Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in '69, so the most formitive years of my life -- junior high, high school and the beginning of college -- were in the 80s. I can't imagine growing up in a better decade. The music: it was fun, it rocked, there was something for everyone. The selection was just so diverse. Just about every memory I have ties in with some song from the 80s. I still collect 80s music, I can't remember the last time I bought a new release from a current artist. Music videos didn't suck, they actually told a story or had something to do with the song. I just miss the innocence of the decade. It was all about spending money and partying. As I grow older, I continually hope that someday someone will invent a time machine. I'll be first in line and will set the dial for 1984, the year I started high school.
From: nick

I too feel I got robbed of the greatest decade ever. I want people to start wearing the Aqua Net again. If I saw at least one person with an eighties hairdo I would go and buy myself some hair spray. I hate the 90's and my generation rock is sooo depressing. Let's go back to the time of Decadence
From: Sandra

Dodgy 80's fashion - those big shoulder pads, big earrings, slap bands, leggings with those scrunch socks and high top Reeboks, LA Gear, Cross Colours, you name it. Eighties Hairstyles - remember when you used to get out of bed in the morning early so you'd have enough time to tease your permed fringe before school? Eighties TV - Home and Away, back when Dannii was the more famous Minogue sister? Degrassi, that show about kids in high school, ALF, the Cosby Show, and most importantly, Neighbours with Kylie and Jason. 80's Music - Madonna, Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, NKOTB, Culture Club, Boy George, Prince, Belinda Carlisle...
From: Jane

One word: WHAM
From: Jane C

Being born in '75, I can say most of my special memories happened during the 80's. With great cartoons like Rubik's Cube, The Littles, Rainbow Brite, Gumby, He-Man, Voltron...Great shows like Punky Brewster, Silver Spoons, Growing Pains, Who's the Boss, Knight Rider, A-team...Music from Madonna, Expose, The Bangles, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, The Cure, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Michael Jackson, Menudo... In fashion, the leg warmers, they were so "in", jelly bean shoes and bags, banana clips, neon colors, plastic bracelets, those charm necklaces, vans, izod, teased bangs about 4 inches high. Kirk Cameron, Michael J. Fox, Ricky Schroeder,Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, David Hasselhoff were the cutest things alive!! Yeah, we may have alot more things now, internet, computers, cell phones, dvd's, cd's...but frankly, nothing beats being around in the 80's.
From: Lizzie

I love the 80s becaulse thay had ALF cartoons , you cant even find any copys of that toon and also punkie bruster, I guess I am old man now Born in 75 and still loving Scooby Doo Every day I gues you cant take the kid out of your sole.. Well good luck to all that has lost track of time it is moving realy fast now lots of new weird toons , pockie monster and thoes stupid chines, japanese toons thay realy suck..BRING BACK THE GOOD TOONS !!!! Jay
From: jay

I was born in 1977, so I wouldn't say that I was a "child of the '80s". But, I do feel grateful for growing up in such a fun time. I was so addicted to MTV, even as a kindergartener, and the very first video I ever saw was "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" by the Culture Club. Then, by 1984, I became totally hooked on Cyndi Lauper, because she was so kooky and different. For the first time, you had a strong female singer, who wasn't affraid to have fun with what she did. I was also a Madonna fan, but that didn't really happen until around 1989, when "Like A Prayer" came out, but I wouldn't really call her a "feminist icon". Even at 7, I realized that she was using sex to sell herself, like when she rolled around onstage during the 1984 VMA's in the white boustier, and I got kind of sickened by the stuff she did in the 1990's. These days, despite her little "make-out" session with Britney Spears (which I still say was all Britney AND Christina's idea!), I am an even bigger fan of Madonna, but if I have to choose who is a better role-model for all women, I still have to go with Ms. Lauper. To me, "Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun", even with its catchy bubble-gum sound, has a strong message. I, of course, also had my share of celebrity crushes as a child, starting with C. Thomas Howell. I went to see "The Outsiders" with my sister, who was babysitting me, and wanted so desperately to see this movie, and who was also 22 at the time, and my heart just fluttered as soon as I saw Mr. Howell. Oh, I also liked Ralph Macchio, who played Johnny. I am forever thankful to my much older half-sister for taking me to see that movie, which not only provided me with my very first crush, but also went on to become one of my favorite movies. Then, I moved on to Michael J. Fox, while watching "Family Ties"...oooohhh, what a cutie! Then, around 1984, I got into Duran Duran, which was where I had my next celebrity crush.....Nick Rhodes, the keyboard player. He was plastered all over my bedroom, even right above my bed so that he would be the last thing I saw before going to sleep at night, and the very first thing I'd see when I's wake up in the morning. I also had a little thing for John Taylor. Then, I fell in love with Sting, and became a fan of his music.....as well as his looks. Then, there was John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on "Full House". Then, Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves, whom I still have crushes on to this day. Then, the '90s came around. I have to admit that I truly hated the first half of the '90s, from 1990-to-1996, but by 1997, I started to enjoy them, thanks to groups like the Spice Girls and the Goo Goo Dolls and No Doubt. I curse the year 1999, because that was when that little tart, Britney Spears came out, and 'N Sync! Other then the Spice Girls, I cannot stand all the manufactured pop groups that are out there. These days, I'm still listening to all my '80s music, along with some of the newer bands such as The Darkness, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Jet, Nickleback and The Donnas. But the 1980's still hold a very special place in my heart...espeically since I have rekindled my love for Duran Duran!
From: Heather

