Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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hi everyone, im pogz from the philippines.. just a few memories that i could still rmember way back then.. the philippine scene was also as aggressive as other countries.. in terms of fashion and music.. one of the wierdest .. i should say.. frmo mohawks, flat top.. with eyeliners... up til now year 2004.. we filipinos are very nostalgic.. we have this 80s event happening once a month... Bands playing tribute to 80s bands like : the smiths, the cure, depeche mode, railway children, wild swans, lotus eaters, clan of xymox, sisters of mercy and siouxsie & the banshees.. for other infos and updates.. please log in to : http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/back_to_the_edge/ thanks let the past be now! pogz
From: pogz

the 80's absolutely rock!! even though i was born in 1989, i still love the 80's.people were more free to be like they wanted to be, dress or act.the music rocks, artists like cyndi lauper, duran duran,the b52's, culture club.the 80's are one era that will DEFINITELY will not be forgotten.
From: tanya

I was born in 78. I love the '80s because they were the best times in my life. The music was a lot better back than this crap that people play today. If I could I would go back to those days again.
From: Sarah

From: Sarah Long

the reason i like the eighties is because it was when we were young, we didn't have a care in the world we were all hip in our own way, turns out that i was a barney back then, and my crib wasn't all that hip, even though i thought i was trippendicular , i didnt have a cow
From: edward

I was born in January of 1990. Everyone was really coming out of the 80's style but whatever. Anyways, I love the 80's because the music was really cool and easy to remember, plus the beats always make you wanna dance. I love Blondie, Prince, Madonna, Cindi Lauper... EVERYTHING! I also love the clothing style. I know converse were pretty big then and I just got a new pair of pink converse I love to roll down the cuffs and my mom said that's what she did in the 80's. I also wear the snap bracelets. They are cool and fun. In the 80's everyone had their own style, and now everyone wants that style! I'm SO glad the 80's are coming back. I'm glad that the 80's are coming back RIGHT as well! PEACE!
From: Meg

Well, I was a teenager in the 80's, and while it was fun at the time, looking back on it is embarassing! The giant hair, the bright and tacky clothing, horrible music!! Thank you very much, but I sure don't need to relive that! Of course there were the high points. 80's slasher flicks and those teen angst molly ringwald films, metal hair bands that I hate now, but were FUN concerts to go to with a bunch of your stoner friends! I hardly remember the music. Oh, and from the EARLY days(before the hair spray faze), smurfs, shrinky dinks, plastic slinky, snow cone machines, hot wheels, beta max, fads from canada including:bob and doug mackenzie (beauty,hoser!), canadian rockers rush and triumph and the tv show you can't do that on television. Fashion: Leg warmers, bandanas tied around your legs, indian shirts and skirts, TIGHT jeans, nike sneakers, concernt t-shirts! Then came the spandex and polos! Ah! It was too lame!!! Fer sure!
From: Sandra

I was born in 1985. I remember so many vivid details from then, even tho I was young. So many of the things were so deeply engrained into my brain that the things i remember have become sort of part of me. For instance, my older bro's music. Van Halen, iron maiden, motley, G'n'R.. all my favorites. I still think that long hair is cool, along with bright clothes, or --> jean jackets, high-tops, w/ ripped up jeans and the BANDANA around the ankle haha. I was a happy kid then. now, everyone i know is into rap, crappy death/thrash metal, or worse.. alternative wuss rock. i dont get it. (old school rap is ok) However, when i play some leads from various 80's songs on my guitar, everyone says how cool it is, so i think 80's rock and the like are more of a cultural staple than just 'stupid 80s stuff'. The 80's got a bad rep from goofy cloths and fads and stuff. (ie. if i told my friends stuff i play is like yngwie malmsteen, they would make fun of me) Honestly, i think i missed my generation. ps- ninja turtles, atari, vic20!!, nike high tops, coca cola shirts, aquanet, kramer guitars, and also, back to the future was the sh*t! deloreans are still awesome.... "awesome to the max" lol. Randy Rhoads.. just missed him. great guy. later!
From: blake

