Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I loved the 80s even though I was only born in 1989, doesn't mean I can't like them does it? It was the best period ever for music and films. I love the nights at clubs where they play the music like Duran Duran, David Bowie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Thompson Twins, The Bee Gees (You Win Again), Belinda Carlisle. The films were so great I could go on for ever, but I'll mention a few of my favourites, which include, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Goonies, E.T., Radiers Of The Lost Ark, Back To The Future, Never Ending Story, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi, Superman II, The Fox And The Hound, Cocoon, The Monster Squad. Well that's my two cents for you!!!
From: Jennifer McKee

I was born in 1992,and I grew up listining to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones (wich I am excited to see next month) etc. My father has been creating the history of music/rock n roll just like his father before him (from the 1940's till today)I have been so fortunate to listen to great music of Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Peter Paul & Mary, Queen, U2 and many many more! Rap was OK when the Beastie Boys did it but now today it talks about killing, drug dealing and lots of inappropriate content that my classmates of 12-14 years just go around an repeat eveything, thinking that they are so cool they get killed for it becouse it is somehow tied in with gangs. How does this tie in with the 80s? I thank God every day for my father showing me the VHS film that he recorded off his Beta Machine of LIVE AID.
From: Amanda

This period represents for me high emotions, nostalgic times, great music videos, and great moments. Long live the 80s!!!
From: Bernardo Casarin

Like most people here I was not born in time to enjoy most of the eighties. I was born in 1984...so I only have vague memories myself! But I do remember that throughout the eighties and early nineties I always found stuff to be amused by...it all seemed to end around 1996/97 time when people, I think, started becoming more judgemental about things. Also the yob culture, exemplifed by people like Eminem, Blazin Squad etc started to become glamourised and mainstream around then. I suppose it is just simple nostalga really...as a lot of the corporate rot that we suffer today was started in the eighties as well as the nascent yob culture. But it did seem to be a more individual friendly decade than most. I wouldnt have like to have been around in the early eighties but I would have gone through it if it meant being old enough to appreciate the mid eighties to mid nineties time! Like me, most people seem to have grown up around the late nineties when there was just nothing to do...everything just became bland in a really bad way and thre were no movements or real trends to belong to anymore. As well as that it became an either or situation with no real mainstream culture for young people to belong to. In my day you either had to be a goth/indie type or a complete yob. I suppose you could have been a skaterboy and bridge the gulf between indie and yob but nobody likes skater boys and...well...you gotta be able to skate! I didnt want to be a member of any prevailant group. In the eighites there were different post punk groups, new romantics, rock and prog rock groups to be a part of and be interested in...the list is endless! Loads of great mainstream music and movies! I mean a lot of it actually was corporate...hate to burst a few bubbles...but it was driven by a lot of individual artists that found the corporate sponsorship they needed rather than being exclusively created by corporations. I mean Rick Astley was pretty corporate...but you could tell he had input in his own songs and he abandoned music afterwards because of the attention! How many people can you imagine doing that these days? And the late eighties early nineties rave scene! I would have loved to have witnessed the birth of trance and happy hardcore! I like quite a few musical genres and during that time frame you get quite a lot of good crossovers like aerosmith and RunDMC, madonna crossed over a lot with her music, and UB40 as well as Simple Minds! Ah! The list goes on! As well as all the amazing shows out then! Going live! Trev and Simon were classic! Thundercats, He-man, good old tennage mutant ninja turtles! I mean...if the eighties had produced just Ghostbusters alone it would earn a special place in my book! I used to love ghostbusters! Still like em but was passionate about them when I was young. And Batman! I still rate that movie very highly as I think its an amzing piece of design with good renditions of the characters from all the actors concerned. And whlst we are on the subject of Mr Burton (another example of a corporate backed individual genius) what about Beetlejuice? Still one of my favourites that I would probably place above Batman! A classic! Where are those sorts of off beat movies today? We had to wait until 1999 for the matrix! Also, music wise, in the late eighties early ninties you got the seattle music scene. I dont personally like nirvana (I prefer Alice in Chains). But my point is that there was something for everyone in that time frame! I think people are gradualy getting a bit tied of this either or mentality we developped in the nineties. Things are changing a bit...but it still doesent compensate us who were born in the 1982-1990 timeslot for growing up in perhaps the most individually intolerent and generally boring time period probably known to teenagers since the early fifties! The only saving grace is that at least we can remember certain things before it all got boring...though of course that may be bad as we can remember and long for something better...I suppose it may not matter about when you are born as where you are born. And the people you meet and the tolerace you find. I daresay there are actually a few people out there who loved the ninties and the noughties in their entirity and found stuff there that will never forget and that will be as special as some of those eighties memories are for people here! However I fell its not just me...a lot of my contemporaries, even those notionally part of different groups expressed dissatisfaction with the culture of the day and a longing to return to what were viewed as better decades. Though most I met would have preferred the seventies rather than the eighties. But that still doesent stop the eighties from rocking! I even liked the fashions! Even the mainstream seemed to have something about it! I mean shoulder pads! Cool! This has been a longer comment than I intended..sorry about that but when I start philosophising...or rambling...very hard to stop...anyway peace out! And thank you to the people of this site for providing a forum for inveterate nostalgics like me to rant until their heart's content!
From: James Roberts

