Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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the eighties were the greatest because style was everything and so was hair....the cartoons were the best and it was the greatest time ever to be a kid!! growing up couldn't have been more fun. definetly wish i could go back!
From: jennelle

I was born in 1979 and for me the 80s were just great. I'm actually stuck there if you ask my friends. The music, the clothes, everything. 90s pop, 2000 rap - not a patch on Lamarlh!
From: emma

I was born in '83- but from what i can remember the 80's were all about excess.....the American Dream. What was wrong with that? Living it up and having a good time. There was no better time to be a teenager, the cheeseyness was great and you had fun with it. Now everybody is worried about being PC and we have just become a society of pansies. THE 80'S ROCK!!! KEEP PUNK ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Tasha

YEAH 80's were the best! Go Transformers and Thundercats!
From: Andrew

I was born into the 80's. I was born in 1987. When I was about 6 or 7, I was watching the movie GREMLINS. I didn't know what the movie was trying to get across, but now I do. That was a funny movie. My brothers saw it and asked me did I have it. Fortunate for them, I did. They watched that movie over and over again, 'till the VCR finally ate it. I got the movie again for Christmas in 1999. That's mostly what I remember in the 80's, other than my parents getting divorced when I was 2. They are separated, but I still see my father.
From: Joni

I remember that being in the 80's to me, in my mind was magic. I can remember sitting on the porch playing with my cabbage patch kids..and my little ponies. Something that I wonder about...That time, was it so "magical" to me becuase I was a child? I use to worry about how my kids would grow up and not have everything that I had. But they have differnt things..Will they grow up and see the 90's as "magical" to them? IS it just childhood that makes the magic? I guess will never know....
From: Jodi Carter

I was born in 1980, but i can only remeber a few bits and pieces of the eighties. Like the saturday morning cartoons, rainbow brite, Punky Brewster(she ruled), and THe Hulk. The music I can only remeber vividly. I remeber Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and all those headbanger groups. I especailly loved Then Monkees even though they werent from that time group.
From: Jessica

The 80's were great...what else is there to say? There is so much from the 80's that I love, I wouldn't be able to sit and write it all. With Different Strokes....ALF...SNL(the best show ever) The Cosby show, the smurfs...hightop sneakers...stone wash jeans...jean jakets...hot neon colors...everything was great. Now days...we have rip off things like all these boy bands...that think they are the next New Kids on the Block. I wish we could go back to the 80's again.....
From: Melissia

I graduated high school in 1982 and consider the 80's to be MY years. The mall rat hair and the big shoulder pads were a couple of my favorite trends. I loved the backwards V neck sweaters and the tights. Ripped sweatshirts with tank tops underneath ruled. Eyeliner and eyeshadows of all colors were the thing of the day. Swatch watches were introduced. Rubber bracelets, electric earrings, and beads by the yard .... In the 80's you could really express yourself. One day you could go glam and the next day grundge...Boy do I miss those days!
From: Debbi

the 80's was the decade of THE CURE and THE SMITHS!!!!
From: juan

I graduated high school '82 and college in 1986 I thought the 80's were fun with fashion and music. It was a great time to be in your teens and early 20's. I have fond memories about the music and cool fashions. I cant say the fashions of the 1990 or 2000's have the same excitment or originality. I miss my parachute pants, loud and big makeup and hair....etc... We didnt have email or cellphones but enjoyed our albums, MTV, packman and Madonna! It was a very happy decade and I have fond memories and wish I could go back!!!!
From: Melanie

I think all the stuff from the 80s is even cooler now than it was at the time. She-Ra rules, as do Duran Duran!! ^_^
From: piratze

I stumbled upon this mad 80's site totally by accident! I was born in '74 so the 80's saw little me becoming a teenager! Wham was definately my band, I was dreaming about George Michael from '84. But who can fault the cartoons, bring back He-man and the Masters of the Universe. I've been a Madonna fan since she began with Like a Virgin and can clearly remember my mum telling me to stop singing it i.e. how the hell did I know what a virgin was at such a naive age! Other girls/women my age will remember their mum dressing them in RaRa skirts (nightmare thought now)and anything similar to Princess Diana (bless her soul). She certainly made her mark on British fashion especially in the '80s. So glad that I'm not the only one who misses the 80s.
From: Lisa Spice

