Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Well...(Reagan impersonation) The 80's actually sucked in some ways for me, but I tellya more than not they were a definitive period for me. I was born in 71 (do the math youngsters.) ;-) and I still can remember even those years. What made life so fun for me during that time was the music. Music was changing and bands like KISS which I love, got hit hard. That was something that actually sucked for me (having to remove the make up)and seeing the last Star Wars film. (two 70's things I loved) but overall the thing I remember most was all the rapid change. Music, clothes (I now flip that collar up on my polos and all shirts, blouses, jackets, etc. because I couldn't do it in those years without somebody practically ripping me limb by limb.) politics. Shitty things were happening too. Being a metal-head at the time (Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden mainly) and loving Dungeons & Dragons (remember the cartoon?) people called me Devil Worshiper. Well I still love D&D (not the new stuff so much) still listen to hard rock and still hate Republicans (not people just politicians) I still wish I could turn back the clock to at least 1984 or so. My mom's dad also died (15 years now) in 1985. Which changed my life forever. I also was molested during that period. (I wish I could kill that bastard to this day) These aren't all good things to remember those times from but I still wish I could revisit them. Now I am diehard about bands I didn't care for at that time, or simply didn't know of their existence. Skinny Puppy, Siouxsie & the Banshees to name a few. I think I would love to go back and be one of the punkers you would see. Kick a few asses (like that bastard who raped(molested) me, and outsmart a few morons who thought they were all that and a bag of chips) But one thing I will always take with me is the collar being turned or flipped up. Its a fetish I think for me. Strange to call it a fetish but I have no other idea of what to call it. ;-) Remember those satin jackets they used to sell, with bands on them. I never got one of those either. So its never too late to get the stuff from your teenage/child or forgotten years. This is the new fucking millenium to some or next year for others (I understand all the confusion believe me)so do what you wish, just don't hurt anyone! During this period was my puberty, I new I was not gay but people had on their GAY-DAR if you will. Gay people are very cool. So long as a gay person is not trying to rape me or something I am totally open to things. BUT back then we thought AIDS was a GAY thing. I am glad we are beyond the 80's as far as that is concerned. The awakening I have had however is that of my transvestitism. I am a man. I have a female name I use for my girl self. Maybe one day trannies like me can live just like gays are living now. So during the eighties I was beaten, bullied, molested, and basically unattractive to all (even so called friends) but I still miss those years. Its hard being a bitter nostalgic. I miss the seventies even more though. So all you folks/kids out there when you see a long haired guy or any person who is wearing their collar up, don't fuck with them. They understand or likely identify with this period you love so much. That or they are just forging their own. Maybe they picked something up at that time they could totally identify with like the collar being up or the music and they just won't part with it. Nobody said you MUST let go. DON'T Email me if you want.
From: Jackie

The A-Team, Superman cartoons, He-Man and the Masters of Born in 1977 below are parts of the 80's that jump out at me the most: The A-Team, Superman cartoons, He-Man and the Universe, G.I. Joe, Pac Man, Galaga, Atari, Coleco and Intelivision, Def Leppard, G 'N' R, Bon Jovi, Down with communism, fall of the Berlin Wall, skateboarding brought to you by Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Steve Mc Gill, Christian Hisoi, Mt Trashmore skate park, Top Gun, jr high (not middle school), high tops unlaced, jeans with holes in them, Return of the Jedi, remote control cars, Washington Redskins winning the superbowl, boom boxes, going to the mall, Fast Times at ridgemont high and a great economy, only to be completely improved upon when I finally started working in 1999.
From: Andrew

Hi, I was 12 in 1980 so I did a lot of growing up in the eightys ,I went on my first date, I went to high school an I got my first car and first kiss in the eightys I love all of the music from the 80's !! when the movie the wedding singer came out I loved it I felt at home watching it .well, alot happened then and alot since but, the 80's was so cool and it holds a special place in my memory and heart!! Tracey!!
From: Tracey White

The 80's were the absolute best time ever! I graduated from high school in '83, so I definately got in on the best of the times. The music ruled, and you could actually understand the lyrics! Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Wham, AHA, Culture Club, Dire Straits, the Police, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Ratt, Whitesnake, Van Halen - you didn't have to have a favorite genre, everything was cool! The clothes and accessories were wild and funky, and everyone actually got dressed up when they went out and partied. TV was great; Cosby, Family Ties, Cheers, Miami Vice, Moonlighting on and on... I was a little old for the cartoons, but Pee Wee's Playhouse cracked me up, and He-man, Voltron and Transformers were my little brother's faves. Cabbage Patch dolls and Rainbow Brite were everywhere, and Pac Man and Atari were the latest craze. Though we still lived with the threat of nuclear war in the early 80's and unemployment was bad, people were basically nice to each other and knew how to smile! Little girls could be little girls and didn't dress trashy by the time they were 8 years old. Boys played cowboys and indians, and it wasn't a threat to society or politically incorrect. Your family ate dinner together at 6 o'clock, and after doing dishes (by hand!)everyone watched TV together, no V-chip necessary. I was there and I loved it! I am glad to see that so many others out there are big fans also. Maybe someday someone will start a retro 80's tv channel, and why not? They have retro 80's radio, thank God for that! Keep the 80's alive and well in your hearts, it was an awesome time!
From: Rebel

