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Thanks to Warren Bakay for suggesting this page to me, I hadn't even realized until he mentioned it, the music industry is dredging up big hits from the last decade due to a not-so-surprising lack of imagination by the current stars. This should of course come to no suprise to most people, some big hits of the eighties were covers as well ("Mickey", "Der Kommisar", "You Keep Me Hanging On" (which was remade into a hit four times so far)). So far though, most covers have been pretty hideous. We only list songs that are originally from the eighties and are now being made into covers. We also only list a band if they're already well known or the group is making a lot of radio play with the remake.

Oh and to clear up a misconception a few people out there seem to be having about this page (and sending me very nasty letters). I have no problem with artists who do a cover of a song in concert, or because they are just starting out and don't have enough original material of their own for a full set of songs. As a matter of fact, cover bands can be great fun to go and see. All groups in modern history start out this way, I own a lot of The Beatles albums and they were the original cover group. A lot of early rock songs were covers of old R&B tunes. It's a fact of life.

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"Rabid", Originally by Devachan, Remade by Hobbs Angel Of Death
Devachan was this really esoteric dude in the eighties that spun some WICKED riffs in his epic 'Rabid'. Hobbs thought so too. He took the menacing tone of Rabid into an Australian studio in the late 80's and turned it into one of the best tunes of the age. I doubt you can still find Devachan's instrumental version, but the Hobbs remake is really all you need. He covers it splendidly, and the added vocals (original Devachan vocals?) are KILLER. "I am not a virgin, I am a slut!" Yeah, baby!!
"Rage Hard", Originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Remade by Atrocity
Very hard and dark cover version by the German metal band "Atrocity", but still melodic due to a female voice in some parts. From their album "Werk 80" which contains a whole bunch of great 80s cover songs metal-style.
"Raining Blood", Originally by Slayer, Remade by Tori Amos
strangely beautiful and haunting- what a bizarre combination-> slayer with tori amos, who'da thunk it would work out so well?
"Rapper's Delight", Originally by Sugar Hill Gang, Remade by Def Squad
I liked the shorter length and modern sound of the Def Squad rendition, but I thought it was odd that the rappers sometimes used old Sugar Hill Gang names to refer to themselves. Sometimes they inserted their own names, but it sounded out of place. Overall, it made me want to listen to the older version again.
"Rasperry Beret", Originally by Prince and the Revolution, Remade by Hindu Love Gods (Warren Zevon and member of REM)
an acquired taste. But it's Warren Zevon.
"Read Em And Weep", Originally by Meatloaf, Remade by Meatloaf
Both songs were produced by Jim Steinman, who brings along his same band. So in effect, when we hear Stienman songs produced by Meatloaf, Air Supply, Bonnie Tyler, Barry Manilow and Celine Dion...they're all played by the same band! Speaking of Stienman, he recorded a 1981 solo version of "Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through," which Meat later recorded in 1993.
"The Reaper", Originally by Blue Öyster Cult, Remade by Him
"Rebel Yell", Originally by Billy Idol, Remade by Children Of Bodom
Excellent cover from a death metal band. Vocals are clean and guitar solo is impressive.
"Rebel Yell", Originally by Billy Idol, Remade by H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty)
It's a live version. It rocks. He kinda sounds like Billy, but not too much. It's good
"Rebel Yell", Originally by Billy Idol, Remade by Kill Hannah
I heard it live. It was beautiful. A very wonderful cover.
"Rebel Yell", Originally by Billy Idol , Remade by HIM
Hell of a cover, good band too.
"Rebel Yell", Originally by Billy Idol, Remade by Blink 182
"Rebel Yell", Originally by Billy Idol, Remade by Dope
Dope is an excellent metal/punk band in there own right and they took one of the best songs of the 80's and made it even better. Don't believe me download a copy here: http://www.rockrage.com/headlines/news_archive/2K3/july/Dope_070803.html
"Rebel Yell", Originally by Billy Idol, Remade by Dillinger Escape Plan
"Reelin' In The Years", Originally by Steely Dan, Remade by Marvelous 3
"The Reflex", Originally by Duran Duran, Remade by Ben Lee and Kylie Minogue
Duran Duran is one of my favorite bands, so I was hoping that this cover would be good. This version of the song has a more alternative/punk rock feel to it than the original and isn't as danceable as the original. Overall, I liked it.
"Refugee", Originally by Tom Petty, Remade by Melissa Ethridge
It may be because I'm being a bit partial but I like Melissa's version of this song a lot better than I like the orignal. Not that Tom Petty is not without his merrits.
"Regret", Originally by New Order, Remade by The Get Up Kids
"Regret", Originally by New Order, Remade by Reggie and the Full Effect
They've added a hard guitar and sped up the music. I didn't like it.
"Relax", Originally by Franky Goes To Hollywood, Remade by Kevorkian Death Cycle
On their newest album, "A+O(m)", KDC offer us an ok cover of that well-known hit.
"Relax", Originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Remade by Powerman 5000