I thought the '80s ROCKED!!! My obsession was Duran Duran!! OMIGOD...what a delicious man that Simon LeBon is! He is the best part of that whole group!! I know John Taylor emmerged as the teen heartthrob of the band, but...Simon is the most popular, in my book!! He is all man, BABY!!! The only member of DD I hated was Nick Rhodes, because he is ugly.....too much make-up, man!! But Simon is the best-looking man on "Planet Earth"!! No wonder he has the most number of fans of all the guys in the group!! Sorry, JT!!
From: Lucy

Well i didn't grow up in the 80s but my mom and a whole bunch of my older friends did and I have heard so much about it and me and all my friends dress 80s and I just love everything 80s
From: Sydney

i did not get to experience the 80s but i wish i did i love the era!!! i love the music the clothes and most of all the movies!!! all of my fave actors are from the best 80s movies like MOLLY RINGWALD, ANTHONY MICHEAL HALL, JUDD NELSON, ALLY SHEEDY, EMILIO ESTEVEZ,and ANDREW McCARTHY!!!! i wish my parents had gotten together just a little later!!! even though we have more technology now i still think THE 80S ROCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Tiffani

I was born in 1990 which totally sucks because the 80's is a big thing for me. Im an 80's fanatic! The only thing i can do to regain(not like ive been in the 80's though) that 80's feeling is to throw an 80's party! I'm making all my mom's friends come and tons of other people and dress up as people from the 80s, like people in their favorite bands and characters in movies and even super heros like he-man and spider-man and stuff. My mom is going to be Madonna and Im gonna be Cyndi Lauper, my grandpa(who is invited, suprisingly) will be ronald regan! Im gonna make an 80's cd and play it at the party and were going to play atari and watch movies like breakfast club and stuff! Im also gonna somehow make goodie bags with rubins cubes, cool 80's key chains,jelly bracelets, wacky wall walkers, and really tacky ear rings! Its gonna be great!
From: Mandi

I was born in 1979 and am an 80's child. I played with Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Care Bears, and Shirt Tales. I remember watching Punky Brewster, Pee Wee's playhouse, Reruns of The Monkees, Growing Pains, Family Ties and many other programs and cartoons on TV. I collected those scratch n sniff stickers and loved getting them from the teachers on my paper. I've finnaly retrevied some Mello Smellos and 3M stickers, I once had. The 80's have come and gone and will be in my heart always....
From: Niki

From: Racqui

The 80s! where do I start...signing my name with the letter z flashed underneath, spray paint/graffiti lettering, fluro clothes, spikey hair, loads of gel, billyidol, cyndi lauper, madonna, talking heads, twisted sister,transvision vamp,chewing gum jeans, fisherman rib jerseys, tube skirts, puff skirts, ruffle skirts, pastels, double belts, white boots, tape decks, boom boxes, basket ball boots, hooded jackets, wham, michael jackson - thriller/beat it, jazzercise, whizz kids, The A-team, Greatest American Hero, Holden cars/Falcons, chopper push bikes, banana clips, combs, perms, whitney houston, kylie minogue/jason donavan, Neighbours, friendship bracelets, purple/pink/lace fingerless gloves, pale/stone/acid wash jeans, matt pink lips...I'm now 29 and am reflecting on the 80s alot these days, in London it's still has a large presence....music wise, insane!! go the 80s it did rock and I'm glad i was there to experience it and I'm glad it fully hasn't left us yet!...........cool, there's no other word for it! Go and pick up your 80s classic hits on CD, grab a funky mesh t-shirt, studded belt and your fave pair of basket ball boots....or mullet it, only slightly! and enjoy the 80s too :-)
From: Jenny

I grew up in the 80's.It was great.I will never forget all the cool stuff.Riding around on my bmx and my yamaha atc.Also who could for get atari.Or the commadore 64 computer.All the kids wanted to come over and play it.Also the fashions. Like vans sneakers and lee jeans.The music was great to.I wish i could travel back in time to the the 80's.What fun it was.
From: Kyle

I loved the 80's.Iam glad i grew up in the 80's.Bmxs bikes atari,Also the commadore 64 computer.All the kids wanted to play mine.Also riding around on my yamaha 3 wheeler.The 80's was some good times.The fashions to.Everybody in the 80's had lee jeans.Also my vans sneakers.E.T. what a movie that was.Being a kid and seeing it on the big screen.Well for you people who dident grow up in the 80's you missed a lot of great suff!!!!!!!!
From: Kyle

Well the fashion was dodgy but it was the decade of Goth!! Of which I am. As well as that, the Go-Go's, and Goth bands like Sisters of Mercy and definitely Belinda Carlisle!
From: Tammi

I like the 80's because there was a happy decade. Nobody talked about war, global overheating, hungry people and all that stuff. Music was great also.
From: Daniel

I think the children of the eighties were the last generation to truly enjoy being children. I also think that we will never be able to live out our full lives unaffected by the horror of what our parents have done to the planet. Do you think they were trying to make up for our destroyed future by all the fun, quality toys? Nowadays the toys are so fake, cheap, and rushed, like they are just trying to make their quick money before the shit hits the fan. At least I will have my Popple and my Rainbow Brite to hold onto when it happens.
From: 79er

i was born in feb of 1982 and i the thing i remember most about the 80s was nintindo, mario brothers and duck hunt! friday the 13th movies, alf, mtv, billy idol, i still cant get over the nintindo games though i have all the games on my computer and play em alot, ah man that movie robocop! my all time favorite cartoon teenage mutant ninja turtles! i cant believe noone mentioned teenage mutant ninja turtles! that were the hotest thing around during there time for me, i still want them to make more movies lol! i miss the 80,s so much life was real cool back then everything was fun, man the horror movies they made back then were so funny, looking at them now they are all the same but i cant hate em, gi-joe! carebears! smurfs! goonies!the music of course, man i wish i could go back. by the way is this site still up? when was the last update?
From: Adam W

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.