Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in '70, so the mid to late '80s were prime time for me. I still jam to the greatest music ever - any other "Glam Rock" fans? Can't get enough of Blondie, Cheap Trick, Montley Crue, The Cure, Metallica, the list could go on forever. Most of all I remember the '80s as a simpler time, we did'nt worry about terrorism, we were'nt bombarded by 24/7 news, the "information superhighway" hadn't been built yet. Life was slower, less frantic - we actually knew the people next door, think about it. Anyway - great site, brings back a lot of great memories. The '80s may be gone, but they are certainly not forgotten.
From: David

I remember the 80's very vividly. I was born in 1970 and I remember the 80's like if it was yesterday. I had my first crush on a girl when I was only 12 and I was in 6th grade. I had never had these type of feelings. I also felt heartbreak that same year. I remember all the girls being in love with Michael Jackson and the album thriller. I still remember buying LPs back in 1988. CD's were still nowhere to be found. Computers what were they back then? I remember having an apple computer in school and not knowing what the hell it was. I remember all the girls in the Madonna phase as they all wanted to be like her. All having their hair a foot tall and full of hairspray. I loved sports especially Joe Montana and the 49ers. Magic Johnson with Kareem and James Worthy were the best team of the 80's. Fernando Valenzuela put Mexican ball players on the map. Does anyone remember watching the WWF on Saturday night at 11 PM? Hulk Hogan and Macho Man the best wrestlers of that time. Boy I miss the 80's!!!!! I was a child of the 80's and will always have the memories. I am an 80's music fanatic. I loved the music before rap as we know it today. Simple songs and no bad influence with obscene lyrics as we know it today. MTV was king back then. All music videos with little talking, now we have little music videos and a whole lot of talking. What happened MTV?? I can go on and on and on but I will not bore everyone.
From: Angel M.

I love the 80's because it was a time of great excitement. Nintendo was big and I still got an NES and play Super Mario Bros. & Contra. I also loved Atari and I got an Atari 2600 and on it, I play Pac-Man and Space Invaders on it. I also love hot cars, so I collected the Hot Wheels and Matchbox models. I loved Double Dare, a game show on Nickelodeon, when you got to answer some trivia questions and mess up the set when you take a physical challenge. I also loved Sega games. I still have a Sega Master System and Genesis and still love to play After Burner. I also loved the Coleco Vision TV game because like the Atari, you got to pick your own skill. Back To The Future is my favorite movie. In BTTF III, Buford Tannen pronounces Nike as "neekay". 1986 was my favorite year because Double Dare went on the Air and Nintendo released the NES & Sega opened their U.S. office. I also loved the Rubik's cube.
From: Rohan

I love the 80's because it was the best years of my life. I was born in 1967 and was just the right age to explore the whole ball of wax. We were never into the powerful drugs and such that exist today. Smoking pot use to be a major thing, now it is like taking asprin. Racism was not an issue, everybody got along with everybody. Where I was raised, we did not go to school to get high, we went to learn and partied on the weekends. We learned the value of a dollar and didn't have parents handing it to us. It was a time when you thought Scooby Doo was so cool and Atari was the ultimate game system to have. I still have cassette tapes of all those loved songs throughout the 80's and when I get a little depressed, I pop one in the cassette player and go back in time. People say that times sure have changed, but I say times haven't changed, people have changed the times.
From: Angie Cottrill

Because like one other post mentioned, my Mom & Dad would be 20 years younger again and still living in the house that I grew up in. I would be in Muhlenberg College (class of 87) having the time of my life. The music was clean, clear and just fantastic all around. The "grunge" movement could still be prevented somehow if it was 1985 again. Movies seemed better. John Hughes' films told great stories. Michael J. Fox would be starring in 3 of the most entertaining stories ever (Back to the Future trilogy)and not suffering from a horrible disease. And I would once again be 20 years old and my biggest worry was deciding to play stickball, baseball or wiffleball that day.
From: Jim McDonough

I graduated in 1987 and am a true 80s teen. Denim and leather, hair bands, weird science, trans ams, white mountain coolers, the friction between rockers and new wavers, no soccer playing fags, long hair and lots of makeup on the girls.---Just a few memories.
From: steven

Simply because it was the BEST decade! and also because of....MIAMI VICE!!!! Absolutely mad about the series! I feel awful when I think that that decade is so far behind,....man, it really is a BAD feeling! VICE ROCKS, and so does CROCKETT AND TUBBS!!!!
From: Vice Crockett

