Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born the last day 0f 1957.MY teen years where in the 70,s,but my BEST years were in the 80's.I was now in my twenties 22 in 1980. The time between 1982-1987 were the best .My friends and I would party nearly every night.The music was the best,and the styles too.The best sit coms,too.If I could go back to those years like a video I would rewind it over and over and never leave it.I have agreat collection of all the 80's music(THE BEST MUSIC).I plan to get all of my freinds together again,and relive it if just for one night.There will be only 80's tv shows 80's music and 80,s style.As I sit here I wished I was sleeping and the last 20 some years passing was just a dream and I could wake up and be in the 80's.
From: Larry

I was born in 1965 so I remember the 80's pretty darn good. I graduated high school in 1983 the best year ever. The music was and still is unmatched. The clothes were great, brand names wasn't like the 90's, just hip and full of color was it. The movies were the best like Scarface (best movie ever made) which I happen to have watched in theatres back in December of 83. Everything was at top back then I just wish I could have a second chance and go back.
From: JJ

There are just too many things about the 80s that I want to mention. The music was more sensual, meaningful and heartwarming. We had bands and artists like The Police, U2, Kim Carnes, Whispers, Tina Turner, Rick Astley, Toto, John Waite, Phil Collins, Thompson Twins, Alan Parsons Project, Chris De Burgh, Lionel Richie, Crowded House, Cyndi Lauper, Spandau Ballet, etc, who released songs that truly defined the concept of dedication and love. Nowadays, our music stations are filled with singles that aren't afraid to reveal desires for revenge, hate, murder, sex and promiscuity - a far cry from the innocence and feel-good notions of the 80s. Also, life seemed more simple, fun and a joy to experience. Although the 80s lacked the political significance of most other decades in the Twentieth Century, the shortage of international drama and tensions made the world seem more carefree and exciting. Our fears played second fiddle to enjoying what we had - watching those feel-good movies, dancing away at those crazy nightclubs and going to concerts without having to worry about riots that are becoming more frequent today. When I mentioned "simplicity", I also meant that our lives seemed less hectic, thus giving us a chance to appreciate the more tranquil aspects that's becoming more rare these days. Besides the Saturday morning cartoons, I really enjoyed the long walks in the parks and the quiet, calm environement that was so easy to find back then. Although I was barely 5 by the time my favourite decade ended, thankfully, the early 90s stayed faithful to what went on in the 80s, so I guess I was lucky enough to enjoy the last days of that period before a new generation of music, entertainment and life in general, kicked in.
From: Hokit


I was born in 1980, and I grew up loving many of the TV shows, movies, cartoons, and, most importantly, the music of the 80s. That is why I'm so crazy about the 80s! It just transfers me back to my beginning days.
From: Swaroop Madduri

kick *** movies, not the crap we have today. fashion actually was fun and DIY. the music was cool.
From: Anonomous

I liked the 80's because the economy was booming,hair was huge and sex was not so worrysome!Strip clubs were still strip-TEASE,and people were still happy-go-lucky.
From: Denise LaFrance

levi jeans tucked in timberland boots with the laces untied, girls and boys feathered there hair, buzzards/ jocks /preps /geeks( I was all of these at one time ) Space invaders, Mission cammand, Pitfall, Asteroids. Staying over night at a good friends house. Innocent sweet adventurous laughing times with BEAUTIFUL girls DEB, TRACEY, WENDY. Where I work for the winter time these kids listen to rap, most of it I can't stand ( swears violance ) SOOOOOOO one day I threw in some Night Ranger, OOhhh Yeahhhh it was friggen great. Like "You can still rock in america" girls do you remember this one "Sister Cristian" A kid asked what's this ? I responded with my right fist in the air and said ROCK-NNN-ROLLLL. My CD case has OZZY,AC/DC, Great White, Scorpions, Judas Priest, The Black Crowes, Billy Idol, Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top, The Fabulous Thuderbirds, Loverboy, Def Leppard, Fastway, TOP GUN, Phil Collins, Steve Winwood, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, Billy Joel, R.E.M., Stevie Nicks, St. Elmos Fire, Pat Benatar, Devo, Depech Mode, Motley Crue, Y+T, Triumph, Autograph, Dokken, Debbie Gibson(yes) She was so cute!!!!! The Cars, INXS, Warrant, Slaughter, Wayne's World, KIX. To All: Stay Cool AND Stay Young. Ralph From N.H.
From: Ralph

