Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Where do I start? Bonjovi,White Snake,Culture Club,Duran Duran, Brian Adams, Billy Idol, Hall and Oaks,Prince, Sixteen Candles,Breakfast Club, Back To the Future and "Where is the beef?" I remember seeing those dam "This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs" commercials in the mid to late 80'S. If they were trying to increase Generation X cholestral level by showing those egg in the frying pan commercials I think it did the trick. I wish the 80's would make a come back because we all need a little cheering up after 911. 80'S Rule!!!
From: Tasha H.

I was born in 1989,so I didn't know much about the 80's.I have watched some really intresting shows such as:Facts Of Life,Silverspoons and Different Strokes.I have always wish that I could experience some of the 80's, but of course that is impossible. Because at that time i was just a baby. I think the 80's seemed really cool.
From: terri-ann

I was born in 1972, so did all the growing up in the eighties. Where do you start? I live in Australia, so it would be things like the Big M commercials, Chiko Rolls, Wham and Spandau Ballet, INXS and Midnight Oil. Physical tops and headbands, tube skirts and fluro socks, too much hairspay, Desperatly Seeking Susan and St Elmos fire. Don Johnson and Miami Vice.....Such great memories from such a fantastic era. So grateful to have really experienced it, and not have had to grow up in the ninties, ugh!!!
From: Sharon

This rocks i was born in the 80's and they rock!!!!!!!!!
From: danielle*

I was born in 1976. I love the 80's. The best music and movies. My favorites are footloose, the goonies, Rocky 2'3'4, the Karate Kid.I could go on and on. What about the t.v shows A- team, different stroke, Knight rider, Duke of Hazard, Cosby show, Cheers etc. Where you could sit around with your family and enjoy it. Atari was so cool, you did not have to have a cheat sheet to win. The computer games was cool too. I love he-man,ji joe, smurfs,snorkels I can go on and on. I am not about to talk about the music or I will never get off of here.It was the best of times. I could not imaging growing up now. Kids have it too easy. I spend my days outside playing not inside. We could pick up a stick and act like it was a gun and played war.I am not going to talk about my parachute pants with zippers everywhere and my golves that was cut half off with spikes at the knuckles. It was the life and would love to live it again.
From: Teresa

80's was my life. i'm 22 ears old and it's remember my entire life.
From: Rafael

The 80s Rock Dude! I especially love modern rock from the 80s! The 80s Rule Man! I love U2, Simple Minds, Blancmange, Ultravox, The Cars, Tears for Fears, Til Tuesday, Cyndi Lauper, Wang Chung, Heart, The Cure, The Talking Heads, A Flock of Seagulls, Peter Gabriel and much much more! They should have 80s diners like they do 50s diners that play oldies music, only these cool awesome diners would play 80s music! Yeah! And they would have cool 80s memorabilia on the walls. (i.e. art of Boy George) They would be like a cross between a 50s diner and the Hard Rock Cafe! Yeah! That would be so cool! I was born in 1975. I love the mid 80s the best! My cell phone has the "We are Devo!" tune! People stare at me funny when I get a call and then they laugh after I answer it! A lot of 80s modern rock is from Great Britain. I am of English, Scottish and Irish ancestry. This must explain why I am especially obsessed with the cool stuff! I mean I Really dig those cool British accents when those dudes sing man! Plus you got the drums and bass guitar and sometimes cool synthesizer music. The Wedding Singer movie kicks Ass! Would somebody please hurry up and invent the time machine??? Keep on Rocking!
From: Janet

on one warm moring at the end of july 1989 a wonderful child was born and that child was me! i feel i really grew up in that one year ive lived in the in the 80s! i love pac man! and Billy Idol! I am a child of the 80s. even though i really didnt grow up in the 80s i feel god should have let me be born like 10 year earlier so i could have enjoyed the 80s. some of my favorite bands where at there peak in the 80s and now there old. but i still love them. lets go to the pass to remember the great artist of the 80s *Go west*laura branigan* yes*lionel richie*micheal jackson* INXS*the fixx*twisted sister*ozzy osboune*loverboy*david lee roth* foreiner*toto*night ranger*luther vandross*blonie*kim wilde*gary numan*mr.mister*cutting crew*corey hart* a flock of seaguls* frankie goes to hollywood* billy idol* the buggles* mary jane girls* thats all i can think of even though there are many more! bye bye
From: jonny

i remember skipping school in 4th grade with friends to see ferris buelers day off or the time i was at the mall and followed around the girl who played janice on head of the class. plus my first concert was the gogo's in '84. i pray to stacey q everday.
From: joshua chaney

