Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Even though i was born in 1985, I think that the 80's gave birth to the best music and show's on tv in the world! My life changed after finally being able to find a couple of tv show's that i wanted to watch. I love The A team, Macgyver, Magnum PI, Etc. Etc. But the one thing i really love is the music, come on The begining of NIN, & Nirvana. But i love the funk and the pop dance music, even though it was a tuff up hill battle to get a second number one hit, some bands did like DURAN DURAN, and Depesh Mode. But a lot of groups or bands did not make a second hit. I think that everyone has a second chance but not them! except for some!
From: Garrett

My First day of High School.Billy Squire's Stroke Me was playing on EVERY Car stero.That started the best time of my life. We partyed on the weekend to Rush and ACDC and we learned what Rap was.We also learned that you could die your hair with kool-aide LOL. The eighties for me was a wonderful time were we had fun during the early part and started to have to grow up during the later part. Fo me I didnt FULLY grow up till the 90's LOL. It was a decaed of funn and good times for everyone.
From: Kelly

I was born in 1972 and you are all making me feel old. What a glorious era , could have been called the golden age of cybertron for those of you who watched Transformers. The music unparralled depth and meaning along with a beat you could dance to even if you couldn't dance. Still go to Luxe in Long island new york once in a while which plays 80's alternative Friday and Saturday nights. Also Culture club in NYC is pretty good too. 80's music had character, after that music became cheesy and fad driven. How many groups can you have that all look and sound the same. Get me a back to the future time machine any day life is getting too serious and children are growing up too fast these days.
From: Chris

I love the eighties because people were not stuck up and politically correct like they are now. Rock music and pop were the greatest; what ever happed to pop anyway? The cartoons were the greatest. He-man, Thunder cats, transformers, smurfs, nothing today even comes close. TV shows were great too. Remember ALF, Kight rider, A-Team, Airwolf, Three's Company, Mr. Belevedre, some of them were corny but funny. They beat almost all the shows they have today where the plots constantly revolve around the sexual tension among the main charachters. Remember when MTV actually played music videos! although I'm not political, I liked having a president that commanded respect and had class and dignity. The only good thing to come out of the 90's was the internet (wasn't it actually first developed during the 80's ?) anyway without it I wouldn't be here right now. Hope the 2010's are more like the 1980's!
From: Joe M

Where do I begin? My b-day is in October 82, so I have seen everything!! I visited the toy section, and remember the days of walking through Toys R Us and seeing that display case with Cricket and Corky, and u could push the button, and they would interact. I had Cricket, my bud still has Cricket and Corky!!!! I had some cool toys, but my twin brother's toys were cooler!! He had all this Ghostbuster's stuff, so I couldn't resist!!! the music and movies are my fave!!!! I LOVE 80s Saturday night Live!! My fave music group from the 80s is the Go Gos. Believe me, my lips aren't sealed!!! I LOVED the Wedding singer because of the nostalgia, and the BRAT PACK!!!!!!!! U know who was hot in the Brat Pack???? ROB LOWE!!!!!! Heck yeah! I love the 80s, and always will!!!!
From: Allie

I am an 80's fan cause i remember scooby doo and flinstones and the jetsons and punkybrewster and all the cartoons from then i enjoy watching all of them and all the 80 movies i look look who talking movie i enjoy jefferson starship cd that has the song *sara* on it and i want to get the cd by Eric carmen which has the song hungry eyes i love to listen to the 80 music on the radio especially when they bring them on they call it the 80's flashback i love to sit and listen i ever could i wish i could go back and live in the 80's again i was born on March 17,1982 and i dont really like the way the got things going today but i still wish they had all the cool toys out back then i dont know what to say except "LONG LIVE THE 80'S!!!!!!!!
From: Sherrie Duncan

I was born in 1978. This placed me just in time to have a most opportunistic childhood. Just as I hit that critical age 12, shows I loved like Pinwheel, Today's Special, Transformers, Thundercats and You Can't Do That On Television were being cancelled for all new formatting. This allowed my to enjoy the best of the 80's while preparing me to enjoy the new music and TV of the early 90's. I'm quite dissapointed at everything that has comeout past 1993. It just doesn't feel right anymore. With the past comebacks of the 60's, 20's and 70's in recent years with Teens I'm waiting for that heavenly time when the 80's coolness will be recognized worldwide again! They'll bring back atari game with new technology (Virtual Reality QBert anyone?) and maybe instead of selling the videos for $25 a piece and the figures for $150, the classic Generation 1 Transformers will return. You Can't Do That will be syndicated on Nickelodeon, and shows like G.I. Joe, The Wuzzles, Transformers and the Mighty Go-Bots will return to the Cartoon Network. I need my Punky Brewster fix...D'ffrent Strokes...Press Your Luck...and definitely make MTV about music again, and send those gameshows, reality based shows, and bad cartoons to MTV2. See? Money for everyone!
From: Daniel Womack

Ahh Man! The 80's. NEed I say more? i was born in 1982 and grew up during the most hardcore era ever. I distinctly remember getting up early on Staurday mornings and watching My Pet Monster, Pound Puppies, Mighty Mouse, Alf, Winnie the Pooh and many more. The 80's had the best cartoons because t hey were original unlike all the crap now. Cartoons such as Glow Worms, The Get Along Gang, G.I. JOE, Potato Head kids, Woody Woodpecker,Popeye,Thundercats, and countless others. Another thing I love about this bodacious era is the cool monster movies that came out. Stuff like Friday the 13th, Freddy Krueger, Garbage Pail Kids,etc.. I think we all love the 80's because there were less worries back then. Most of us were innocent without a care in the world. The troubles we did have, we escaped by watching shows like Mr. Belvedere and Family Ties. The 80's will lie on forever!
From: Sergio

pacers, the best sweet in the world. morroco mole and secret squirrel. odd flurescent socks. pat sharpes mullet. the theme tune to the karate kid 2 all classics
From: andy

