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Thanks to Warren Bakay for suggesting this page to me, I hadn't even realized until he mentioned it, the music industry is dredging up big hits from the last decade due to a not-so-surprising lack of imagination by the current stars. This should of course come to no suprise to most people, some big hits of the eighties were covers as well ("Mickey", "Der Kommisar", "You Keep Me Hanging On" (which was remade into a hit four times so far)). So far though, most covers have been pretty hideous. We only list songs that are originally from the eighties and are now being made into covers. We also only list a band if they're already well known or the group is making a lot of radio play with the remake.

Oh and to clear up a misconception a few people out there seem to be having about this page (and sending me very nasty letters). I have no problem with artists who do a cover of a song in concert, or because they are just starting out and don't have enough original material of their own for a full set of songs. As a matter of fact, cover bands can be great fun to go and see. All groups in modern history start out this way, I own a lot of The Beatles albums and they were the original cover group. A lot of early rock songs were covers of old R&B tunes. It's a fact of life.

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"Obladi, Oblada", Originally by The Beatles, Remade by No Doubt
This was a live one, I liked it just as much as the original, Gwen did an great job
"Oh Father", Originally by Madonna, Remade by My Vitriol
The My Vitriol cover is even better than the original, its draws out even more emotion in me, it is an emotional song.
"Ohio", Originally by Neil Young, Remade by Dirty Americans
Not sure if this was from the 80's, but the cover is way better than the original.
"On My Own", Originally by Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald, Remade by Reba McEntire
Actually, it's a quartet with Reba, Linda Davis (who had sang with Reba previously on "Does He Love You"), Trisha Yearwood, and Martina McBride. Anyway, they changed it to be a woman talking with friends about the failed relationship, rather than the couple themselves as in the previous versions (there had also been one by Sheena Easton). I have mixed feelings about this change in premise, but I thought all four women did a good job as far as performance.
"On My Own", Originally by Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle, Remade by Sheena Easton and Terry Ronald
The original is so lazy. Could Patti be less bothered? As with Sheena's cover of Donna Summer's 'Love Is in Control' she injects some actual feeling. Being divorced more times than i've had hot dinners probably helps. And no thats not a woman dueting with her it's the album producer Terry Ronald who has also worked with Dannii Minogue for many years. Both of them have obviously experienced what the song is about. Sad but also beautiful. From her 'Fabulous' album.
"On With The Show", Originally by Motley Crue, Remade by Get Up Kids
Not bad. A little heavier than the original.
"One", Originally by Metallica, Remade by Korn
I thought the song was very good and close to the original. It's one of my favorite Korn songs now.
"One", Originally by U2, Remade by Johnny Cash
Interesting cover; certainly different to hear a country legend perform a U2 song.
"One", Originally by Metallica, Remade by Korn
"One", Originally by U2, Remade by REM
Not at all a bad cover. Again, close genres so they usually don't cover one another badly. This is an excellent song (not to be confused with the Metallica song which is also excellent and has been covered a few times).
"One Thing Leads To Another", Originally by The Fixx, Remade by Blink 182
If Disney characters in a movie redid a song from the 80's, then Aladdin and Jasmine might come over to see me.
"One Way Or Another", Originally by Blondie, Remade by Face To Face
Face To Face's version is awesome, but Blondie's was just as good, so I'd say neither was better or worse than the other.
"One Way Or Another", Originally by Blondie, Remade by Bloodhound Gang
Not really a cover, more of a remake. Definitely Good Though, Top Notch Bloodhound Gang.
"One Way to Rock", Originally by Sammy Hagar, Remade by Pretty Maids
Pretty Maids always seems to improve on the original, and this is no exception. More power and more bite.
"One way or another", Originally by Blondie, Remade by Sophie Ellis Bextor
It's A little bit different but it is an excellent cover.
"Only", Originally by Nine Inch Nails, Remade by Richard X
