Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I remember the 80's. I thought that they were the best ever. The guys would go through half a bottle of gel evry day. the girls would o through half a can of hair spray. nintendo was awsome. That was so cool when it came out. I still play my nintendo to this day and listen to tears of fears and bow wow wow. All those eighties music.
From: Curtis Fleck

Well I was born in 1965, so I do remember the Eighties very well. The music was definitely better-whether you were a headbanger, a new waver, a punker, or into hip hop, there was something for everyone. And MTV actually showed music videos. On TV you could see Miami Vice, Night Court, Magnum P.I., Family Ties, Moonlighting, etc, and movies were just plain fun to watch; nobody had to worry about being politically incorrect. What would become the Internet was still in its infancy, if anybody besides computer nerds thought about it at all. And yes, Eighties fashion and hair look dopey today, but it was all about having fun. And Ronald Reagan was in the White House-he was like our generation's Eisenhower. Fun times that now exist only in our memories, on DVDs and video collections of our favorite shows and movies, and radio stations where Eighties songs are now considered "Oldies." (Shudder.)
From: Matthew Spence

Like, gag me with a spoon! How could you NOT love the 80's? I was born in 1974, so I got to grow up in the best time period in history!! As Diamond Dave said..the music smiled, the people smiled...the clothes smiled. The music was better, the clothes were better...and the guys were definately HOTTER! Who could not think the likes of Kip Winger, David Lee Roth, and Brett Michaels and Vince Neil were NOT hot. Why sure they had big hair and wore eye liner....but that was the 80's, dammit!!!!! I won't even get into the clothes, jelly bracelets, the hair styles, or the TV shows and movies. The guys today look so ugly, and the music is truly horrid! Long live the 80's....may they never die for some of us!!!!!!
From: Heathyr

Born in 1986, didn't get a whole lot of 80's time but just enough to get it in my blood, enough to want to relive it now. The 80's had the greatest movies, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, karate kid, never ending story, everything that i grew up on, including my favorite for the moment the california raisins! I also love the artists of the 80's The Police, David Bowie. awesome cartoons! and toys that will be remembered for a lifetime. The 80's were totally awesome dude;)
From: Jenna

I was born in 1977 so I grew up in the 80's and my fondest memories are from this decade. I remember back in 1982 when MTV was still very new. I remember when they actually played MUSIC rather than shows. Groups like Journey, Split Enz, Hall & Oates, Roman Holliday, Human League, The Fixx, ABC, Men At Work and musicians like Eddy Grant, Toni Basil and Boy George, etc made MTV so ground-breaking. I also remember the 80's being such an innocent time which is something that we no longer have. I think this is one of the reasons why so many of us love the decade so much. Look at all of the retro shows that are on television: I Love the 80's (1980-1989), I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1980-1989) and almost any celebrity reality show that you see now has an old celebrity from 80's that we know and love. I also miss some of the old products they used to sell. Jell-0 gelatin pops, pudding pops, Kentucky nuggets, O'J cereal, chicken littles... I feel very lucky to have been around during such a fun time!!!!
From: Darrick

MAN! i love the 80's, although i didn't get to expirience them all to much, except for my first year, but that wasn't that great. my reasons for loving the 80's are, the MUSIC, DAMN i love the music(VAN HALEN, ALICE COOPER, NIRVANA, BOW WOW WOW, ZZ TOP), acid wash jeans!, THE HAIR, i love mullets, they are SEXAY! haha so yeah, those are my reasons, and i would have loved to live in the 80's, but i don't. trying to relive it just isn't the same but its as close as im gunna get.
From: Casey

The Great 80's, I was born in 1987 but that does not mean I lived apart of my life in the 80's. My father introduced the pop culture era to me during the late 90's and I compared today's culture and 80's era, I found out that I like the 80's better, why?? It's because the music is soo groovy, songs like " Automatic( Pointer Sisters), Geno(Dexy's Midnight Runners), Down to Earth( Curiosity Killed the Cat )etc. The Fashion, The Hairstyle, The way things were seems to turn me on. I'm only 16 and I seem to be fasinated with 80's soo much that I drees to look like I was from that era.I think that such people like me are hard to find these days but if there are a handful of young people who are willing to follow such a trend even when they did not expirenece it then the culture would never die out. I don't think that the era of today or in the future would ever match the 80's ever.
From: FOXSTERWOLF, Engalnd

the cure, run dmc, the breakfast club, the blonde stripes dyed into my hair, using lingo my parents couldn't understand, just say no club (but saying yes anyway) and hanging out with my dear sister joanna.
From: keith swann

