Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in 1988 so i didn't get to experience the 80's for myself and I would like to thank everyone that has put there opinion down so that I could use this site for a reference for my college paper. Thanks Pearly
From: Pearly

To tell you the truth....I do miss the 80s. Looking at thie website brings back so memories that I lived though back then. I remember the music, fashion, and "cool" words..etc. And to be honest, I still listen to some of the 80s music today. Some of the music today, you can't understand over half the song or it's about violence in the world. I wish we could bring back the 80s and let everyone know how cool they were to live though. Let's keep the 80s going!!!!
From: Brandy

I am a true child of the 80's(born in '74) and I am proud to have lived through all of those great years. I have very vivid memories of all the great things that made for a great childhood and followed into my teen years. I remember seeing MTV for the first time(for those who don't know - it debuted in '81)and how I found it difficult to pull myself away from all those great videos. I'd have to say the things that most affected me in the 80's were Star Wars, Michael Jackson(he's still the same great human being but is being exploited repeatedly and no one can convince me otherwise), Madonna, MTV!!!(back when it was good), the Smurfs, Pac-Man!!!!, Atari and Nintendo, Little League Baseball and Michael Jordan. LONG LIVE THE 80'S!!!!!
From: C.J.

Varnet mirrored sunglasses, leg warmers, members only jackets, painter pants (does anyone else remember that fad?)Duran-Duran, Howards Jones! Need I say more. I was born in 1969 and I was a teen throughout the 1980's. It was cool. The 1990's do not compare.
From: Latecia

I liked Walk like an egyptian !!!!! Punky Brewster,muppets,fraggle rock,smurfs,rainbow brite, teddy ruxpin,he-man,she-ra,Prisoner cell block H,80's POP Music,ALL 80's movies!! The clothes,girls just want to have fun,boom boom boom lets go back to my room.Lets get physical!!!Blondie !!!! Flash dance! The silly tracksuits people used to wear while exercising!!! sweatbands, the old paper money (australian currency) wallpaper and way moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
From: Chad

I was born on 1983 which sucks because I didn't enjoy it as much as you did. All I can remember is the yers from 87-90 (1990 is a part of the 80s,you count from 1-10,not 0-9!).I remember the Karate Kid 3 (1989),cabbage patch dolls,teenage mutant ninja turtles,rubick's cube,the animated ghostbusters,my little pony,astroboy (thugh it started in japan decades before that),rainbow bright.I graduated in preschool in 89,I was a first grader in 1990.I liked M.C. Hammer (not anymore!),debbie gibson (I always thought tiffanny is corny),New Kids on the Block.I used to like Mannequin 2 (silly huh).So there,thats not much but at laest its better than being born on 1990!And please dont insult us younger ones who love the 80s.Yeah were not as lucky as you but what can we do,we love the 80s.Right now,I listen to 80s music constantly,watch 80s movies but not yet dared wear 80s clothes.I have a longing look whenever I hear my friends and relatives how great the 80s was and YES I wish I was old enough to enjoy it!So there,you guys are lucky,we envy you!
From: Daisy

I was born in 1984 but I still love the 80's. Why? Because of the TV Shows and Movies I watch and Rock 'n'Roll music that I listen to. I have watched some movies from the eighties like: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Amadeus, Beatlejuice, Sixteen Candles, Back To The Future Part 1 and Part 2, Teenwolf and more. I even enjoy watching TV Shows like: Miami Vice, MacGyver, Knight Rider, Growing Pains, Full House etc. I also enjoy listening to Rock 'n' Roll music like: Huey Lewis and the News, Billy Joel, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Steve Winwood and many more. So that is why I love the 1980's, it's because of the Movies and TV Shows I watch and the Rock 'n' Roll music I listen to.
From: Michal Balicki

I love the Eightys because i lived through them.I was there when MTV first came on the tv.It was about the coolest thing that we saw.MTV now is just a sad reminder of the real age of what MTV was all about.Most of the ones who say they were born in the eightys are just right now coming out of what they should no about and hold to there memories.My child was born in eighty five and she just had a baby.Her best memories are of the nintys.we do talk about the eightys.Come on i waqs sixteen in highscool.Sometimes i wish i could go back to them.I was young and fool of life .Most of my friends are dead now and im only thirty- nine,yes age is starting to catch up on my all my highscool classmates.We would sit around and watch MTV after school dazed and confusedif you know what i mean.We were also the kids that grew up with the start of video games they took off in are world like wild fire.video arcades were we would hang out on friday nights> Are lifes were stright out of fastimes at rigmont high.Life was a little better back then for me growing up in the computer age it was realy the best of times.It seems like a long time ago now.But let us not forget the seventys they also were the best of times.What im trying to say is it dont realy matter what age you are make the most of your youth because when it is gone it realy is gone.Some people will say im wrong but i guess they let there youth slip away without even enjoying it.Like they say youth is wasted on the young-PEACE AND LOVE IM OUT OF HERE
From: Richard Tassey

