Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in 1972, so I was a teenager during the eighties as well. What I remember and miss the most about the eighties is the music. Rap music and hip hop really became big around this time. Whenever I hear an old rap song by old schoolers like Big Daddy Kane, BizMarkie, or to take it way back, DJ Kool Herc or Kurtis Blow, I can just see people breakdancing and pop locking. I fell in love during the eighties for the first time with a group of boys called New Edtion and still love them to this day. They were the best dancers and wore some of the flyest gear (old eighties terminology). I am the mother of a three year old and I plan to tell her all about this wonderful decade.
From: Shon

I love the 80s because it was the end of the 70s! As David Bowie quipped, '70s? I certainly helped bury some of the corpses' Tacky clothing and terrible self-absorbed egocentric musicians were replaced by streamlined fashion and experimental artists. Free market capitalism and trending away from social safetynets and an end to smelly hippies. High culture returned with the death of the earthloving 70s cultural relativists. Take it from me, the best thing about the 80s was the demise of the 70s--if you couldn't hack the 80s, odds are, you shoulda moved to Cuba.
From: Joe

I live in South Africa, a place that many Americans didn't even know existed in the 80s!! I was born in 1985 yet I remember, jelly shoes, shocking pink socks, side ponytails, Barbie and the Rockers. I still know all the words to Ducktales,Talespin etc.. I owned 2 poodles and was scared of the Cabbage Patch Kids. I watched Blossom, McGuyver, Family Ties, the Wonder Years, Growing Pains, Who's The Boss .. sing it with me now..!! Man, those were the days...
From: Melissa Brouard

Oh, boy! I was born into Feb of 1980, I don't remember much until about '85. There were alot of memories of the great pop music that came about and not to mention hair bands! Cars were taking on a whole new look and became wimpy. The muscle era died quick, Jap cars and compacts were poping up everywhere. There were still some few mucsle cars around like the Camaro Z28, Corvette, Buick Grand National, Olds Cutlass just to name a few. I remember short shorts that men wore, and tube socks up to your knees. Jeans were cool, especially the jean jacket. Challenger blew up, and probably is a memory I will never forget. Cable TV hit big with MTV and ESPN! I remember Atari, The original Nintendo was the start of the new video game era with Super Mario Brothers being very popular amongst us kids. I remember when we bought our first Computer...A Tandy 1000, heheh. Cordless phones were big and became trendy. There were still things of the 70s around as well, which showed up more in left over cars that were around, and in homes. We had some funky flower patterened furniture which had some wicked colors, yellow, brown, and green. We had red carpet with black flower patterns in it. The kitchen was all white with metal cabinets and counters. Hair styles for women were something else, hoop ear rings and every color of the rainbow was worn. Punky Brewster is a good example of that. There were alot of things the 80s brought to us and it was a transition decade into a more modern era with computer technology taking off to make all our lives more convenient. Yeah, gas prices!! Remember when gas was like 75-80 CENTS A GALLON!
From: Daniel Burkhart

Oh yes, the fantastic 1980s. I'm amazed that a few people knock this decade, because it was great from start to finish. The music, movies and fashions were superior to these corny, recycled 60s and 70s trends of today. In the 80s we had rock, metal, punk, new wave... an enormous variety of music; today we get this rap trash and too much hillbilly country. In the 80s, females actually had sex appeal; eye catching clothes, shapely bodies, aerobics and permed hair were the trends. Now we get baggy, boring clothes, pencil thin shapeless bodies, yoga and straight hippy hair. The 60s are so old and lame, but "pop culture" and corporate marketing has repackaged some of the fads from that era as "new, hip trends." The 80s carried over into the early 90s too, but by 1995, most of the music and fashions went down the tubes. Bring the 80s back!
From: Dan and Lisa

The 80s ruled! I was born in 1970 so I remember the 80's quite well! I had a Cabbage Patch Kid, Smurf stuffed toys, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Care Bears, etc. The television shows I watched and never missed an episode of were Punky Brewster, Family Ties, Three's Company, and Facts of Life. Can you all remember wearing the "shaker knit" sweathers, stretch pants with the elastic that went around your feet (haha) coupled with a long blouse with the belt that you wore pointed downwards and pearls knotted and worn around your neck, genie pants, slouch socks, peter pan suede boots, suede coats, and then later on acid washed jeans and the higher and curlier your hair was the better. Everyone wore "faces" light pink lipstick and if you were really suntanned that was really cool!! What I do not miss is the phase of the flourescent yellow sweatshirts! Yuck! The music in the 80's was absolutely the best!! I had my records/tapes by Wham, Duran Duran, Men at Work and Paul Young (who I managed to go see in concert) and I listened to them on my Walkman or ghetto blaster all the time. And just imagine... I had a crush on Michael Jackson and George Michael!! But hey... I was young, remember? Anyway, that's my little speel about the 80s.
From: Joanne

