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Thanks to Warren Bakay for suggesting this page to me, I hadn't even realized until he mentioned it, the music industry is dredging up big hits from the last decade due to a not-so-surprising lack of imagination by the current stars. This should of course come to no suprise to most people, some big hits of the eighties were covers as well ("Mickey", "Der Kommisar", "You Keep Me Hanging On" (which was remade into a hit four times so far)). So far though, most covers have been pretty hideous. We only list songs that are originally from the eighties and are now being made into covers. We also only list a band if they're already well known or the group is making a lot of radio play with the remake.

Oh and to clear up a misconception a few people out there seem to be having about this page (and sending me very nasty letters). I have no problem with artists who do a cover of a song in concert, or because they are just starting out and don't have enough original material of their own for a full set of songs. As a matter of fact, cover bands can be great fun to go and see. All groups in modern history start out this way, I own a lot of The Beatles albums and they were the original cover group. A lot of early rock songs were covers of old R&B tunes. It's a fact of life.

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"Nativity In Black (NIB)", Originally by Black Sabbath, Remade by Primus featuring Ozzy Osbourne
Sounds like the original to me.
"Never Had No One, Ever", Originally by The Smiths, Remade by Billy Bragg
Amazing. Billy Bragg is stellar.
"Never Let Me Down", Originally by Cure, Remade by Smashing Pumpkins
Very cool. Haven't gotten sick of it yet.
"Never Let Me Down Again", Originally by Depeche Mode, Remade by Smashing Pumpkins
I actually like this a little better than the original. Music For the Masses was my least favorite DM album (Other than Strange Love) and this was my least favorite song on it. I didn't get any of the DM Tribute albums but I've heard a lot of the songs.
"Never Let Me Down Again", Originally by Depeche Mode, Remade by Smashing Pumpkins
Off of a tribute album to Depeche Mode. It's a great song.
"Never Let Me Down Again", Originally by Depeche Mode, Remade by Farmer Boys
A Hard Rock version of this cool DM song. Features a rather dull male and a great female voice. Not too bad, but comes nowhere close to the original. From their album "Countrified".
"Never Say Never", Originally by Romio Void, Remade by Queens of the Stone age
This track is found on "The Punisher" Soundtrack...I have to say I enjoyed the cover very well!!
"Never Say Never", Originally by Romeo Void, Remade by Kevorkian Death Cycle & Queens of Stonehenge
i had heard on the radio that this was being redone, so i searched for it on napster and found several versions. the one by Kevorkian Death Cycle is one of the worst abominations i have ever heard...i recommend that the singer be given a rabies shot immediately, as they sound simultaneously like they're foaming at the mouth and spitting out garbage...utter trash. however, the Queens of Stonehenge version was decent. it stuck to the original with a few quirks, and it was interesting to hear a guy singing it. however, none of these come anywhere near the original, an awesome song!
"Never Take The Place Of Your Man", Originally by Prince, Remade by Goo Goo Dolls and Lance Diamond
So pre-MTV-darling Goo Goo Dolls pack this soul singer onboard to do "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man." It ain't Prince, but a case could be made that one Prince is enough for the world anyway. It actually goes rather well until the very end, when they suddenly start full-blast what sounds like the B-52's cramming South Park's Chef into a circus organ. Other than that, it's entertaining enough.
"Never Too Much", Originally by Luther Vandross, Remade by Queen Pen
It's a great song. This one from Queen Pen named "All My Loves For You"
"Neverending Story", Originally by Limahl, Remade by Dragonland
Who would have thought a metal version of this song could be so great?
"Neverending Story", Originally by Limalh, Remade by A New Found Glory
Very ska song, not very bad. Sorry my english is patetic!!
"New Gold Dream", Originally by Simple Minds, Remade by The Echoing Green
I like both versions! While the original is very bouncy and has a synth riff that will get stuck in your head all day. The Echoing Green version (found on their album "Winter of Our Discontent") has a harder beat and the synth riff missing. As I said, I found both versions great in their own way, and it's rare that I ever like covers of my favorite songs.
"New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)", Originally by Simple Minds, Remade by The Echoing Green
I first heard of this song thanks to a really good friend of mine putting the cover version on a mix CD for me. Never knew it was a cover til I tried to find the song lyrics. As a self-professed 80s music lover, after hearing both versions, I must say that I enjoy them both. They were both well-done songs.
"New Religion", Originally by Duran Duran, Remade by Jimmy Eat World
I haven't heard the original, which is the cardinal sin in judging covers, but it does give one a more open mind as to judging the song as it stands alone. This is off of a Duran Duran tribute album, circa 1997. The most popular track from it was the Deftones take on "the Chauffer," but I find that the whole album is good, except for both versions of "Girls on Film" (the Bjorn Again version is too close to the original, and the other is poorly sung my some unfortunate drunk). New Religion is a stand-out track, with great emotional vocals from the guys in Jimmy.
"New Year's Day", Originally by U2, Remade by Front Line Assembly featuring Tiffany on vocals.
Amazing cover. It was quite unexpected that Front Line Assembly would have Tiffany do the vocals, but it turned out really well.
"Next To You", Originally by The Police, Remade by The Offspring
