Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I loved the 80s from 1986 - 1989 when I spent every Saturday at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA dancing at Studio K and Cloud 9. If you have any pictures of these time frames from Studio K and/or Cloud 9 crowds, please email me at stephen.l.becker@gmail.com . I am looking to build a tribute site to Studio K and Cloud 9.
From: Steve

I love the 80s because of Van Halen! They are the hottest band EVER! My favorite guy is Eddie Van Halen, he is sooooooo hot! Even though the year is 2007, I pretend like it's 1984!!!! I never listen to anything but Van Halen! Rock On!!!!!!
From: Megan

I was born in 1975 and being a child of the 80s was a good time because I remember watching the movie Tron and thinking it was awesome because of the graphics. I also remember being a fan of Meundo and I had their music when Ricky Martin was a kid in that group. I also remember using my old computer back then and you had to take a nap while downloading some stuff. Also, these people in there 20s on this page are making me feel old and I laugh at reading what they say on here. Anyone from 20 to 29 is still young, and the late teenagers on here are babies compared to them.
From: Allen C. Sokolik Jr.

I love the 80s because my life was so simple then. I was born in 1971 and can remember all of the cool toys, music, and magic of the 80s. There was nothing better than the Smurfs and baking cakes for my daddy in my Easy-Bake Oven. I loved my Kissing Barbie and it was just the greatest time ever!!!! I graduated in 1989 and it was sad to see the decade end with my childhood!
From: Laura

I love and miss the 80s. I'm a resident of 1981 and I can pretty much remember everything from the time I was one years old so the eighties and I are pretty close. I remember the first Black Barbie doll; my mother gave it to me for my first christmas! I remember coveting things like Teddy Ruxspin, Rainbow Brite, She-ra, and, gah of course the infamous JEM doll (15 inches)!....I still want the Jem doll. Oh and I had lots of My Little Ponies....LOTS! I miss my cartoons Transformers, Jem,of course, G.I.JOE, M.A.S.K (remember that show?), He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I can't for get Thundercats! The Last Unicorn was the first animated motion picture that I loved just as much today as I did then! Can't forget my music. Prince, Tiffany, Berlin, Irene Cara, and BLACK Micheal Jackson. And lastly can't forget my movies: Back to the Future, naturally, Sweet Sixteen, The Breakfast Club, Highlander, Conan, Robocop, Running Man, Die Hard, Stand By Me, Tron and a bazillion others. Oh I almost forgot. Primetime Television was truly a time for families where sitcoms and dramas weren't anything too intense for young impressionable minds. I will always remember Hunter, Remington Steel, the A*Team running along side shows like The Cosby Show, Night Court, and A Different World. And who could forget Quantum Leap? I wish he made it home! :D
From: Christi

The 80s were, are, and will ALWAYS be the best times and years of my life! I was born in 1976. For starters my dear grandmother and mother were still alive. In 1981 I went to Disney World and they were just building Epcot. I remember going to Wild Wood New Jersey and the Flock Of Seagulls would be blaring out of the shops on the boardwalk! It was such a cool time to watch the vendors do airbrushing and decals on the tshirts there! We cant forget the Oakley blazers in hot bright neon colors too! I remember the hot pink and neon nail polish we all used to wear to go with our hot pink bangles, jellies and sometimes hair! lol! The music how each song had a different sound and not watered down like today's stuff. Bring back Warrant, Skid Row, and of course I loved New Kids On The Block! The movies Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, and St Elmo's Fire! Bring it all back! Yes it might be babyish compared to today's stuff but I would rather see those movies than watch all the violence they have out now. My wonderful mother standing in line at 3am waiting for the doors to open to our Dry Goods store at Leo Mall, to buy me my first cabbage patch doll! Cant forget the Pogo Sticks Hot Wheels that made a siren sound when you pushed a button! I could go on and on about those wonderful 80s that I miss so dearly! Such great memories, such wonderful times!
From: Michelle Moulder

I like the eighties for some of the sweetest heavy metal music. I happen to have been born in 1989. Def Leppard is the sweetest band ever. Rock on!
From: Derek Peterman