I was born in 1966 - lived the best part of my life in the 80's. The music alone was reason to wake up every day. High school couldn't have been better. Who would have been able to survive those years without DEVO, BERLIN, MOTELS, B52'S, Oingo, DEPECHE, WHAM, Love and Rockets, INXS, Tears for Fears, Stray Cats and Every single one-hit-wonder. But along with the music was the clothes. Hanging out and being a Rockabilly. Smoking cloves. Those were the days my friend. But even after high school - oh the memories -- Need I remind anyone of The Red Onion. Dancing to Funky Cold Medina, the Gap Band. Maybe it was because I was young, but things were so good back then. I loved my friends and my life. I hope that those of the 90's and on will have as good as memories as we do - I think they will because the 80's live on!
From: Mitzi

Wow. The 80's... were awesome!! I know, I know, I didn't even spend a year in the 80's... but that's okay! In particular I am OBSESSED with Michael Jackson, as he was one of the hugest stars of the 80's. He is STILL awesome, if you don't believe the tabloid junk and recognise his awesome talent. (I've been reading some of other people's comments are why was it that he was left unheard of? People forget, I guess). But I love Cyndi Lauper (and, byt the way, it IS Cyndi, NOT Cindy) and my favourite song to this day is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! But the 80's fashion and just everything was so much cooler in the 80's. I actually remember when I was quite young (this was in the early 90's as well) I would get up early and watch the Care Bears. Everything is just so exciting from the 80's and I wish I would have been born in 1969 so that I would have been a teen in the 80's. That would have rocked. I LOVE THE 80'S!! Rock on, don't forget to smile!! :)
From: Megan

The 80s were the best. I wasn't alive then but I sure as heck love the style. Oh and we mustn't forget the music. The hair bands were amazing and the sappy teen idols were adorable.
From: C-dawg

I was born in '82 and I absolutely miss and adore: 'Today's Special' (nickelodeon show where the guy is a mannequin without his magic hat, hocus pocus alomogocus..?), 'pinwheel', 'you cant do that on television (with christine 'moose', alanis, and chubby lisa, oh and alasdair!), 'mr.rogers', 'mr.wizards world', bubble bobble, the goonies, 'the house 2', 'heathcliff', 'fragglerock', gremlins, the bangles (eternal flame), whitney houston, lionel richie, alf, my 2 dads, perfect starngers!, charles in charge, sam&libby shoes, beneton colors, ferris bueller, teen witch, mannequin (with kim catrall), the heathers, just one of the guys, scratch-n-sniff stickers!, picture page(with bill cosby), kids incorporated, HBO's Encyclopedia!, game genie for original nintendo, MTV's game show remote control, julie brown, carebears, cabbage patch kids, garbage pale kids sticker trading cards!, corey haim and corey feldman, dream a little dream, nintendo game maniac mansion!, billy joel, jem (jem is excitement...red flashing earrings!), inspector gadget, punky brewster, pee-wee's playhouse, smurfs, snorkles, 'hi...my name is luca..', sinead o'connor, prince, thriller, cyndi lauper, desparately seeking susan, 16 candles, weird science, pretty in pink, billy idol, karate kid, where in the world is carmen sandiego?, square one, rags to riches, facts of life, saved by the bell, michael j fox, growing pains, cheers, YO! MTV Raps, clear coke and clear pepsi, the boy who could fly, one crazy summer, police academy, leggings, wave bangs hairstyle, everybody's working for the weekend, loverboy and can't buy me love (both patrick dempsey movies), poltergeist, freddy krueger and jason, mall madness, trouble (like a board game with dice in bubble in the middle), skipbo, last but not least, the breakfast club!
From: J.fonua

I was born in the 60's, but when i go back to my old stuff, music or photo album ,or even old buildings, streets, cars, i only enjoy those relating to the 80's.
From: Brandy

I was born in 1977 and I remember the 80's very well. I still may have been very young but they were the best years of my life. I loved the music and the bands including the men from these bands. Especially Poison and Skid Row. I am still a very big fan of Bret Michaels and Poison and had seen them in concert many times and can't wait for their upcoming tour this year. I have a 10 year old son and he loves Poison as well. He will be going to his first Poison concert this year and he is very excited. I will never forget those days and will always treasure them deeply.
From: Wendy Kiser

i was born in 1983 and i got a lot of reasons to make a wish my wish is one and only to comeback again to the 80s as a teenager where is the bright colors cool faces house dance rock like bon jovi def leppard meat loaf madonna whitney houston micheal jackson queen laura braningan the bangles madness tears for fears cyndi lauper and others like elizabeth shue patrick swayze jeff cohen the goonies the wonders years mutant ninja turtles jean claude van damme 1 appearence i wish to share those dreams with somebody live in 80s decade where s pure soccer like maradonna platini paul gascoigne anyway take care everybody wishing the 80s back with back to the futur
From: mike