This is a dance music cover of the song of Nine Inch Nails. Almost every remix of rock songs SUCK, but this one is really pretty cool. I really love it. Check it out (if you can find it).
"Only After Dark", Originally by Mick Ronson, Remade by Def Leppard
I love the Lepps and Ronsons work with bowie but have not herd the original. This was recorded as a tribute to Mick on the B side to lets get rocked, melodic as you'd expect but more layed back than their other stuff.
"Only The Good Die Young", Originally by Billy Joel, Remade by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
A 100% cover band, these guys are always fun. They certainly take this song somewhere. You decide where that is. Having seen them play this live, I must say it takes a good bit of alcohol to get a bunch of punk rockers to play and/or listen to Billy Joel or James Taylor without a protest. But when it works, it's hilarious.
"Only You", Originally by Yaz, Remade by Jocelyn Enriquez
Typical dance remake, on the verge of freestyle / electronica.
"Only You", Originally by Yaz, Remade by Flying Pickets
No sinth, only voices, nice harmony. Great cover.
"Open Your Heart", Originally by Madonna, Remade by Ofra Haza
Much slower but not too bad.
"Open Your Heart", Originally by Madonna, Remade by Atom And His Package
um. atom rules, but this was pretty dismal. it's just too hard to top mads.
"Opps Upside Your Head", Originally by Gap Band, Remade by Snoop dogg
Boring,nuff said.
"Ordinary Love", Originally by Sade, Remade by Deftones
a very good cover for a great song, check-it out a desprite kind of love...
"Ordinary World", Originally by Duran Duran , Remade by Aruora
It's okay, but it's not an 80's song. The original Duran Duran version was released in 1993!
"Ordinary World", Originally by Duran Duran, Remade by Fenix Tx
"Ordinary World", Originally by Duran Duran, Remade by Aurora
I think I like Duran durans slow 80's ballad. Aurora Buthered it with its sampled techno version.
"Ordinary World", Originally by Duran Duran, Remade by Aruora
The techno version of an 80's classic. there is about 4 versions. The radio edit is the best. Definately worth checking out!
"Orgasm Addict", Originally by Buzzcocks, Remade by Anti-Flag
It rocks
"Orgasmatron", Originally by Motorhead, Remade by Sepultra
Actually never heard th original but the cover is great. Almost makes me want to buy the Motorhead album.
"Our Lips Are Sealed", Originally by The Fun Boy Three, Remade by Go-Go's
You have it listed here that The Fun Boy Three covered it but it's the other way around!! Both good versions!
"Our Lips Are Sealed", Originally by The Go-Gos , Remade by Hillary & Haylie Duff
"Our Lips Are Sealed", Originally by Go-Gos, Remade by Lagwagon
From the Before You Were Punk vol 2 compilation, this is another great punk rock cover off that CD.
"Our Lips Are Sealed", Originally by The Go-gos, Remade by Hillary And Haylie Duff
i loved it!!! we had to listen to it in class ..^^ its very close to the original
"Our Lips Are Sealed", Originally by The Go-gos, Remade by Wild Orchid
These three chicks give this re-make an awesome edge and an awesome new flare. I like it a lot :)
"Our Lips Are Sealed", Originally by The Go-Gos, Remade by Fun Boy Three
"Our Lips are Sealed", Originally by the Go-Gos, Remade by Poe
Actually re-titled "My Lips Are Sealed," the slower, darker version gives the song a whole new meaning. Great remake! It helps that I am a huge POE fan.
"Out Of Touch", Originally by Hall & Oates, Remade by Uniting Nations
the cover was awful. it was the chrous over and over again...?!?! the Hall & Oates version was excellent!
"Out Of Touch", Originally by Hall And Oates, Remade by Uniting Nations
"Out of Touch", Originally by Hall and Oates, Remade by Uniting Nations
A dancy interpretation. Its alright, sort of like mental chewing gum.
"Over The Hills And Far Away", Originally by Gary Moore, Remade by Nightwish
AAWWEESSSOOOMMMEEEEEE!!!! better then the original (sorry gary)
"Overdose", Originally by AC/DC, Remade by Exodus
Amazing, Exodus is a great thrash band, and they did a great job, the vocals even sound similar! Infact, first I thought this was one of Exodus's originals, but I thought the lyric style was too different, and I found out it was AC/DC
"Overkill", Originally by Men At Work, Remade by Amethyst
Dead-on cover, sounds almost like the original! http://www.amethyst80s.com/mp3s.htm
"Owner Of A Lonely Heart", Originally by Yes, Remade by Emmerson Nogueira
It's sound fantastic... acoustic and with a very good voice...

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