Well, I was born in 89. Which really sux. I lived like a month in the actual 80's. If I could I'd go back in time and live in the 80's. I just luv em, dunno why, I juss do. I say, we all bring back the 80's. I know someone else said it too, man I agree w/ ya. I hate all that new music they have out. That rap crap.. Yuck. I want that rad music, awesome clothes, and partyin' all night long stuff back. I want it!!
From: HaNnAh

I was born in 1983. My childhood was spent in the eighties. The first song I could ever sing was "Wake Me up Before You Go-Go" by Wham. I was either two or three when I could sing along to the words of that song. My sister is three years older than me and her song growing up as a young child was "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. I watched the movie "An American Tail" many times and "Somewhere Out There" was the most beautiful song I'v ever heard. I still have my Teddy Ruxpin talking bear. I used to have all the Ghostbusters toys also, like the ghost zapper and the gun. Our childhood was filled with many awesome toys I will never forget like Pound Puppies, He Man, Garbage Pail Kids, and Raggedy Ann and Andy. I also remember my parents having discussions about Betamax. "A Land Before Time" before all the crappy sequels, "Batteries Not Included", "Big","Three Men and a Baby", "Little Monsters", and many others. Like many children of the eighties telivision was my babysitter. At least it was a good babysitter with shows like "Glow Worms", "Reading Rainbow","The Raccoons", and "You can't do that on telivision". Speaking of shows, does anyone remember when the disney channel had awesome shows like "Dumbo's Circus", "The Gummi Bears", and the disney excersize show, I think I remember it was called "Mousercize". Oh and "Mouseterpiece Theater". The eight bit nintendo introduced me to video games. I was only a young kid, but I had all the games, the powerglove, the original game genie, and that mat that you ran and jumped on. And then I was little older came the sega genesis which was huge because of a game called "Sonic the Hedgehog". And Micheal Jackson was cool, and this was long before that first kid accused him. I still have cassetes of "Bad" and "Dangerous", and "Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker" was the first game I bought for my Genesis along with the original "sonic the hedgehog". Even the commercials I saw on tv were memorable, and a lot I can still remember today. The chia pet, clap on clap off the clapper, the california raisans, the old lady who became famous because of " I'v fallen and I can't get up". And Dominoes had the hyper and annoying Noid, who even got his own video game.
From: Joel Welden-Smith

I'm a fan of the 80's cause of the movies and I wish I was a teen or had been in my 20's in the 80's Sincerely, Patrick Olinger
From: Patrick Olinger

Why I LOVE the 80's can be summed up in three simple words IT KICKED A**!!! MTV ALF Nightmare on Elm street Where's the beef? Whats not to love?
From: Sam

THE 80s ROCK OK. I was born in the 80's 1989! WWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE everything was good and alive back then all the good movies were made the styles of clothing now everythings comming back its all so retro and hip. anyways I have nothing more to say than if you don't like the 80's your seriously high and that i wish i was born in 1979 so i didn't miss a thang
From: Lauren

I so hate being born in 1990!!! The 80s were awesome! I love the music, clothes, cars, etc... So, the 90s were just full of money but I like priceless things, like good 80's fun.
From: Anono Myse

I love the 80s because death metal emerged and became an official music genre picking up popularity in the 90's.
From: Chris S.

