Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in the middle of the 80s, and I pretty much grew up in the late 80s and the 90s. I like the 80s a lot! I don't like the straight leg acid wash jeans or the feathery hair, but I do like the way bright colors were 'in', the brighter the better. Big hoop earrings, Mario Brothers, Pac Man, Atari, Tetris, Smurfs, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Michael Jackson, Madonna, cool 80's bands. I like the cars actually, and they made the best movies...Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Flashdance...it was just a very cool era, in my opinion.
From: jordan

I was born in 68, and was a teen in the 80's. My first concert was Duran Duran. I remember listening to college radio in the morning getting ready for school. I saw many concerts: Echo and the Bunnymen, Adam Ant w/Romantics, Thompson Twins, Billy Idol, the Pixies w Love and Rockets, PIL, U2, REM, and on and on... I remember: skin tight cropped guess jeans with the side zippers, leggings, banana flats with socks, Esprit, Santa Cruz?, BI-LEVELS -not mullets, people... what the???), Merry Go Round, white linen, borgese pink lipstick, sunglasses, sports cars were cool not station wagons i mean suvs, parties, etc. I'm trying to think of a few things I haven't seen mentioned before. People really did care about their appearance, It seemed like people tried back then. I wouldn't have gone out of the house without my hair hairsprayed rock solid and make-up. Now it seems like no one cares and anything goes, which is sad. It was all about being cool. It was all about fun.
From: Susan

I was born in 1974. As far as the 80s go, I remember it all. The punk bands, heavy metal bands and all cool stuff. I also remember the corny TV shows like Punky Brewster, Family Ties, Cosby Show, and so on. And there was some OK movies that came out in the 80s. Gremlins was stupid and I regret watching that movie! The money my parents spent on me at the theater that night could have been better spent on me like more toys. Toy's yes! G.I. JOE KICKED BUTT!!! All the wasted money I remember those days as fare as music goes included Megadeath, Metallica, Ozzy, Motley Crue, and let's not forget rap: Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Fat Boyz... had them all! And the list go's on an on. But the best part of remembering the 80s was getting into trouble and getting away with it. Like going to my girlfriend's place to see what I could see... Yes, those days were the best! But I hated school though! Me and my friend use to get away with all kinds of naughty stuff! Hee hee... That's about it, but now I'm all grown up, listening to grown up music, dress myself, haha. But I try to have fun from time to time though... That's all.
From: brian

I love the 80s because it was the beginning of a rap phenomenon! I especially like the group Nucleus and the song "Jam On It."
From: jennifer

Hey I love the 80s!!! I am male and I am 17, I was born in July of 1986. When I was born Fergie and Andrew got married!!! I am a huge 80s game show fan!!! I like Scrabble, Press Your Luck, Tic Tac Dough, Joker's Wild, $ale of The Century, and the list goes on! The 90s stunk! Game Shows were dropped in favor of Tabloid Talk Shows, and I am sick of those to this very day! My parents divorced when I was four years old in 1990, but I still see my dad, and MTV SUCKS!!! Even My father couldn't stand it! Not all of the 90s were bad, I mean past 1991 I mean WHOA! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! I mean the only good things to come out of the 90s are Game Show Network and The Internet!!!
From: Jamey Greek

The 80's. That just conjures up so many memories for me. Being born in 68 and a TRUE child of the 80s, not just born in the 80s, I remember spandex clothes, big hair(Aqua Net extra super hold), high heels and watching bands that were usually prettier than the girls in the audience! The 80s were a time of decadence and over doing it....but it was a great time to be alive, prices were low and money making opportunities were around every corner! I remember going to clubs to see live bands and hanging out as close to the stage as possible, so as to meet the musicians...when being a little free and easy with one's "favors" was no biggie. Hard to believe that there are people out there who don't have a clue about what the 80's were really like. I for one wish I could go back and relive those time again....they truly were the best times of my life.
From: nikki

I was born in 1990, but both my sister's were born in the 80s. They're always talking about how cool it was back then, and it makes me wish it had stayed like that for a while longer. I still remember some things that stayed on for a little while, like the TV shows and some music that I could hear my sisters playing. And the styles are outragous! I mean it looks like they really had fun when they were dressing up and going out. I really like looking at all the old 80s stuff!
From: Miriam

I love the eighties!!!! The reason I like the eighties was Michael Jackson.. He made the absolute best songs and he was the most popular thing then, you could still look up to him in the eighties... and I like the fact that it was so that he was called The King Of Pop... the eighties was the best time for everyone...
From: Ashley

I love EVERYTHING about the 80s. I love the movies (I own every Molly Ringwald movie), the cartoons (I still wish I was She-ra sometimes), TV shows(I just got done watching an ALF marathon on TV Land. I love that furry little alien!), music (New Kids still rock) and especially the weird, funky clothing. By the way.....anyone know where I can find a pair of size 8 Jelly shoes, preferably hot pink, online? If so please email me at sem947@hotmail.com. Thanx!!!
From: Suzzane

There are many reasons why I love the 80s. I turned 13 in 80, and spent all my teenage years in the 80s until 87 in which I turned 20. I really admired and respected President Reagan. In my humble opinion, he was the greatest president we ever had, at least in my lifetime. I loved the music, the clothes, the movies, the attitude, just the overall vibe of the 80s. Everything was so colorful and energetic in the 80s. Peoples' attitudes were more open and fun. The world was a much better place to live in back then.
From: Micah

