Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I love the 80's because life was so much easier to take than it is now. Everything must change but there is a price we are paying, a loss of innocence. Take a look around you now, what do you see, a world built on power and greed. Life is sure getting a lot harder now, and it's only going to get worse. The simple things in life have been lost. Technology is moving so fast now that we have lost the human touch, we are using new technology so much now that we are becomming a world more dependant on it and this is leading to all sorts of problems that are now happening. I wonder how many people would be lost without their mobile phones?. People are getting more stressed, frustrated, angry, confused, and scared when they shouldn't be, but hey this is the 21st century.... Growing up in what once was a small sleepy country town to a now small city, I've seen a lot of changes. There was lots of free, wide open spaces to roam, go swimming, where no one was hardly around. Now there are housing estates everywhere. Everybody knew everybody and things were a lot quieter and carefree than they are today. Kids are growing up too fast, the loss of innocence has sadly gone. People are suspicious of each other. Anyway, thanks for reading, that's all I want to say for now.
From: Martin

i was born in 1985, so i wasn't there for the full 80s experience... but i do remember all the cartoons; i watched ducktails, and rainbowbright and strawberry shortcake and seasame street (back when it was still a good show). i miss the 80s, the toys now aren't half as cool as my old skipper doll or a my little pony.
From: amber

i was born in 89, but i love the 80s because nearly all my favorite things were big back then. such as slasher flicks (my favorite being a nightmare on elm street),star wars,pee-wee herman,he-man,garbage pail kids, atari & nes,heavy metal,my favorite movies of the 80s are the goonies and akira,and my favorite thing about the 80s is the toys!
From: david

Hey there eighties dudes and dudettes. I love the eighties simply because it was the decade of great music(Duran Duran, Talking Heads, Men at Work, The Cars, Human League, Bryan Adams, The Clash, Peter Gabriel) I could go on and on. The movies were also great ( Star Wars, E.T., The Color Purple, Sixteen Candles). Again could fill up a whole page. The new millenium sucks so far. I don't know but it seems like people do not have as much fun as they used to in the eighties. I wish they would show that coke commercial where the little children were singing they would like to buy the world a coke and keep you company. That is my all time favorite commercial. Maybe someone will invent a time machine where we can all enter the eighties again. Later.l
From: Jennifer

I was born in January of 1990 so I just missed the 80s. I do, however, know the decade as much as someone born in the late 80s. I think 80s music is da bomb and the movies are good too, but more innocent than 90s/today? I don't think so. You say there is so much greed today when the 80s were the decade of greed. We may have terrorism today but you had the Cold War until 1991 when the USSR broke up. Today's music is $h!T and 80s stuff is great, but more innocent,come on? Sure the media was but the people? Nah. Even the movies weren't by much (Scarface anyone?) I love the idea that you could be yourself more in the 80s, but you have to admit the Bangles' hair is hideous. Face it, the fashion sucked. Not to say it was any better than tattoos, i'm just saying you overrate the decade. Also Full House and Saved by the Bell are not 80s shows. Much less Fresh Prince. I remember them and I was born at the end of the 80s. And all you peoples born after 1985 saying you remember the 80s, shut the funk up. All you remember is 1989 and 1990. Ninja Turtles is NOT EIGHTIES!
From: Feanor

I love the 80's and won't stop until I'm history. I was a pre-teen/teen in the 80's and loved the British Invasion. The birth of MTV, VH1 and the styles. The hairstyles the "valley girl" phase and the drinking age was 18! I had Duran Duran plastered all over my walls. I wore the parachute pants, the white shoes (duckies) and the leg warmers. All this is funny to think about now, the pictures don't lie.You realize your getting older when the now generation begin to remake your songs and your "albums" are in the reduced section of music.
From: Janie A

MANNN. The 80's were great. I was born in `86... I especially love the 80's dance songs...
From: Christine