Very good cover, the quality is very best than the original and the voice is the highets!
"The Night", Originally by Valerie Dore, Remade by Princessa
Not bad I guess. More American disco sounding. The original was smooth and mellow. Cool if you like Valerie Dore.
"The Night", Originally by Valerie Dore, Remade by Valerie
Cool techno version. Does justice to the original. Shocked me that the name was Valerie and she was covering a song by another Valerie. But who cares, sounds great.
"Night Boat", Originally by Duran Duran, Remade by Deftones
Like the Chauffer they did a good job with it!
"A Night Like This", Originally by The Cure, Remade by Smashing Pumpkins
Not bad, it's exactly how you would expect it to sound.
"A Night Like This", Originally by The Cure, Remade by Professional Murder Music
"Nightclubbing", Originally by Iggy Pop, Remade by Nine Inch Nails
the beat in closer by nin is a somewhat manipulated version of nightclubbing by iggy pop.
"Nine to Five", Originally by Dolly Parton, Remade by Millencolin
To be honest, it's not a very good cover. Passable, though. If you're collecting punk versions of songs, it's worth a listen.
"No More Tears", Originally by Ozzy Osbourne, Remade by Black Label Society
kind of kool
"No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)", Originally by Donna Summer and Barbera Streisand, Remade by Kim Mazelle and Jocelyn Brown
Produced by Stock and Aitken this is basicly the same except that it replaces disco for europop. It's good but nowhere near as good as the original.
"No Ordinary Love", Originally by Sade, Remade by Deftones
Ruined a great song. Yes, I like music mixed-up, raw and new, but when I heard this today, I was laughing. They miss out and mess up on all the subtlety found in this song. Deftones missed the understated punch and chop of the original guitar, yet they still tried to capture its essence. Sade had some great players backing her (check out the band "Sweetback" - original members of the backing band for Sade). Some things should just be left alone unless you plan on listening ReallY CarefullY to what was done the first time around. Best bet is to just do your own music. If you have to cover, do something extra fresh or just leave it alone.
"No Ordinary Love", Originally by Sade, Remade by Deaftones With oneLineDrawing
this song is so much better than the original, Chino's good friend Jonah of onelinedrawing (new end origianl and Far) did the vocals to this and DAMN this man can sing. improves the song 100%. perfect.
"No Ordinary Love", Originally by Sade, Remade by Deftones
"No Quarter", Originally by Led Zeppelin, Remade by Tool
A well done cover of a great Led Zeppelin song.
"No Remorse", Originally by Metallica, Remade by Cannibal Corpse
Cannibal Corpse agressive death metal covers this song from Metallica oldest times. They do good, a different view.
"No Time to Cry", Originally by Sisters of Mercy, Remade by Cradle of Filth
I heard the Cradle of Filth version first and was suprised to find out it was a Sisters cover. A unique interpretation that is as good as, if not better than the original. If you are a fan of either band, then you might find that you are in fact a Goth, and therefore like both versions.
"Not Pretty Enough", Originally by Kasey Chambers, Remade by One Dollar Short
better tune with the cover, voice sounds better with the original.
"Nothing Compares 2 U", Originally by Prince / Sinead O'Connor, Remade by The Stereophonics
GREAT acoustic version. Kelly Jones raspy vocals simple acoustic guitar add a new perspective than the "funkified" Prince version and the more popular Sinead O'Connor version. Well worth a listen.
"Nothing Compares 2 U", Originally by Prince, Remade by Jimmy Scott
I'm sure even Prince was honored to have jazz legend Jimmy Scott cover his song. Jimmy Scott's version is heart-wrenching and well-woth searching out. Jimmy Scott fans would also be wise to look up his quirky cover of "Love Will Keep Us Together" with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
"Nothing Compares 2 U", Originally by Prince, Remade by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
I am quite suprised that there arent more listings here for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. All of their songs are covers. The band is made up of guys from 3 or 4 other punk bands and they just do Me First as a side project for fun. I have never heard the original version of Nothing Compares 2 U by Prince but I can say that it beats Sinead O'Connor's version.
"Nothing Else Matters", Originally by Metallica, Remade by Staind
this was done at at mtv's icon metallica. its awesome. best cover of it i've heard. and the vocals are wonderful. a bitter sadder than the original in some ways. if thats possible. its definitly worth listening to.
"Nothing Else Matters", Originally by Metallica, Remade by Apoptygma Berzerk
Pretty f'n awsome!!
"Nothing Else Matters", Originally by Metallica, Remade by Apoptygma Berzerk
By far the best cover I have ever heard, loved it...check it out for yourself
"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", Originally by Jefferson Starship, Remade by The Starting Line
Great punk cover of a great 80's song
"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", Originally by Starship, Remade by The Starting Line
This is a great punk cover of "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now." It stays close to the original while still having a completely modern sound. Best of all, it's great to see present-day teenagers at concerts moshing to a song from "Mannequin"!
"Number Of The Beast", Originally by Iron Maiden, Remade by Sinergy
Good cover, very impressed.
"Number Of The Beast", Originally by Iron Maiden, Remade by Zwan
its sound good and its really differnt from the original
"Number of the Beast", Originally by Iron Maiden, Remade by Dhali Zwan (Spun soundtrack)
Awesome. Picture Ryan Adams doing Iron Maiden.

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