Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Although I did not grow up in the 80s, my mom did. She's 32 right now and I'm 14. She still listens to all of her old music like Guns n Roses, Skid Row, Warrant, Poison, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, KISS, etc. She was a big influence for me to LOVE the 80s but I think if it weren't for her I would have still discovered how awesome it was on my own. Metallica and Guns n Roses are my favorites!I listen to 100% heavy metal/Rock. I also like a lot of the punk fashions that are still popular today. I love the 80s because it was a fun era and the music, not to mention the awesome hair metal bands!
From: Tricia

What wasn't to love?! Actually, there was plenty not to love, but being born in 1968, I had little choice in the matter. But I DID love it, and recall so many amazing events, songs, toys, games, clothes (good lord the CLOTHES!), the hair (oh man even better!), it all comes flooding back. The '84 Summer Olympic Games in my hometown; the Thriller video... hell, actually, the beginning of music videos in general (Buggles, MTV, you know the score by now); Nickelodeon; Oingo Boingo's 'Little Girls' and Dexy's Midnight Runners' 'Come On Eileen' (my first girlfriend in freshman year, 1982, was Eileen Sheedy); skate places, clove cigarettes, He-Man/MOTU figures; the night we went to see the sneak preview of Poltergeist; I could go on forever. Of course, as I wrote previously, there was plenty not to love, not least of which was the sickening spectre of nuclear war hovering just under the radar of just about everything we did... in that sense, the 80's were quite like the early 60's... but other things I didn't love: AIDS, Reagan, Falwell, Small Wonder (wait, was that the 90s?), the beginning of the Super Mall and the end of the Drive-In Movie; so much sucked too. But as with any decade or era, the good and bad co-exist and we look back with an eye blinded by nostalgia.
From: Mike Cathcart, Los Angeles

The 80s had this feel good music, and even the rock and roll had a tone of dreaminess, too. I was born in 1971. I saw the entire decade. In my opinion, no other decade after that is as awesome as the 80s. Reagan even had us believing we were free and happy. The sun was shining every day it seemed, or maybe that was just how happy and young I was. :)

I will always be an 80s child. Duran Duran(they are still around even outlasting the Beetles) and all 80s music rules!!!(at least the music was decent and clean back then)not full of filthy language and (cheap trash) like todays music, Atari,(Non violent video games) many many great movies, clothing styles from the 80s. Life was simpler and sweeter back then.Lots good looking guys and lots of great memories/ great family life and the goofy family dog. I did not care for the 70s and 90s music or clothing styles which recycled and copied each other Yuuck!. Please bring back the eighties!!!!!That was real taste and style!!!
From: 80s forever

The high class elegant classy fashions of then. At least celebs knew how to dress back then. Not the (cheap trashy bare all clothing styles and trends of today). We won't mention names. I will gladly pass.
From: Eighties Forever

I was born in 1973. All I can say is that I wish I could relive my childhood but with all the knowledge and experience I have now :)
From: nomeus@gmail.com

I graduated High School in 1980. I then went to college, played pro baseball, went back to school, and graduated college in 1990. I WAS the 80s! I loved the new wave music, polo shirts, 501s, awesome chicks just feeling their sexual oats, no cell phones (it was where you were), hair band rock, auto reverse cassette players (way cool), Coors light, Marlboro Lights (and smoke em anywhere), B-52's,...well obviously I could go on forever! It was great and every song I play, I have an extensive library, reminds me of a time when life was simpler, and gives me a specific memory to cherish...
From: Rob

Magnum P.I., cool chick bands, clubbing with my friends, Miami Vice (Saundra Santiago was and still is so sexy!) Rocky, pay phones (and the absence of cell phones), Ronald Reagan was the best! Bon Jovi!!
From: Mark W

Everything! Especially Joe Elliot! Def Leppard rules.
From: Nicole Darby

Man, the eighties were just so alive and everything was clear. It was an era of originality, especially for music and entertainment. THINGS SEEMED TO BE NEW ALL THE TIME! NOW, in the 00s, everything seems to be recycled. I FEEL SORRY FOR THE NEW GENERATION. I LOVED "LOST BOYS"!
From: Jason

