Songs About Nuclear War from the Eighties, Songs Beginning with K

During the eighties, the topic of nuclear war seemed to come up a lot. It was on the news frequently due to the arms build up under the Regean era. At one point I think there was enough fire power to destroy the world 100 times over (it's probably still something ridiculous like that though). With the end of the cold war all seemed fine, although recent events in India and Pakistan does help remind us that it could be triggered by almost any mad man who is intent enough.

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"Kill The Poor," by Dead Kennedys
Kill The Poor Efficiency and progress is ours once more Now that we have the Neutron bomb It's nice and quick and clean and gets things done Away with excess enemy But no less value to property No sense in war but perfect sense at home: The sun beams down on a brand new day No more welfare tax to pay Unsightly slums gone up in flashing light Jobless millions whisked away At last we have more room to play All systems go to kill the poor tonight Gonna Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:Tonight Behold the sparkle of champagne The crime rate's gone Feel free again O' life's a dream with you, Miss Lily White Jane Fonda on the screen today Convinced the liberals it's okay So let's get dressed and dance away the night While they: Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:Tonight
"Killer of Giants," by Ozzy Osbourne
Killer Of Giants If none of us believe in war Then can you tell me what the weapon's for Listen to me everyone If the button is pushed There'll be nowhere to run Giants sleeping giants winning wars Within their dreams Till they wake when it's too late And in god's name blaspheme Killer of giants threatens us all Mountains of madness standing so tall Marches of protest not stopping the war Or the killer of giants The killer of giants Mother nature people state your case without its worth Your seas run dry your sleepless eyes are turning red alert Killer of giants threatens us all Mountains of madness standing so tall Rising so proudly it has nowhere to fall This killer of giants This killer of giants, yeah (guitar solo) Killer of giants threatens us all Mountains of madness standing so tall Marches of protest not stopping the war Oh the killer of giants Oh the killer of giants Killer of giants Killer of giants
"Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round," by Dead Kennedys (1987)
Greetings: This is the Secretary of War at the State Department of the United States We have a problem. The companies want something done about this sluggish world economic situation Profits have been running a little thin lately and we need to stimulate some growth Now we know there's an alarmingly high number of young people roaming around in your country with nothing to do but stir up trouble for the police and damage private property. It doesn't look like they'll ever get a job It's about time we did something constructive with these people We've got thousands of 'em here too. They're crawling all over The companies think it's time we all sit down, have a serious get-together- And start another war The President? He loves the idea! All those missiles streaming overhead to and fro Napalm People running down the road, skin on fire The Soviets seem up for it: The Kremlin's been itching for the real thing for years. Hell, Afghanistan's no fun So whadya say? We don't even have to win this war. We just want to cut down on some of this excess population Now look. Just start up a draft; draft as many of those people as you can. We'll call up every last youngster we can get our hands on, hand 'em some speed, give 'em an hour or two to learn how to use an automatic rifle and send 'em on their way Libya? El Salvador? How 'bout Northern Ireland? Or a "moderately repressive regime" in South America? We'll just cook up a good Soviet threat story in the Middle East-we need that oil We had Libya all ready to go and Colonel Khadafy's hit squad didn't even show up. I tell ya That man is unreliable. The Kremlin had their fingers on the button just like we did for that one Now just think for a minute-We can make this war so big-so BIG The more people we kill in this war, the more the economy will prosper We can get rid of practically everybody on your dole queue if we plan this right. Take every loafer on welfare right off our computer rolls Now don't worry about demonstrations-just pump up your drug supply. So many people have hooked themselves on heroin and amphetamines since we took over, it's just like Vietnam. We had everybody so busy with LSD they never got too strong. Kept the war functioning just fine It's easy. We've got our college kids so interested in beer they don't even care if we start manufacturing germ bombs again. Put a nuclear stockpile in their back yard, they wouldn't even know what it looked like So how 'bout it? Look-War is money. The arms manufacturers tell me unless we get our bomb factories up to full production the whole economy is going to collapse The Soviets are in the same boat. We all agree the time has come for the big one, so whadya say?!? That's excellent. We knew you'd agree The companies will be very pleased.
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