Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I popped out in 84. The 80s kicked ass, I got my first car a year ago a black 02 firebird. I remember all the cartoons, they were great not like todays crap.
From: Alex

I love all the comments about the 80's i was born in 1984 and i grew up watching all the 80's shows and movies. Does anyone remember the show 15teen that use to come on Nickeoldeon. The show was about teenagers in highschool that were faced with growning pains.The show was either 1989 or early 90's but it was so cool, and who could ever forget out TGIF line up on Fridays which all of the greatest shows ever made came on t.v. I miss those shows some of them you can still find but most of them went off air. Some of my favorite shows were The Mickey Mouse Club, Wonder years,Miami vice,silver spoons, differnt strokes,different world,cosby show,Family Matters, and the Great Degrassi Series everyone of them. I even watch the New Generation because it features some of my favorite characters from the Old Generation.Everybody wants something they'll never give up everybody wants something that'll take your money and never give up. point blank 80's and early 90's rocked I still Watch Teen Witch Starring Robin Lively and License To Drive, Nightmare on Elm Street USA Network Up All Night. I could go on but I won't because I have Taken up a lot of space already. Rock On 80's!!!!!!!
From: Reesee

I was born in 1988, and after buying GTA: Vice City and hearing all the great music that I never payed much attention to before I have decided that I was robbed of the best decade ever. Huey Lewis and the News, Cindy Lauper, Micheal Jackson before he was too wierd, The Outfield, Squeeze, The Buggles, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, and countless others my brain wont bring up rite now for some reason. All you children of the 80s are very lucky.
From: Ben Luckinbill

I wad born in 1968 so I was coming if age in the mid to late 80s. How ever i still remember Gary Numan, Tears for Fears, Talk Talk, Madonna, The Cult, Madness, Blondie, Human League just to mention a few who have recently re-appeared or have had their song covered in most cases very badly.Except Gary Jules version of Mad World, a truly brilliant christmas no.1 in the U.K. Didn't we enjoy that at the office party after a lot of booze.AAAAA some things never change.

I love the 80s because it was a time of fun and style and the 80s were crazy-wild. You see a lot of the styles in clothes and hair todayl. We all love the 80s, we all want the 80s...let's do something about it! All the time I hear "i love the 80s" and there are shows coming back with 80s stuff. I started wearing 80s clothes and people love it. I do the bar across my eyes. We need to do something about it! Buy the aquanet, pull out the spandex, get some scissors and let's get started! There's no way to hide from the return of the 80s...let's show 'em how it's done! It's up to us...what will you be wearing? :D
From: Mizz. Pacman

The 80's are when Mom and Dad are forever young, Grandmas and Grandpas are still alive and kicking and life was new and exciting. Behind the toys is a parent or grandparent, watching your favorite show with mom and dad, going school shopping and begging for the parachute pants.
From: James

Being born in 1990 really sucks for me. I didn't get anthing fun from the 80's. A 90s life was okay. But not the 80's fun that everybody wants to relive. I can't believe the 80's are already 20 something years ago. And it seems like yesterday. But I still love Cindy Lauper, Prince, 80s Madonna,80s New Kids on the Block, Pat Benetar, Duran Duran, Culture Club, The Buggles, WHAM!....oh, I can't name every single 80s artist I love. If I could have one wish, it would be to go back to the 80's and feel like I never lived through the 90s and the millenium. Life must have been so great for those lucky people who got to live through the best decade of all time!
From: Kylie