I was born in 1978,but like many others on this site,I'm a true 80s fan. The 80s for me was ALL good. B4 X-box you had yo ColecoVisions,Intellivisions,Atari 2600,Oydssey 2,Nintendo(personal favorite) & Sega Master System(another favorite) Atari's graphics where messed up I mean dealin' with them cubical designs dat was messed up,but when Nintendo & Sega came out they made up for it & with some good games like Super Mario Bros. Everyday I'd come home from school do the homework & after that get out the Nintendo plug it up & put Super Mario game in & I'd be stuck on nearly 8 hours of the game. I also owned ColecoVision,which I'd play Donkey Kong games on. Years went by & after I graduated high school & went to college I had to get rid of somethings & I think ColecoVision I did..I still have the original Nintendo & Sega that was my lil' brotha's dunno if he still got it. As 4 the ColecoVision I think I got rid of it,sorry that I did. It's not just the video games it's 80s rap,Run DMC(R.I.P. JMJ), Fat Boys,Fresh Prince,& so many more. 80s Rap was very positive..like many others say it didn't have a lot of cussin' in it,they were basically f/styles with a good background beat to it,the raps would be out everyday life for dat particular person not shootin',killin',pimpin', & etc. A thing about today's rap(very few) does bring back dat 80s beat. TV in the 80s dat represented Afro Americans were good such shows as The Cosby Show,Different World(Spin-off from the Cosby Show),227,What's Happening Now!,The Jeffersons,& last two I named started out in the 70s but where still runnin' strong in the early 80s. Cartoons of tha 80s I liked were Alvin & The Chipmunks,Alf Tales,Muppet Babies(they used real pictures dat wuz da funny part),California Raisans(had dat Motown Vibe),Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show,Ghostbusters,Pac-man(& VG wuz koo),SilverHawks,Smurfs(yea them too),& many more. 80s Television & Movies where all good. Beverly Hills Cop(with Eddie Murphy & Damon Wayans small part though)tha part when he took a banana & put it in them 2 otha cops car in tha tailpipe & soon as they started YO! it blew up,because of that movie I was grounded for 'bout a month..I tried it on my moms car..all in all it was a good movie. Breakdance,The Color Purple,Coming To America,Earth Girls Are Easy(Damon Wayans wuz tha yellow alien in dat),Do the Right Thing,She's Gotta Have It,School Daze,& etc. 80s styles when I look back from now,all of us looked like clowns won't matchin' worth nuthin'. KangoROOS & LA Gear where my shoes,as I look in my attic I find these blue & yellow kangoROOS & it brings back many memories. LA Gear high tops I also rocked but soon I switched over to Adidas(thanks to Run DMC on dat)& Converse(late 80s). Adidas and Converse are tha only 80s icon of shoes I'd wear. Tha 1980s Era wuz defintely an Era you could neva forget,whether you wuz born in it our not you experienced it in some way and because of dat you'll always carry your special 80s memories with you through-out your life. And for tha 90s kids or kids that where born in tha late 80s & still dunno about tha 80s then watch VH1's "I Love The 80s"(check your local listings) just from watchin' dat you can learn & gain valuable information & fun facts about the 80s.
From: M.Ferrell

I work with teenagers and I go into shock when they tell me that they have never seen the movies on the shirt's that I wear (Hot Topic has a ton or retro 80's shirts currently) I have a Goonies shirt that says "Hey you guyyys!" and another with "Goonies never say die" printed on it. The kids asked me what a goonie was. I almost had a heart attack! They have never seen Back to the Future and have no clue that the movie they all wanted to see, Love Don't Cost a Thing was based on Can't Buy Me Love. I become sad thinking that they never were around when there were quality shows on MTV and Nickalodeon like Today's Special,Pinwheel, Don't Just Sit There Yo! MTV Raps, Headbangers ball and Remote Control. They don't know that green slime originated from You Can't Do That on Television. Now that is a show I would definately buy if it came out on DVD! I remember when Nickelodeon actually played something other than cartoons and MTV played videos. I remember the original TGIF line up and the debut of those annoying Olsen twins. I feel old watching Nick at Night now and see shows like Cheers and the Cosby Show on there concidering when it started it played TV shows from the 50's! I love seeing the kids with leggings on now and those plastic bracelets and remembering the first time they were popular. The majority of my movie collection is 80's films and on Kareoke night at the bar my friends and I turn it into 80's night. I'm happy to see the 80's making a comeback. I've been waiting over 10 years for it and couldn't be happier.
From: Samantha

I love the eighties because they bring back sweet sweet memories of my younger days. I was born in 1984, and the theme song to "Tiger Sharks" was the bomb! I also love the eighties for the commercial for Chef Boyardee, "SHARKS!"
From: Annabelle Morison

Why do I like the eighties? Well I was born in '89 so of course I don't remember. But I have seen movies from the eighties like Sixteen Candles and Thrashin'and I love them! I also love eighties music and television shows like Family Ties, Growing Pains . There's just something about them. If I could go back in time to the eighties I would love it! To bad we can't.
From: Caitlin

Hi I was born in September 1980 and like so many others had older siblings to knock me into the eighties theme so well I am so into the 80's to my fiance's dismay because whenever the subject of the 80's is brought up everyone smiles. A lot of older people ask what was the 80's. When you tell them crimped hair leg warmers and neon spandex along with all the other neat things mentioned by everyone else here, htey smile again and say oh right, that was a fun time. This is the reason why our wedding reception is 80's theme. It will make for great pictures!:)
From: Gina

