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During the eighties, the topic of nuclear war seemed to come up a lot. It was on the news frequently due to the arms build up under the Regean era. At one point I think there was enough fire power to destroy the world 100 times over (it's probably still something ridiculous like that though). With the end of the cold war all seemed fine, although recent events in India and Pakistan does help remind us that it could be triggered by almost any mad man who is intent enough.

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"Nagasaki Nightmare," by Crass
Fishing children fish in the Imperial Waters Nagasaki nightmare, Nagasaki nightmare Sons and lovers, lovers and daughters Nagasaki nightmare, Nagasaki nightmare Cherry Blossom hanging on the cherry blossom tree Flash, blinding flash, then there's nothing to see Nagasaki nightmare, Nagasaki nightmare Nagasaki nightmare, Nagasaki nightmare Nagasaki nightmare, Nagasaki nightmare Manmade power, manmade pain, Nagasaki nightmare Deadly rain, deadly rain, Nagasaki nightmare They'll do it again, shower us in rain Deadly, deadly, deadly rain Nagasaki nightmare, Nagasaki Nightmare
"Neutron Pommin," by Unknown
This sticks out in my mind as a Eurovision entry in the eighties I think when Norway, possibly Finland ended up with no points in successive years. I'm sure this was the case but haven't found substantive evidence on Google yet. It was done in a hard rock style and basically translated as Neutron Bombing. I can't remember lyrics etc, they were in Norwegian. I've compiled a list on based on your entries, only the ones I thought I'd like to hear:
"Never Again," by Discharge
A blinding light and firestorms agonished dying Never never never again Never never never again Unanswered cries of help panic and desperation Dazed and stricken survivors Search for lost families Chocking dust crazy with thirst Drinking from poisoned pools and streams.
"New Frontier," by Donald Fagen
the mistakes of the struggling survivors of a global nuclear shambles was a theme common to donald fagen/steely dan- like in "king of the world,"(1973) "black friday"(1975) "the last mall"(2003)and this tune from fagen's 1982 solo album "the nightfly." story: randy teenage geek lures class babe into his father's bomb shelter-which becomes their own private party house. rife with stunning animation done in fifties-retro style, the video for this song has been called "the greatest video ever made" by rolling stone."
"No Nuclear War," by Peter Tosh
No Nuclear War We Don't Want No Nuclear War With Nuclear War We Won't Get Far I Said That We Don't Want No Nuclear War With Nuclear War We Won't Get Far Said No, Just Another Holocaust It's Just Another Holocaust And We Can't Take No More (chorus) Too Many People Are Hungry They Don't Have Food To Eat They Are Naked 'cause They Don't Have Clothes To Wear They Are Going Insane Because Of The Condition A Million Babies Are Suffering From Malnutrition Chorus I Can't Take No More I Saw Wwi Where Lotsa Trouble Begun I Saw Wwii When The Pirates Came Right Through Lookin' For Wwiii But You Got To Set Me Free Free From The Chains And This Here Misery Chorus We Can't Take No More Unemployment I Said The Rate Is High So Much Sick People I'm Sure They Gonna Die So Much Mad People Gettin' Ready To Explode 'fore Somebody Come Help Them Carry This Load Chorus One Country Deploying Mx Another Country Deploying Ss Inflation Goin' Way Up High And The Dollar Is Going Way Down Low Chorus Crying, Bawling, They Can't Take No More I Hear Them Moaning They Can't Take No More They Don't Wanna Die They Want To Go To Heaven, Yeah But They Can't They Can't Take No More They Gettin' Low They Can't Take No More They Gettin' Grief They Can't Take No More They Gettin' Beat They Can't Take No More They Gettin' Lazy Cause They Can't Take No More Bored They Can't Take No More Frustrated They Can't Take No More Pleading For Them They Can't Take No More Can't You Hear Me Pleading For Them Cause They Can't Take No More They Want To Live In Peace And Happiness Let The Trees Grow Let The Waters Flow...
"No Winners," by Paul Hardcastle
From Paul Hardcastles CLASSIC 1988 album "No Winners" which was ENTIRELY on the subject of nuclear war. The biggest hit single from the album was "40 years", and the whole album included sung lyrics and powerful speech / sound samples on the subject. This album is a MUST for anyone interested in the subject.
"Nuclear Armed Hogs, Document One, Etc.," by G.I.S.M.