Cheesey music. Cheesey dancing. Cheesey clothes. Cheesey hair and make-up. The 80s were basically one big hunk of cheddar. AND I LOVED EVEYR MINUTE OF IT!
From: Eimz

I was born in 1989, so I got to see a teeny tiny bit of the 80s. But all I remember is a white fuzz. Anyway, the thing I LOVE most about the 80s is the music. It's the best I have eva heard EVA!!!! It's sooo awesome. My favorite band is DURAN DURAN. If it weren't for them I wouldn't have ever taken an interest in it. I also love 80s fashion and HAIR. I wish boys had mullets these days. I still haven't been brave enough to wear some 80s fashions, but in the right place and at the right time, I'm sure that I will:)
From: Rebecca

I was born In '87, but I Absolutely love love love love 80's music... the best music in the World!!! I Love Journey!!!!! Journey, Reo Speedwagon, Styx, Rick Astley, Chicago, Billy Ocean, Foreigner, Van Halen, Sting, Phil Collins, Genesis, Rod Stewart..common, what decade can beat that?!?!?!?!
From: Lindsay

Muppet Show and Muppet Babies YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Corey Brizzle

80's music was as much FUN to dance to as in the sock hop days!! Of course the punk era dance was a little bit different-like an excersise class would be now. Punk bands like~Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran, Platinum Blonde, The Cure,Depeche Mode, Bananarama, Stray Cats with those spiked hair styles! Not to forget more of the rock style :INXS, Poison, Stryper, Sammy Hagar... Notice how some of the 80's style are returning in 2004!? Double layer mini skirts, netted shirts... Remember, those spandex pants and LONG/baggy t-shirts and shirts with TAILS? Let alone to match our HAIR TAILS!! Like the Thompson Twins!!? That era was SO HAPPY and FUN! When something was needed for charity-ALL bands back then would get together write a song or throw a concert. Surely VH1 and MTV can make fun of the majority of the 80's music "being the worse songs ever made" why? Because it made people happy? And made them feel like they want to dance and GIVE to people in need? There will NEVER be another decade of "Uplifting" music-most bands in this era are so depressing!! The only band pushing the same 80's uplift these days is the band NO DOUBT!! HURRAYYYY for them!! Noticing how good music SHOULD BE!!!! Long live the 80's!!!
From: 80's fan

Wow what can I say, I was born in 1958, so in my early 20's when the 1980s began. The music was fab, great bands about, Imagination were my favourite, their song, Body Talk is still my no.1 after 23 years. The decade I went on my first Trip to France, to date 30 times. I started the 80s as a DJ with Hospital Radio and ended it as a mobile one. Got my first PC, brought my first cars, had lots of girl friends. I loved going to Night Clubs, the decade turned me into a night owl, I'm too old to do it now, but in the 1980s I loved life and lived it to the full and I wish I could go back there. The 80s was a wonderful time.
From: David Poulton

The 80s! Man I miss it! I was 14 years old in 1981, 18 in 1985, turned 21 in 1988. Besides my daughter being born in 1993, some of my best memories of life are in the 80s. I remember watching some of the first videos on HBO or SOLID GOLD on Saturday nights. When MTV came along in '81 I was hooked from day one. I would come home from school and the first thing that I would do is turn the T.V. on MTV and get a snack and watch videos for 2-3 hours until my mom got home from work. When I hear 80s songs on the radio, I can recollect what I was doing at that period when that song was popular. My friends pick on me that I remember so much that went on during that era but anyone that was growing up during that time knows that it was a "special" time in our history and we will NEVER forget it! THE 80'S ROCK!!!
From: Mike