I totally love the 80s and I really wish I grew up in the 80s! Go Journey!
From: Timmy Howell

OMG....I loved the 80s! I was born in 63 and could never relate to any music until the late late 70s with new wave (Cars, David Bowie, Blondie) and it only got better. I graduated high school the year MTV started, and spent the 80s in the Air Force having mega-fun. Of course the best part was in the mid 80s when I partied and skied my butt off in Germany to all my new wave music. The 80s were totally awesome!!!!!
From: Jeanette

I went to high school in the 80s . It was a blast. Music, hair, clothes, cars, parties . *o's punk was cool too. School was fun too. I wish I could go back in time . I went to my 20 year high school reunion and it was fun , I got to see all my high school friends.
From: Katie

Ah the 80s! Big hair, Miami Vice, Duran Duran, neon colors and Michael Jackson, before we knew what he was up to! I miss "Smokin' In The Boys Room" and "Mr. Roboto"! Designing Women on TV and Pretty in Pink on the movie screen. Those were the days. My kids asked me the other day to tell them about the olden days. Can you believe they meant the 80s?
From: Christa

I LOVED the Eighties! In 1981 I was a freshman,and in 1985 I graduated! I truly had the experience of enjoying wonderful music, and everything that went with it!! The styles, leg warmers, the Madonna look, big sweaters and leggings, are just to name a few. And yes, I used tons of hairspray for the biggest, but coolest, hair styles!! I was totally enthralled in the music of the eighties!! Two words, DURAN DURAN!!! I was, and still am, their biggest fan! Even though we are all getting older now, I will always be a huge fan of the Eighties!! ROCK ON!!!!
From: Tracey

I was born in 1974. Yes I have witnessed the glory of the 80s - Television: television was magical, with shows like Cosby, Three's company, Hunter, Miami Vice etc... - Cartoons and toys: These things were more real and much more quality back in the 80's. Cartoons were not commercial as they are today. - Movies: Best ever made, Back to the Future is the greatest movie I've ever seen. Not to forget ET, Encounters of the 3rd kind, LA dragnet, Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places, License to Drive, and many others. - Music: The peak of all time, stood up to the greatness of the 60's and even more. Bee Gees, Police, Breakdance, Alphaville, Depeche Mode, Air Supply, Rebelious Madonna, and thousands more. - Cars: Cars in the 80s were real feel. Today's cars are commercial plastic. In the 80s a Mercedes, a BMW even a VW Golf looked and felt more real more quality more stylish. - MTV: Yes it was actually a watchable TV station back then. A very watchable TV station. Now it's only a bunch of crap. Everything was more genuine, branded, and original. No copies, no unnecessary flavours, just the real thing. Of course there were no personal mobile phones and personal computers and Internet as the situation is today, but people were more sociable, less stressed and much happier. In the 80s it was cool to be a man and women weren't as bitchy and bossy as they are today. Ronald Reagan, the star wars program, the USSR, and the crazy unfair war in Lebanon. THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY- BACK TO THE FUTURE.
From: Kev

I like the Smurfs......DUH!
From: destiney

I love the 80s! I was born in 1988, but some things from the 80s still lingered in the early 90s. Smurfs! I miss the Smurfs! I always wished I could have one!
From: Jade