the 80's rocked. My fave 80's artist can be summed up in one album title:electric youth. Obviously Debbie Gibson. I still have a bottle of Electric Youth Perfume that I let my sister use only once.
From: Nick

I was born in 1984 , so I wasn't really into the music and movies then, but i do remember dancing with my brother to Micheal Jackson. I also remember my dad putting in a pointer sisters tape or a Footloose tape and I would just dance. I loved it !!! The 80's had the best music and movie's. My all time favorite movie would have to be of course ,The Breakfast Club. I even bought the Cd to the movie because of the hit song, Don't you ( forget about me ). And you know that movie totally defined how it was in highschool in the 80's. And every single person was unique in there own way. My favorite actress of the 80's was Molly Ringwald. Her red hair just rocked and her style was way cool!! But the thing that was mostly important in the 80's was the music. There will never be anything like it. It was all about the beat and the rhythm. It was all about dancing and romancing and partying... and having fun. And just being carefree. I wish we all could go back and just party and dance!!!! Hey! What ever happened to Jake Ryan ??????? "We think your crazy for making us write a report on who we think we are, you see us as you want to see us..............." I want Billy Idol and Blondie, please come back !!! Will we ever have another Brat Pack ???
From: Brooke

The 80's bring back fond memories of synth-pop bands, skinny lapels and leather ties, beatle boots and spiky hair. They also remind me of a colder time in the world, with Reagan's Star Wars and Evil Empire crap and Mulroney's bullshit politics (what a complete waste of space he was!) The 80's music was THE BEST to dance to and those pretty boy poser bands were always good for a chuckle. Cigarettes, gasoline and alcohol were cheap but ganja and nose candy were extremely overpriced. Doing blow made you cool (or so we thought) and AIDS was still a diet caramel. Sex was bareback and casual, no-one was looking to get pregnant and/or married. Consumer items were, unfortunately, really, really cheesy (Rubik's Cube anyone?) and most domestic automobiles were complete junk.....However, factory jobs were plentiful after the early 80's recession and even young people could afford a trip to Hawaii or someplace like that. If you want to witness the epitome of the 1980's on film, rent the movie "Weird Science" - It's still funny! Favorite bands: Depeche Mode, The Clash, Simple Minds, Boomtown rats, Devo, B-52's......I miss those days......
From: Gary

I was born in 1986 so I guess most of u are like...."What the hellz she doing here?"....but really, everything that I saw when I was a child was from the eighties. But also, It has special memories ~Especially the music~ because my father used to always watch the thriller and listen to Billy Idol.....and it seemed that every time I was happy in my house, there was a song from the 80's to back it up. But when my parents divorced, I never really heard any of the songs again. My Mom didn't like them anymore, and everytime I saw heard or saw a movie from the eighties, I would become wrapped up in nostalgia and memories~~
From: Serena Johnson

the 80's, the best part, well what WASN'T great about the 80's? that'll take up less space...the growth of STD's wasn't too good...use protection!!! the music of the 80's was fun, imaginative, made us feel good, and meant something (unlike the bullshit of now-a-days **see the growth of every artist ripping off one another and covering songs of the 80's**) the television programming was great, the fashion was creative, and people weren't copying one another. the 90's sucked...flat out...people aren't creative anymore
From: Caine Sinn Christ

the 80's were a blur to me considering i was born in 82. I remember the cool stuff though. like he-man, ninja turtles, michael j. fox, atari and the california raisins. cartoons were the best. they really have gone down hill lately. i have a good feeling the style is coming back. i already got an atari shirt, and some sweet lookin pumas. i saw some jean jackets on sale, but i dont know if i'll go that far quite yet. i bought myself an old school nintendo, cause never had one. the 70s came back not too long ago, so why not the 80s?
From: Nate

