Eighties Movie Quotes, Songs Beginning with U

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite lines from eighties movies. Try not to start quoting entire scenes, just the most memorable lines.

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"So we take away your red snapper and in the box we find...NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! STUPID! YOU'RE SO STUPID!"
"...We'll forget about how miserable we are, and how much life SUCKS, and how we're all gonna grow old and DIE someday! ...Hope you ENJOY IT!!!!"
"Spatula City"
"Badgers! Badgers! We don't need no stinking badgers!
All cowboys ain't dumb. Some of them got smarts reall good, like me.
I'm Buck Melanoma. Moley Russell's wart. Not her wart. I'm her growth, her pimple. They sometimes call me Melanoma head.
"What a stupid thing to do during flu season"
"Ever hear of a tune up?" "Ever hear of a ritual killing?" "No, what's that?" "Nod your head like that again and you'll find out"
would you like to talk about a possible lunch trade?
"Here's a quarter. Why don't you go downtown and have a RAT gnaw that thing off your face!"

"You wanna get Capone? Here's how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of your men to the hospital, and you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago Way, and that's how you get Capone."
Bud as he surveys his home with Sissy: "Sissy we live like pigs!"
"Damn near broke my back!"
fine, ferget it!

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