Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I am Pedro and I was born in the 80s, but I can't remember much things from this time. But I love it because the musics, movies, TV shows and all that stuff fascinate me. I like it because things were shown in a much more innocent and beautiful way, like the movies (mainly the horror and comedy films), and the songs (which showed the desire for freedom and the melancholy of the teenagers). Congratulations for the homepage......good job!!!!
From: Pedro

I was born in 1972 and went through junior high and high school during the 1980s. So, naturally, the decade really defined my growing up process. Even though I wasn't very popular in school (I battled gross obesity and was tormented daily), I have fond memories of the music. It was a way for me to escape the problems I faced in my day to day life. I'm 32 now and, still, I primarily listen to music from the 80s (Madonna, Journey, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Gibson, Expose', The Cars, Huey Lewis, etc.). Besides the music, I also have fond memories of the overall style and fads of the 80s, like Rubik's Cube, Cabbage Patch Kids, Atari, etc.
From: Andre L.

I was born in '94 ,just recently (5-6 weeks ago), I came across this huge stash of 80s CDs......it is just awesome stuff....My favorite band is The Cure or The Cars.....U MIGHT THINK I'M FOOLISH!!!!! MAKE BELIEVE IN MAGIC !!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS SOMETHIN' THERE TO REMIND MEEEEE.
From: Cyndric J Mygatt

I was born in '68 and I have great memories of the 80's. I went through many phases in style back then. I started out the decade with the New Wave thing and learned everything from MTV and cable TV with movies like Breaking Glass,Blade Runner and Wild Style and listened to everything from Pop to Punk. I moved on to the Breaking phase in '84 and busted out the parachute pants and the white shirts with the half sleaves and red chinese characters on the black nylon netting. Later in the 80s I got into House,Techno,Industrial and Club music. And now I still love it. I became a man in the 80s and will look back fondly on that time period.
From: Walter

The 80s were such a blast! Everything from the fashion (big hair, leg warmers, big belts, jean jackets, neon everything and who could forget the parachute pants or the colored Converse hightops) the bands (Pat Benatar, Prince, Van Halen, Joan Jett, Def Leppard, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Rick Springfield, Twisted Sister, Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Warrant, and the best 2 of all, Poison and Metallica!) not to mention the TV shows! They were great! I remember watching Square Pegs, Charlie's Angels, Eight Is Enough, Fantasy Island, Real People, That's Incredible!, Moonlighting, Roseanne, and 21 Jumpstreet just to name a few. I remember when we would go to the bowling alley just to hang out in the arcade to meet up with a cute guy. When you could hang out in parking lots of businesses and it was OK...they didn't run you off for loitering...I remember when you never had to worry about getting shot when you went to school, or when you were hanging out on a friday night. To me, the 80s was a decade of self discovery, parties, friends, and fun. People didn't seem as uptight about things back then as they are now. Ahh, those were the days!
From: Marla

I remember the 80's with such fond memories. I have been watching VH-1, I Love the 80's and I am finding myself reminiscing with my sisters and my daughters. I attended college and nursing school in the middle 80's, got married and had my first child in the year 1984. I had my second child in 1988. My younger sister would come over to my house then and we would watch all of the music videos, and my little girls would dance with us. My first daughter loved the cartoon "JEM" and we bought her all of the videos of the show, which she still has! I was a big Michael Jackson fan then and "Thriller" was the bomb! Some of the best music came out of the 80's. I remember listening to Cyndi Lauper's CD all during my pregnancy. I love her so much to this day! I remember all of the Rock, Soul and Rap of the 80's. Nothing today, compares to those songs. Madonna was new on the scene and I loved her youthfulness and her fresh look on life. Prince was the bomb with Purple Rain and I loved the movie. I remember my husband and I buying our first Videocassette recorder and our first Videos! What a trip! I still listen to music from the 80's. I had a son in the 90's and that was it for me! My oldest in now in college and she laughs hysterically at the 80's lingo and music videos! I will always remember the 80's as a decade which was one of the happiest decades in my entire life.
From: Deborah Moore

