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During the eighties, the topic of nuclear war seemed to come up a lot. It was on the news frequently due to the arms build up under the Regean era. At one point I think there was enough fire power to destroy the world 100 times over (it's probably still something ridiculous like that though). With the end of the cold war all seemed fine, although recent events in India and Pakistan does help remind us that it could be triggered by almost any mad man who is intent enough.

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"Back to Zero," by Rolling Stones
"Beat Street," by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
One of the first rap groups and one made a lot of social songs... speaks of Nuclear Showers, The Bomb, etc. Pretty deep song. The lyrics to this passage in the song are below... ----- A Newspaper Burns in the Sand and the headlines say "Man, This Story's Mad!" Extra, Extra, Read all the bad news on the War for Peace that everybody'll Lose The rise and fall of the last great empire, the sound of the whole caught on fire the Ruthless Struggle, The Desprate Gamble, the Game that left the whole world in Shambles the cheat, the lies, the alibis and the foolish atempt to conquer the skies lost in space but what is it worth, the president just forgot about earth spendin' mutli-billions and maybe even trillions, the cost of weapons ran into zillions the gold in the street and there's dimonds under feet and the children in africa don't even eat Flies on their faces they're livin' like mice and the houses even make the ghetto look nice The water tastes funny it's forever too sunny and they work all month and don't make no money A fight for power, a NUCLEAR SHOWER, The People shout out in the Darkest Hour The Sight's unseen and voices unheard and Finally THE BOMB get the last word Christians killed Muslims and Germans killed Jews and everybody's body is Used and Abused Minds are poisoned and Souls are Polluted, Supierority complexes deep rooted Liegends are Lisenced (?) and People got Prices, Ego Maniacs control the Self Rightious Nothin' is Sacred and nothin' is pure, so the Revelation effct is our cure Hitler and Ceaser, Custard and Reagan, Napoleon, Castro, Musellini and (???) Gangus Khan and the (?) of Iran, Meant for the Blood of the Weaker Man The People's in Terror, the Leaders made the error and they can't even look in the mirror Cause We got to suffer, while things get rougher and that's the reason why we got to get tougher Learn from the Past, work for the future and don't be a slave to no computer Cause the Children of Man inherates the land and the future of the world is in your hands Just Throw your hands in the Air, and Wave'em like you just don't care and if you blieve that you're the future Scream it out and Say Oh Yeah (Oh Yeah!) Oh Yeah (Oh Yeah!) Beat Street Brakedown!
"Behind the Barrier," by Planet P Project
"Get out of the pouring rain" (Ref radiation contaminated rain) "Get behind the barrier" Ref protection from the wasteland and radiation. The soldiers are walking dead (skulls)
"Beneath The Remains," by Sepultura
in the middle of a war that was not started by me deep depression of the nuclear remains i've never thought of, i've never thought about this happening to me proliferations of ignorance orders that stand to destroy battlefields and slaughter now they mean my home and my work who has won? who has died? beneath the remains cities in ruins bodies packed on minefields neurotic game of life and death now i can feel the end premonition about my final hour a sad image of everything everything's so real who has won? who has died? everything happened so quickly. i felt i was about to leave hell i'll fight for myself, for you, but so what? to feel a deep hate to feel scared but beyond that, to wish being at an end clotted blood mass mutilation hope for the future is only utopia mortality, insanity, fatality you'll never want to feel what i've felt mediocrity, brutality, and falsity it's just a world against me cities in ruins bodies packed on minefields neurotic game of life and death now i can feel the end premonition about my final hour a sad image of everything everything's so real who has won? who has died? beneath the remains
"Besuchen Sie Europa (solange es noch steht)," by Geier Sturzflug
The lyrics of this 1983 German pop song translate to something like this: "When submarines anchor in the Canale Grande,
and missile launchers stand on Saint Peter's Square in Rome,
a bomb capret floats over the bazaar of Ankara,
and a Pershing 2 lifts out of the hills of Mount Olympus,
then everything is far too late,
then it's not possible anymore,
so visit Europe while it's still standing.
When the Haute Cuisine turns into a witch's cauldron
where the cook from overseas flambe├ęs his old world,
there will be laughter and applause because even the waiter gets a kick,
what's left to us except for culture, we hope you enjoy your meal. (...)"