Hey,I love the rock'n 80's because it was the coolest past time in my life of high school and friends...great bands... Madonna came out with "Borderline" album ,Def leppard came out with "Hysperia"..Great White's Awesome song "Once bitten twice shy"...then we cant forget Glam Rock and the the guys and gals with prtty long hair all crazy and prtty flashing clothes statement fad..the group 'Poison'" Talk dirty to me"...Skid Row group"Eighteen"..Paula Abdul"straight up"...U2 "where the streets have no name".. yes,I can go on forever with a crap load of bands and groups,back then there was fashion statements,to music groupies...Concerts were so hot back then,house party's were more mellow!! Wham the group with"George micheals" as singer...Duran,Duran was hot and popular with it smash hit "Rio" or "Hungry like a wolf"...People were hang'n ten at the beaches with bomb fires(Camp Fires)party'n,te music was deinetly hot &Rock'n everyday and night...80's Era was bitch'n totally..dont forget the hot movie 'Valley Girl' came out with Nichalos Cage, and the hit sound tracks of that movie was band 'Pilmsouls' song"Millions miles away..modern English"I melt with you" and also Men at Work"Who n it be now"..You see The 80's Was Rock'n god years with great ass kicking music..thx your 80's editor Julie Fernandez..I attended Alhambra High School ,california back in the 80's..
From: Julie fernandez

i was born in the 87 i didnt reallie listen to the 80s till this year and im compleatly obessed everythin i look n download is about the 80s i loveee how they dressed its soo diffrenta i wish i lived back then coz nowdays everyones so strict with "FASHION" whats cool whats not but for me i dress ne way i want to n alot of ppl are gettin used to it at skool but ppl who dont knoe me compleatly judge me so if i lived back then omg id be FAMOUS! hahah n yeah imma start dressin like the 80s now its sooo intresting n NOBODY dresses like it at skool so yay its fun to be diffrent :D N u guys can dres ne way u want to too dont let nebody tell u diffrent ! but yeah i juss wanted to say coz i gotta tell somebody how the 80s ROCK!!! Peace
From: Tracy

Although I was born in 1985....I absolutely LOVE the 80's. Having an older sister, I was a little ahead of my time and I always wanted to be like her....puff my bangs, neon colors, t-shirt ties, jelly shoes and all. We would play for hours with our popples, my little ponies, GEM barbies, and cabbage patch kids. I even remember standing in Toys R Us crying bc I lost my mom in a crowd of crazy moms in search for Cabbage Patch Kids. The cartoons of today will never compare to those of the 80's...Care Bear Stare. My 4th birthday was held at our local McDonalds and everything I got was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (has anyone noticed Ninja Turtles making a comeback?) I may have only spent 5 years in the 80's, but I will never forget the memories!!
From: Amanda

I was born in 1989 so I didn't really get to expierance the 80s that much--however i love the 80s so much! I'd die to go back to 1983 and start from there..mainly b/c im the biggest michael jackson fan EVER, and that was around the time Thriller came out, and although i have that video and LP I'd love to have been around when it came out. THe only music I listen to is 80s, i wear hi-top converse, and i've taped all of the years off of VH1's " I love the 80s" , I still watch re-runs of shows from back then, and all of my favorite movies were made in the 80s..everything was just so amazing back then. I LOVE THE 80s!! -ASHley
From: Ashley