I LOVED THE 80S! I think it ended in about 92 actually. Graduated in 88. Carefree times, and the hairsprayed girls were bountyful! Crusing around in a V8 Camero....STONED with my buds. The 80s were Good Clean Fun for all! Viva La 80s! Dr MoJo http://www.mojojones.com
From: Dr. MoJo

I think the 80's still have such a magical feeling (I mean all the stuff the 80's left for us to enjoy forever). I was born in 1974, and although I have few clear memories of the early 80's, I feel something special with many tunes or images I hear or see of this period at the present time, probably because I heard them or saw them at some time more than 20 years ago when I was still a child, in a very happy period of my life, and these memories were still kept inside a deep spot of my mind. The second half of the 80's and specially from 1987, was the time of my puberty and part of my adolescence. I was a teenager, and then I have much more memories. I began to wear and dress and to do my hair like any other 80's kid did (BTW I love the huge quantity of ways to wear stuff and do one's hair the 80's had, it proves the big personality this decade had). I remember this period was the one with my first evenings/nights out with my friends, my first sexual contacts, the one of the big unforgettable pop/rock concerts, the Music For The Masses, like the magnificient band Depeche Mode stated. The period were the urban tribes scene was much more assorted, and I'm not only talking about the street gangs, but about any kid, young or mature person with a little of personality. This period represented the golden years for the gothic stuff, which I like a lot. In a way, I miss those years very much and I surely would get into a time machine for a weekend (or more) to relive one of those club sessions, listening to New Order, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, Clan Of Xymox, Peter Murphy, etc.
From: Luis M.

Actually I was born in '84, but it was comic strip and Galaxy Rangers that made the biggest impact on my life, and I would have to say made me the man I am 2day!!!! I just wish I could get a hold of the music of most of these cartoons on CD or something! You know? Galaxy Rangers espeacially, wow!! So uplifting that music was for a 5 year old!!!! Anyway... I'M AN 80'S LOVER OF MUSIC AND CARTOONS!!!!! email me on some stuff I'm sure I don't even know took place in the 80's. If you could, please?
From: Mark Tang Choon

I was born on April 18, 1988, and I experienced the '90s. However, in retrospect, the '90s were stupid. Over the last couple of years, I've loved the '80s. The 1980s had their own charm and were the height of modern culture as I see it. I'm the kind of person who likes happy mediums; I am sort of a gentleman yet sort of casual. The '80s for me were a happy medium. Things got better as the decade was starting and worse as it was ending. The '80s are my favorite period in history because of the state of mind, along with the media, the music, the images, and the class. And such a state of mind was made possible in part by then President Ronald Reagan. I know we mourned, but we should have also celebrated what he did. As for the UK's Margaret Thatcher, well, she was partly responsible for ITV's stupid mistakes of the last 15 years. Yes, I'm an Internet British TV fan, too. I digress. Today, people are more dependent on conveniences than they have ever been; more unable to do things for themselves; less tasteful in music and TV, et al.; more liable to jump to the wrong conclusions; more politically correct; more willing to give in to hype; and more, well... stupid. But thank heaven for the '80s, because of everything we had then. What we have now is a war, bad TV, lower standards, and bad music, among other things. However, for me, and for now, there's always the wonders of the Internet to help take me back.
From: Steven Miles

Nothing like the 80s. I was so lucky to be born back in 65, and be a happy teen with excellent music, pop, and of course the best rock of all times! I wonder how this new generation has destroyed our lovely music, all new sounds are terrible and unoriginal. I hope to rewind the tape and have those fabulous times back!
From: Salvador

I love the 80s because of the music and fashion. I wish I could have grown up in the 80s but I didn't. I'm growing up in 2004 but know I can learn about it and be different and maybe bring the music and the fashion back and I believe that would be the coolest thing in the world!
From: paige van pelt