Well first let me say I like that I was born in the eighties. I spent 7 years in the US, then 2 in the UK and those years in the UK are really all I remember. I loved watching Neighbours and rocking to Kylie Minogue, secretly plotting against Margaret Thatcher in an innocent way. And the clothes! My neighbours in secondary school had huge hair and neon clothes.
From: Bunny's Peach

damn, the 80's parachute pants, adidas, run-dmc shirs, jheri curls, Lee Jeans with the sewn-in crease, any jeans with and flare HAD to be roll-up at the bottom, coca-cola shirts high top Reeboks, LeTigre' shirts, carefree curls, Michael, Prince, Lionel, LL, Run, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny==New Edition, Midnight Star, Breakin, Beat Street, Krushgroove, Turbo/Ozone, Beatboxing contest, Pencil Fighting, fat laces, sweatsuits with the stripe, Jordache', Jean Jackets, Whodini, "Friends how many of us have, them" MTV, Radio1990(USA network), A-team, knight rider, snorkels, Thundarr, thundercats, the Power of Greystoke, the Jets, def, fresh, dope, Bon Jovi, WEhitesnake, Winger, Metallica, guys w/eyeliner, WWF, the cool-ass Mcdonalds commericals on Sat morning in the summertime, THRILLER, tr808, two turntalbes and MIC, cardboard on the streets, Pepsi, Tidal Wave bubble gum, choose your own adventure books, Aparthied, AIDS, the cold war, East Berlin, The challenger explosion, Khadafi, mother teresa, sweatshirts with your steet name and posse ironed-on letters, LisaLisa and cult jam, BET, skateboards, Freestyling meant tricks on a dirtbike, men with long hair, Cosby Show, A different World, FAME, Luke and Laura, PEt shop boys, NIght Flight vidoes, Friday night Videos, Back to the Future, Weird Science, ABC after-school specials gimme a break, full house, growing pains, NKOTB, Purple Rain, armotrons, Atari 2600, Pac-Man, Qbert, Donkey Kong, garbage pail kids, Pumas w/fat laces, black leather furinture, Reagonomics, MIck Jagger-solo, Airplane 1,2, and 3, Mr. T., Pee-Wee Herman, leg warmers, friendship braclets, 10-speed bicycles, BetaMax, Commodore 64, Apple IIc, Floppy disks, Gucci Handbags, Louie Vutton, MCM, four finger rings, polka dots clothes, High top fade haircuts, ahhhh the memories..... look this stuff and remember things from back in the day
From: tony

Well I was born in the eighties and i really loved the jean jacket, and funky colored jeans era.I'm down with Pat benitar i love bettey davis eyes and i love the male heart throb thing that was going on during them.
From: Jordan

I was born in 82, and for me, the best thing about the 80's were the CARTOONS! She-Ra was my all-time favorite. I won "Best TV Character Halloween Costume" at some local Texas competition when I was 5, for She-Ra. I was also a Thundercats fan. I also remember being very excited about getting a doll with huge hair, hot pink glitter tights, and a purple jacket. My favorite outfit: pink glitter jellies, black leggings with HOT pink bows on the ankles, and a hot pink shirt. With a slap bracelet of course! My favorite songs were: "Born in the USA," "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," and "Shout."
From: Robin Treadwell

2 of the coolest things from the 80s: Kyle Maclachlan and the movie "Blue Velvet"!!! Ahhhhh those dark suits and skinny ties! *BLUSHES*
From: Laura Palmer

I was born in '85 and I can't remember a whole lot but the 80's really rocked! The best music was out then and they had some of the best tv shows out back then. Now evertime you turn on the tv there's all this crap about drugs and sex. Back then it seemed like the world was perfect but now it sucks. I wish I could go back!
From: Lauren

i loved the eighties for the cartoons even know i missed most of the happinings i olny got the last year 1989
From: Arielle

From: RICK

The 80's was like a big party
From: Mona

I was 12 in 1980 the music was the best part of the 80's. HighSchool was only 6 months away.Music from Samantha Fox, Genisis, The Cars,Micheal Jackson, RATT, Iron Maiden, ZZTOP,And Van Halen could be heard on every radio. Fast cars were hot.Were not talking 4 cyl models. I mean gas gusling big block V-8's.air bands were very popular. Sock hops made a comeback. I guess you could call it a mix of the 50's & 60's thrown together. Nobody had a care in the world. Pop was only 25 Cents a bottle and gas was 32.9/L yes that was the price no joking here. Cigarettes were only 2.35/pack of 25.Work was not that plentiful but if you needed money there always was something to do. Vanderzalm went from minister of Education to leader of the socreds To the Premier of British Comlumbia Canada. Expo 86 Came to Vancouver Which was well known for it's fire works and laser shows at the closing every evening.The Germans had set up a eatery were the Brat Wurst and the Beer were Plentiful.
From: Vic Neufeld

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.