Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I love the 80s because I was old enough to get my first radio at 5, and I never turned it off. There was such a thing as fashion, unlike now and people never looked the same. Duran Duran to me is what the Beatles are to my father.
From: Joshua Hackney

I was born in 1979. I started playing video games in 1983 and damn, I've been playing video games for 20 years. My first system was a Coleco Vision/ADAM computer. In summer 1988, I got a Sega Master System, when everyone else got a Nintendo. I enjoyed the Sega games, but I was in a fix for some Mario, so I got a Nintendo. Nowadays, I collect old video games and systems When I'm not playing my PlayStation 2. Here's the list of my systems in chronological order of release. 1. Atari 2600 2. Nintendo Entertainment System 3. Sega Master System 4. Sega Genesis 5. Nintendo 64 6. Nintendo Game Boy Color. 7. Sony PlayStation 2.
From: Rohan

I love the 80's for many reasons. I was born in '82 but remember a lot. I love Masters of the universe, Thundercats, Transformers, Centurions, GI JOE, Transor Z, Garfield, Ninja Turtles, and Saturday morning wrestling with Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, and Koko Beware. The movies were great like: Weird Science, Goonies, The Last Dragon, ET, Krush Groove, Disorderlies, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Sixteen Candles, Teen wolf, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Batman and many more. I also love the fashion form that time. Jheri curls and shags, Adidas and polo. LOL! Prime time tv was so much fun. Dukes of Hazzard, Golden Girls, Cosby, 227, Amen, Knight Rider, Night Court, Different Strokes, Miami Vice, and A-Team are just a few of my favorite shows. I was blessed to have a very fun time and on Christmas received a lot of gifts. In '84 I got a bigwheel and He-man toy. In '86 I had a rambo punching bag. Can't remember what year I got my Nintendo. These experiences will last me forever. Even Eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and playing with my cousins and being babied by my grandmother. The 80's were great. I do believe the best music was in the 70's but anyone who lived in the 80's well tell you it's just something about it that was "MAGICAL".
From: golden child

I have been accused by several of my friennds that I am Stuck in the 80's. Totally dig this site. It is like totally awesome!!! What I like best about the 80s is most certainly the MUSIC. I love Poison and Def Leppard. But you must give props to Madonna and Micheal Jackson. I dig almost any music from the 1980's, even old Punk like The Proclaimers and Talking Heads. I have also been known to listen to a little Tanya Tucker and Randy Travis, oh and don't for get The Judds and Sawyer Brown. As you can see my taste for music is pretty much all over the board. But my favorite decade for all music is the 80s BABY!!
From: Jamie

I LOVE THE 80's, man it was the greatest, i was born in 84' but i really have the greatest memory. The music was hilarious, who remembers the honey comb kids lol, and record players, also atari was the best, i remeber playing donkey kong for hours goin up those ladders over and over lol, the fashoin styles were great too, you could get away with wearing anything and still be cool, i think the 80's was the best time for cartoons of any era, my fav of all time will always be thunder cats i loved them, and fat albert too, i also loved fregle rock. everyone who has writting on this site, i thank you for helping me rember the things ive forgotten about and too bring back so many great mememories, Long live the 80's and this site!!!!
From: kyle

I love the 80's because of all the big hair and because of the clothes the people all wore in the 80's. I also love the 80's because of these bands: Duran Duran, The Cutting Crew, Roman Holliday, Survivor, A-HA, Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark, Real-life, and Talk-Talk. That's all I can think of on why I love the 80's.
From: Chrisitna

I was born in 87 so sadly I was not old enough to live the decade known as the 80s. I am hooked to 80s music I love bands like Judas Priest, Billy Idol, Flock of Seagulls, Blondie, I could go on. I hate the current music its just crap I'm just hopin that the 80s will make a comeback the 90s was WAY too much like the 1970s. GUNS N ROSES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Brad

I never had so much fun as when I did in the '80's. Using half a can of Aquanet to make my hair really big, wearing my best vintage dresses; the brocade; the rhinestones, and miles of fake pearls. Yeah, I probably looked ridiculous, but when I was "Dancing with Myself", "Wearing My Sunglasses at Night" on the dancefloor "Shout"ing about the boy who's got "Green Eyes" and our "Tainted Love", I had the best time of my life. My friends were awesome. We drank, we smoked, we did Poppers (I know you did, too), we saw nearly every band that came to town, even met a few, took some road trips, and played "I never" and Truth, Dare, Double-Dare, Promise, or Repeat. Too bad AIDS came along and f@#%ed it all up, 'cause we lived. If any of you from K.C. are reading this, I love you guys!
From: Elaine

I love the 80s because no other decade can touch the 1980's Saturday Morning Cartoons!!!! Garfield, CareBares, Smurf's, He-Man, Jem, Thundercats, GI Joe, I could go on and on... The CARTOONS were the BEST!
From: Katie Bart

