "clap". You know what I mean, think of the movie Lucas, when the high school halls are full of people and no one has to say anything. There is a slow clap started, and pretty soon it is a loud roar. That is the funnies thing. Movies were simple, and fun. There were so many movies geared towards kids and teenagers. The tv shows were great, the cartoons are what cartoons should be. I thought at the time that my clothes were the coolest. Looking back at some of my pictures, they were very bright, and definately original. The jelly sandals rocked, except when you would get a rock stuck in the bottom. Never did the big hair though..missed out on that. But I loved the 80's and I love to see all of the nostalga floating around now in stores. It's great to see it all again. Love the site
From: Gina

I graduated High School in 1980 so that makes me a little older than most who've posted here. I loved the 80's, especially the early to mid 80s. Everything was beginning to change, especially the music. Seemed like every new band or singer that came out had a different sound and was so different from music of the 70's. The movies that came out were also the best!! I still remember going to see movies like Porkys, Poltergeist, Footloose, The breakfast club, just to mention a few. Most of all, the early 80's were the happiest days of my life. Those were the times of hanging out with friends on Friday and Saturday nights, cruising the streets, breathing in life and enjoying every moment. Those days are gone but at least we were lucky enough to live through them and have the memories to enjoy!!
From: Mike

well lets see the 80's!! man i loved those days i had such a great time in the 80's.if i could go back id stay there for the rest of my life....for real. the clothes music movies ect....anyone remember the movie about haleys comet and most of the people in the world died? the fashion kicked butt to. bands like U2,til' tuesday,the police,berlin djmyk from maine mike currier
From: mykel

I LOVED the 80s. I was in HS during the 80s. Graduated in 85. They were the best time of my life. I remember Duran Duran, The Police, Hall&Oates, MTV, when General Hospital was everywhere. Luke & Laura. If I could relive those times I would. Remember Live Aid? We Are The World? Back when Michael Jackson was actually COOL. AHHHH THE 80s-- The good ol'days!!!!!!!!
From: Kimberly

Dude, I wish it was the 80s right now. Everything was so totally better and wasn't boring. There was always something to do back then and not be indoors.If you lived in Zion, IL(a suburb north of Chicago)in the 80s, there were always kids outside all over the place having fun, the library was open seven days a week, nobody wore IDs in school,everyone(including highschoolers) hung out at the city pool during the summer,and the ice cream truck came through town. I'm an 80s freak and I listen to 80s music like Midnight Star,INXS, Zapp, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5, Huey Lewis& the News, Kool & the Gang, Duran Duran, and many others. I am obsessed with 80s movies(Back to the Future 1,2&3, Scarface Friday the 13th movies, Valley Girl, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters, Tron, War Games, Bill & Ted's Exellent adventure, Footlooose,Back to School,Playin' for Keeps,Timestalkers,Dreamscape,Earthgirls are Easy and anything else 80s).I also watch TV shows like Miami Vice, Knight Rider,Family Ties,Dukes of Hazzard,and cartoons like Smurfs,scooby Doo, Flintstones. Unfortunately,I was born in '85 and I missed out on the high school life and fashion trends in the 80s. I tried to dress 80s by having my hair all nappy,had an Izod shirt on with the collar up,and wore tight jeans,but certain politically correct people started hating on my 80s looks. They tell me to stop shopping at thrift stores for 80s clothes,comb my hair or get a haircut,they tell me to stop wearing tight jeans, or they start asking quetions.the 2000s suck in many ways like 80s music and TV is being ripped off, terrorism,SARS,political correctness in school,grunge music,everything is totally expensive,total lack ofrespect of kids and other crap
From: Billy Duncan

was born in 1973, the best times of my life were in the 80's the movies like the breakfast club,sixteen candles,pretty in pink,despratley seeking susan,the goonies,St. Elmo's Fire, and the music I have noticed is the best..Madonna was the Queen and still rules.I dressed like that for awhile and will understand when my 12 yr old daughter goes through that phase of her own.(i hope it's not like britney spears!)hehe i loved roller skating and the old MTV back when mark, martha and downtown julie brown ;-) was around and we had rolled up pants and doubled socks just to match what we were wearing.Big hair (like the country song "it was 19 something") fast cars and good rock songs that I'll never forget....I'll love Madonna and Bon Jovi forever!What's good about them is they are still rockin on after all this time and are still great! I have my memories which are the best thing to me in this age! Frig everything else! my parents taught me to roller skate and i taught my daughter we will all have fun together! PEACE:-)
From: NileQueen

