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During the eighties, the topic of nuclear war seemed to come up a lot. It was on the news frequently due to the arms build up under the Regean era. At one point I think there was enough fire power to destroy the world 100 times over (it's probably still something ridiculous like that though). With the end of the cold war all seemed fine, although recent events in India and Pakistan does help remind us that it could be triggered by almost any mad man who is intent enough.

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"P.O.E.," by Adam Ant
P.O.E. is from the Adam Ant Album Vive Le Rock. It was obviously inspired the the film Dr. Strangelove. One line goes like "Dang your ass Mr. Kruschev,don't go dropping on here." It also has line for line the speech Slim Pikins gave when he was about to drop the bomb.
"Pa Pa Pa," by Los Prisioneros
The most important Chilean band of the 1980s, Los Prisioneros, released 'Pa Pa Pa' on their 1987 album 'La Cultura De La Basura' (Trash Culture), and the song includes the following lyric: Me encantan las canciones de amor, y aquellas que piden un mundo mejor. Vivo con el miedo al dedo que alguna vez apretara el boton. A literal translation of which is: I adore songs about love, and those that ask for a better world. I live with the fear of the finger that one day will press the button. Yes, it's the dreaded Button again, and I'm sure the finger we're thinking of here is that of the late Ronald Reagan. Los Prisioneros are historically important as one of the principal manifestations of artistic defiance to Pinochet's military regime in Chile, but they are also the authors of some very fine pop songs, including 'Pa Pa Pa'. The odds are that you won't have heard of them if you are not from Latin America or Spain, but I'd strongly recommend getting hold of some of their music if you can.
"Paranoid Chant," by Minutemen
Song about how fear of World War III consumed kids in the 80s. "I try to talk to girls, but I keep thinking about World War III."
"Part III," by Bad Religion
A final page is written/ in the books of history/ as man unleashed his deadly bombs/ and sent troops overseas/ to fight a war that can't be won/ and kills the human race/ a show of greed and ignorance/ man's quest for dominance/ they say when a mistake is made/ a lesson has been learned/ but this time theres no second chance/ the hate engulfs the world/ a million lives are lost each day/ a city slowly burns/ a mother holds her dying child/ but no one is concerned.
"Party At Ground Zero," by Fishbone
Party at ground zero A "B" movie starring you And the world will turn to flowing Pink vapor stew Johnny, go get your gun, for the commies are in our hemisphere today Ivan, go fly your MIG, for the Yankee imperialists have come to play Johnny goes to Sally's house to kiss her goodbye But Daddy says to spend the night They make love 'till the early morning light For tomorrow Johnny goes to fight Johnny, Ivan, Ian, everybody come along for our nations need new heroes Time to sing a new war song CHORUS Please do not fear 'cause Fishbone is here to say (say what?) Just have a good time the stop sign is far away The toilet has flushed and green lights are a ghost And drop drills will be extinct Speedracer cloud has come They know not what they've done Sin has just won The planet is a crumb CHORUS from their eponymous album of 1985
"Peace In Our Times (1984) ," by Elvis Costello and The Attractions
"Meanwhile there's a light over the ocean "Burning brighter than the sun "And a man sits alone in a bar and says 'Oh God, "What have we done?' " (part of a nightmare description of life with "one spaceman in the White House")
"Perfect Day," by Thompson Twins
From the "Close To The Bone" album. Describes a post-war scenario. The war is one and everybody is supposed to celebrate. Yet, rather than celebrating and cheering, they are busy crying over the loss of their homes and their dear ones.
"Poem For A Nuclear Romance," by Anne Clark
Poem For A Nuclear Romance (2:47) Lyrics by Anne Clark Music by David Harrow What will it matter then When the sky's not blue but blazing red The fact that I simply love you When all our dreams lay deformed and dead We'll be two radioactive dancers Spinning in different directions And my love for you will be reduced to powder The screams will perform louder and louder Your marble flesh will soon be raw and burning And kissing will reduce my lips to a pulp Hideous creatures will return from the underground And the fact that I love you Will die You don't have to sleep to see mightmares Just hold me close Then closer still And you'll feel the probabilities Pulling us apart
"Polaris," by Megadeth
"Political Science," by Randy Newman
No one likes us-I dont know why We may not be perfect, but heaven knows we try But all around, even our old friends put us down Lets drop the big one and see what happens We give them money-but are they grateful? No, theyre spiteful and theyre hateful They dont respect us-so lets surprise them Well drop the big one and pulverize them Asia's crowded, Europes too old Africa is far too hot And Canada's too cold South America stole our name Lets drop the big one There'll be no one left to blame us Well save Australia Don't wanna hurt no kangaroo We'll build an all American amusement park there They got surfin, too! Boom goes London and boom Paree More room for you and more room for me And every city the whole world round Will just be another American town Oh, how peaceful it will be Well set everybody free You'll wear a Japanese kimono And there'll be Italian shoes for me
"Political Science," by Randy Newman
lyrics like "let's drop the big one and see what happens"
"President Reagan's Birthday Present," by The Jazz Butcher
Red Russians shot my rocket down (x2) See, I was riding in my Jumbo I was sitting in the chair When a squadron full of Bolsheviks came flying through the air They were Communists and assholes, They were hicks and they were squares They were Communists in MiGs They got me then and there Red Russians shot my rocket down (x2) Bring it on down Rock it on down Oh, Rock and Roll - phew! It's a song about life. Yeh, it's a song about life. Yeh, real life Red Russians shot my rocket down (x2) So what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do about it? (repeat) What are you gonna do about this, President, Man? Happy Birthday, dear Mr. President!
