Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I Loved the Green Machine, hair, and clothes.
From: Donna

The 80s decade was absolutely one of the most inspired, fun eras of fashion and music. Style was creative and imaginative, and the music was very "dance-able." Still my truly favorite music to dance to; it gives me chills and then I go wild and can't stop jumping and writhing around, whether it be in my car, in my bedroom, or on the dance floor at a club. The 80s will always be in style for me, at least as long as I keep cutting up my tee shirts and sweaters and sporting leg warmers and bopping around to Billy Idol and the Cure.
From: Julia

I loved Care Bears, Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake! I loved watching Punky Bruster, The Cosby Show, Family Ties,Charles in Charge and all those great shows;I forgot Full House which started in the end of the eigthies. I loved Mr. T cereal and Monsters Cereal! L.A. Gear Shoes were totally cool and Vanilla Ice and NKOTB were the best boy group ever! The 80s were the best years and I wish them back often!
From: Kristine Murphy

Whoever said that all the decades are pretty much the same is a FOOL. Do you mean to tell me that Neal Sedaka in the '60s and Bon Jovi in the '80s are alike, too? I lived through the '80s and '90s, first as a teen, then as a college student. Today, I can tell you that the world changed, musically speaking, when Nirvana came into the scene. The '80s is the only decade of which I can listen to any genre of music and love it --from Def Leppard to Shakatak, from Whodini to Baltimora, from Dire Straits to Van Halen to the Style Council. Back then, the bar was raised so high that if the music wasn't good, then it just could not compete. Add to that the real entrance of technology in the making of music, and you had great potential for innovation. Sure, Kraftwerk, Telex, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Trevor Horn were playing with synths in the '70s, but had most people really caught on to such sounds? That said, I still would not bash the '90s tunes as much as those of today. Today's music SUCKS!
From: Simone

As a teenager growing up in the 80's, I was totally in my element. I loved the music, fashions, and movies of the decade. For me, I see the decade as a bridge between the unabashed hedonism of the 70's and the somber directionlessness of the 90's. The 80's were all about fun times, fun, colorful music and fashion, and forging ahead with new ways of artistic expression {music videos, the cutting edge electronic music revolution with bands like Human League, Duran Duran, and Simple Minds}. However, what began as a fun decade slowly became one tinged with fear, mostly due to the burgeoning AIDS epedemic, as well as the fallout from the excesses of the 60's and 70's. By the decades end, a somber fearfulness seemed to be in the air. As well by decades end, music seemed to be less creative and less experimental, the emphasis seemingly being shifted more than ever towards commerce. For me, it was the last great decade before the crap really hit the fan.
From: clayton

I was born in '69 and grew up during the 80's. My fondest memory of the 80's was working at EXPO 86 in Vancouver, in the summer of 1986. The hair was big; the music synthesized, and in general people were pretty carefree. Some great things were the neon colored Oreo cookies and the music. And now with the sad news of the death of the former US President, Ronald Reagan, it makes me want to go back all the more!
From: Will

I love the 80s because of the music and the best shows came on in the 80s. I was born in '89 so I still got a taste of the 80s fading into the early 90s from my much earlier youth... aiiight well I'm in school detention while i'm typing this so im gonna get up off it ... one, Kc
From: Kc Vaughn

A somewhat novel perspective: I was born and live in Croatia (that's former Yugoslavia) and here the experience of the eighties is... enhanced somewhat... MTV videos, the New Wave, punks and Rockabillys on the streets, subcultures you wouldn't believe, ancient balding guys on TV burping their stuff about socialism and such and then the following morning - shopping in Austria (those chocolate eggs with toys in them were a guarantee you'd be considered cool in your neighbourhood.) Sunday mornings: communist partisans fighting heroically against the German opressors; sunday afternoons: Rambo and Kung Fu movies in First Blood part II was an epitome of a brave individual rising boldly (and bodily) against imperialism.... The music - the first music video shows, the rise of Croatian New Wave (and believe me, it was HUGE here) 12 year old kids with punk hairdos on a class excursion to one of the various shrines to communist revolution. The rise of the Porn and the Independent student press (yep, they used to say that youth is our greatest treasure back then...) But underneath it all a dark current. We all knew that we are all incredibly, implausibly rich and free. I remember my first grade in high school, right before the war. It was perfectly normal to have a lunch at a passable restaurant after the school and then go for a stroll through downtown, buy a few records at the music store, drink a juice with cream in a caffe and shop around for foreign books and posters before going home and then have enough money left to save for that weekend shopping in Austria or Italy. All that on a basic day's allowance for a 14 year old kid! Crazy times.
From: marko

Everything was more colorful and unique in the 80s, baby! The Cure and Flesh For Lulu ROCK!
From: Leah