I was born in 1980, August 17! I still remember everything. I had a care bear, snorkles sandles, a rainbow bright doll with a bottle, rainbow bright sheets, sweatshirt, and belt! I also had the rose petal doll and roadster! Rose petal's hair smelled like roses. My brother had the Teddy Ruxpen doll that talked! I had so much stuff, and would've loved to save it, but it all disapeared! I guess my mom go rid of them,..I don't know! But I sure do miss them! I remember watching shows like Heman, Fraggle Rock, Rainbow Bright,Care Bears, Alf, Full House, The Popples, ...so so many!! The 80's were great! I remember every morning, if my brother and I got our chores done by 7:00 we could watch Dumbo's Circus before going to school! That was one of our favorites! Oh, and who can forget the cabbage patch dolls! I had one of them too! So many great things, it's just too bad they're not around any more! I'm actually searching Ebay for all my favorite toys I had back then. I just wish I had MINE! It's a little different when you buy them from someone, rather having your own! It doesn't feel the same. .... I also remember New Kids On The Block! They were a hit! One thing I got away with was my casette tape of Faffi's "Baby Beluga". My kindergarden teacher had that record and played that song almost every day. I got the casette for my 7th birthday, along with the New Kids On The Block. I also listened to Ace of Base, and still do! I remember when the Cranberries first came out.. I still listen to them too! They're one group that's still around! .... .... I remember going skating. I would get so upset and angry when my mother wouldn't let us go Friday nights! I loved it so much! I still go every once in a while! Ohhhhh, the good'ole days.
From: Kimberly

I was born in '87 and all I can say is I am mad at my parents for not giving birth to me ALOT SOONER! I was touched by the 80's when I played GTA: vice city and it just took off from there. I listen to Wang Chung, Gary Newman, Flock of Seagulls, Eurythmics, Journey, Soft Cell, Michael Jackson.. I could go on and on. Yesterday I wore my dads black Parachute pants and greased my hair up and it was awsome, everybody loved it! I need to get more 80s clothes though. I also recently watched the Breakfast Club and it was awsome. I think that music and fashion from the 90s up is bogus. Well to make things better I am aware that more and more people at my high school are wearing 80s apparrel and listening to 80's New wave and such. I really do think young teenagers like me are board with the 2000s and are slowly bringing the 80s alive again. Just talk to me when im 18 and ill be up with the fashion and the music and everything about the 80's like you wouldn't believe.
From: Brody

To this day, i find myself frequently drifting off into a fantasy whereby im living back in the 80's. Although i wasn't actually born until 84, the memories i have of them days cannot compare to any other. Times were so happy and safe back then, when the biggest stresses involved deciding whether to watch he-man or the carebears, and whether to wear the pink and white shoulder padded polka dot dress, the flourescent cycling shorts, or the reliable patterned shell suit!!!! God,how i wish i could go back to the days when you'd rollerskate over to your friends house and boogy along to rick astley, madonna or shamefully shall i admit a bit of phil collins!!ofcourse these were on cassettes, not c-ds! Toys were amazing back then! Even now, if im ever feeling low, i'll always have a rummedge through the wardrobe to find some old toys........my heart always melts when i see my old glow worm, my tatty old now slightly deformed carebears, and my transformers and barbie dolls! Im at university now in England where i live, and my beds covered with memories of the past- taking pride of place on my pillow lies my cheerbear. Not only this, when im ever feeling bored- out comes my slightly battered, but still fully functional gamegear!!! Nothing beats sonic or columns! i dont care how many people take the mickey out of the 80's, it was an era of great music, wonderful tv, tremendous fashion and very happy, cherished times. im so proud to be part of them.
From: sally

I really miss the 80s. Being born in 1982 really made me miss out on the early part of the 80s. Vague memories are all i have on events b4 1987. But the cartoons..the movies..the fashion..the MUSIC!!! It will live on forever in my heart!! My friend who r "pure" generation Y kids think i'm an 80s freak born in the wrong era..But who cares!! Hopefully one day in the future a Doc Brown will invent a time machine and I can travel back in time to the 80s as Marty McFly!
From: Daniel

I love the 80's because everyone wasn't so uptight as they are now. Also the clothes were great along with the music. I have such great memories of high school in the eighties and have 6 full photo albums to back them up:)
From: melinda

Why do i love the 80's ?? The 80's are my whole sweet life. I was born in 1966. I became a teenager in the begining of the 80's. I still live in Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, Depeche Mode, Genesis, Tears For Fears, A-Ha, Foreigner And a tons more of names that I can't remember now. I remember my friends my joyfull life untill the division bell rings. I wish to live again in the 80's and forever.
From: Waleed