Well, I┬'d like to say that I loved the 80s because of all the great toys, shows and movies. But I don┬'t think that┬'s the reason when I look back on my childhood. I think the real reason why I love the 80s so much is because I was safe. I had my parents that would take care of me, I had no financial worries, no responsibilities (except for getting decent grades and taking out the trash). We felt safer. What did we as children have to worry about? What new GI Joe to buy? And today, what are you worried about? Paying the rent on time? Electricity bill on time? We were children, life seemed so much bigger than what it does today. There wasn┬'t much that seemed impossible to us in our childish hearts. If we wanted to be a superhero, we could be. President? Sure, just get good grades! But as adults, we realize that certain things may be out of our reach. I love the 80s. I come home from work and turn on iTunes radio and listen to the 80s channel all day. I sit and dream and I think about how it was as a child. It┬'s great. What┬'s there not to love about the 80s? Movies didn┬'t suck like today, cartoons were fun, video games weren┬'t as violent or realistic as they are today. The world seemed HUGE! I guess what I┬'m trying to say is, I loved the 80s. But it wasn┬'t because things were better (which I believe they were) but it┬'s because we felt secure. Unlike today, were we are in charge of our own lives. I really miss the 80s. :( But I┬'m all for bringing 2007 to it┬'s knees and forcing 1987 back :)
From: Duncan

I was born in 1964, graduated high school in 1982 and college in 1987 (I took the five-year plan!!). Being in my late teens and early twenties was awesome in the 80s, being able to go clubbing and dancing to the music of the time (the best ever). Fond memories of getting a cottage each summer at Hampton Beach, NH with friends and partying every night!! Watching "Live Aid" on July 13, 1985 all day long on MTV and remembering the wicked cute girl in the white tank top sitting on a guy's shoulders while Phil Collins was performing (I wanted sooooo bad to meet her!!) and the incredible performance by U2 that day!! Remembering President Reagan returning our country to greatness!! Getting my first car and my first real girlfriend and my first job!! The great movies and TV shows....I love surfing the channels nowadays on a Sunday afternoon and finding an 80s movie on. An incredible decade that will never be matched!! I wish I had a DeLorean time machine to go back!!
From: TJ

I was born in 1964, graduated HS in 1982 and college in 1987. So I was in my late teens/early twenties during the 80s. Absolutely the best time ever for me!! I remember turning 21 in 1985 and being able to drink legally. Going clubbing and dancing to awesome 80s tunes!! My first girlfriend!! Remember how huge Phil Collins was in the 80s??....on his own and with Genesis. I remember watching him perform at Live Aid on the piano in both London and the USA. I fell in love with the totally cute girl sitting on a guy's shoulders wearing a bikini top that the TV cameras zoomed in on during Phil's performance in RFK stadium. I remember crushing on Mary Lou Retton during the 1984 Olympics. I remember how President Reagan restored power and much-needed respect to our country. People knock his presidency, but if not for him, we would be living in an entirely different world today. Great movies, great music, great styles, great times!!! If anyone ever builds a time machine (preferably a DeLorean!!) let me know, I'll be your first customer!!
From: Tom

There was a time when the M stood for Music in the name MTV. When the rock bands sold out stadiums in every city and not a "sell out" to their fans. I love BMX tricks, clothes, toys, cartoons, and mostly the free-spririted rock music of partying and excess. I still look and dress like I just walked off a M├Âtley Cr├╝e tour.
From: CRAW

First, responding to Hope Eugene, browse almost any music store for tons of 80s "mix" CDs. Sam Goody usually has a pretty extensive selection. I loved the 80s. I was born in 1970 so all my big memories are from 1980 on. First this and that...I thought Red Dawn was movie-making at its best when I was 14, as well as Footloose, The Outsiders, Pretty in Pink, and later my favorites were Less Than Zero and The Lost Boys. Midnight Star's Freakazoid is still on my iPod with Gap Band's You Dropped the Bomb On Me and countless other 80s tunes. However, Come On Eileen has been overplayed by every retro band around. 70s and 80s music and Widespread Panic are all that's on my iPod these days. I had bangs teased to Heaven and wore black rubber bracelets with baggy neon green clothes to follow Madonna's style, and wore enough blue eyeliner to paint the world. I loved growing up in the 80s and how absurd it looks to later generations. It was special, but I truly hope the AquaNet bangs fad won't make its way back into my 3-year old daughter's future!
From: Missy