I was born in 1981, but I have a very good memory. I remember when MTV had a shows like International Hour & Headbanger's Ball!!! I discovered Mecano on Univision. I remember shows like The Great Space Coaster, Reading Rainbow, Power House, 321 Contact, Rainbow Bright,Voltron, The Transformers, Silver Hawks, Thunder Cats, Spiral Zone, Karate Kat, Street Frogs, Smurfs, Kidd Video, DB's Delight, Pee Wee's Playhouse, Dungeons & Dragons, Solid Gold, Charles In Charge, The TGIF Line-up, Miami Vice, The Cosby Show (Rudy is only 2 years older than me!), & Night Court just to name a few. I took part in some of the toy trends (even though I still hate Barbie/Skipper Dolls & Cabbage Patch Kids). Of the girl toys I loved my Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, My Child, Pound Puppy, Glow Worm, & my Pillow Person. Of my boy toys I LOVED my Transformers, Hot Wheels & Matchbox Cars, & my VOLTRON action figures (I collected all five lions). It was a rough time, but 80's kids are strong enough to make it through & look back at all the good times that we had. The 80's were the best decade & anyone who says otherwise is either a moron or a hater. Oh I wanna cry !_!now! I wish I could build a time machine... I'd go back to the 80's & I'd take all of you with me!!!! !_!
From: Somalia

Every kid (that I know @ least!) wants to be a part of the decade before. I am one of them! I was born in the late 80's so I really didnt live through it too long, but everything about the 80's was bright! The music, the hair, the cloths! And NOBODY makes movies like they did in the 80's! I would even now go dressed to school w/ leg warmers and big hair, if i wouldnt get jumped by the kids who dont have respect for the generation before MTV had crappy shows! I know this is jumbled and everything but all you true 80's fans WILL know what im saying!!!
From: Mandy

I was definatly a child of the 80's,Hving been born in 1980! the eighties was a very special time in that I loved to watch such shows as who's the Boss, 227, Bob Newhart and the cosby show! My favorite cartoons were The Smurfs, Gem, strawberry shortcake and Rainbow brite! I loved cabbage patch kids and garbage pail kids and getting up early to be outside by nine oclock so you could ride your bike and discover the nearest creek and build a fort! watching such movies as the santa clause movie And alvin and the chipmunks adventure! If you were a child of the 80's you had your birthday party at "SHOWBIZ PIZZA" not Chucky Cheese! Jelly shoes were the shoes to wear! and a side ponytail was hot! Playing with your barbie dolls and listening to New kids on the Block was the best, as well as catching the ice cream man. I was achild of the 80's and I loved it!
From: Jamina

It's me agian! I just want to say that I miss my cabbage patch bigwheel! That was one of the funest things ever!!!
From: Jamina

not only do i love the 80's, but i miss the 80's. The chicks, the parties, the cars, the movies, but mostly , the 80's was about the music. I was born in 61 and went through those drab 70's with AM rock and disco, but in my senior year in high school came the police, blondie, the sex pistols, joe jackson. But when the 80's hit is was like a friggin music storm had landed on shore, from Europe and Aussie. Never before and not since has there been such original sounds, styles and beats. New wave had hit and it was friggin awesome!!! Devo,duran duran, the clash, depeche mode, go-go's, flock of seagulls, etc. ,i could go on forever. But unless you listened to college radio stations you missed out on the best music, alternative new wave. not the top 20 hits, but the other songs on the ALBUMS and the small one time groups. I was lucky to be able to listen to 91.7 WXZI i think it was in danbury ct. at Wesconn and they had the best tunes and great DJ's. Other than the tunes how bout the chicks back then, they are hot now but they knew how to dress and did they know how to do hair too. And don't forget about all those colors and Miami Vice too. hopefully something like this will come around again, but it won't be the same.
From: DanO

I was born in 1990 but I love the 80's! My parents think that it's cool that I am an 80's fan. This music today (50cent Eminem Beyonce Bow Wow JayZ) just doesn't cut it for me. I love Metallica, The Buggles, Madonna, Soft Cell, Thompsin Twins, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and yada yada yada. I love the 80's and everything about it! Someone should invent a time machine so I can travel back to the 80's with people who love the 80's too, and live it! I LOVE THE 80'S!!!! xxmucho amorxx
From: Allie

if i had one wish that would be guranteed to be granted, it would be that i could live as a teenager in the 80s. I am a teenager in the 2000s and looking back at the 80s everything seems so perfect the clothes, the simplistic video games, the awesome movies, the live as you like attitude and everything else you can possibly think of. I scrounge every vintage and thrift store around trying to find 80s styles. So i continue to dream of being in my utopia, maybe someday time travel will be possible....
From: Penelope

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.