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Movies in the eighties had some of the best soundtracks, and the most memorable and popular songs at the time seem to have sometimes outshone the movies themselves. As I get time I'll add more songs to this list, feel free to send me your additions to the list. If you want, try and list which scene during the movie the song appears during. Oh, and the whole "Valley Girl" soundtrack get's an honorable mention since it's packed full of great eighties songs. I also rank and review other eighties soundtracks on my Soundtracks of the Eighties Page in case you are interested.

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"Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers used in the movie Ghost
Still one of the most touching moments in cinema, Sam (Patrick Swayze) at the pottery wheel with Molly (Demi Moore).
"Under The Sea" by Samuel E. Wright (as Sebastian) used in the movie The Little Mermaid (1989)
This Oscar-winning song will no doubt have you singing and dancing to its hypnotic beat over and over again
"Underground" by David Bowie used in the movie Labyrinth
This song was used in the opening and closing credits. This was a great song from a great movie with a lot of great music. This song is what started my life long love of David Bowie.
"Understanding" by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band used in the movie Teachers
"Up the Creek" by Cheap Trick used in the movie Up the Creek
From the accapella beginning and it's pumping beat you gotta love this one! From one of my favorite movies of all time! I'm in love with Jennifer Runyon and Tim Matheson has some of the best lines ever written bar none! A little seen video was made for this tune and although C.T. has panned it and never released it officialy, it does remain a fan favorite! You always someone yell out in concert to play this!(Might be me LOL!) Highly recommend this entire soundtrack as it includes a whole slew of awesome rarities exclusive to it by The Beach Boys,Shooting Star and Heart among others!
"Up The Creek" by Cheap Trick used in the movie Up The Creek
"Up Where We Belong" by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warren used in the movie An Officer & A Gentleman
"Urban Struggle" by Vandals used in the movie Dudes
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