I'm such an 80s fan. I was born in January of 1980 at the start of the decade and right on the far end of Generation X. I lived through the entire decade and my memories of it are primarily of the great entertainment. I played with cool toys like Transformers, He-Man, GI Joe, Rubik's Cube, and cool games like Hungry Hungry Hippos, Atari, NES, and Rubik's Cube. I watched great cartoons like He-Man, Transformers, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, GI Joe, Care Bears, Popples, Saber Rider, and the Raccoons (anyone remember that Canadian cartoon). I watched great movies like Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Goonies, and Back to the Future. I watched funny TV shows like Family Ties, Different Strokes, Webster, ALF, Silver Spoons, etc. I liked alot of the music from back then like Michael Jackson, Escape Club, Duran Duran, and the cool hits that ran on MTV. Looking back on then, I hate the entertainment of the 90s and today. Nickelodeon and MTV are shadows of their former selves. Most TV and movies stink. I frequently lecture the Generation Y kids on "why things were better in my day". God, I miss the 80s.
From: Mark R. W. Jr.

The 80s was the most awesome decade ever!!!! I was born in 1988, so i never really got to "experience" the 80s. But from what i have heard, it was a really cool decade and i love 80s music!!! People like the buggles, Duran Duran, Eddie Money, 80s Madonna, Yes, the bangles, katrina and the waves, WHAM!, and other were the best! the fashion was pretty cool also. I have done a lot of school projects on the 80s. i love it!!! now i know why everyone who was alive then wants to relive it now. i wish i could have been my age (15) in the 80s.... it would have been AWESOME!!!!
From: Ryan McKenzie

The 80's Are The Best!!!!! I Think That People Really Had Fun. The 80's Has It's Own Fashion Statements And Trends And Music.. I Mean There Is Nobody I Know That Doesn't Like Some Part Of The 80's. Im Just Kinda Bummed That I Missed Out On Half Of Them. If I Could, I Would Dress Like The 80's Everyday. I Mean I Listen To The Music Everyday.....like Blondie, Adam Ant, All Those Ppl. But The 80's Rock....

I'm probably one of the oldest entries to add to this site, but I am a child of the 60's, 70's, but most of all, the 80's. Although the first two decades had memorable music, somehow the 80's opened my eyes and consciousness in ways the other eras faded away. By the time the 80's hit, I was a middle-twentie's-something, married several years, expecting my first child and settling into a life of what was seeming to be abject mediocrity and boredom. From out of nowhere, new music suddenly came out of my stereo that I began to actually smile whenever I heard, everything from "Holiday", by Madonna (I was so behind the times then, I first thought she was black!), Simple Minds, the songs from the Breakfast Club movies, Wham, Kajagoogoo, "Too Shy" (when that song came out, I had visited Disneyland and thought it was an original from a house band that played at the Disney Videodrome - a dance club there in '83). Even though my outside life was beginning to go downhill, the 80's tunes somehow kept me from feeling completely alone. I would dance with my baby son to the music on my stereo, bouncing him around to "Billie Jean", and Culture Club. My stodgy husband would come home from school (college) and tell me about all the students wearing weird clothes and all in black, and I'd just give him a silly grin and laugh to myself - well, old man, wake up, the world is changing. The 80's music helped to remind me that there was a whole wide world out there that didn't revolve around my boring life, and that you could be happy with keeping a song in your head as you went about your daily life. No chance of my hubby getting into it, though. He was born in the Elvis/Buddy Holly era, way too old for the room (not married to him anymore). If it weren't for the 80's, and the happiness it'd brought me, I couldn't have survived through it or the years after. Coincidentally, my ex-husband's niece was a teen during the 80's, and she and I hit it off while the rest of my in-laws were fuddy-duddies. Oddly enough, I met her again 20 years later, and she actually remembers all the times we'd sit in front of her Grandma's TV, watching MTV, and having a blast. She's now a mom of a teenager, and my kids are practically adults. If it weren't for the 80's, that precious relationship which started from practically nothing would not exist today. In fact, she made me a copy of some fave 80's hits which I cherish dearly. Thank God for the 80's!! And for your site!
From: Lily H.

i was born in 1991 so i wish i was born in the 80's! Even though my school has the Valley girls,Geeks,Outcasts(me),hackers, jocks and ect our clothes are not as cool! my sisters were born in the 80's and i got stuck with the nineties! but with my luck if i was born in 1981 i would wish i was born in the 70's lol. well thats pretty much all i have to say. if your a genie grant me a wish. i wish it was 1980!
From: Kelsey