I was born in 1971 so i was able to enjoy the whole 80's decade up until I graduated HS in 1989. The 80s were a great time to grow up in. I remember in the 80's every kid rode a bike like a huffy, schwin, or the ferrari of bikes the diamondback with mag wheels. I don't see many kids riding bikes nowadays? What about the technology of the apple IIe computer, commodore 64, and the atari nothing compared to what we have today but it kept us entertained. Also everything in the 80's was about color the brighter the better. Remember the arcades with all the neon lights and games like joust, golden axe, gauntlet, turbo and ikari warriors. What about the fashion like the aligator and Ocean Pacific shirts or the acid wash jeans Don't forget the feathered hair cuts. I also remember that all the guys had the goody brand combs that stuck out from the back pocket of their jeans. What I really miss is the 80's movies like Ghostbusters, Footloose, and Back to the future and the music especially like the obscure stuff that everyone totally forget about songs like lights out by Peter Wolf and even the popular stuff like the new wave stuff. I also remember the song every breath you take by the police was number one forever. Maybe things were better back then because every June, July and August of the whole decade were spent on summer vacation with my friends doing nothing but listening to music, watching MTV, playing Asteroids or Space invaders on the Atari, riding our bikes to 7-11 to get some big gulps, and staying up late watching cable TV. Those were the days of no worrys or cares for 3 straight months. At the time it felt like it was going to last forever. I guess I'll never see 3 month long summer vactions anytime soon but when my wife and I have kids I am going to make sure they enjoy growing up in their decade as much as I did in mine because it truly is great memories.
From: Mitul

I Loved The Eighties Because Everything Was Better Then From Music To Movies. I Love The Bands Helix, Twisted Sister, Chicaco, Bee Gees, Bon Jovi, Tahnee Cain And The Tryanglz - Everything Was Fantastic.

i so love the eighties, i grew up during the eighties.. listening to music coming from legendary bands like U2, tears for fears, aztec camera and the cure. music then had a real message, the message of life and of dreams. unlike today's music well everything tends to be so shalow, in the eighties we had sincerity in the music... a real passion to use the power to make a difference. tripping down memory lane i remember playing outside without being concerned about strangers.. there were less sickos out in the street. the carebears, cabbage patch kids, voltes five, she-ra, he-man, and my ultimate fave the thundercats were all the cartoons that would make me stay inside the house. the fashion.. it was a motley crue of colors, attitude and flare. looking for vinyl records was an ultimate high for me and my brother. the movies were also cool... the VCR was the coolest thing that GOD ever gave...it made me a movie buff.
From: ginger

Everything was better then than it is now: music, movies, TV. I really feel sorry for the youth of today.

I love the 80's because it was the decade when anything was possible. Everybody was soooo totally cool with their leg warmers and big-*ss hair! They 80's wouldn't be awesome without Michael Jackson, Boy George, and Simon Le Bon!!!
From: Lindsey

Holy lord. . .I am not a freak! There are others out there that love the 80's too. Well I suppose that I should since I was born in 81 but goodness. Where do you start. . .jelly shoes, never got em but begged like hell, my little pony, slap bracelets, blue lagoon, prom dresses with polka dots and huge ruffles. Ponytails on the top or side of your head, thundercats, he-man and she-ra, smurfs,snorks and jem. And the music. . .Minus the AIDS thing which didn't affect us kids anyway,life was perfect. Why can't we go back, just for a little while?
From: šareese

It was a great time to wear loud clothing and big jewelry. The metal hair was the best!
From: Maryann

i love the 80s cos i was born then and now when i hear the songs i just get them stuck in my hed they're bunch of catchy tunes and neva mind i was born then but the tunes and words its like i know it of by heart, that why i love the 80s.
From: Arissa

oh how i remember all the cartoons listed from everyones else like of course smurfs,jem,and my little ponies but what about kids incorperated with renae,stacy and the others which i cant remember i had tons of shirts with there logo on it too funny oh did anyone else have the michael jackson pant and the sparkly socks and glove i wore them all the time with the famous red zipper jacket that now my kids play with for dress up. one word "bandanas" did u roll them up and tie several of them around your legs that was our get up for the drive in we so thought we were cool. i loved the 80's most definatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: kimberly nichols

The music. I loved the music. The Psychadelic Furs; Duran Duran; Tears for Fears; The Big Hair Bands; Steve Perry! The list goes on and on.
From: Lisa Kelley

The music, the movies, the tv shows, the food, the clothes, the attitudes, the toys, but most of all, the cheese
From: Kyle

I love the eighties hair bands.The music was great. Anything went for clothes fads. I had so much fun in the eighties.
From: Barbara Jones

I was born in '86, I remember a few things of that my time spent in that decade. Everythins was awesome about the 80's. The Music, TV Shows, Clothes, HairStyles and everything else. Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Robert Palmer, Johnny Hates Jazz, Men At Work and many other artists. Out of tv would be The Real Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, Hunter, MacGyver, and some others. Movies like Ghostbusters 1 and 2, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, Back to the Future and many others. I think the 80's was the best decade in the history of time and the human race. Long live the 80's!!!
From: Andrew Sanchez

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.