I was born in 1986, and don't remember anything from the 80's except the Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, The Little Mermaid (Disney version), and My Little Pony. But now, I'm in love with 80's music and culture. At my school, the seniors had an "80's Day" a week or so before their graduation, and seeing the ripped sweatshirts and IZOD shirts and white khaki shorts almost brought tears to my eyes. I was yearning desparately for a time I had never experianced, and never will be able to again. But there's hope - I cannot be the only one out there tired of seeing revivals of crap that was popular in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. I'm tired of tie-dye, hippies, the Brady Bunch, and early rock n' roll. But I'll never be tired of sexy Duran Duran, fishnet tights, or sexy Duran Duran! (I said that twice didn't I...hehehe)
From: Adina

Wow! I could not be more on the same page as out dear friend Billy Duncan Here. Born 30/29/1982, I was technically alive through the majority of the 80's, but didn't become socially aware till it was too late! Grr! I'd give almost anything to be 21 in 1980, and have the next Decade to Rock, Party, and enjoy the greatest American decade ever, before it's long gone. toi glance upon me is to view the 80's. America seems to be with us on this- Look at VH!'s Focus- essentially 3 different programs, run back to back 24/7 on VH12 or whatever its called, GTA4 Vice city, every channel's flash back lunch. It's everywhere. I wish there were more though.
From: Spencer

Bono, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Inxs, The Cars, Blondie, MTV...I had a bi-level hair cut and a Gran Torino. Need I say more?
From: Jenny Jackson

I sorely missed the 80's. One thing that I missed is the music. The music back then was a lot about fun, had a great tune and beat, and doesn't sound like the garbage and filth you hear spewing out of high school dances and the cars of teens nowadays. I distinctly remember running home from school to watch my favorite afternoon shows such as "Robotech" (the English version of the Japanese TV show, "Macross"). I remember also staying up on Friday nights watching "Miami Vice." There were lots of young men dressing up like Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson). Despite the fact Sonny Crockett wore a real $5,000 Versace jacket on the TV show, us guys just wanted the "cool" look. Oh, when I got my first Atari 2600, I was so stoked! I remember playing games such as Defender, Pitfall, etc. for hours on end until my thumb got sore! The joystick it not as fancy (or even ergonomic) as the newer video games systems, but hey, it was a LOT of fun for us back then! I hope the 80's do make a comeback. The 60's did have a revival back in the 80's in music and the movies. I still have my Z Cavaricci parachute pants and matching half-jacket in the closet waiting to be worn!
From: shooter

Thinking back, does anyone remember He-Man, and wonder how we completely missed the blatant homoerotic overtones? I mean, c'mon-it's so freaking OBVIOUS if you watch it now!
From: Guinastasia

The fabulously free and wild 1980s...a time that was as fleeting and evanescent as youth itself. I love the 80s because I was an arcade hound in my youth, wandering rapturously though the neon-drenched crystal palaces that were the classic arcades of that time. What joyful innocence! - a pocketful of quarters or arcade tokens, the virtual keys to flashing arenas of optical adventures and sensational soundscapes. I remember so vividly these classic arcades and the now- legendary games that lined their walls! In so many ways, the 80s was a decade of delirious contradictions...North American society was emerging from the less hurried, less hasty 1970s lifestyle. The 1980s was a time of enormous pop culture and technological evolution and 80s arcade games were a symbolic microcosm and synthesis of that transitional period, the unheralded precursors to "life at the speed of light." If I had a time machine, my first destination would be a classic arcade, circa 1980-1984.
From: Elan Levitan

Because of Fraggle Rock www.fragglerocker.com
From: Tyson

i loved the 80's because corey feldman was big then.I really liked the music back then.I alway's wished corey feldman and whitney houston would have hooked up.
From: austin nickell

I was brn in 1983 and i LOVED growing up in the 8o's everything from california dreams and fraggle rock,to the big hair, doghnut rolled socks, tying yur shirt in a knot everything about it rocked, it was so unordinary unlike anything these days. Those were the days when u looked up to pee wee herman, the garbage pail kids, he-man and shera! making up dances to vanilla ice, mc hammer and new kids on the block. big bangs and lots of fun, sums up the 80's
From: Celia

I was born in '74, and am proud to be a true Child of the 80's (seriously, if you were born IN the 80s, you're not a child of the 80s - no offense). Magical: That's a word I'd use to describe growing up back then. :)

