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Movies in the eighties had some of the best soundtracks, and the most memorable and popular songs at the time seem to have sometimes outshone the movies themselves. As I get time I'll add more songs to this list, feel free to send me your additions to the list. If you want, try and list which scene during the movie the song appears during. Oh, and the whole "Valley Girl" soundtrack get's an honorable mention since it's packed full of great eighties songs. I also rank and review other eighties soundtracks on my Soundtracks of the Eighties Page in case you are interested.

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"Stand or Fall" by The Fixx used in the movie FLETCH
I think this was also used in a teen angst like movie of the 80s but I can't remember it!!
"Love Theme from Reds" by Perry Como used in the movie Reds (1981)
To a previous searcher looking for the 'Love theme from Reds' - this is probably "Goodbye for Now" by Perry Como, he sings it as a duet with an unknown lady. If that's not it try looking the movie up on IMDB, they have a soundtrack listing.
"Goodbye for now" by unknown female singer used in the movie Reds
Somehow I cannot find the vocal version of the "Love Theme from Reds" anywhere.
"never tear us apart" by inxs used in the movie donnie darko 2001
Kirk P rox 4 saxomophone
"No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper used in the movie Rocky IV
By far, the best song from the 'Rocky' movies. Every time I hear it, I wanna get into my car and just drive as fast as I can without any worries at all. - It just gives me a pure adrenaline rush whenever I hear it! An underrated song probably because it was performed by a guy who no one never heard of before and who ending up a one-hit wonder!
"Surrender to Me" by Ann Wilson & Robin Zander used in the movie Tequila Sunrise
Heart's Ann Wilson & Cheap Trick's Robin Zander perform this hit ballad from "Tequila Sunrise" which went to #6 on the charts.
"In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel used in the movie Say Anything
That song was so great, it took the "creepy" out of stalking. I agree with the earlier post, maybe the greatest moment in all 80's movies.
"Just Once" by James Ingram used in the movie The Last American Virgin
saddest ending to any teen movie ever
"Love Missile F1-11" by Sigue Sigue Sputnik used in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Played at the beginning, when Ferris is explaining how to fake being sick, and at the end, when Mr. Rooney hitches a ride on the school bus.
"On My Own Alone" by Stan Bush used in the movie Bloodsport
Plays during a montage after Frank Dux's friend Ray Jackson is hospitalized during the Kumite after fighting against Chong Li.
"Only the Young" by Journey used in the movie Vision Quest
Plays during the first few minutes of the movie with Louden running across Spokane as well as the end where Louden won the wrestling championship for his high school team. One of Journey's best songs.
"taxi dancing" by rick springfield and randy crawford used in the movie hard to hold
one of 80's good chick flick movie. It's about a rockstar who falls in love with an ordinary girl.
"Love Will Find A Way" by Vince Carlucci used in the movie The Gate
One of the best 80s movis rock songs ever!
"Love Lives On" by Joe Cocker used in the movie Harry and the Hendersons
Plays during the end credits of Harry and the Hendersons.
"Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" by Christopher Cross used in the movie Arthur
Plays during the opening and end credits of Arthur.
"That's What Friends Are For" by Rod Stewart used in the movie Night Shift
Plays during the end credits of Night Shift.
"All I need is You" by Big Trouble used in the movie Over The Top
Great tune that Sly's son in the movie keeps turning off while driving in the truck little snot lol
"Two Hearts" by John Parr used in the movie American Anthem
This song was in the 1986 movie American Anthem which started Men's gold Medalist from the Men's USA team in 1984, Mitch Gaylord.
"If You Leave" by O.M.D. used in the movie Pretty in pink
Great Song!
"Edge of Forever" by Dream Academy used in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off
When Ferris kisses Sloan goodbye
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