As the editor of this page and seeing so many of your responses in this category, I thought I would give you my view on "Why I Love the 80s." In the fall of 1980, I started high school. I graduated in June of 1984. So my entire high school existence took place in the 80s. I was so into music and loved hearing new groups and music styles of all kinds. I especially enjoyed (and still do) U2, Duran Duran, Journey, The Cars, Adam Ant, The Romantics (they were much more than 2 hit wonders), Prince, Bon Jovi, and the list goes on and on. I was a DJ, so I had to be very "up" on all types of music, which accounts for my eclectic tastes. I really enjoyed the movies of the 80s. My favorites were Footloose, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Better Off Dead, all the John Hughes teen movies, all the Friday the 13th and Halloween movies, and many many more. When I watch all those movies today, it's as if they are time capsules! But despite the fads, trends, music, and movies, the 80s was where I came of age. I have manificent memories of hanging out with friends, staying out late on Friday nights, cruising in the summer, going to football games in the fall, and all the girls I tried to impress. It was in this time that I began to realize the value of friendship. I would sit for hours with my 2 best friends, David and Art, who were my age, and discuss what the meaning of life was. A very vivid memory was going back to David's house at curfew and going to his basement and taking turns playing records until about 2am or so on many occasions. I met my would-be wife in 1986. We were married in 1988. We had our first of 2 children in 1988, and then I got to experience the miracle of life. That topped off a spectacular decade where I went from a 14 year old kid trying to figure out my place in the world to a loyal friend, husband and father by the end of the decade. As I look back now and see where I have been, I have to also look at how I was able to live such a blessed life. I had 2 Christian parents that were very much in love. They are still together and very much in love today. They allowed me to live, experience life, make mistakes and learn from them. But I give most of the credit to God. If it weren't for my relationship with Him, my life wouldn't have been so smooth. I was far from perfect and I let Him down plenty. But He was always there looking after me, encouraging me, picking me up, and surrounding me with people that cared about me. And all these years later, those same people are still around me. David and Art are still my best pals. Art is a police officer. David is a postal worker. I am a part-time pastor I am a full-time banker. Kim and I are still married and still in love. We continue to serve God and love our 2 children. It's been a wonderful life! It was the 80s where I learned about life. Without those times, I would never be the man I am today!
From: stingr22

When someone was born in 1985; what do they remember about the 80s? Only people who were born in late 60s and early 70s have vivid memories, because by the 80s they were teenagers already. I was one of those..the hair styles, the perm, dressing, discos need i say more?
From: pat

The eighties were rad, but some of you are either forgetting something or are a bit naive. All this stuff about 'no sex and violence' on tv is bull****! And who said that people in the eighties didn't face violence or drugs? Cocaine use was at it's peak in 1985 and it was THE drug of the eighties!! Everyone was taking it at clubs. As for today being more expensive, well that's true and at the same time isn't. The price of cocaine hasn't increased at all- surprising considering house prices have rocketed since the 80s. Yeah, the 80s were better than today, mostly because we were young and it was our time, but don't fool yourselves by thinking that today is a more scary or dangerous world or that drugs are taken more. Drugs were taken then and they still are, but it is ridiculous to demonise them, just keep away from them! I'd say that sex, violence, etc. is more watered down now on TV and more PC. The '80s were flashy,opulent,decadent! Listening to "I Ran" brings it all back! I can imagine myself driving down Miami South Beach in some 80s Ferrari or Porsche! Open top - wind in my hair! Ahhhhhh...
From: johnathan

I was born in 1988. I never really got to live in the 80s, I guess. I had to grow up in the 90s. That really sucked. I hated the 90s. The only good thing that came through the 90s was the internet. But I love the 80s hair bands and all of the pop music. The cars, Camaro IROC-Z, Pontiac Fiero, Monte Carlo SS, the movies were the best ever. The clothes fashion was great. The 80's will always be RADICAL DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Michael T

I kind missed the 80s because I was born in 88, but I still remember about the cool 80s stuff that I used to watch on TV. I'm from Brazil, and here, in the beginning of the 90s, the TV was full of old Japanese live-actions and Thundercats reruns.
From: Artur

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.