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During the eighties, the topic of nuclear war seemed to come up a lot. It was on the news frequently due to the arms build up under the Regean era. At one point I think there was enough fire power to destroy the world 100 times over (it's probably still something ridiculous like that though). With the end of the cold war all seemed fine, although recent events in India and Pakistan does help remind us that it could be triggered by almost any mad man who is intent enough.

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"I Dont Wanna Die," by 4 Skins
"i dont wanna hear that 2 minute warning,i just wanna get up in the morning...i,i,i dont wanna die(x2)"
"I Found That Essence Rare," by Gang of Four
"The worst thing in 1954 was the Bikini / See the girl on the TV dressed in a Bikini / She doesn't think so but she's dressed for the H-Bomb"
"I Hate You," by Edge of Ettiquette
This appeared in the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. It was the song that the Punk Rock guy on the bus was listening to. The reference to nuclear war is in, "Let's just push the button we'd be better off dead" and "The only choice we're given is how many megatons". You could also argue that "The sins of our fathers" is a reference to WWI and WWII "I HATE YOU" Lyrics by Kirk R. Thatcher Music by Mark Mangini (to be sung Allegro con Temptible) Just what is the future? The things we've done and said. Let's just push the button. We'd be better off dead! And I hate you! and I berate you ! and I can't wait to get to you... The sins of all the fathers, being dumped on us - the sons The only choice we're given is: How many megatons? So I eschew you! And I say "SCREW YOU"! And I hope you're blue too! We're all bloody worthless, Just greedy human scum, The numbers all add up to a negative sum... And I hate you! And I hate you! And I hate you...too! (Repeat in angry scream 'til hoarse -- or blood sprays from throat. Whichever comes first...)
"I Love The World," by New Model Army
Prolific band with over 120 songs out. Generally called a punk band, but more of a rock protest band, I'd say. Facetious title, early '89. Interesting perspective at the end: friend wants to go out and die, he wants to survive to say, "I told you so!" And if one day the final fire explodes across the whitened sky I know you've said you'd rather die and make it over fast With courage from your bravest friends, waiting outside for the end With no bitterness but an innocence that I can't seem to grasp I know somehow I will survive - this fury just to stay alive So drunk with sickness, weak with pain, I can walk the hills one last time Scarred and smiling, dying slow, I'll scream to no one left at all I told you so, I told you so, I told you so . . Oh God I love the world
"I Remember the Sun," by XTC
I'm thinking of the days we had
Enormous super powers
Yes I'm sleeping, my mind's on the blink
I thought a page, like it's written in ink
When I remember distant days
I remember many things, but
Most of all, I remember the sun
"I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me," by Nik Kershaw
Rather obvious actually: Forty winks in the lobby, make mine a G&T Then to our favorite hobby, searching for an enemy Here in our paper houses, stretching for miles and miles Old men in stripey trousers rule the world with plastic smiles Good or bad, like it or not It's the only one we've got I won't let the sun go down on me I won't let the sun go down I won't let the sun go down on me I won't let the sun go down Mother nature isn't in it, three hundred million years Goodbye in just a minute, gone forever, no more tears Pinball man, power glutton, vacuum inside his head Forefinger on the button, is he blue or is he red Break your silence if you would Before the sun goes down for good I won't let the sun go down on me I won't let the sun go down I won't let the sun go down on me I won't let the sun go down
"I've Known No War," by The Who
From their last album, 'It's Hard' in 1982, includes the lines: I've known no war And if I ever do the glimpse will be short Fireball in the sky No front line battle cry Can be heard as the button is pushed by a soul that's been bought I've known no war
"I.C.B.M.," by Amebix
A song from 1987 about the Inter Continental Ballistic Missle system that is used to diliver nuclear warheads - "A silver express through the valley of death, A cruise over land, to turn the fertile soil to sand"
"Ignorance," by Sacred Reich
Evil minds bend on destruction
Ignoring the pleas of their race
The final chapter in humanic abduction
All signs of society erased
People asking fewer questions
Letting politicians do their thinking
Not questioning nuclear judgement
As warheads enter our space
Our atmosphere clouded with poison
We're killing ourselves to live
Filling the world with hate and dissention
We'll have only our lives to give
What we do now is the key to the future
We'll only have ourselves to blame
For arming the world with the tools of destruction
Our ignorance means death
Warring on opposite nations
Starvation amongst impoverished nations
Outlook bleak for the world residue
Ignorance of mankind
Clouding the world with residue Of man's toxic industry
Slowly killing nameless victims
Whose ignorance leaves them dead
Our atmosphere clouded with poison
We're killing ourselves to live
Filling the world with hate and dissention
We'll have only our lives to give
"In The Hole," by Armored Saint
The wind The war I'm burning out Is this the end The bombs are raining hell I see the real me Floating out to space Blown to bits Where's the human race Slave Well it's immortal right But I'll give it a try As they fly through the air Doubters beware My home Below A blissful place Stuck in this silo I live alone Make the best of what i own Trusty Gold key Ready to kindle the globe Please lay these arms to rest My will is running low Slave Well it's immortal right But I gave it a try While the faces stare At the hideous glare Better turn and run I've unleashed the sun You say you wanted it done I'm the man to count on I'm in the hole for life These subtle words fit right Lord knows man needs a vice On my knees in pain
"Invasion," by Skrewdriver
They came across the border in the middle of the night, But it looks much worse in the cold daylight Hundreds of tanks, And ten thousands of men, Helicopters buzzin right across your head Its an invasion. Invasion They're moving out of cities, they're moving out of town If your caught resisting your quickly mowed down Everybody's running but they dont know where Just as long as they escape, well, they dont care Well, you cant understand why they murder your land But you cant fight a tank with a stick. You wanna fight back, but the future is black And the killing is making you sick And the tanks pass by in an never-ending line not a man nor a woman is spared... Then you wonder why no help does arrive And this world just dont seem to care. You formed a small resistance, you've got a few guns might as well ambush, but you end up on the run Runnin thru the foothills, but you'll never make your cave Cuz your just another rebel in an unmarked grave. Its an Invasion. Invasion. Ian Stewart. aka Skrewdriver
"Is There Something I should Know?," by Duran DUran
Can you read my mind
can you see in the snow
And fiery demons all dance
When you walk through that door
Don't say you're easy on me
You're about as easy as a nuclear war
"It's A Mistake," by Men At Work
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