I was born in November 1982, so I suppose this would technically make me a 1980s child. The 90s were really my teenage years. I started school in 1987 at the age of 4. I have many great memories of the 1980s. I remember the [dorky] clothes, the hot toys, the awesome cartoons, and the cutting edge video games. At least for the time. I think Iâ€TMll share one of my fondest video gaming memories. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love video games. I especially love the old ones that grew up with. Iâ€TMm not gonna go off on any tangent about how video games just suck nowadays. They just donâ€TMt make them like they used to. Anyway, I have story to share about the first ever time I played the 8-bit NES. It was 1988, summer and [most] kids were home from school. The systems was intentionally purchased for as well as with my sister in mind. She had just completed her first year of college and was pretty psyched. However, I am the one who ended up mastering and dominating the darn thing. You could get me away from the thing. My cousins lived right upstairs from me and they played along with me. My father would always yell â€oeyâ€TMall get off that stupid machine and come eat before your dinner gets cold”. We always ate cold food but didnâ€TMt care. Even when I wasnâ€TMt playing, I was playing…..in my head. I knew every single game by heart and had all my favorites pat down. The first game I played (in all itâ€TMs 8-bit glory) was Friday The 13th. The game was way cooler than the movies for those who havenâ€TMt played it. Other great games such as like Castlevania 2: Simonâ€TMs Quest, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda 2 soon followed as my list of favorites. I am so blessed to have been born in the 80s, especially the top of the decade so that I had time to enjoy most of the cool stuff. For anyone out there who gives you crap about the 80s, tell them to go screw themselves…The 80s were hot and donâ€TMt forget that.
From: Timothy

The 80s were all about Lady Di, and then Princess Di - SHE controlled the fashion - Ruffles, Bows and HATS! From her gorgeous wedding dress with puffed sleeves, lace, ruffles and flounces to her stunning gowns, to her maternity outfits and even her jeans! She was on EVERY magazine cover. Too bad she is gone now....I'd like to see the 80s come back with all it's innocence and charm! GOOD BYE forever 70s!!! I am sooooo sick of your non-style!
From: Beth

Yes the eighties was definitely the decade to be brought up in. I can remember cartoons such as James the Cat, Stopit and Tidyup, The Trapdoor, Cokkleshell Bay, Pigeon Street, Star Bright, The Shoe people, Top Cat, Portland Bill, finger mouse, Button Moon, Danger Mouse,INspector Gadget, Captain Pugwash, Moschops, Mr Benn, Bagpuss, The Magic Roundabout, Rude Dog and the Dweebs, The mysteries Cities of Gold, Willo the Wisp, Grange Hill, Batfink, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Ewoks, Gummi Bears, The Flumps, Ulysses 31, Jamie and the magic Torch, Jimbo and the Jetset, Hong Kong Phooey, Orm and Cheep, Bananaman, Bertha, Fraggle Rock, Morph, Superted, The Raccoons, Battle of the Planets,Count Duckula, Familyness, Pob, The Clangers, The Moomins, Thundercats, Windy Miller, Ivor the engine, Bucky O'Hare, Budgie the Little Helicopter, The Care Bears, The Chamkins, Dr Zitbags Transylvania Pet Shop, Henry's Cat, Mary, Mumgo and Midge, The Perishers, Raggy Dolls, Rainbow Brite, Wizbit and Roobarb i could go on. All of these were classics. Nowadays it's just rubbish, bring back the old cartoons I say!
From: Diane

My teen years were THE BEST, & it happened to occur during the 80s! All I want these days is a time machine or a UFO with warp speed. Either will do, to bring me back to the 80s!
From: Chuck

I had the best opportunity ever. I was born in 1980. So I can remember the eighties a little bit, while still being able to say I was born in theat decade. Yes, I really do wish I could go back. In 1985 I started kindergarten (so fun!). My cousin who lives with us was born in 1987, my sister was born in 1988, my brother 1989, and my youngest brother 1991. The 80s will always be the best years of my life yeah 80s!!!!!
From: Rehanin

The 80s were the most absolute awesome decade of all, especially Miami Vice was born then! The fashions, music, everything was different then, what a humongous difference against what is IN nowadays, YUK!!!!! I do miss the 80s every single day of my life. If I just had a time machine, I would, without hesitating a second, go back to 1984, 1985, 86....I hate the 2000s!
From: MiamiVice

Like Omigawd! I was born in 1969 so I am like so totally stuck in the 80s! I thought I was soooo cool in my Zena jeans, listening to Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Alphaville, Duran Duran - what a decade. I permed my stick straight hair til it practically fell out, then teased it so high - I had the most bitchin mullet ever. I pretty much only listen to 80s music (sad, but true) - and didn't even realize it til late in the 90s when my brother laughed and told me that I am completely stuck in the 80s. Don't worry, I have safely tucked away my baggy jeans and alligator shirts with the starched collars, but I really miss that decade!
From: Patty

I was born in 1994 (I'm currently in the 7th Grade) and absolutely LOVE 80s music and some of the fashion. I listen to Duran Duran, Poison, The Bangles & others. They call me "Rio"! LOL!!!
From: Cathryn

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.