Very excellent if you like me are highly entertained by dark covers of 80's Pop songs.
"Relax", Originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Remade by Powerman 5000
Coming from the Zoolander Soundtrack. Good cover from a great band. The soundtrack has many other covers from different groups also.
"Remember Tomorrow", Originally by Iron Maiden, Remade by Crowbar
A slightly trippy twist on a decent Maiden song. From the tribute album "Slave to the Power".
"Remember Tomorrow", Originally by Iron Maiden, Remade by Opeth
Misses all the best elements of the original. From the tribute album "A Call To Irons".
"Replicas", Originally by Gary Numan, Remade by Deadsy
Grade A+ cover song
"Replicas", Originally by Gary Numan, Remade by Deadsy
A most awsome cover!! Elijah's deep voice just puts you in a trance and all of the keyboards and synths add something new. Not to bad for taking on a classic Numan song.
"Respectable", Originally by Mel & Kim, Remade by Girls@Play
Cover by numbers version of Mel and Kim's number one hit. Girls at Play were a very short lived girl group, like the Spice Girls but better looking. They only lasted 2 singles before going there seperate ways.
"Right Here Waiting", Originally by Richard Marx, Remade by Westlife
Okay, so this is a cover by a "Boy Band" BUT...I loved it. It is almost cookie-cutter to the R.M. version. They are much bigger in the UK but have several US hits, per Billboard.
"Rock & Roll N---er", Originally by Patti Smith, Remade by Marilyn Manson
All I have to say about this poor excuse for a cover is WTF was Patti thinking letting Manson cover a song like this? :p
"Rock On", Originally by David Essex, made Michael Damian in the 80's, Remade by Def Leppard
I just LOVE that Def Leppard made a cover album, don't you all?
"Rock The Casbah", Originally by The Clash, Remade by TRUSTcompany
WOW!! They took the song to a whole new level!! It's basiclly the rock version of this song.. This version is alot better than the original! Worth a listen!
"Rock The Casbah", Originally by The Clash, Remade by Sollar Twins
Dance version of Clash tune, female vocals, not that great, killed the original
"Rock This Town", Originally by Stray Cats, Remade by No Doubt
Isn't this cover strange?
"Rock With You", Originally by Michael Jackson, Remade by Brandy
"Rock You", Originally by Helix, Remade by Sum 41
Pretty decent...funnier if you have seen movie FUBAR.
"Rock n' Roll High School", Originally by The Ramones, Remade by Kiss
awesome cover¡¡¡¡
"Rocket Man", Originally by Elton John, Remade by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Probably The Best Cover Song I Have Heard To Date
"Rocket Man", Originally by Elton John, Remade by Kate Bush
Good cover
"Rockin' In The Free World", Originally by Neil Young, Remade by Bon Jovi
Covered on "One Wild Night" (their live album) this is an amazing song, even better than the original. Worth buying the whole album for!
"Romeo And Juliet", Originally by Dire Straits, Remade by Indigo Girls
I personally prefer the original, but Amy Ray really put some emotion into singing it.
"Roxanne", Originally by The Police, Remade by Fall Out Boy
Wow very good cover I was very impressed!!! Worth a listen!!
"Roxanne", Originally by The Police, Remade by George Michael
While the Police version is a classic, George Michael managed to take it in a different direction and compliment the somewhat sad lyrics penned by Sting. Very downtempo, jazzy cover. Different, and enjoyable in it's own right.
"Rumors", Originally by Timex Social Club, Remade by Master P
I liked the original, but I love the remake, it has been my very favorite song since I heard it 3 years ago. It is the song that got me into rap. Master P's song is called Stop Hatin'.
"Rumors", Originally by Timex Social Club, Remade by Backstreet Boys
I haven't heard the Backstreet Boys version of this song so I don't know, exactly, how good their version of it is but I hear it's really good.
"Run Like Hell", Originally by Pink Floyd, Remade by Kittie
Great cover by this industrial band. You'd better RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN!
"Run To You", Originally by Bryan Adams, Remade by Novaspace
it was a good cover in the style of trance but I still prefer the original though
"Run to You", Originally by Bryan Adams, Remade by Rage
The original kicks *** - especially when hearing it in GTA: Vice City. The remake is a dance track (remade in 1993).
"Runnin' Down a Dream", Originally by Tom Petty, Remade by Techmo Super Bowl
Sounds OK. They've done better.
"Running Up That Hill", Originally by Kate Bush, Remade by Within Temptation
Great cover version with phenomenal vocals
"Running Up That Hill", Originally by Kate Bush, Remade by Placebo
oh my god, this is the best cover of a song I have heard in ages. Okay, I am a Placebo fan but I am also a Kate Bush fan and whilst Kate is a goddess this is a perfect example of how to do a cover. They really should release this as a single.
"Running Up That Hill", Originally by Kate Bush, Remade by Faith And The Muse
"Running Up That Hill", Originally by Kate Bush, Remade by Placebo
i love it, its dark and gloomy yet u cant get enough of it! and it sounds bout the same they didnt wreck this one i think
"Running With The Devil", Originally by Van Halen, Remade by Ratt
The version I have was remixed by Sigue Sigue Sputnik, which lifts it from tragedy to comedy. Ratt also released a screechy cover of AC/DC's "Back in Black".

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