Class of 1987, baby! Before I became an official teenager in 1982, I used to think that the 40s would've been the best decade to have grown up in...but that soon changed. I grew up in a town of 25,000 people and there really wasn't a whole lot of choices to make when it came to entertainment. Rollerskating was just getting popular so that quickly became the Friday night ritual. A lot of the older kids went on Saturday night so Friday night was "reserved" for the Junior High-ers. Saturday nights were usually spent at my best friend's house in her basement. I remember staying up all night watching "Night Tracks" on TBS, since she was the only one in our town who could afford cable and MTV was considered "The Devil" then too! Going to the these new buildings that were filled with stores inside was exciting, only you wouldn't be caught dead in a "Gap" store back then (they used to sell Wranglers and Levi's too!). Also, during the summer, we spent every Sunday night at a 13-19 club. Had to drive 45 minutes to get there and usually had to convince someone who actually had a car to drive, but that is where I have my best memories. Dancing to Wham, Van Halen, New Edition, Phil Collins, Twisted Sister...what fun! And the hair! I remember the first perm...I thought I was in Heaven. To this day I wish it was socially acceptable to have big hair, although I am seeing a bit of a comeback. What is cracking me up right now are the IZOD shirts and the layered look...but where is the oxford to go with that polo? I do admit that our generation did have the best movies ever that I still watch over and over to this day. And the music. My nephew, who is 14 has just discovered Styx for the first time and it is all that he plays. I had always known that our music was going to stand the test of time. I look at it this way: When I was 14 it was 1983 and to think that I would listen to music from the 60s, I would've been considered an ubergeek. So that is my 2 cents...keep the posts coming!
From: BETH

Word up...80s was the sh** back then though I was still a kid but was feelin' evrything...I was born in '76 but growing as a kid in the 80s was totally bomb! Breakdance, funk, BMX, ninjas, new wave, punk, all was inspiring to what I am as a teenager in the 90s and as a man of 2gs...one!
From: Billy Lim

I was born in 1991, so I can't really relate literally but I wish I was in the 80s because our music now sucks. Our movies are really lame and I wish I lived back then because it was just really cool. I watch "I Love The 80s" on VH1 and I wish I could have lived then and my parents are always telling me how cool they were and I wish I was there then. I would do almost anything the spend a week in the 80s and see what it was like.
From: Cameron

I was born in 1990, and only know about the 80's from my older sisters, and reruns on tv, but I have to admit, y'all's era looked a whole lot funner than ours, I mean does anybody really remember anything from the 90s other than Britney Spears, and (a few people) Saved By The Bell, The College Years? I mean y'alls music was better and personally I liked most of y'alls styles and TV shows. Oh well, I wonder what people will be saying about the 90s and 00s when I'm y'alls age.
From: me

I was born in 1990, but I know a lot about the 80s because of my older brothers. I'm in love with the 80s.. that's all I think about! I don't care wut ppl think about me... Nobody can hate the 80s anyway.. I've always wished that I was born a bit before the 80s so that I could have lived through the 80s... I luv the movies..I luv the music...I luv the TV shows...I luv the fashion...I can't wait to be an 80s chick for Halloween this year...!!!!
From: curbee

I love the 80's because so many cool things came from the 80's. The Muppets (everything Jim Henson did^-^), the cool horror flicks like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, the Ninja Turtles were born (and turned into a semi-crappy cartoon that I still like), Jem and the Holograms, Back to the Future, Beauty and the Beast the series, all that and more is why I love the 80's. The music was cool and things just seemed better and happier for some reason. I love watching VH1's I love the 80's and I love the 80's Srikes Back, because I can look back on a great decade. It's fun to watch that show and hollar " Hey! That's the year I was born!" I just love the 80's!
From: Mandi-chan

Why do I love the 80s? Because It was cool and a fun time! It's my favorite decade. I have alot of memorires of it, like the movies, shows, the music, and the cartoons I liked Lost Boys, Growing Pains, Tears For Fears, and Care Bears. Those were The days I just wish I was Born in 1969 so I could be a teenager in the 80s. It would be cool to be 16 in 1985 because being a teen in the 90s sucked! Somebody bring the 80s back!
From: Patrick

I really loved the 80s, but I love METAL even more. ~Amy
From: Kristin Sullivan

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.