I am Mexican and was born in 1978. The 80s in Mexico where probably a little different than in the U.S. One of the things I remember the most was my "Computer" class at school. I don't know about you, but I remember NO MOUSE, and pressing CTRL+TAB and the bar space or CTRL+ALT in the screen to move "around"...and only see BLACK and GREEN! The screen was obvious black and the letter type was probably "Times New Roman" and green. I remember the diskettes where more than 5.25 inches square about 1 millimeter thick and they where all black and flaccid. And I remember making my secondary school thesis with only one letter type, and all my friends had the same as me...no style. What I miss the most about the 80's is playing OUTSIDE... when storming of rainning we used the Intellivision or later the Atari (and played Pac-Man) to entertain us, and I remember my brother and me playing in the garden for loooooong hours building highways made by masking-tape and paper little towns... and the people who lived in "those towns" where my "Silvanian Family" puppet animals, and my brother's "Micro Machines”, we also used the "Little Pony", Barbie, Ken and Skipper. When watching television I remember the Cartoons of the "Care Bears", and "The Robinsons Family", "Mazinger "Z", "Here comes the Grump" in Mexico the name was "El Cascarrabias". I can only laugh and enjoy remembering! What a great AGE was that and what a great webpage, who had this idea? And about the music... I remember Depeche Mode, "Tan tan na na na tan ta tan I Just can't get enough, I just can't get enough..." Sinéad O'Connor with "Nothing Compares", and R.E.M. with "Shiny Happy People", and MADONNA of course the queen of all, and Freddie Mercury!! All of them! Michael Jackson with the video "Thriller", and MC Hammer "U Can't Touch This" and Vanilla Ice. There is so much to remember!... until I became older and then the Nintendo appeared followed by the evolution of the GameBoy and then PlayStation and now all the kids have lost their imagination and the ability to be CREATIVE! I really miss the 80s and spread the whole hairspray can on my hair and have a 2 meter hair look with my TIGHT LEGGINGS in all full colors with big belts.
From: Ana Landeta

I love the 80s - even though I was born in the 90s! I started reading about the 80s and it looked so cool! BRING THE 80s BACK~!!!!!!!!
From: Bri

I miss the 80s! Especially the elegant fashion of that period. And like many girls, I loved wearing over-sized jeans with suspenders - still like that look.
From: Ciara

Why I love the 80s: It was my teens years, so I was very impressionable. I loved the fashion-Wing back jumpers, leg warmers, jelly shoes, pedal pushers, chunky bracelets. I loved the break dancing, it was always big at the discos we had as teens. I loved the toys: the Rubik's Cube, Ker-Plunk, Connect 4, Pac-Man, Sindy doll, Atari games. The music; Howard Jones, Madonna, Wham, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran. I think I love just about everything of the 80s. I'm doing a scrapbook at the moments of the eighties as I recall them, the toys I played, with the fashions I wore, the music I listened to - so it's the 80s as seen through my eyes, it's a lot of fun looking stuff up and that's how I ended up on this site. There's no mention of the wing back jumpers though.
From: melanie

The 80s were better in so many ways I can't even think of where to begin. We actually made a point of getting together instead of sending text messages or e-mails. You didn't have the extreme violence on TV that you have today. The music was more positive and more fun. Big hair was kind of goofy looking back, but if that was the worst thing about the 80s.... I'd take it over NOW anytime. I miss those times. I was 15 years old in the middle of the 80s, 1985. The good times of the 80s carried on until around 1991. Music changed, attitudes changed.... it became cool to wear dirty clothes and be a slacker. Total regression and it's been pretty much downhill ever since. Sorry to be so negative, but it's true. The 80s were a more innocent, safer, less chaotic time. If you missed out, I'm sorry for you because you missed something special.
From: DJ

I was in my 20s in the 80s. I reveled in the big hair, the fashions and especially the music. But not until now, in my 40s do I realize what I missed by not knowing what was going on at the time. I'm not sure that makes sense to most people, but if I could go back in time I would enjoy the 80s with every fiber of my being. My 7 and 4 year old girls are HUGE fans of the music, and "dress up" times are all 80s. Living the era (again) vicariously through my kids. Oh well, they love it! Big hair really needs to come back!
From: Alex Hogan