The titles are quite evident. GISM was a Japanese band from the 80's with a savage vocalist (Sakevi) who often attacked audience members with chainsaws, blowtorches, mic-stands and chairs. He also was also the star of a short Japanese art film Titled Geotropism, which featured atomic bomb imagery that makes the entire film Bladerunner look cheerful. GISM made Venom sound like Ashlee Simpson, Sakevi's vocals alone were more horrorific then the cookie monster vocals found in many American bands like Slayer who can't even touch on the otherworldly sounds Sakevi makes. Sakevi seems to have been obsessed with nuclear war, nearly all of the albums he has worked on have ether war imagery or atomic imagery. I also believe that "Document one" a track from the first GISM LP Detestation was quite possibly the single most powerful song about war ever written. Other tracks on the LP include "Nuclear Armed Hogs" "Death Agonies and Screams" "Endless Blockades for the pussyfooter" and the infamous non-nuke song "Tear their Syphlitic Vaginas to Pieces." Sakevi has released a solo CD single this year titled "The War".
"Nuclear Attack," by Gary Moore
Chorus includes the line "you can never come back from a Nuclear Attack". On various Gary Moore albums before he became a blues master.
"Nuclear Boy," by 20/20
I'm a Nuclear Boy living in a Nuclear World...
"Nuclear Device," by The Stranglers
First and last men walk this earth But only a few survive I'm the wizard of aus And I've got it all planned For my first nuclear device I don't really care which way you vote 'Cos my gerrymander works out fine I sell desert stretches like a big rubber glove To Japan for a nuclear device Nuclear device Nuclear device Nuclear device If I could get lucky I'd secede from the states I'd buy the country at an incredible rate Brisbane men stay at home at night 'Cos I outlawed all of the vice I'm the wizard of aus And I've rolled the streets Dreaming of a nuclear device
"Nuclear Free Pacific," by Herbs
protest against french nuclear testing, under jaque chirac, in the south pacific at mururoa atoll.
"Nuclear Holocaust," by The Future
'Nuclear Holocaust' was a favorite old school rap beat I recall from the breakdance era (eighties), featuring the lyrics : "nuclear holocaust, it's a cryin' shame; nuclear holocaust, who the hell made up this game?". The Future's main artist was Michael Jonzun from the Jonzun Crew (Space Cowboy, Pac Jam, et al)
"Nuclear Poison," by Lion Force?
Great tune, I was under the impression it was by Bob Marley. I'll let you know if I can transcribe it.
"Nuclear Shower," by MC Hammer
Thatz what I am tryin to find out !! PS: Just downloaded it from
"Nuclear War," by Sun Ra
1982 classic from the great jazz improvisationalist, recently revived by Yo La Tengo. Lyrics (here's all the lines, they're all repeated a lot, and most of them are call-and-response): Nuclear war. Nuclear war. They're talkin' about Nuclear war. It's a motherfucker, don't you know? If they push that button your ass got to go. Gonna blast you So high in the sky. You can kiss your ass Goodbye, goodbye. Radiation, Mutation. Fire. Hydrogen bombs, Atomic bombs. (Tell 'em about it, Tyrone...) What you gonna do, Without your ass? Melting... People... Buildings... Burnt grass... Farewell. Goodbye, ass.
"Nuclear War," by Yo La Tengo
The lyrics go "Nuclear War, Nuclear War Talking About Nuclear War it's a motherf***er don't you know if they push that button your arse gotta go" etc.
"Nuclear War," by Voivod
from the album "War and Pain" 1984 Fast and pure desolation Lust the blood in my brain Hard and dry destruction Wet under the neutron rain Die in this Holocaust Scream the deflect attack Burn before we reload Strees before... The power blast WAR! A command for blood We scream DIE! Nothing less than death we creep Storm the only weather Start the directives assassins Warm inside the under shelter Wait and fell your broiling skin Hot oz one disappear Blight in the atomic detention Rats it's a survival breed Destroy with deflagration I have one track it's to kill You'll never stop me Running my evil way With radioactivity My machine comes at night Missiles they stike Save your life in the dark For the loud attack Hey! nuclear war! I'm realy up tonite For my last ride Never returning at home I'm gonna die The war machine is not save And i can't escape When the bombs will hit My face, It will drive me insan
""Nuclear War"," by Yo La Tengo
Nuclear war (yeah) Nuclear war (yeah) Talkin about (yeah) Nuclear War (yeah) It's a motherfucker, don't you know. If they push that button, your ass gotta go.
"Nuke," by Suicide Mission
bomb bomb bomb bomb bombs of the eightys )times 3
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