I don't know...I like Eighties, why?...I don't know... My SONG?....ahm....'s "TAKE ON ME"...YES...YES...ALSO, TALK TALK, ANDD..........SERIOUSLY "ALL THE SONGS OF NEW ORDER". BY
From: Emanuel

I love 80's,Because of all the rock bands.all the clothes with the big hair.I loved the movies like Pretty in Pink and 16 candles.Who doesn't love Andrew McCarthy He's a hottie.I LOVE THE 80's.
From: Brittny Lopez

I was born in 1990, but I am an 80s chick all the way!I love the culture club, flock of seagulls, wham!, billy idol,and a lot more!cyndi lauper is my girl! she is like so cool fer sure!I always dress like I stepped out of 80s! 80s movies were the best!Movies today aren't even half as good as 80s movies!I love rainbow brite, hello kitty, strawberry shortcake, they are so cute!sometimes, when I speak valley girl, i get like, out of hand!people like don't understand why I speak it either!May THE 80s LIVE ON FOREVER!
From: Rosalia

Lets see why do I love the 80s? hmmmm I was born in 75 so I literally grew up in the 80s. every memory I have of childhood is the 80s. everything from kindergarten to entry to high school. The styles were the best tho because you didn't have to spend a million bucks to be 'in style' like you do know. (unless of course your lucky enough to have had somebody hold their old clothes for late 60 to 70s for you) music was definately better. you know 80s music when you hear it but just about everything that has come out since is not distinguishable as being '90s' or whatever. haha. Big hair was great. I'm glad to have been able to enjoy the 80s to its fullest and I feel sorry for those who was born in mid to late 80s because they can't have remembered that much unfortunately.
From: jmegoober

I was born in 1985, so I don't remember much of the 80's. But I can say that I've always been fascinated with that decade. People like me who were born in the mid 80's got what I call the "80's leftovers" in the early 90's. All the good 80's cartoons were still airing on TV. Some fashion trends of the 80's were still popular for little girls too. [ Crimping your hair, ponytail on the side.. etc ] I guess I have a good memory of that. I've always liked the 80's because it was -THE- decade for children and teenagers. The 80's had tons of new cool toys and candy for children. The politically correct-ness of the 90's wasn't there yet. This is why all the movies for kids and teenagers in the 80's were better. The cartoons were awesome and colorful. I love 80's music too. I mainly like alternative music, but even the pop music wasn't bad as opposed to the pop music we have now. And I love a lot of 80's clothes. I think legwarmers are awesome. Oh, and the movies.. Most 80's movies are really weird and sometimes really cheesy. Basically, I like the 80's because it was a fun and crazy decade..
From: Clara

I was born in 1986. But I still remember a few things about the 80's. The 80's was serious when times were simply. It was the most kid friendly decade of all time. Everything from the cartoons, TV Shows (Max Headroom, anyone?), and Nintendo cereal, everything was just in harmony with everything else. The music was great (Misfits, Jefferson Starship, Mister Mister, Duran Duran), especially the punk, rock, and I even like the pop music. In the 80's everything was cool; nobody cared what you looked like. The movies kicked were great too(Fast Times, Goonies, Spaceballs, The Breakfast Club). The 80's was definatley the greatest period of time ever; definatley a period of happiness for me and for everyone. Some of my fond memories: Somehow I remember being 2 in 1988, and I remember my first day at day care. It was fun. 1989: Preschool, halloween, and the movie "Darkman". I loved that movie. Don't really have much more than that. I wish I could have been born 6 years or so earlier just so I could have gotten the full effect. Everything was just so friendly and great then. And 1986 is the ultimate year ever for video games: The 1st metroid and the 1st zelda. The 80's were great. I loved the tape players and record players and how all the cars were all box-like. McDonalds was great with all of it's crazy characters. Back then, there was no evil it seems and none of these problems you hear about now; it was a utopia of happiness and harmony with everyone it seems like. I was just very young, but I could not detect any unkindness in anyone. I also how all the shopping centers looked really neat. I also remember the Dominos' noids, and Thundercats, and all those other cartoons. Man, I can't even say how much it kicked ass then.
From: John

I was born in the summer of 1984, so I technically got a chance to have a few memories of the eighties before they were gone. My favorite thing, I think, would be the music. I'm a total fan of the 80s metal (which had an altogether different sound than the "metal" they have nowadays). In fact, my brother and I are starting a band with an 80s sound. Favorite band: Motley Crue. Too bad the 90s seemed to have a thing against 80s music to the point the 80s musicians were out of work... either that or change their sound. In my opinion, also, the 80s movies were better. The effects, though sometimes cheesy, were still tons better than the fake computer effects they love using now. I think I prefer animatronics (sp?) over obviously fake computerized effects.Also, it seemed like the 80s TV shows (one example: Perfect Strangers) had a... well, better feel to it. And it seemed like the cameras back then made the image darker or something... compared to modern cameras. Look at a TV show now and it looks so generic and bright. Also, you gotta love the 80s arcade games. I remember when we got our Nintendo system, one of the biggest things was to figure out exactly how to go through the last castle in order to get to Bowser. I miss the side-scrolling games, which were a lot funner than these 3D games they got. The fashion of the 80s was great, too. Although it seems mullets are slowly coming in again... in the meantime, I got shoulder-length hair that gets dyed every other week and spiked wristbands. Rock on!
From: Jerod T.