I was born in '74 and remember the 80's pretty well. I bought Twisted Sisters hot single "We're not gonna take it" on 45, and had a Walkman that weighed about a pound and didn't have radio on it. G.I. Joe had never even thought about going to space to get Cobra and Destro. Dungeons and Dragons (the game and cartoon) were a blast, and I never did turn into a Satan worshiper. Saturday mornings were a real dilema due to all of the different cartoons going on at the same time. School House Rocks still rocks to this day. I wore my metallic silver Atari jacket to school, and socks that had colored stripes around the top. I swore that when I got older, that I would have my hair in my eyes just like Tony Hawk. I bought a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic book (in black and white) before they ever became a cartoon or worse a movie. Computer experience came from a Texas Instruments TI-994A which after hours of putting in lines of code, you could get the TV screen to flash different colors!!! The movie Red Dawn came out and every kid looked out the windows at school to see if the Russians were coming. Lazer Tag and a board game called Stop Thief were some of the best ways to pass the time. All in all it was a good time with only one real drawback for me, I got my first job in the 80's and it seems that after that first one, your stuck working. haha.
From: Tim

The 80's were the best decade, the music was awesome, the phrases were cool, and the clothes were rockin'!! I listened to all kinds of music, from Duran Duran to Dokken. Hair bands rocked like you wouldn't believe. The world was so much calmer, if you will, in the 80's. We are never again going to have an event that touches so many people like 'Live Aid' did. I watched the whole thing and I would not change that for anything. I was sorry to see the 80's end, but you know what? I still think Simon leBon is the sexiest rocker ever.
From: Amanda

One word said twice: Duran Duran
From: kat

Although I was only born in 1983 (in November when Duran Duran came out with Seven and the Ragged Tiger!!!) I ADORE the Eighties! It's bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, the Smiths and my all time favourite band Duran Duran that keep these things alive! I live for the three hours of eighties music they play on the radio on Sundays! I love everything about them! I own SO many of those plastic bracelets, swatches, and tons of Izod shirts! My music collection consists of 12 inches from the afore mentioned bands and several on CD. They can do whatever they want with fashion and music these days, but just give me a Frankie Says Relax shirt and my Duran Duran and I'm set!
From: Kat

I was born in '68 and my middle and high school years were spent in the 80's. It was the time of Reaganomics and the cold war. My family was good economically, and nobody in the world - not even the USSR would think of bothering the USA -- I remember the phrase "Don't Mess with the US," was coined. The Brat Pack reigned in the movies and wine coolers were invented. Good time, bad rap.
From: John

No contest, 80's where it. Born in 1980 and having an older brother and sister I love every year. The music, movies(Rocky III and IV,Empire Strikes back,Big Trouble in Little China,Wall Street,Friday the 13ths,etc),cartoons(transformers,G.I. Joe,Thundercats,etc), and life was all better in the 80's. I wish I could go back!!!
From: Jay Buchheit

I'm looking for a Member's Only leather jacket to buy - can't find. That's the thing I miss the most about the 80's...that and Joe Jackson songs...and maybe those red, white, and blue Honda Interceptors. Okay, and Ronald Reagan. I hated Gremlins Cereal - cuts the roof of your mouth.
From: John Carroll

One word-fun, thats what the 80's were all about no complaining bitches like alanis and no grunge music like nirvana (shit). we had our big hair (glam) bands who preached fun and excess, long live the "idea of the" 80's i will never forget, ever, Chewy
From: Scott Chewy Korschewitz

i was born in 1975 but i was a littel boy in the 80s it was great i was growing up and i love the tv show night rider that was a big hit night rider was i can rember siting in my pjs at night in 1985 watching night rider on friday nights it was great i was just 9 years old avery thing about the 80s were great i use to watch she ra that pretty great i just love the 80s i love our house to in the 80s i never miss our house i watch it avery night i just love love when i was a kid back in the 80s now days you see people geting mad at eatch other why is that i love the 80s music to that was the best year of my life 1985 i just cant stop thinking about the 80s i go to bed crying about the 80s it was the best i no iam a big child of the 80s let the 80s rock on.
From: michael lane

I was born in 1979, so I was entering the world as the new decade was about to begin. Growing up I loved the hairstyles and the clothes. Girls with froofroo skirts with socks rolled down in high heels. Not to mention the bright colored blazers. Not only did the females have the hair, but the guys. Sometimes their hair was just as big. But THE ULTIMATE was the music!!!!! Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Madonna, etc. I just doesn't get better than that. It was when MTV was actually music videos, not stupid shows about teenagers and men humping moose. Though I was too young to enjoy the dance clubs and things like that, it was still a great time to grow up in!!!!!
From: Hollie Gina Marie Sanchez

I was born in '82. Im just old enough to remember the 80's. I remember everthing. How could anyone like the 90's? The new G.I. joes suck. There are no more slap bracelets. My Nintendo won't work anymore. I haven't had red Koolade in years. I can't find any black and white checkered shoes by Vans anymore. I get made fun of for saying rad. Dude, the 80's were the greatest set of years the world has ever seen. Nothing will ever compare. Keep your memories fresh. Someday its all going to come around again.
From: Dillon

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