"Between The Wheels," by Rush
"To live between the wars in our in real time..." Chorus - "We can go from boom to bust/from dreams to a bowl of dust/We can fall from rocket's red glare/Down to brother can you spare/Another war, another wasteland, another lost generation..."
"Billy's Line," by Red Box
'year long winter grey.' 'Born in 1977, will die in '95, a modern-day statistic in collateral damage, Billy prays not to survive'. 'radio world war three'.
"Birthright," by Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe
The song is about nuclear bomb tests in Australia and the South Pacific and its impact on the indigenous peoples living there. The band was a one-album semi-reunion of Yes that recorded and toured in the late 80s.
"Black Celebration," by Depeche Mode
"Let's have a black celebrate the fact that we've seen the back of another black day..." The title song from their 1986 album. The album's subtitle is "Life in the So-Called Space Age."
"Black Planet," by The Sisters of Mercy
"So still, so dark all over Europe" "Run around in the radiation" "Run around in the acid rain" "Tune in turn on burn out in the acid rain on a... Black Planet." Lyrics like those hint towards the tension of Europe, and definitly talk about nuclear war with all the references to radiation.
"Blackened," by Metallica
talks about a nuclear winter and the end of nature
"Blossom and Blood," by Midnight Oil
From the Oil's 1985 "40 years after Hiroshima" commemorative short album "Species Deceases" we got lyrics like "This city of blossom and blood/This city suffered more than it should/These sidewalk silhouettes not washed away. You the warriors with your words, throw away your spears/You talk of times of peace for all, and then prepare for war. All people with dreams/All mothers of sons/All people with dreams never woken at night by the sound of guns."
"Blow The House Down," by Siouxsie And The Banshees
from hyeana (1984) we feel the chill from the night soar standing in the storm -- waiting for the flash to crash counting seconds before we turn to ash it's getting nearer ... blow the house down
"Blowin' Sky High," by Berlin
"Bomb Iran," by J.C. & The Bombers
Parody of the Beach Boys "Barbara-Ann" but with a sinister twist.
"Bomb The Russians," by Fear
Bomb the russians, bomb the russians, then they'll never get to you. Bomb the russians, bomb the russians, then we'll see who buries who.
"Boom Box," by Vitabeats
Went something like this "Boom box, on my shoulder, funk atomic bombs swoops down from America. Boom box restless soldier . . ." and I can't remember any more.
"Breathing and Experiment IV ," by Kate Bush
"We've lost our chance. We're the first and the last, ooh, After the blast. Chips of Plutonium Are twinkling in every lung." About the as yet unborn child of a woman caught in the fallout of a nuclear explosion. Mirrors the relative security of a child in the womb with our 'comfortable' existence; then inverts it by introducing an element beyond our control (and beyond the childs control) - all it knows is that it must keep "Breathing" which is 'life' even though it will be the death of us in the end. Experiment IV, whilst not specifically about 'nuclear bombs' is about the development of a weapon of lethality that when put into practice will kill people but leave the land relatively unscathed in order for occupation (the principal behind the Atom Bomb also). Ultimately the weapon created they cannot control as it turns on the Scientists. In the video the 'weapon' is sound. "We won't be there to be blamed. We won't be there to snitch. I just pray that someone there Can hit the switch."
"Brothers in arms," by Dire Straits
Seems to me there's clear references to nuclear war, and the song is written in 1985. "Through these fields of destruction / Baptism of fire / I've watched all your suffering / As the battles raged higher" and "There's so many different worlds / So many different suns / And we have just one world / But we live in different ones. Now the sun's gone to hell / And the moon's riding high / Let me bid you farewell / Every man has to die / But it's written in the starlight / And every line on your palm / We're fools to make war / On our brothers in arms"
"Burning Down the House," by Talking Heads
"Cool babies strange but not a stranger" - mutated & still-born babies. "We're in for nasty weather" - nuclear winter. "The transportation is here" - technology. "Fightin' fire with fire" - proliferation of warheads. "All wet hey you might need a raincoat" - black rain of fallout. "Shakedown dreams walking in broad daylight" - vaporized bodies. "People on their way to work baby what did you except, gonna burst into flame" - ditto. "Some things sure can sweep me off my feet" - shockwaves. "Everything's stuck together" - atomic particles.
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