Eighties Movie Quotes, Songs Beginning with Z

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite lines from eighties movies. Try not to start quoting entire scenes, just the most memorable lines.

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Zoro The Gay Blade
"Los Angeles, the birth place of Me!!!"
Two bits, four bits, six bits a peso. All for Zorro, Stand up and say so.
Spread the word that he is back. . . to help the helpless. To befriend the friendless. And to defeat. . . . the featless.
Diego: ...and you don't smell of ship oil. Charolette: Ship oil? You meant the oil from boats? Diego: No, ship oil. From the ships in the field. Charolette: What ships in the field? Diego: You have never heard of the ships in the field? The little ba ba bas??? Charolette: Oh. . . you mean sheep. Diego: That's what I said. Charolette: No, you said ship. Pardon me, but you have a very pronounced accent! Diego: You're trying to change the subject that you are actually very wealthy, aren't you?
Alcade: Diego, would you mind walking for me? Diego: Walk for you? Why? You've seen me walk many times. Alcade: Yes, but you do with such manliness. I never tire from watching you.
"There is no shame in being poor, only in dressing poorly!"

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