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During the eighties, the topic of nuclear war seemed to come up a lot. It was on the news frequently due to the arms build up under the Regean era. At one point I think there was enough fire power to destroy the world 100 times over (it's probably still something ridiculous like that though). With the end of the cold war all seemed fine, although recent events in India and Pakistan does help remind us that it could be triggered by almost any mad man who is intent enough.

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"Adrian," by Eurythmics
Adrian - don't you understand? Fools like us are always dreaming. And when you go to bed And cover up your head It's better if you try to stop remembering. And the world is slowly dawning To wake up to a new clear morning. Some of them just half your age Get written off, page by page... And the world is softly sleeping While your fears are in their keeping. All the planet's making haste To blow to bits in outer space... Adrian - don't you understand?
"Afraid of the Russians," by Made For TV
I'd Like to feed the children/Find a cure for disease/Rebuild the cities/and Plant a lot of trees/I'd like to help the sick/Build factories/Give money to students/hospitals and galleries//But, I'm afraid of the Russians/I can't sleep at night/So afraid of the Russians/Afraid we've got to fight//I'd like to go to space/Clean up rivers and lakes/Put everyone to work/ whatever it takes/But, I'm afraid of the Russians/I can't sleep at night/So afraid of the Russians/Afraid we've got to fight/They've got ships at sea/They've got missiles in the air/Tanks on the border of Europe/and spies everywhere/
"After The Holocaust," by Nuclear Assault
Fires burning cities down Your whole world's destroyed Mutants crawl out from the ruins To put you to the sword Poisoned air in darkened skies flows across the land Fear and pain they breed despair A new Dark age is at hand After the Holocaust After the Holocaust Peoples lives are ruined By man they've ever seen A choice of death made for man By leaders behind the scenes The end result of a Nuclear War That laid waste to us all Our civilization crumbled down By nightmares that destroy After the Holocaust After the Holocaust Now the final curtains fall On the world that you have planned Most of those who have survived Will die by their own hand And now the world lies deathly still Ruled by thise insane One can only wander now If they'll make the same mistake After the Holocaust After the Holocaust After the Holocaust
"After The War," by Asia
For those that are able To go underground Missiles disenable They hit faster than sound They're coming and you have no choice The helpless with one human voice That will categorically say This underdog will have his day One more dead is one more than it ought to be A travesty One more missed will be kissed to eternity Or purgatory After the war Red button he's pressing But he knows not why He's programming orders War lights up the sky He's on the hotline tonight His mind is high as a kite His fingers decide wrong or right This man has it all in his sights Used as tools to believe in autonomy Minorities are no more Men are fools, one last cry to humanity No sanity any more After the war On my arm, a tatoo for my sons to be That numbers you and me There's a scar on my face That is photographed for all to see After the war
"Aftermath," by Armored Saint
So let it be felt Aftermath Shades of hell I set them free But struggle Eternally It's too late now To turn the clock around Frozen world outside Made by foolish pride Time to mend Your life begins Breathe for me Make me feel I'm not alone Rowen Final stunt Will the blood shed End at once Rowen Is no doubt Life in limbo Is our home now (guitar solo) Rowen Final stunt Will the blood shed End at once Rowen Is no doubt Life in limbo Is our home
"Aftershock," by Anthrax
Seemingly every thrash band in the 80s wrote at least one song about nuclear warfare. Anthrax were no different. "Aftershock," off of their 1985 _Spreading the Disease_ album, contains the following armageddon-themed lyrics: "The day will come, you cannot run White-hot clouds fill the sky See the red flare, blasting hot air There's no place left to hide Blinding our eyes as the sun turns to black A world full of hatred and fear All are committed, there's no going back There'll be no one left to hear"
"All Fall Down," by B-Movie