Why I Love The 80s: They're better. They just rocked. I was born in 1990 and I feel terribly cheated because I DIDN'T get to experience the 80s...I'd pay good money to have been born 20 years earlier so I could live through my favorite decade of all time! Everything about the 80s is just awesome, the music, the fashion, the TV shows/movies, the ads...and did I mention the MUSIC?! God today's music is crap and I don't understand how anybody can stand to listen to it. I steer pretty much clear of an album if it isn't at least 15 years old because I know I probably won't like what I hear. My favorite band MR. MISTER needs to get back together!! I dress as retro as I possibly can and sure my brother makes fun of me for the teased-up hair and people give me wierd looks when I go out in public wearing fishnet stockings and legwarmers, but who gives? III <3333 THE 80s and if I had my way, I'd discover time travel, go back and live through 'em from start to finish!
From: Kate

I was born in December of '69, so the 80's carried me from my tenth to twentith birthday. Those were such times. The music was just everything, and then came music videos. Now in the small down I lived in, there was a big debate about MTV, and the cable company didn't carry it for the first year or so. Every weekend, I would stay up from 11 pm to 4 am watching "Night Tracks" on the USA channel. When we finally got MTV, the crush I had on Martha Quinn was only beat by the crush on Kelly LeBrock after Weird Science. On Saturday, you could still watch hours of un-censored Buggs Bunny cartoons and follow that up with Commander USAs Groovy Movies for Kung Fu and Vampire flicks. The first microwave I saw was about the size of a 25" TV. I begged for an Atari, then an Intellivision (with the british guy), then Colecovision. I never got any of them until I bought the first model Nintendo with my own money. Back then you would never miss a Peanuts holiday special because at best you only had a dozen or so channels to choose from. Ferris Bueller, Goonies, Lost Boys, Vacation, First Blood...Rambo was such badass. A pocket full of mom's stolen laundry quarters for the video arcade. A locker full of Hackey Sacks. Square Pegs. Reagan. The Cold War and Rocky IV. Those were good times, I thank God I got to live them.
From: Devon

I love the 80's because they were "wicked awesome". I still have rubber bracelets and Care-Bears. I love the 80's because I listen to my Wham tapes as well as Run-DMC. I am only 17, but late 80's rocked!
From: Joely

In the 80's everything was pure and clean. Regardless of how stupid it might have seemed WE thought it was cool! You didn't have to worry about going to school and getting killed by your classmates or being checked by cops just to get into school! Our shows didn't push the limits on what was risky and our music, GOD our music, was something that the world will never have again. The music was from the heart and sometimes just plain stupid, but went to the top. Yeah our clothing was a little crazy, but it's coming around again. Our heros were real people and not some made up video game character. We respected our elders and obeyed the laws. For us to raz up a car was to put racing stripes on it or add more speakers or bigger tires and you didn't go broke doing it. You could go out on a date for $20.00 and STILL have money left over! I miss those days.
From: Brian Davis

I like the 80s because they dared to be different and weird. The early 2000s were disgustingly similar to the late 90s and it seems like all 2000-2009 is going to be a 10-year long 1998. Maybe the Killers and Franz Ferdinand can bring keyboards back. And at least numetal is falling out of favor :)
From: Mario

I was born the 26th June 1971. I am italian. I want say to you that my memories are the same memories of yours. Amricans, canadians, english, french, we have the same mithos: Arnold, Supercar, A-team, riptide, etc, etc...I was growing up with this series and now i have a son and unfortunately he will grown up in the 2000 years...anyway, i will try to pass to him something of the faboulous '80!!! Bye Bye guys and girls! Eduardo
From: Eduardo

The music. All those great groups like Men Without Hats, Men at Work, The Bangles, Wang Chung! That great combination of New Wave and Pop! Wayfarer Sunglasses,too! Had to have your 'Wayfarers!'
From: Paul

I am a born again in 1982/1983er, similar ot a born again christinan in its own sense, let me explain. I had these feelings that I was born in the early - mid 80's, just because I feel the music, the fads, the fashion, the trends, the movies, the saturday morning cartoons, the commercials, the 80's celebs, the T.V. shows,. Just the whode way of life back then. Beacause I am really born in 1990, and whenever I would watch an 80's movie, or re run tv show I would feel guilt, shame, saddness, and anger. So I went to a spiritual channeler. He told me that I actually was born between 1982 and 1983, I was a baby and I died at birth and I came back in a past life(the body I am in now). It all makes sense because my mom always said that when I was born I was awake and looking around, unlike other babies who were crying. I started watching TMNT at the age of 2 months, I even have those burger king kids club TMNT videos from 1990 (I have 3 out of the 4). It was as if I was 7 or 8. So that is my story if you actually bothered to read all of this, I pay you ahmens.
From: Jonathan

