Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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the eighties were the best. Commodore 64 ruled... Boglins and Sylvanian families were awsome. Stone washed jeans tho...dont know what we were thinking there. But the rest was way kewl.
From: Loxenfox

Hairspray and bangs higher than the Sears Tower! I wish the 80s would make a comeback so I don't have to straighten my naturally thick and wavy hair. In the 90s, women always want to wear their hair "sleek" and frizz free. I was the biggest Bon Jovi fan you could ever meet. I wish that Power Ballads would make a comeback. Whitesnake also rocks.
From: Kiki

ok ok....this is a long list of people who love the 80's. GOOD!!! i am glad i am not the only one here!!! i love it too much that it is embarrassing. i wish that the 80's could somehow magically come back to us. i was born in 82 and i guess you could call me a late bloomer on this decade. i mean i grew up in the 80s and i remember a lot. but i am more in depth in the decade now than i ever was back then. the movies kicked ass. the music was awesome! i still go out and purchase a lot of them still. i have heard that the fashions always repeat themselves due in time. i mean look at the mixture of fashion now in the 90s and 00....no real big statement. in the 80s there was big hair, tied shirts, lots of makeup...even for the men, polka dots everywhere, flashy clothes, lots of jewelry, etc. i cant even remember all of it. i wonder what happened to my brother's rude dog shirts? all the cartoons i watched and tv shows. i have forgotten that that was all in the 80s. wow. i do miss those times terribly. i am glad to see that i am not the only one who is stuck on the 80s. how about we all get together and form some kind of big assembly and have a walkathon or something.....shouting out "BRING BACK THE 80s!!! WE LOVE THE 80s!!!" maybe all those lost souls of music that we havent heard from in a while will come back and we can all be one happy family. i desperately wish i can be accepted wearing my ponytail to the side soon. i love that movie teen witch. breakfast club....molly ringwald, where are ya? love you all...and keep the 80s alive!!!!!
From: Rachel

I was born in 1982 in Belgium. I love the eighties because the music back then was so great: Simple Minds, A-Ha, Talk Talk, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many others... There were some awesome TV-series like Miami Vice, and not to mention the gigantic show Live Aid was in 1985. I still remember Diego Maradona juggling his ball in Munich on the sounds of Live is Life by Opus. For me it was a time (and I know some of you say he was too young to know something about the eighties) of fun and pleasure, I had no worries on my mind at all. I just hope we can all go Back To The Eighties!!!
From: Bob

I think the reason why people love and live the 80s so much is because it was a fun time -- things were simpler (in my opinion, of course I was born in august of 1980 so I probably didnt catch the bad things of that decade) but I do know that I wouldve much rather have been born in 1970 or even a few years before that so I couldve experienced everything that happened -- in the past 3 years I have gone from a hardcore 60's/70s music fan (zeppelin, the doors, pink floyd, etc) to a hardcore billy idol fan (that's how I met my current girlfriend, we're both huge idol fans), and a general fan of most 80s bands -- not only did a lot of great music come out of the 80s, but also a lot of really great movies, tv shows, culture, etc -- and Im sure alot of you will agree with me -- well, thats my 2 cents...
From: Joe

I was born in 1977 so I was 3 when it began and 12 when it ended. What I remember most about the 80's was mainly playing outside with my friends...building snow forts and trading wacky cards outside. I hardly remember spending time indoors...except for saturday morning cartoons. I loved He man, Thundercats, Bionic Six,Silverhawks, visionaries, transformers, voltrons and WWF wresting. I remember playing with my friends and their WWF thumb wrestlers at school. Hulkhogan, Andre the giant, Ravishing Rick Rude, The Macho Man and Coco Beware were awesome!! I remember spending spending a couple of cents on gummi bears, Fruitella, jawbreakers and Bonkers....and I remember drinking coca cola from a glass bottle and when they introduced the new coke can.
From: Tom