I totally love the 80's. The music and the clothes. i was born in 1981 and i don't remember the 80's too well but that was when i was a kid, no worries. It was just really fun. The music has to be my most favorite. it's almost cheesy but i still love it. Now the hair and make-up wow funny. i could just laugh at that all day. it was in then but now it's all new. it's all good
From: casper

I was born in 1982.I have always been fasinated what my parents and other family members were doing,what they liked like and did before I was born.The music and fashion of the 80s was great.You could wear the most wild,ourageous clothes you wanted to and nobody gave a damm! The music was just so uplifting.If I've had a bad day I put some Softcell or Erasure on and I feel much better! The best medicine!
From: Matthew Eddy

The eighties, that was most important part of my life. I was born in 68 in comunist country, and eighties was decade in which I was grow up. Me and my friends were espescially intersted in music of early 80, bands like: Talk Talk, Depeche Mode, Heaven 17, Classix Nouveaux/ gig in Poland in 83!/, Echo and the Bunnymen and many,many others. It was really hard to buy some records, cassettes and how hard- it knows only people from the same type countries like mine. The eighties exerted so powerful influence on me, that till today I buy records from this decade/ nice change, no more black records,but CDs/. Now I am 32 old guy, and I still belive that beauty times will be back, and me and my friends will can bring back some memories. And at the end, a notice for all of this people who define 80s as the worst decade of music, please think for a moment ! Without 80s, all of present scenes: techno, dance,pop - it would not exist. I am very happy, that I found this site and I could write about feelings. Best regards.
From: *Spear

As a man who was born in the 60s, I spent my youth in the 80s. Great music and I still love it. I love all the 80s metal that was inspired by Kiss and Van Halen(I met them when they toured Australia. I love all the 80s Britpop, Frankie, Human League, New Order etc etc. The fashion was different, but I'm not into fashion anyway. The Mullett haircut is still agreat laugh, although people that have them are social pariahs. The cars were great. TV was great - The Young Ones, Miami Vice, The D Generation(I met Santo recently) The fascination with Australia in America(Paul Hogan, Men at Work, Football) It was the best era for AFL with real characters like Jacko, Warwick Capper and Dermot Brereton. What more can I say, the 80s were great. Moo
From: Moo

I was born in 1968, so I spent my pre-teen, teen and young adult years in the 80's. The 80's rocked. I lived in Phila and hung out at Mardi Gras and The Electric Playground. Culture Club, Duran Duran and The Thompson Twins were great. we watched Dancin on air and collected Cabbage Patch Kids!!! We collected stickers, Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs!!!! The cartoons were awesome and so was General Hospital.
From: Colleen Hamilton

I was born in 59 so really came of age in 70s but I enjoyed the 80s because I had the time and money and marital status (single) to keep track of the culture. MTV and the New TEchnology still had an excitement and edge to it. I enjoyed the big hair and big keyboard sounds. Prince, Duran - Duran, Madonna also point to a more carefree fun sound than today's fragmented music scene. Most poignant moment was watching MTV in a palm thatched hut in Honduras (where I worked from 82 to 84). Nothing like globalization!
From: Dan

I was born in 1976. Even though we're in the 21st century now, I always reminisce about the eighties and am sure I always will. The films of the eighties really had an edge. It might be called crap now, but if a film like Teenwolf, Karate Kid or Back to school comes on the telly nowadays i'm there watching it with bells on. The music was cool and always had big choruses. You don't get that at all anymore. Cartoons like Mr Benn, Jamie and his magic torch, Bagpuss, Fingermouse, Thundercats are genius. Children nowadays watch crap, play too much video games and generally aren't getting any of the good stuff. I will miss the eighties greatly, just hope none of the films ever die out. Oh and bring back Mr Benn!!!!!!
From: Annika

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.