Does anyone remember Skater Girl? Or do I not remember her name correctly? She skated on her own. I LOVED HER SO MUCH!!!
From: Tiffani

I love the 80s. I love them so much that I still dress like if I was in the 80s. I love the style & the music. The Smiths, Simple Minds, Cyndi Lauper, etc. are just a few bands/singers that I love from the 80s. I was born in 87 therefore I will always be an 80s kid! alice,17
From: Alice

Um okay I actually never really lived in the eighties - I was kinda born in 89 but I still love them and not because it's trendy today but because they were so much fun! The movies are just classic absoulutely. And the music. It was just the time of greatness. The eighties will prevail in posters all over my walls.
From: Kylie yo

I love the 80s because i was born in 1981 and I just always look back growing up as my best times. The 80s were so much more laid back and people weren't obsessed with things like carbs. She-Ra, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch and Garbage Pail Kids, Strawberry Shortcake, Ghostbusters were the s**t!!!!
From: katy

I love the 80's for the great toys and cartoons! I had them all, Rainbow brite, my little ponies, wuzzles, puffalumps, strawberry shortcake, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe. Sea Wees, Care bears, Cabbage patch Kids, popples, gummi bears, Thundercats, poochie, heathcliff, garfield, and so many more! And Yes, I watched, or had all of these! Not only were they fun, but they had great plots(or so I thought when I was little, since I was actually born in 1980) What happened, all the saturday morning cartoons are soooo dumb these days, and now they are remaking all of my favorite toys...but they are changing them, and making them ugly! Anyway...just had to add my two cents, as a child of the 80's and 90's. And yes, I did wear big bangs, and the shirt ties, and leggins, and sweatbands, and slap bracelets, not to mention day Glo stuff!
From: stephanie

Gawd, where do I start. I was born in 1969 so I was 11 when the 80's started, which I believe was the perfect age to start the coolest decade of the century. I own all the Time/Life 80's music, the long hair bands were/are the best. No music still comes close to it. The clothes (parachute pants, spandex, Izod Lacost, OP, Members Only jackets) were a trip. It was definately the time to own stock in any company that produced hair spray. Everyone was about music and fun and no one cared what you wore; the wilder the better. Ronald Reagan was undisputed and helped end communism in Russia, how cool was that? My entire teenage years were spent in the 80's and are by far my fondest memories.....if I don't stop now I will type forever.
From: Christopher

I turned 20 in 1980. 80-85 were the best years of my life. The music was fantastic, 80s girls were stunning and fun. I was single and involved in music and theater. A lot of people who were kids sitting home watching the A-Team seem to like the 80s but it was a great time to be a young adult as well. You never forget the era of your first love. You can keep the 90's and the 00's.
From: dlee

Me and my friend are having an on going feud. She likes the 70s but I'm trying to explain to her why the 80s are so much BETTER! I love the 80s! The 70s is the era of stinkage!
From: jenny harrison

What I liked about the 80's was the real music. Not like today's crap. Synth-pop, Industrial, Punk, and New Wave shall never die!!!
From: Sergey Kozyarsky

I was born in 1971 making me an 80s kid. I remember getting up for school cranky everyday eating Frosted Flakes watching the great the Great Space Coaster, maybe some Fraggle Rock,putting on my chosen color of Levi's coduroys, or you wore sweat pants with shorts over them and you had Nike sneekers low/high tops - it did not matter,canvas of course.. Then I had t-shirts with some at the time popular iron-on pictures like in elementary school I had stuff from the A-Team, Greatest American Hero to the Dukes Of Hazzard. I know some of you out there know what shirts I speak of - white front and back different color 3/4 length sleeves, or we wore the mesh type jerseys with a plain t-shirt under it. Walking to school feeling safe with your Trapper Keeper, lunch box or lunch bag,listening to some tunes not on a Walkman like these days not a cd/cassette player but I mean headphones like what you see people who work at airports/or jackhammer operators wear. Finally getting to school and seeing nothing but a living comercial for Levi's, Lee jeans, Jordache, Wranglers, then you had the shoes Pony, Nikes Adidas, Kangaroos(remember the sneeks with the little pockets) you had Traxx for those whose parents liked K-Mart and in the 80's K-Mart was the store not Wal-Mart. He**, I never heard of Wal-Mart until I saw it in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation....anyway while in school we did not have to pass thru a metal detector we did not have to worry about getting shanked in the lunch line or shot because you got the last chocolate milk,we fought but we lived to later laugh about it later.after school I'd go home change out of my school clothes turn on the TV and do my homework watching MTV,GI.Joe, Thundercats, Transformers..then I'd go out and hang out with the "gang" and when I say "gang" I mean my little select group of friends. We did not go out and beat people up, mug or kill people. But if trouble came our way we had each other's back. We'd usually play football, street hockey, or maybe go to the after school program at our school called Nitegym and play basketball, floorhockey, dodgeball was everyone's favorite game then after that we'd go swimming - it was great!! Nobody died, Nobody went to jail, even though once in awhile we'd beg to go to jail instead of being brought home by the police and having to face our parents for the stupid things kids do like in my town there was a junkyard with towers of cars we hang out there smash windows and such but we never got a police record. In the 80s we feared death but not like today going to school or work or even out your front door,we feared nuclear war especially after the movie the DAY AFTER with the warning before the movie..and the communist invasion of Afghanistan. Well I've too much for now will have more to say @ another time.
From: paul

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.