Catching the first video on MTV - wow, now we can actually see the people we've been listening to? A channel that plays music videos 24 hours a day? How could you beat it? Staying up late on a Saturday night to watch Tales From the Darkside. Night Flight on USA - and let's not forget Saturday Nightmares! I had a crush on Erik Estrada, Greg Evigan (BJ and the Bear), Jon-Erik Hexum (Voyagers!) and many others. Heading outside to play all.. day.. long, right until our parents called us back inside or the streetlights flashed on. You wouldn't dare catch us goofing off inside.. why would we? We had our bikes to ride around the neighborhood, places here and there we used as hiding places, pools to swim in during the summer, little CB radios for talking to each other, playing "The Fall Guy" or "The Dukes of Hazzard" was the best. I can't imagine being a child, or even a teenager, today. Yeah, there's the internet and gobs of movies you can watch on DVD, etc., but it can never compare to a time when your imagination ruled. We didn't have 100 channels to flip through, but that was just fine by us. We didn't have cell phones, email or instant messengers - you wanted to see what a friend was up to.. you went to their house or gave 'em a call.

We wore our legwarmers and wanted to be Jennifer Beals. My friends and I drooled over Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. We watched Fame. We collected and traded Garbage Pail Kids, and had to have as many Cabbage Patch Kids as humanly possible. Swatch watches, IZOD shirts, mall bangs, your first kiss as you heard "Take My Breath Away" on the radio, dancing like an Egyptian, watching Kids, Inc.. Seeing Jaws 3D, The Lost Boys, Dirty Dancing, The Watcher in the Woods, Pet Semetary, Back to the Future and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (among countless others) at the movies. Feeling the wind in your hair as you rode in the back of your dad's pickup truck, not a care in the world! The Hair bands, Headbanger's Ball, LiveAid and We Are the World, seeing The Berlin Wall fall, the Challenger explosion on live television, when Reagan was in office and all of us were as patriotic as one could be, Hands Across America, hearing the ice cream man a block away and running inside to grab some change for your favorite treat, trying to eat that cone before it melted, stamps were 25 cents, you could go to the movies for less than 10 bucks.

We were into Michael Jackson, excited when we finally saw Thriller that night on MTV, when Mary Lou Retton was the cutest and we saw her win gold, He-Man, Silver Spoons, The Breakfast Club, Friday the 13th, the parachute pants all the boys wore, Coca-Cola shirts, Guess? jeans, flipping your collars up so you looked cool, Dynasty and "Who Shot J.R.?", That's Incredible!.. so many memories! The Footloose soundtrack playing while we jumped on my friend's trampoline, Family Ties. Seems like a lot of us were latch-key kids, but our parents were always there to sit with us at the dinner table. In the movies, there was no CGI or a plot handed to you in the first five minutes - it was great! We had something to look forward to when a movie was coming out - no turning to the internet for a sneak peek! We had boy bands (remember New Kids, and how much you couldn't get enough of those boys from Boston?), and then there were the reigning queens of pop: Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. The guys drooled over Samantha Fox and Tawny Kitaen, and we wanted Jon Bon Jovi, Kip Winger, Michael Hutchense, Rick Springfield.. that's when they actually wore clothes and uh, left something to the imagination. We covered our bedroom walls with their images, and adored them. I remember being home in the afternoon to see Luke and Laura get married. We wore jelly shoes and carried our jelly purses, you had to have 'em! We had Mr. Bubble in our baths, Sea Weas, Glow Worms, Barbies. Our summers lasted a full three months.. no worries of heading back in August!

Kirk Cameron, Rick Springfield, Scott Baio, Johnny Depp -just among a few of the many teen idols! My friends and I tore pics of Patrick Swayze and Johnny Depp out of our Tiger Beat mags. We remember when Fox was just starting out: Married with Children, 21 Jump Street, The Tracey Ullman Show (where The Simpsons started) first hit the airwaves.

We weren't jaded, we didn't give a damn about being politically correct, we loved our president, respected our elders and appreciated the freedom we were given. I was fortunate enough to have grown up throughout the entire decade, to have experienced a time that was care-free and just plain FUN! As someone put it: It was like a well-deserved party. Just can't get much better than living in the 80s.

From: Sam

i was born in jan. 88 so really im not an 80s child i guess. but i remember a lot of the cartoons, dolls, easy bake ovens and things like that, and all the decade's leftovers that leaked into the early 90s. i really love 80s movies like bill and ted's excellent adventure (keanu: so adorable), the breakfast club, sixteen candles, back to the future, and pretty in pink. all i can say is that the cartoons back then were so much cooler, like jem and the holograms. much better than all that pokemon type crap these days. nintendo is the best game system EVER!! i remember duck hunt and super mario brothers. i still have them. i only wish i was a teenager in the 80's instead of a baby. i wonder how molly ringwald is doing these days.
From: amanda

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