the 80's were simply awesome. the movies were bigger and better written. it was before the mega movie theaters of today when theaters still had maques. and you had to wait outside once you got a ticket in long lines which sometimes stretched down the block. my toys included lots of toy guns, lasertag, photon, and big wheels. and you simply had to have a members only jacket in order to be cool, even if you were a nerd like i was. and ahnold ruled the box office. i mean runningman, terminator, the conan movies, total recall. arnold was the end all and be all for the action movie. fashion wise , if you were a white guy you had a mullet. since i'm a black guy, i had jerri curls. and dont laugh because the jerri curl and relaxer was stylin. i looked like anthony micheal thomas. video game arcades were a plenty. i went to an arcade called diversions and women hung out there and they played music by everyone from acdc to public enemy. it was a mixture of the heavy metal crowd, the new wave crowd, and the rap crowd. thats how i got into so many different diverse types of music and people. i think the 80's emphasized diversity a bit more. taylor dane , tiffany, micheal jackson, and rick astley (remember him?!), the pop music scene was awsome. phil collins was totally cool. i really miss the valley girls. they had their own language and style. i want to thank you former valley girls for being you. as far as cars are concerned, during the 80's the cars still looked like cars. i still want that 78 firebird, the one ponch drove in chips. muscle cars is what i am talking aobut ladies and gentlemen. i knew this guy in 87 who had an impala but he put a turbo charger in it and one day he revved the engine so much that it shook the windows of all the houses arround. god, we thought we were so cool. i was still a nerd, but he got me into bodybuilding. i think instead of going to mars we should all get together, build a time machine, and go back to the 80'slol. wouldnt that be cool? what would you tell the 80's version of you if you could go back in time?
From: Zander

Why do I love the 80's? The question is why don't I love the 80's? Who doesn't love the 80's. I was only born in 1988, But the course of my life was forever altered by the influance of the 80's. The catchy synth-pop that we all loved... and some still do like The Cure (my favorite band of all time) Human League, and Soft Cell. The movies (some of the greatest movies were births of the 80's) The Labyrinth; which is my favorite movie of all time, Against All Odds, An Officer and a Gentlemen, Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Pretty In Pink and more. The clothing and styles inspired by idols like Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Billy Idol, and Boy George (Culture Club). And the video games, where do I begin? First off, everyone loved NES (nintendo entertainment system) It was ground breaking for the new popular game entertainment systems we have today (XBOX, Game Cube, Playstation ect.) The games, and the simplicity of these games had everyone coming back for more. Mortal Combat, Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, and more. True romance is reflected upon in the 80's in the songs, the movies, and even the dances. We all love the 80's. The decade may be gone forever, but the memories of those sweet years will linger in our hearts forever.
From: Krystal

i love the 1980s buti was born in 1990- i think 1990 was the 1980s but the only different thing is it was the 90s and i think the 70s and 90s suck. but i wish i could experience the 1980s someday. and i think the first four years of the 2000s suck-because we are still living in a time like the late 90s. that would be cool if 2004 turned into the 1980s again.
From: ashton

I used to feel melancholy when I would hear songs by Duran Duran, Japan, Human League, soft Cell etc. I would have this overwhelming fear of getting older. Now I reflect on what music the 90's and the Millennium have brought us and feel nothing but relief that I was there watching Duran perform live in 1982 my first concert of many, a totally life changing experience. I stood in awe of them unable to move in disbelief 'I WAS THERE IN FRONT OF DURAN DURAN IN THE SAME ROOM UNDER THE SAME PIECE OF SKY'. I now feel nothing but pity for all those who have missed out on what will go down in history as being one of the most exciting times in music! And I lived it...... Thank God.
From: Carol Welsh

I was born in 77, so yea i know what the 80's were like. I remember watching MTV all of the time and raising home to watch cartoons like The Super Friends and The Thunder Cats just to name a few. I use like to watch my cousin beatbox and the Fat Boys, Salt n Pepper and other rappers from that error that I like. Michael Jackson was my future husband and Whitney Houston was the greatest singer of all.
From: Nellie

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.