The reason I love the 80s because life was simple and innocent. There was no political correctness, terrorism, and hate in the 80s. People were nice to each other in the 80s and did not treat each other like crap. Everything on TV was better too. I watched stuff like Air Wolf, Knightrider, Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, CHiPs, Family Ties, What's Happening, stuff on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel when it was better, Matt Houston some cartoons like Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Bozo's Super Circus, Smurfs, Snorks and a lot of other good shows. I can't stand TV nowadays because: 1. Reality TV has poisoned the airwaves. 2. Saturday morning cartoons have went the way of the dinosaur. 3. Almost everything on TV always got tobe dark and grim and have such a deep meaning. I also can breakdance and there are breakdancing sessions before and after school. There used to be good breakdancing music from Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmixer D.ST, Aleem, Knights of the Turntables, Jozun Crew, Newcleus, Time Zone, Grandmaster Flash, Whodini, Davy DMX, Triniere, Cybotron, Man Parrish, Project Future, Planet Patrol, Twilight 22, Hashim, Midnight Star, Herbi Hancock, Electro 7, Fearless Four, the Packman, Warp 9, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Mantronix, Zapp, Dr. Jeckyll & Mr Hyde, Kraftwerk, West Street Mob, Maggotron, Lovebug Starski, Shannon, Yaz, Freez, Crash Crew, and any other old skool artists out there. Music today from artists like Jay-Z, Beyonce, 50 cent and any other "crap rappers" is out and it just doesn't cut it. It is a bunch of bull. Even the toys were better. Not all toys in the 80s require batteries and they had use for imagination. Kids today do nothing but sit around and watch too much TV and this why today's youth is getting fat.
From: Billy Duncan AKA 80s Freak

Being born in '82, it was the late-80's before I truly "got" things (such as the music, movies, etc.) but having an older brother helped. This decade was seemingly as close to "perfect" you can get - and I'm certain no one will argue that it was definitely the BEST decade of history. Some of my fond 80s memories: Thundercats, Ghostbusters, MTV (when they actually played videos ALL DAY), NES (Mario Bros., Zelda, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden), Turtles (I remember buying a Poison cassette with a Turtles gift coin - I was 6 or 7), I was in first grade in '89, and my hair in my school picture was half-assed spiked and feathery - I was the coolest "dude" in class and wasn't the least bit "grodie." But the biggest aspect of the 1980s, hands down, was THE MUSIC! Never has a decade spawned so much great music (and probably 1-hit-wonders) that still holds its own today. And every genre of music from the 80s was great! By today's standards, for the most part, the term "pop music" refers to image-driven mega stars who have little-to-no talent (except for being "hot") whose songs have little-to-no substance, and their "hits" end up being "fads" and the groups have no lasting quality. But in the 1980s, pop music was a "good" thing - and 80s pop STILL IS good! If I could rewrite history, I'd been born in '72 instead of '82, so I could've been a "true" 80s child! And, Teddy Rupskin, the nightmares you gave me with your tortured-soul voice and evil eyes still linger with me today...
From: Jason

I was born in the summer of 1977, and all I can say is that I have very fond memories of the eighties. On afternoons I watched transformers, he-man,votron thundercats,dinosaucers,g.i. joe and you can't do that of television(remember Alanis). On Thursday nights I watched cheers,cosby show and family ties(did you). On weekends I watched bugs bunny,captin caveman,droids and ewoks. I hit puberty watching Susana Hoffs (hope I got the name right) dancing like an Egyptian. Do you remember my fellow americans I am pleased to inform you that I've signed legislation outlawing the Soviet Union, we begin bombing in five minutes. Every now and then We are the World creeps into my brain.
From: charles harrison

I was not born in the 80's (I was born in 1990), but I love 'em because the variation of music and I love 80's fashion!!!! :D. It's very original and still in front of teenagers. I will mention all my favourite groups and singers of 80's :) : Cyndi Lauper, Depeche Mode, Quiet Riot, Tears for Fears, Bon Jovi, Starship, Billy Joel, The Buggles, Metallica, Donna Summer, Madonna, Simple Minds, Nena, Paul McCartney (MY VERY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D), Doc. and The Medics, Duran Duran, Queen, ABBA'S last years togheter, Bangles, Bananarama, Belinda C., Pat Benatar, Men at Work, WHAM!, Culture Club, Blondie, Soft Cell, Mecano (Gropu from Spain), Midnight Oil, Thr Romantics......I CANƯ MENTION ALL THE GRUOPS I LOVE!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!! From now music, I just like a very few things..... :( But the best decade of music is ....... 80's!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Kisses Eva ;)
From: Eva

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