Top Ten Cheeziest Videos of the 80s

Oh yeah, the eighties were a time of music videos, whether you watched Mtv, VH-1, or Night Tracks, or any one of about a dozen smaller music channels and half-hour shows. The thrill for me was to always see how bad some were. And some were really bad. It's amazing in retrospect that it took over 10 years for something like Beavis and Butthead to come along and start poking fun at some of the real duds.

In coming up with this list, concert video footage with almost nothing else didn't make it unless it was incredibly lame, I tried to stick to stuff people might have a chance of recognizing, and of course I stuck to the eighties. If you feel so inclined, please send me your list of top ten worst videos from the eighties (with comments for whichever you feel like) and I'll be sure to include them.

Stone Temple Pilots win an honorary mention as the first nineties band to actually try and imitate those cheesy eighties videos with their video for "Big Bang Baby". They took the cheesy computer graphic enhanced background set and did the ol' head shots inside of hearts ending ALA "Mikey". They definitely deserve credit for being brave enough to poke fun at the eighties video scene. It also confirms a deep held belief I had, that people would soon begin plundering the eighties videos for material so that their videos would resemble a history piece (like how Dee-Lite dresses up to look like they came out of a sixties sci-fi flick).

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