I was born in 1984, but after I played Gta: Vice City and watched I love the 80's on VH1 I was hooked. There are so many great 80's bands that I love so much.
From: Vanessa

The 1980s were a boring, tuneless, day-glo, drug-paranoid, conformist nightmare. Every band/singer that was ever good before, produced crap in the 1980s (Bowie, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Genesis, etc.). Man-bashing advertising first appeared in the 1980s. The 1980s gave rise to the modern yuppie-jerk format. When you now hear someone yapping about "Starbucks, Jettas, Fung-shui", it is the fallout of a soulless, emasculated, synth-pop decade.
From: jason

Wow, who canNOT love the 80's? I was born in 1985 so I was youngin' but there are certain things that flood my mind upon reading everyone's "80's life." I too remember those interchangable McNuggets that came in the McDonalds Happy Meals. I remember my sister being overly infatuated with "New Kids On the Block" in fact for I think her 15th birthday she got nothing BUT NKOTB things. Shirts,Pins,Videos,Pajamas,Sleeping-bags .. it was NUTS. I also remember the invasion of the CD. How clear the music was, the first CD I ever listened to was "Aerosmith." I remember wearing skirts to school with spandex shorts underneath, with white Keds. I remember folding the bottom of my jeans over, and then rolling them up. Side pony-tails that I used to BEG my sister to put on me. My oldest sister would go to school with the biggest hair EVER, and her Madonna wanna-be clothes. .. There's WAY too much for me to name, but what can you say? The 80's were by FAR the best decade ever. It's apparent that people are trying to bring it back, and I hope it's successful ( tho I doubt it would be ) there are so many people that love the 80's .. but sadly, just as many that hate it. Boo :(
From: Lou-Ann

The 80s are about my beloved hair metal bands and all the bad boys I used to fall for! The 80s are when Tommy Lee was truly hot and not the mess he is today. The 80s meant Cinderella, Ratt, Motley Crue, Poison, Guns and Roses, L.A. Guns and all the others!! The 80s were when I didn't have a care in the world and all that mattered was who was coming to town in concert. The 80s meant no one in my family had died, my boyfriend had a bitchin' Camaro (thanks Dead Milkmen!) and my friends and I had after-school jobs at a movie theater. The 80s are the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles and St. Elmo's Fire. The 80s are National Lampoon's Vacation, the Karate Kid movies, Flashdance, Footlose, and Tuff Turf!!! The 80s were long hair, (not always good), creative (to be kind) clothes and the greatest hard rock/glam metal club in South Florida, THE BUTTON SOUTH!!! Many awesome nights, some that I can even remember! Thanks for the memories, they will always be there for me when I need them.
From: Mercy Suarez

I loved the 80's because of all the gay guys.
From: Joe Stamey

I loved the 80's...I graduated from high school in 1990, so that was pretty much my teenage life. I remember sitting out by the pool with my sony dual cassette radio ( in yellow, of course!) and listening to all the great music...Whitney houston, Debbie gibson, you name it. I also remember the fashion. Converse shoes ( to match everything), swatches, LA Gears, everthing. The best part of the 80's for me was getting my first camcorder. I have so many wonderful home movies of my senior class pep rally, and of my family before my grandma died...The 80's was truly a wonderful time.
From: Jamie

Aaah... The 80's. What can I say about this great decade? I was born in '79 and my earliest memories go back to '83 or so. I began to realize in the 90's what a great time I had in the 80's. Back then you had fantastic cartoons (Transformers, GI Joe, Inspector Gadget, He-man), great tv shows (A-team, Knight Rider, Family Ties, Cosby Show, Miami Vice), the best movies ever (Indiana Jones 1,2,3, Beverly Hills Cop, Terminator, Lethal Weapon, Star Wars 2 and 3) and the best music ever produced (Michael Jackson, Prince, Duran Duran). I remember playing with my Transformers and He-man action-figures, seeing the Thriller video for the first time, the introduction of CD, Maradona's unbelievable skills, playing in the arcades and the bigger than life sunglasses. I really have great memories and I would like to relive them, but unfortunatly that's a dream that wil never come true.
From: Terrorpaki

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.