I cannot express fully just how BLESSED I was to have been born in '68 -- Entering JR high when this incredible decade was just beginning --- then finally, the big HS. Just too many memories, emotions, experiences to express. A poll was taken one year ago [2006], asking about the past century (1900-2000). The results? The 80's was voted "best decade" for music, fashion, politics, movies, world views, etc. Well no wonder. And I got to live through it all! Entering JR high in 1980, then HS in '83. Then onto college in '87. Wow. Totally awesome. Even though I was a very shy girl during school, I was still very much a part of the "happenings". Duran2, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Huey Lewis - the dozens of alternative, punk & retro artists, and one-hit wonders. Not to mention the very best TV: HART TO HART, DUKES OF HAZZARD, COSBY SHOW, WEBSTER, GROWING PAINS(and the list goes on). And our fashions, you just couldn't beat. What girl DIDN'T wear leg warmers, banana combs, jelly slippers, plastic bracelets, feathered hair or the signature 'poodle' perm? And you guys had the "mullet". Don Johnson introduced the sport coat look. The birth of MTV. Changed American television forever. Nobody had ever heard of a "music video" before this. But after watching 'Video killed the radio star' (the Buggles). It was new, weird, different. We were hooked. And more music videos followed. Hundreds. MTV was the new household name. Dozens of one-hit artists and bands got introduced - who otherwise may never have been heard. Our main fasion influences were George Michael, Prince, Sheena Easton, Miami Vice, Madonna, and Duran2. Not to mention top Brat Pack films like THE BREAKFAST CLUB, PRETTY IN PINK, and FERRIS BEULERS DAY OFF. You couldn't beat our cover bands; Whitesnake, Poison, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, VanHalen, etc. Not only were the guys all totally hot, but they gave us killer rock n roll. And we also had the freaks that we loved: Boy George [culture club], Cindi Lauper, Flock of Seagulls. They put a different spin on our music. Then later, we were introduced to INXS, who gave us "New sensation" and "I'll give you what you need", and Richard Marx - who gave us the mellow, romantic, yet upbeat post-Barry Manilou-style. Growing up in the '80s was the best time of my life. Some days I would give anything to return. Relive so many awesome memories. The greatest inventions: The personal computer - word-processor (which would replace the typewriter), ATM's, walkman radios, tape recorders, the VCR; which allowed you to TAPE all your favorite shows while you were in school! Atari video games, Magnavox, the boombox, etc. The list goes on. What isn't there to praise about the '80s? I am beyond blessed to be able to contribute my memories. Bailey
From: Bailey

The 80s were a time of compassion, understanding, and joy....I remember as a young kid in the neighborhood running around living free and knowing that friends and family were what mattered. I remember cable TV and Nintendo and what a big deal that was. I remember my sister's hair-dos and my Neon green spring jacket...oh yes, the 80's were the best and I would trade anything to go back!! Why is is that then the world seemed so much better and happier. Today, everything is so different...people don't live anymore...in the 80's, everyone had to earn their living, therefore we knew how to enjoy life.Now, everyone is so greedy and unappreciative...and all we hear about is pain and suffering. The 1980s were awesome or should I say "totally rad"....if time travel was possible, I would go back to the 1980s right away.
From: Andy

I was born in December 1974. I have 4 beautiful kids now but I still wish I could go back to the 80s sometimes. The music, cartoons and television shows were the best. I remember quite well EVERYTHING 80s. The music, fads, shows, movies and MTV(when it was still good). My 2 preteen daughters think it's kind of "old school" but they still say they like stuff like 80s movies, and music. They absolutely LOVE Full House! I can remember when the only thing I would worry about is what I was going to wear to school. Everything seemed and was so much more innocent and carefree. How things change.
From: Patricia

I love the 80s I went to high school from 1982-1986. I liked the clothes everyone wore - everyone had there own style. I really love the 80s music. I still listen to 80s music today. It gets me into a happy mood when I listen to it. I can't stop watching 80s movies,over and over again. They were so cool,made you wish you were there. Like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Pretty In Pink, Just One Of The Guys, Sixteen Candles, and Breakfast club. Totally Cool:)
From: sheila owens

I was born in 1993. I thought life was the best - the best music, the best clothes, and all that. Then, on September,20 2007, I realized how good the music was! Now I love the 80s! Megadeth, Allman Brothers, Saxon, Metallica... THE 80s WILL NEVER DIE!!
From: Benlow

The clothes!!! I dropped my daughter off at school the other day and this girl had on a red and white sailor outfit, with red flat shoes. I told my daughter, I love that girl's outfit to which she replied, "Mother, today is 80s day." What a loser I felt like!
From: Donna Richey

It was the greatest time. At the time I was living in L.A. Torrance as a matter of fact.The radios were playing Duran Duran, Madonna was doing her debut, Reagan was President. Saturday nights Dillon's Club in Westwood, 321 in Santa Monica and The Odyssey at LaCienega Blv. The chicks dressed all like Madonna that was awesome. Michael Jackson was top hit. Weekends at Six Flags and Magic Mountain. Great surfing spot at Manhattan Pier. Z28 Camaros, The new looks of Corvette since the Sting Ray series. Grand Master Flash, The Gap Band, Human League, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, so many. Well, if only go back just for a minute... Tony from Brasil/ Rio
From: Tony

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.