I love the 80's, apart from being younger :) They were the best times. The music was awesone, economic growth was rampant and I loved the fashion and styles. As Ronald Reagan said, "It was morning in America." I would give anything if I could go back and NEVER leave.
From: Marc

Ok all kids here is why I liked the 80's I was born in 1962 so I was graduating high school in 1980. Reagan, man he was right in his beginings as well. I fought with the Contra rebels in Nicaragua as a volunteer attached to the misura Contra fighters on the Mosquito Coast. It was wild. Except for that whole Iran Contra thing. The styles, the music in that era were the bomb. Genesis, AC/DC, Led Zepplin until the fall of 1980 when their drummer died. We were kicking the Russians butts and they knew it. We won the cold war which was a real worry for us back then always wondering if something would set off WW III and getting nuked. John Lennon got killed, Reagan got shot, the USA Hockey team won the Olympics. God I remember watching that game live on T.V. every game it was killer. Being from the Boston Area as a kid, hockey - GO BRUINS! was always a big sport. And that's just the stuff I can talk about. Man the parties OH MY GOD! I better quit now. Warren Zevon fan big time here. Steve
From: Steve

I love the 80s for so many reasons. To me, since it was the decade when I got out of high school (1982), it meant I was now embarking on my life journey. What I love most about the 80s was the music. I still love 80s tunes and listen to them all the time. My neice and nephews were born in the 80s, so that aspect of it is really special for me as well. I really loved all those neat 80s clothes. I had the stone washed/acid washed jeans, the Bugle Boy shirts and pants, the dock shoes, the wild neon colored Jams with matching wild neon colored shirts, you name it. Time goes by so fast, and you don't even realize it. Some days I wish I had a time machine! :)
From: Ed

I love the 80s so much I bought a 2002 black firebird with t-tops. The cartoons on Saturday mornings and the teen movies, It was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Alex

I am an 80s fanatic. Born in 1966, my high school years were great. I loved parachute pants, scrunch socks, Nike hightops (canvas), Sergio Valente, leg warmers with mini-skirts, rollerskating, big hair, Poison, Warrant, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna when she was just Madonna. Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Pat Benetar, Michael Jackson (while he was still normal). Fairs, flea markets. Hanging out at the local burger joint wasn't loitering, it was just a place to go, meet up with your friends and BS for hours, or make out with your boyfriend that you knew your monther would never approve of. I still wear my hair the same... I have tried the new cuts, they just don't fit my image... I still wear scrunch socks, wear tank tops with sayings on them. Too fat for mini-skirts, no more roller rinks, no more bowling places. Instead of the World Famous Danbury Fair that used to be held late Sept to 2nd week in October - got closed down to build a MALL in it's honor... What a joke... the thing they have from the fair is a carousel, you would think riding it would be free... but it's not - it's 50 cents... I went on it once, and never again. The Breakfast Club, The Outsiders, 16 Candles, Flashdance, Dirty Dancing. People in your neighborhood stayed married... nobody got divorced til the the 90's, then it was single parent nightmares.
From: ImGonnaBJustFine

I was born in 1982. Although I wasn't a teen during the years I spent in the 80s, I do remember and miss the years greatly. I was close with my older sister, who was 13 when I was born. Over the next four years she took me everywhere with her. I remember riding around with her and her friends and I especially remember the 80's music playing on the radio all the time. The music is what still touches me to this day. I also miss the cartoons and toys of the 80s. Why did it have to end?
From: Will

I was born on April 22nd,1988. Too bad I couldn't have been older then,but I can vaguely remember the late eighties it must've been.. The very end of 1989 when I went to the hospital to get a pill that was stuck up my nose out,LOL! The music from that era was all excellent, Alice in Chains, Elton John, Bee Gees (dunno when they split up) but anyway, great times, and great shows, Mr.Rogers comes to mind (R.I.P.)
From: Justin Settles

I was born in 1984, so being a kid in the 80's was great. I especially remember how watching cartoons like He-Man and Voltron kept me occupied through these times. They just don't make cartoons like they used to.
From: LT

I remember 21 Jump Street , Small Wonders, A-Team, My Little Pony, HyperColor, wearing those t-shirt rings, french rolled pants, Madonna , Michael Jackson (before he had surgery), watching the first video on MTV , ( I want my MTV , I want my MTV, Money for nothing - chicks for free).
From: Deanna

I was born in 1990 but since i started hearing about the 80s, I'm always looking for new things to research. My favorite thing about the 80s is the music. My favorite song is "Cum On Feel The Noize" by Quiet Riot. I so wish I would have lived in the 80s. I just hate today's music. It's full of ***holes who think they're pimps and got nothing else to sing about.
From: Roberto

I was born in 74,I was growing,listening the radio so every 80s music is my favorite. Especially 87,88,89 is the coolest!! Do you remember Wang Chung? I used to listen "Let's Go" while taking a bath. It makes me feel like singing yet.
From: Lisa

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.