I love the feel of the 80s... those great video games...those ghetto monochrome computers. Where you had a seperate color card and video card. The 80s speak to me, especially in the form of those bands that never saw the charts... like Space Monkey, Trees, Espionage, A Drop in the Grey. They in my opinion lived the 80s. They were free and were in the music and had the drum machines, the synthesizers. The movies of the 80s were incredible. I am a 90s kid and cant even recall the days when the Nintendo was popular. These people today dont know their roots and wouldnt even know a Nintendo if it hit them upside the head (they wouldnt be consious either). Back to the Future, Tron, THe Breakfast Club, The Neverending Story..are just few of the MANY 80s bands. The 80s saw exacctly 4229 songs make the charts. Also those Japanese cars looked so cool. 80s in japan must have been incredable. 80s japanese anime is the greatest creation the world has ever and will ever know to exist. I always fealt something missing..that was the synthesizer...and when I discovered 80s music, I discovered that it was popular at one point. When I turned 16, I bought my Yamaha DX-7...and now its MIDIed to plenty of 80s synth software emulators. Great stuff. Weather you be listening to Michael Jacksons "Thriller" album or Re-Flex's "Humanication" (easiest versus hardest to find) you find that all 80s music is damn freaking awsome. Its hard to sum it up in just one little paragraph/page, but everything. I would have loved to grow up in LA during the 80s and seen everything popular and not walking down the streets and playing on KROQ. Its all good...all of it. The cars, music, synths, movies, video games, animes...its all good. Oh yeah...and they had the best fantasy ever DragonLance came out of the 80s! So did Legend, The Neverending Story, Lilly Cat, and even Ikon Congulia. Good Stuff. Sorry this post is so long and all over the place, but I just had to say it.
From: Frayo

couse ı like musıc,the realy musıc is in the 80's music. ı all time listinning to 80's pop music.ı do breakdance.just to 80's breakdance.I think king or queen of the pop anything so all 80's pop stars king. They are king of the pop.DURAN-DURAN,PRINCE,HUMAN LEAGUE,GARY NUMAN,GEORGE MICHAEL AND MANY MORE STARS.
From: 80'S Boy

The 80's were a brief, shining moment in history when the music was great, the clothes were awesome, and everything was about fun! I spent my teens and early twenties enjoying high school and the party life of San Diego! The bands were awesome. The Go-go's, Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran, etc. When we partied, we usually cared about how we looked in the clubs; most girls and guys dressed up and took a lot of pride in their clothes, hair, and appearance. It wasn't about grunge and we cared about style. No one would have been caught dead with an earring in their tongue or lips. We all had a blast. I'm glad to see the styles are coming back and the music has never gone away! I'll forever live in the past because it was a great time.
From: Eleanor

Yeah, wake up and watch The Great Space Coaster. Come home from school and catch Voltron before going out and beating up your buds with sticks and no one got sued. Candy rocked, all those things like LemmonHeads, Alexander the Grape, Fortune Gum, Nerds and Big League Chew. We played with GI Joes, Star Wars, He Man and Micronauts. Your parents let you wander without a cellphone and you were street smart enough not to get suckered into going somewhere with a "stranger". We wore Tuffskins, velour shirts and G.A.S.S. shoes where the "G" would wear off and we thought that was some funny s**t. The Day After tv show scared the crap out of us and we tuned in for every episode of V. The Dukes were competing against the Fall Guy and Michael Knight and that other freak who drove a semi with a trained chimpanzee in the truck with him. Look at your bud and say, "Right turn, Clyde." then pop him in the head. Trading cards came in bread bags and saltines were HUGE. MTV actually played videos, and most of the popular music was stomach-able. SWATCH WATCHES! R rated movies guaranteed b**bs.
From: Starscream

I was born in 1990 when my parents were teenagers, therefore my parents (especially my dad) were still listening to Rock 'N Roll. Of course, when I was a baby, I wouldn't go to sleep w/o Metallica up really loud, atleast thats every one says.LOL It is just natural for me to listen to the music I was brought up around even though it makes me "unpopular" with the other girls. It's cool though cuz I get a lot of attention fromt he guys!!!LOL Even though I'm 13, I still listen to the music I've heard since I was born. It drivesme mom crazy!!!, she hates hearing "the music I've heard since I started dating your dad." Lol O know that it drives everyone crazy that I'm so much like my dad, but what can I say, I'm an 80s fanatic!!!Most likely, I always will be.
From: Jessica D

I was born in '88 but the things you experienced as a baby and toddler are what makes you who you are later in life. I don't remember things like an adult would but I remember the feel of it. Sorta like when you walk into a restaurant and their ambiance is distinct. It makes you feel a certain way. That's what the '80s and early '90s like 90, 91, 92 did for me. When I watch a movie from the '80s or listen to the music, I long to go back so bad. I hope the '80s do come back, I already got my cut off army pants, tube socks, converse, thin ties, 80s tee shirts, the music, raybans, you name it, I got it. Lets bring the '80s back!!!
From: Ryan kabcenel

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.