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The food in this section are not STRICTLY 80s only food. We have food that were widely available for purchase DURING the 80s. This section was recently redesigned, so if you have any problems please let ChuckyG know.

Are you an 80s food expert or just totally baffled by a leftover 80s food in your possession? We have a page for Unknown 80s Food when you can send in your pictures, or help others identify their unknown foods.

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Keebler Opera Cremes Cookies, Comment by Joe on May 27, 2022 - Report this comment
Baby Boomers were fortunate to have tasted Opera Cremes and having done so formed a loyalty to a product. Seems as if even Girl Scout cookies have adapted the "here today,gone tomorrow" standard for products. As result there is no longer the passion for GS cookies. Now, particularly now a cookie as was the Opera Creme, that pleased adult palate would appeal and please the adult population to the extent it be hard to keep them on the store shelves. 2022 is a year of almost everything increasing in cost. People tend to spend for quality favorites more so that substituting.Bring back the Opera Creme!!!!!!!!

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