"Primeval," by Atom Bomb
Time has come for all to know, evil rules on earth.
It's too late to stake your claim, it's all turned to surf
Primeval. Primeval. Burn...Burn...Burn.
"Protect & Survive," by Jethro Tull
From the 1980 album 'A', titled after the British Govt's public information programme, the lyrics pretty much say it all..... They said protect and you'll survive --- (but our postman didn't call) 8lbs. of over-pressure wave seemed to glue him to the wall They said protect and you'll survive E.M.P. took out the radio --- (and our milk-man didn't call) Flash blinded by the pretty lights, didn't see his bottles fall or feel the warm black rain arrive Big friendly cloud builds in the West (and our dust-men haven't called) They left the dual carriageway at a hundred miles an hour --- a tail wind chasing them away And in deep shelters lurk below, sub-regional control who sympathise but cannot help to mend your body or your soul Self-appointed guadians of the race with egg upon their face When steady sirens sing all-clear they pop up, find nobody here And so I watch two new suns spin --- (our paper man doesn't call) Burnt shadow printed on the road --- now there's nothing there at all They said protect and you'll survive
"Protect and Survive," by Runrig
Now you search the open evening sky
Trace the memories in your eyes
For the prophet's hard rain and the deluge
Lie in tears around your door
Once there were trees and livestock here
A mother's love, the warnings clear
But you chose to turn away from fear
Once in a lifetime
You die
Once in a moment
The sun goes down
Protect and survive
"Protect and Survive," by The Dubliners
Well the government's made a document To help prevent embarrassment And in the event of an accident Catching us with our trousers down It's no use to you when you're dead Nor even when alive And the name of this peace of paper is Protect and survive So when the nuke's come raining down It's great to be alive, well World War Three can be such fun If you protect and survive Protect and survive Well a nuclear strike can be recognised It would stand out in a crowd There's a flash, then a bang, then a blast of heat Then a bloody great mushroom cloud So if you happen to see one at the end of your street Would you please pick up the telephone And inform your local police So when the nuke's come raining down It's great to be alive, well World War Three can be such fun If you protect and survive Protect and survive Put sticky tape on your windows Block your ears and close your eyes But it won't make a blind bit of difference You won't have to watch yourself fry If you find yourself in the target zone And you haven't got a shelter Take a spade into the garden And dig like merry hell, sir So when the nuke's come raining down It's great to be alive, well World War Three can be such fun If you protect and survive Protect and survive They've got strategic ICBM's Both theatre and tactical With independently targeted Multiple reentry vehicle's Backfire bombers, Polaris sub's, cruise missiles And the boy's who hang around the Pentagon Can't wait to use these toys So when the nuke's come raining down It's great to be alive, well World War Three can be such fun If you protect and survive Protect and survive When Armageddon gets underway And the rockets come pouring down All the bloody politicians who started it Will scuttle off underground And when they finally reemerge With no life to be found They can administrate the rubble And they can order each other a round So when the nuke's come raining down It's great to be alive, well World War Three can be such fun If you protect and survive Protect and survive For they give us a four-minute warning When the rockets are on their way To give us time to panic and Christians time to pray So when you hear the siren's going Place your head between your thighs Whilst maintaining this posture You can make a final gesture And with a little muscular pressure You can kiss your arse goodbye So when the nuke's come raining down It's great to be alive, well World War Three can be such fun If you protect and survive Protect and survive Protect and survive Protect and...
"Put Down Your Weapon," by Midnight Oil
"Put Down your weapon, or we'll all be gone" (Diesel and Dust 1987)
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