Why do I love the 80's? Hmm...where to start? Well, I was born in '81, the first music video I ever saw was Madonna's 'Material Girl', then I remember watching a lot of Punky Brewster episodes, Who's the Boss, Family Ties, Alf, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Rainbow Bright, and some show about inventions that would be on TV at like 6am every Saturday morning. I remember having these neon peach-orange shortalls that I wore almost everywhere, my 'Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century' glitter decals t-shirt, and my pink glitter decals dress that later became a t-shirt (lol!), and my old basketball sneakers that I ripped under a bus seat. I remember being very into the side-ponytail hairstyle, and playing a lot of Pac-Man - I still have the original Pac-Man shaped console, and one of those view-finder things that have circle-shaped films. And the 80's are one their way back, if the fashions are anything to go by! Hooray!
From: Gen

I love the 80s because I used to love to watch the Great Space Coasters early in the morning while my mom would make my sisters and I Cream of Wheat for breakfast. I also loved that people were...borderline activist but getting better all the while, you know; keeping the struggle alive. Every one has become too complacent nowadays. I loved to rollerskate with my sisters in the park. And most of all... I loved my Punky Brewster Socks with all the colors and the individual toes (I think those are coming back). They were my favorite! I would wear them with my green Girl Scouts pants I "inherited" from my older sister August. Yeah, those were the days. Rubix Cubes, Uno and Twister. Oh what about Atari? I was smitten when they invented a Mrs. Packman. People were'nt always on such high alert,either. And believe it or not, things were a lot more layed back. I miss bands like: Heart, Dokken, Tesla, The Kinks, Tina Turner, Michael (the real)Jackson etc... Pop-Rockin in Ozone Park, entertaining Pop-off's and spinning on the half shell. If only my kids knew me then. Ahhh the sweet life. The Greatie 80s.
From: Rainy Garay

I was born in 1985, so I do rememember some of the 80s. I wore the jelly shoes loved them, the scrunch sock, the spandex pants with the strap on the bottoms,the Guess clothes along with the Jordache jeans. The hair on the side, with the big bangs. The tight high water jeans. I remember some of the music, but not much. I remember alot of the cartoons like Jem, Fraggle Rock, Inspector Gadget, Garfield & Friends, Pound Puppies, My Little Pony,along with Rainbow Brite. What about the the toys? Remember Glow Worms, Lite Brite, and Care Bears? I think in alot of ways some of the 80s is making a big come back because what kids know today is what we charish forever. Some of the 90s, especially the early 90s were somewhat like the 80s, but things change and you know what they say: "What goes around, comes around." So for the fans of the 80s, just remember the good times you had and charish those memories. What was in the 80s are now coming back alot in the 00s today.
From: Brittnee

I was born in the Philippines in 1972. I guess I was just too young to remember the 70s, so my most cherished childhood years were that of the 80s. My siblings and I grew up a stone's throw away from the capital, Manila. This city was just totally influenced by western culture. Mr Donuts,Dunkin Donuts,McDonalds...two all beef patties special sauce la di dah....Shakey's,Tang,Coke and Pepsi, we had a fill of those too. We loved watching ET,Star wars,Battle Star Galactica,Superman Mr. Reeves, Flash..savior of the universe...man that Dale actress was a cutie. "The Sure Thing" was a masterpiece and I wanted to marry Daphne Zuniga. Karate Kid seemed like an award winning movie to me back then. We had loads of west animation in the 80s. There was the Superfriends,Yogi, He-Man,Thundercats, Voltron, and more. Boy George, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Wham, Tears for Fears, The The, etc. were hitmakers. There were strut,breakdancing on the loose. Looking back, life was a lot easier then. If bad memories were excluded and if I were to describe the 80s in three words They would be fun, fun and fun. How's that?
From: ray

I was born in 1960,yes thats right,and I think the 80s rule!In 1980 I was 20 years old and at the top of my game. I joined the military in 83 and this time was the best of my healthy years. The music stands out most. Van Halen, U2, The Boss, too many to list. I still listen to the same cassettes that I had back then. My wife really doesn't care for my "Eighties Parties",but every so often its nice to grab a beer put on the eighties glasses and some Wang Chung and cut loose! I even had a custom licence plate made for my porsche 944,(its just like the one in Sixteen Candles)that says 80sthng, I hope people get it! Our country has come a long way now, the wrong way... we could use a little 80s mentality in our government now! 80s ON EVERYONE!
From: Don Castle

I was born in 1989, and even through I wasn't born in the 80s, I am into some of the 80s music that young people my age don't listen to!! PEACE OUT!!!
From: Sharon Avery

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.