All Fall Down Don't plan ahead into the future because the future's a fantasy of the past live forever in the present don't worry how long it's going to last Secretly they play with your life in committee rooms behind closed doors your cultural superiors they're the kings you are the pawns Shared sentiments won't mean a thing at all in 1984 All fall down No democracy of decision they're the ones that make the rules the politics of nuclear safety is I'm all right jack but what about you Thermal Oxide and magnox fuel the real facts are kept from view Is this the omen of things to come? another leakage of plutonium Send a ring of roses recite the words of Moses We usually ended our set with this song and it lasted about ten minutes. We recorded it on our John Peel session in March 1981 and for those interested it was released on The BBC Radio sessions album on Cherry Red records in 2004. for more info on B-Movie visit the website
"All Fall Down," by Midge Ure
And what will you do when you've pulled the release When the sound of the thunder has drowned out the pleas Cos after all that was your idea of peace When we all fall down No sun for a world that once stood so tall No wind's going to blow and no rain's going to fall No flowers for graves, in fact no graves at all When we all fall down
"Always the Sun," by The Stranglers
"Who has the job Of pushing the knob? That sort of responsibility you draw straws for If you're mad enough"
"American Soviets," by CCCP
G: Godd evening this is Mr. Gorbachev- R: Hello Gorby this is the White House Ronald Reagan speaking- G: Hello my old friend how are you today ? R: Fine ! It's time for our daily chess-match are you ready ? G: Yes my last move yesterday was the Queen from A6 to B6- They both send their weapons into space- their people's problems they seem to displace- the arms-race is what they can't negotiate- why ain't it chess about what they debate ? What went wrong on the Gulf of Iran ? Why did the Russians invade Afghanistan ? Why not save the money for the armaments and be chess-partners in the turnament ? Reagan and Gorbachev play chess on T.V.- the senat is giving a party on the sea- the nuclear war will forever be banned- it's only their kings which they have to defend.
"April 2031," by Warrant
No more sky and no more trees April 2031 no more you and no more me April 2031
"Armageddon," by Planet P Project
1983: There's an edge to the wind Cutting into my skin And the air's like an icicle As the night starts to fall And there's no one around (no one around) My ears strain for a sound (sound) As I search through these canyons So cold and so tall Armageddon Oh, no Armageddon Came too soon In this city so proud Full of noises and crowds This once was a monument Now it's a grave And they warned us about (warned us about) When reason gave out (reason gave out) Now it's too late for miracles There's nothing to save Armageddon (Armageddon) Armageddon (armageddon) Came too soon
"Armageddon Days (Are Here Again)," by The The
"Ask," by The Smiths
so ask me ask me ask me because if it's not love then it's the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb that will bring us together if it's not love then it's the bomb then it's the bomb that will bring us together
"Atom Drum Bop," by The Three Johns
Welcome to district no. 8.
Land of the American helpers
The security needs of the United States
Have written the great modern fiction
This is the jargon of playground brawl
Who is the toughest?
American tests and Soviet tests
The odd computer reads out death
As new missiles come in generations
New models to be sold like cars
A bomb, H bomb, Minutemen
The names get more attractive
Welcome to the land of the Tomahawks Missiles for American cowboys
Where our decisions are made by N.A.T.O.
The press call it British opinion
See the reports on the television
The decisions are already made
The a voice is the voice of the expert
Oh Queen Mother smile again
Welcome to the land of the mutants
Radiation and destruction...
"Atom Tan," by The Clash
"Atomic Dog," by George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars
Like "The Safety Dance", the title makes you think of a atomic bomb.
"Atomic Playboys," by Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys
Well, the big boys meet on the Vegas strip
With the S.D.I. as the gun in his hip
There's a gleam in his eye as he shakes your hand and he leaves you
Selling plans alt to walk away and deceive you.
She's a shell shocked baby in the cradle of time
We're just a walk soft army on a human land mine
I'd walk a million miles far beyond the stars of your future.
I'd walk a million miles far beyond the hope of your future.
So ivory tower man was it part of your plan
Turn this city to sand
With a one way ticket to the Promised Land.
Atomic playboys we are radiation Romeos

You built this body but can't take away my soul.
Atomic playboys we are radiation Romeos
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