I want to be stuck in the 80s because the lifestyle was better. I'm sick of the crap that goes on nowadays. The 80s was a time when kids weren't spoiled,had imagination,and actually played OUTSIDE ALL DAY LONG instead of being couch potatoes. If you went to high school in the 80s,you weren't forced to wear IDs,have combs in the hair,and have headphones on. The 80s was when there were actually Saturday morning cartoons and nowadays the major networks have dissed them. The music was good like Duran Duran,Rick James,One Way,Mantronix,Mary Jane Girls,Pointer Sisters,WHAM!,Midnight Star,Huey Lewis and the News,Cameo,Grandmaster Flash,Afrikaa Bambattaa,Herbie Hancock,Zapp,INXS,Vaugn Mason&Crew,Teena Marie,Frankie Smith,Depeche Mode,Doug E. Fresh&the Get Fresh Crew,Kurtis Blow,Kool and the Gang,Sugarhill Gang and many others.Now the music today is played by someone crappy like grunge bands,boy bands,scumbags like Britney Spears, or some hateful rappers.I listen to the 80s music on tape in an 80s boombox or a walkman from the 80s.I even dress 80s. I am tired of people asking me questions like "why do you go to the Salvation Army?""why don't you get new clothes?","why do you listen to 80s music instead of today's music?","why do you listen to music on tapes?",and"why don't get a CD player and a new boombox?" These people are part of the "anti-80s" movement. Unfortunately I was born in '85 and I am stuck in the boring 2000s and I wish I could have been born between 1965 and 1970. The 80s had good stuff on TV like the Disney Channel was showing REAL Disney shows and disney movies, not showing crappy kid shows like it's a second Nickelodeon,Nickelodeon had better shows, MTV showed videos 24 hours a day,and commercials didn't take forever.The toys and cars were also better. Hopefully somebody would invent time machines so i could go back.
From: Billy Duncan AKA 80s Freak

remember when mtv actually played music videos and not the crappy shows they put out now? remember when music was happy and upbeat and gave you goosebumps ?? remember when rock stars did'nt copycat each other?? remember when female musicians did'nt have to look and act like cheap sluts to sell records?? does it piss you off when some unoriginal and untalented rap artist butchers a classic 80s tune and turns it into a cheesy rap song and claim it his own?? remember when you could look forward to a great movie coming out every christmas and summer?? remember when the radio did'nt have to resort to "oldies" because good music was coming out?? remember the bleeps and beeps of your old atari games?? remember kids being outside playing when school was out?? remember when everyone in the theatre applauded and cheered loudly when darth vader picked up the emperor and threw him into the exhaust shaft?? remember the girls hairstyles that would even make an ugly girl cute?? remember when guys had long hair, but it was clean styled and groomed and not greasy and ugly like long haired guys of today?? remember when ears were the only thing that got pierced?? remember answering english or history test questions correctly because you memorized the lyrics of schoolhouse rock?? if you answered yes to all of the above, you are a true 80s child!!!!!!!!!!!
From: danno

80s : "i want my MTV " today: "I WANT MY MTV BACK"
From: danny

Yeah! The 1980s were so cool! Music was actually worth listening to, and the movies and toys had so much style and imagination. Plus, people didn't have to worry about crime and terrorism everyday like we do now. I too can remmeber a time when kids actually went outside before every kid was addicted to video games.
From: Woody

I was born in 1969 and spent all of my formative years in the 80's....from Elementary School...to High School...to College. I made friends with people who are still my closest friends, got my drivers license and had my first girlfriend (and first kiss, too!). And all of this was benchmarked by some of the coolest music ever to be heard. Whenever I hear a certain song, I can usually tie it to some event in my life. Every generation can claim a certain special attachment to "their" decade, but the 80's had a flair and decadence that is unmatched.
From: Dean

Well I was only born in 1988, so i missed out on 8 years! But I do love the 80's. I mean come on, the crap we have now sucks compared to the 80's. The music was especially cool: Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi (Livin on a Prayer is my favorite song), Van Halen, Prince, Madonna, Duran Duran, and don't forget the song 867-5309! The fashion was a little crazy, but it looked fun. The controversey's and scandal's, the celebrities, the movies, the TV shows! WOW! What fun? It was all great! I used to think the 80's were stupid, like, last year. But then a fun show called "I Love The 80's" thanks to VH1 totally changed my outlook on my life. I wished I had grown up in the 80's. And I love, and worship the people that did! Don't forget to watch "I Love The 80's: Strikes Back" on VH1-coming in October! Love ya lots-*Lindsey*
From: Lindsey

i love the 80's because i was a product of the 80's. I was born !
From: Kelli !

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.