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Thanks to Warren Bakay for suggesting this page to me, I hadn't even realized until he mentioned it, the music industry is dredging up big hits from the last decade due to a not-so-surprising lack of imagination by the current stars. This should of course come to no suprise to most people, some big hits of the eighties were covers as well ("Mickey", "Der Kommisar", "You Keep Me Hanging On" (which was remade into a hit four times so far)). So far though, most covers have been pretty hideous. We only list songs that are originally from the eighties and are now being made into covers. We also only list a band if they're already well known or the group is making a lot of radio play with the remake.

Oh and to clear up a misconception a few people out there seem to be having about this page (and sending me very nasty letters). I have no problem with artists who do a cover of a song in concert, or because they are just starting out and don't have enough original material of their own for a full set of songs. As a matter of fact, cover bands can be great fun to go and see. All groups in modern history start out this way, I own a lot of The Beatles albums and they were the original cover group. A lot of early rock songs were covers of old R&B tunes. It's a fact of life.

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"U Got the Look", Originally by Prince, Remade by Gary Numan
Very different BUT enjoyable!!
"Un Poco De Respeto", Originally by Erasure, Remade by Ataque 77
This is a great spanish cover of this song!! If you like ska, you've got to listen to it!! The artist is from Argentina, and i love it.
"Unbelievable", Originally by EMF, Remade by Thousand Foot Crutch
The remake was awesome the first time sucked big time!
"Unconditional Love", Originally by Cyndi Lauper, Remade by Susanna Hoffs
It is a shame but Hoffs' version is even more boring than Cyndi's.
"Under Pressure", Originally by Queen/ David Bowie, Remade by My Chemical Romance
Amazing. Simply Amazing.
"Under Pressure", Originally by David Bowie/Queen, Remade by My Chemical Romance/The Used
I was honestly blown away by this cover. In my opinion, it's amazing. However, I'm a big fan ofMy Chemical Romance and the Used. So I have a bias and was wondering what your opinion of it is? It is fairly new, came out some time this month. It may be a little too punk rock for a fan of the originial. Please let me know, thanks.
"Under Pressure", Originally by Queen, Remade by The Blood Brothers
"Under Pressure", Originally by Queen and David Bowie, Remade by The Used
awesome cover!
"Upside Down", Originally by Diana Ross, Remade by MC Lyte
Cold rock a party,and it sux!
"Uptown Girl", Originally by Billy Joel, Remade by Me First And My Gimme Gimmes Vs Weezer
There's a cover on the net identified weezer - uptown girl, but weezer never did that song. Thats just a misnamed file. The more often it's the cover from Me first and my gimme gimmes. It would be nice that you correct your site, thanks.
"Uptown Girl", Originally by Billy Joel, Remade by Westlife
Billy Joel's version is much more involved. Westlife have virtually copied this note for note which makes you wonder why they bothered.
"Uptown Girl", Originally by Billy Joel, Remade by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
I love these guys! They are a punk cover band and have a lot of great songs. I own five of their cds.
"Uptown Girl", Originally by Billy Joel, Remade by NOFX
Awesome punk remix
"Uptown Girl", Originally by Billiy Joel, Remade by Weezer
Although I like the original, weezer gives it that extra edge, sounds great!
"Uptown Girl", Originally by Billy Joel, Remade by Westlife
"Uptown Girl", Originally by Billy Joel, Remade by Westlife
Westlife's Version is much more better. It's the best Cover of Uptown Girl I ever heard!!!!!
"Uptown Girl", Originally by Billy Joel, Remade by Westlife
terrible!!It was painful to listen to.
"Uptown Girl", Originally by Billy Joel, Remade by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
From their Have a Ball CD, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes makes another great fast paced cover of an already cool song.

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