I am 13 years old so I really did not get to experience the 80's too much. I am propably the youngest 80's fan out there. Everyone is in to Eminem and Jay-Z and all the other "PHAT RAPPERS" out now. I think it is all a bunch of bull. So rather than buy CD's of the artists out now I just listen to my 24 year old sisters New Edition,Culture Club,and Genesis LP's. Genesis is my favorite band. I think the 90's stink because their is so much violence. There are alot of things that stink about the "New MIllenium",but the biggest thing is the way people dress. I mean flairs! My God has the world gone mad. I just wear regular jeans and some of my sisters of shirts,like Van Halen. I am trying to find some original Nike's that are all white with a red swoosh. People ask me why I wear my jacket sleaves pushed up,or my collar up,I just ask them why they put on pants four sizes too large. My friend who moved away,Chris,gave me his Atari 2600. I play games like Dodge Em,Frogger,Space Invaders,Asteroid,Etc. I have totally put all my systems like Playstation and Nintendo 64 in my closet. The Atari games are so fun! I think the world would be better if the fads,music,and recreation of the 80's made a comeback! You other 80's loving teens can make a difference. Be proud to wear your Jellies and Jordache's and most of all be the best person you can be,YOURSELF!
From: RJ

This is just a paraphrasing of what everyone else has said and I agree. You know, the nineties is just a materialistic world where the only thing everyone does is follow what is currently the "trend." Not a fun place to live in. The eighties was a time in which you could express yourself in a variety of ways and people would not put you down for doing so. The music of the times reflected this because many of the songs were basically done because the artists enjoyed playing those types of songs. They did not play songs to appeal to the public and make a few quick bucks. I guess you could say the eighties bands were pretty much experimental. Also, the shows that aired on TV were not sexually oriented, as almost all of the shows now are. Even SNL wasn't what you would call sexually oriented. Nowadays, when you watch SNL or the crap show MadTV, its all sexually oriented and they just do that to get cheap laughs and it works with some people but not me. I think its pathetic because the actors just don't have a taste for true humor. Anyone can make up a sex joke of their own, even if they have no talents. The shows were also very diverse in that they were not copycats of one another. Thats why many shows did very well back then. Today, only a few shows are actually good (Seinfeld...too bad it went off the air). People also felt very secure back in the eighties and that was why kids would always be outside playing or teens would be outside until way past midnight. If you went out to a residential neighborhood in the eighties during the day time, kids would be all over the place having fun. If you go visit a residential neighborhood today, it would be dead quiet. No one goes out just to hang out anymore. Its even illegal for people under 18 to be outside after 10 pm here in LA. What kind of crap is that?? Everything now just sucks and life is boring. I wasn't old enough during the eighties to get the full pleasure of it all but I still remember that the most fun I have ever had was during those special times.
From: Rahmat

Sweet tender 80's. There was something romantic and upbeat about the 80's, just like adolecence itself. So cute and naive.
From: Hiroyuki

i was also born in 1982 and i thrive on 80's hair metal. i love the 80's the 90's just plain suck doesn't make any sense at all the 90's don't. i was a kid back then but i remember all the cool stuff back then i look for anything of 80's i possibly can everything from bands as w.a.s.p., britny fox, metal church, iron maiden, quiet riot, grim reaper, dio, ratt, classic metallica and megadeth, london, odin, seduce, poison, l.a. guns, faster pussycat, all kick ass bands. i also love the decline of western civilization part 2 the metal years i had a hard time trying to find that every store i went to didn't have it or it was out of print finally i found it at half.com. the movies of the 80's kick ass too like hard rock zombies, funeral home,the lost boys, it, the shining, terror on tour. all my friends are 90's freaks i hope the 00's will be like the glorious 80's my life was hard in the 90's when rap and alternative music came into the picture. good thing about the 90's is definetly the internet but other than that the 90's just plain sucked. kick ass website long live the 80's and heavy metal forever!!
From: craig bumgarner

the best decade for music....EVER!
From: boyjoe

I swear, the 80's was the happiest and the chillest era ever. No crap was going on, no major social or political events.It was a time for evreryone to just kick back with their fishnet stockings and listen to the Smiths. Either that or they could watch a classic Molly Ringwald movie.It's all about the retro 80's now: fashion; polka sots, leg warmers, crimped hair, rhinestones, gold jewelry. movies: Pretty in Pink, PeeWee's big Adventure, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Adventures of the Babysitter, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Music: Morissey(The Smiths), Duran Duran, AHA, B-52s, The Cure, The GoGos, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson. TV shows; HeMAN, GI Joes, Speedracer, Heathcliff, Jem, You Can't Do That on Televsion, Spiderman. Toys: Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patches, Micromachines, Atari, Carebears, Strawberry Shortcake. Shoot, the eighties was wild and cheesy but it was the lightest and happiest era.
From: Melissa Nebrida