I graduated high school in 1980 and that was just the beginning of a fun decade. I loved going out to the night clubs back then, there were several near me that always had great rock bands. It was such fun playing foosball, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, besides the usual game of pool and the countless pitchers of beer we went through. I remember when PONG came out and it was the coolest thing out and everyone had to have one, who would have thought that video games would be what they are now. I also remember a friend of mine who got his first computer, from Radio Shack if I remember right. He programmed things onto a cassette tape! ANCIENT! It was crude. It's amazing how technology has advanced so fast. I went through some very rough times in the 80s, but also had some of the best times in my life as well, and would go back in a heartbeat to relive them. I didn't have much money back then but still could have fun on a buck. There always seemed to be something to do. And the music! Remember the Super Bowl Shuffle????? LOL...And the Bears won!!!! There was such a variety of great music back then, but I gotta say I loved and still do and listen to the great hair bands. I have SIRIUS satellite radio and thankfully they have channel 23, HAIR NATION!!! I saw many in concert, Great White, Ratt, Poison, Warrant, LA Guns, Guns N Roses, the list goes on and on...........What an awesome decade!
From: Dave

I was fortunate to have been born in April 0f 1980. Diamonds are forever. So I got to experience the whole thing in the flesh. Above all other 80s experiences and memories, the cartoons stand out above everything else. Thundercats, MASK, Silverhawks, COPS, Vultron, Trans., Gobots GI Joe, Gummi Bears, Dungeons & Dragons, and CBS Storybreak (with the awesome beginning it had). I could go on and on... Nowadays, these brats don't know a cartoon when they see it!!!! Turn on Cartoon Network - a sell-out. When they first were introduced they showed Thundercats and Voltron, etc. But within no time at all, they started to remove these shows from their programming and replace it with modern cartoons they produce, which are garbage, like ed,eddy and ed and all this other crapola. And it is played in 4 hour blocks so if you miss it the first time you can see it 5 more times in a day. I guess they didn't want to have to pay royalties anymore to the creators of the older cartoons. It's just like reality TV - all the time on every channel. It's cheaper to hire some slobs off the street and pay them a grand or some lowly sum than to pay a well-known actor, even if they suck, $50,000 an episode or whatever. Also, all the guys responsible for the kick-*** 80s cartoons and even more important, movies of yesteryear are all dead or in their gray years, now retired. The new guys in charge have no imagination whatsoever and use cheap crude humor to make lame cartoons. That is the whole story my fellow 1980s brothers and sisters. But, don't give up hope! Thanks to DVDs, we now have entire seasons of old cartoons available to buy. So we can show our kids what a real cartoon is and, also relive the experience. Yeah baby! Yes, the eighties were cheesy, but we loved that cheese and ate it up.....nothing beats the Neverending Story when the kid is flying on Valcor at the end and we find out Atreyu's pony didn't die after all....or the Goonies when they see the pirate ship for the first time or "Babyruth"....the only things better about the 2000s are the video game consoles and where the web is at right now so I can tell all you people this little tale...peace
From: Kevin Hopcraft

The eighties were this magical period of discovery for me. I was born in 1977, so I don't remember the early eighties, but 84-89 was the best time of my life. My mom would make these mix tapes from the radio and we would listen to them on weekends when we drove to the mall or the amusement park. I remember that my favorite song was Men at Work's "Down Under." I still love that song. I heard Toto's Africa the other day and I cried. The eighties were just a great mix of music and fun, I loved the TV shows, the toys, the clothes and songs. I watched tons of MTV, I loved that show Remote Control where you had to name the video, I always knew every one. I wanted to be old enough to participate. My fantasy was to hang out with Molly Ringwald. Everything seemed new to me, I suppose it's because I was a kid, but as I have now traveled through the nineties and into the next century, I have simply not found the joy in pop culture that the eighties offered. I was in college during the beginnings of No Doubt, I was one of the millions who had Alanis' Jagged Little Pill, I went to Raves. It was all fun, but I can't help but think that if I had just been born ten years earlier that I could have worn big lacy Madonna bows on Friday nights and been friends with U2. I do still have Super Mario Brothers on my lap top. Yeah!
From: Clem

I was born in 1982, and really thought the 80s were radical! For example, one of my all time favorite all time favorite cartoons was the Muppet Babies!!! My dad loved it also and would watch it with me!
From: Hannah Morgan

I also remember listening to Paula Abdul, NKOTB and Madonna, along with a few of the other 80s bands. I would sing along with Paula Abdul and NKOTB on my First Sony red player, even though I'm sure I sounded pretty much off key, but it was fun anyway. I also watched a lot of cartoons and shows. Care Bears, Full House Alf, Punky Brewster, The Littles, David the Gnome, Mya the Bee, Nozzles, etc. I can remember when I was 6 years old watching the video, with my family,for the Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian and Peter Gabriel's Big Time. Awesome!
From: Hannah Morgan

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.