I loved the 80's so much! The b-movies were the best. You'd find some great titles in the video stores back then. I also wore about 2-3 pairs of slouch-socks (in bed too!) Even what people wore in bed back then had a certain style to the decade. What did you where in bed back then??
From: Sally

i wish i was born in the eighties. it had the best bands by far n when i listen to that music its like i was there n it makessense to listen to that good music... n also todays charts are full up on such crap i like to get away from it all. Spinal Tap, made in '82 is a great film, n if i could i'd go back in time n see guns n roses in concert (hopefully not getting crushed to death). Cheers for readin!
From: martha nash

the 80's totally rocked and are still rockin' to this day. I was born in '91 so i don't really belong here but still i'm really amazed by the 80's music, fashion, and everything. i wish i was alive back then. there was so much more style and diversity and now all we have is 50 cent and Evanescence. some of the best things ever happenned in the 80's like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, etc they are all my role models. I remember watching the 'top 80 of the eighties' show a while ago and thinking 'who the hell are all these ppl?' then I really became and 80's fanatic. that decade was amazing. ppl don't know what they're missin out on.
From: Donna

Born in 1976. Most of my memories are from the white sand dunes in Fort Walton Beach, FL, although I was raised in Crestview. The beginning of my 80s days are remembered the most in Florida. Me and my brother used to go roller skating in Crestview and they would play all the greatest hits of the 80s and we would be out in the middle breakdancing with our skates on. Tne Limbo was the most popular, along with putting your right arm in...But mostly I remember the radio was always on playing the music wearing my jelly's and got into the wristbands and bangle wearing on the beaches, listening the New Kids on the Black the radio for the first time. Man, I had the hots for Joe McIntyre. And in a way I still love him for his work now. ^_^ Then when I was 11, my family had to move to California and in Jr. High, thanks to the 80's NKOTB I would have never met my bestfriend. So many of our best memories can really put 2 best friends together. To this day we are still the bestest best friends. Its been about 12 to 13 years for us. Yeah! To this day I buy so many of the 80's cd they have out, its funny! I am a 80's Fanatic! And yes a shout out to: The Popples, A Team, Smurfs, Mysterious Cities of Gold, The bangles or the items too, I miss Jelly shoes! Shirt tales, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, wearing as many mood rings as you can, When "spazzing out" is an actual word, etc.....Have fun living your life, whether its living your best memories or moving on. You can never give up on something you love the most.
From: Jennifer H.

I was born in 1975. Though I was still quite young to go to clubs or bars during that time, it did not matter. I got to see the great TV shows and movies of that time but most importantly to me, got to listen to the best music. It was great, I am a bigger fan of the early 80's then the late 80's. The early 80's, it was all about fun, music, movies. The late 80's, though still quite fun, it was less exciting to me. Is like eveyone knew that it would soon all come to an end (the 80's that is). I have all the music of the 80's. Everytime I feel sad or just plain bored, I throw in my CD collection and the best memories come right back; is like if I had never left the 80's. LOVE IT AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE IT!!!!!! 80'S ROCK!!!!!!
From: Jesse Gomez

I was bron in 1990, but I wish i was born between 1980-1984, 'cos I LOVE 80'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My "platonic love" was born in 1981, I love 80's clothes and 80's pop music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I can't mention the 80's artists I love 'cos there are about...40!!!!!!!!! I also like 1990's music and 1970's music, but most of my favourite songs are from the 80's!!!!! On men's side I love Tears for Fears and MACCA (Paul McCartney) and on women's side I LOVE Nena, Cyndi Lauper and Bangles!!! :)
From: Eva Marķa Alonso Reyes

Oh, to be trapped in the 1980's forever. It would be my fondest wish! Not only does this decade represent an attitude of the unabashed pursuit of fun, but it represents some pretty formative years of my life (jr high thru graduation plus some). The music was about having fun, the clothes were about having fun, the movies were about having fun, the... well you get my drift. The years that followed were tainted by the gloomy cast of grunge music and we just never recovered. I miss the big sound of irrepresible guitars and the throbbing back beat of big hair metal. I mean the lyrics say it all, "Don't need nothin but a good time..." And then there was the quirky, catchy, pop, ear candy. Songs that entered your brain and made it their own. After a couple plays on the radio you knew every word by heart, and proudly sang along any chance you got. What can I say about the movies? John Hughes may be my surrogate father based on the number of his teen flicks I have taken to heart. The overall quality of the 80's movies far exceeds todays meager offerings. What movie can in the awesome presence of films like The Breakfast Club, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Sixteen Candles, The Outsiders, Footloose, Heathers, Pretty in Pink, Can't Buy Me Love, Weird Science, Dirty Dancing, and the King of teen movies, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Most of all, the 80's represents a time in my life that was far more simple, carefree, and exciting. No responsibilities, no job, no bills. Amen!
From: Jennie

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.