I am not a child of the 80's. Much better--a teenager of the 80's. I got both the cartoons AND the social scene. We were loud, flashy and rebellious; we stayed out late and slept in late, but nobody really got hurt...well okay, maybe the headbangers up next to the stage! :) Remember the video for "We're Not Gonna Take It"? When Kiss took off their makeup and we found out WHY they'd worn it all those years? THAT is why I love the 80's.
From: Lisa Brown

My favourite part of being a child of the 80s was running (jumping over fences and dashing through neighbours yards) to get home and watch SBTB, and Full House. And the cartoons, oh the cartoons! Smurfs, Snorkels, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Carebears, and My Little Ponies!!! =)
From: Leah

I was born in UK in 1968 but moved to Sydney Australia with my folks when I was 5, the 80's for me have never ended. I am now 32 and spend 99% of my time listening to Duran Duran, Human League, New Order, Depeche Mode and so on. Retro music is big in Sydney especially in DanceClubs which nowadays are aimed at the 25-35 age demographic, and as your all aware in the 80's this demographic was at High School, undoubtedly the best time of my life, strolling down the History corridor singing "Don't you want me baby" (hehe) I believe the 80's will live on forever, I am going to see The Cure next month at Stadium Australia and all 100,000 tickets were sold out in 55 minutes... Also with actors like John Cusack, Adam Sandler and Judd Nelson continually doing college/80's Flicks who could ever forget....If you haven't seen "HIGH FIDELITY' yet go and see it, Cusack is Awesome !!! Regards Retroboy
From: Colin (Sydney, Australia)

I was born in 1970. I was coming of age in the 80's. My first record album was - The Best of Blondie. I used to go rollerskating-not rollerblading! I traded friendship pins with everyone! I owned a Kodak Disc Camera. a slim leather tie,tiger striped clothes,stir-up pants,fish-net tops,banana hair clips,jelly shoes,layered clothing,medley of rubber bracelets. I ate Pacman cereal,also Smurfberry Crunch. I dressed up like Cyndi Lauper. Complete with eyeshadow straight up and down with different colours. I danced around like Madonna.
From: Tracey

The best part of the eighties was The Moondreamers. No one that I talk to ever remembers that show but it has always been my favorite. How could you not like a show with little kids with oversized heads, big hair and little gems on their forheads. All the shows of the eighties were awesome. I still think that tv stations should bring back Punky Brewster.
From: Laura

hello people...does anyone remember Dancin' on air/Dance Party USA. I lived off of those shows. I mean, my god, if I missed it I would have absolutely died. Yes, I admit I was a huge NKOTB fan. And yes, i still have a New Kids life size card board cut out from Spencers. Its in my parent's basement, but every now and again I make sure they didn't throw it out. Do you guys remember how expensive CDs seemed in the 80s. I mean, $20, for a CD...no way. And am I the only person who hung out at the mall? I, literally, had to round up my girls and cruise the food court at least one night a weekend. Because, of course, you meet the best guys at the mall.....when you're 14!
From: ingi

I have been into RNR ever since the Beatles--so I like 50, 60, 70 but most of all 80's music!!! Nothing can compare to the "style" and music groups that emerged during the 80's!!! Many of the BEST 80's bands have survived and still rock--Motley Crue, Defl Leppard, Cinderella, AC/DCSlaughter--only the strong survive, as the saying goes. Also like Megadeth, Metallica, Nirvana. Would give ANYTHING to have a music television station that played these REAL musicians/songs!!!!! The stuff that comes out today is put crap!!!! No substance--and the artists from the 50, 60 , 70 ad 80s seem to concur--and have no respect for hardly anybody that exists today!!!! I mean, "synchronized dancing" is not an indication of "talent"!!!! MTV has nothing to do with "music television" anymore!!! I had to laff the other day when I heard the producer of TRL say how "diversified" TRL was! Huh?!?!?! All they play is boybands or black rap--MTV/TRL consistently and overtly discriminates against anybody/anything else!!! I even e-mailed saying just that!!!!! VH1 has turned into nothing but one long, boring "documentary" also--even tho they have highlighted 80's groups on Behind the Music!!! Why is it so hard to understand that we want to see/hear the music as well as see the "background" on the groups??? The music that has come out starting with the 50's and on will endure--what is coming out today will not!!!!! ROCK AND ROLL RULZ FOREVER!!!
From: Linda

All I can say is that the 80's was the decade of DURAN DURAN. Need I say more?
From: simon

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.