I Liked It When I Saw It The First Time, Entries Beginning with A

This page is inspired by the comedy of David Spade. Yes, David Spade. During his stay on Saturday Night Live, he would occasionally put things down that seemed to copy things before them by saying something like "I liked 'Black Sheep' the first time I saw it, when it was called 'Tommy Boy'". So this is my attempt at ranking on the movies and television programs of the nineties (and present) by pointing out what they copied from the eighties. Since there always seems to be a lot or unoriginal ideas in Hollywood, this should be an easy page to fill up quickly.

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I liked "A.J. McLean" when it was called Donnie Whalberg
Both of them were pretty wild, but both have settled down quite considerably.
I liked "Aaron Carter" when it was called Vanilla Ice
Aaron Carter is also a teen rapper, but doesn't have talent like Eminem. He's similar to Mark Marky Mark Wahlburg for being related to a member of a boy band. But his rapping & hip hop image looks really fake and pathetic like Vanilla Ice. And judging by clip from the upcoming Fat Albert movie, I doubt he'll become a successful actor like Mark Wahlburg.
I liked "About Time" when it was called Back In The High Life
Both popular albums by Steve Winwood only Back In The High Life is way better.
I liked "Access Hollywood" when it was called Entertainment Tonight
Another entertainment program that Pat The Perv O'Brien had co-hosted.
I liked "Adventures Of Chico & Guapo" when it was called Beavis & Butt-Head
New MTV2 cartoon that's basically a carbon copy of Beavis & Butt-Head
I liked "All That On Nickelodeon" when it was called You Can't Do That On Television
Both sketch shows with child stars: Alanis Morisette YCDTOTV/Amanda BynesAll That were the breakout stars.
I liked "All the forensic investigation shows" when it was called Quincy, M.E.
From 1976 through 1983, Quincy showcased the latest in real world forensic technology and methodology. They didn't have 3D computer graphics so they used the same hardware that could be found in any big city Medical Examiner's laboratory. I'd love to see a new Quincy that doesn't use any fictionalized and phony equipment or investigation methods.
I liked "The Amanda Show" when it was called You Can't Do That On Television
I never thought that the Amanda Show was very funny. I actually thought of it as a rip off of You Can't Do That On Television
I liked "America's Got Talent" when it was called The Gong Show
At least The Gong Show didn't have Hasselhoff and Sharon Osbourne.
I liked "American Dragon Jake Long" when it was called Batman
Both super heroes that have a fling with a girl, who also happens to the one of the hero's arch villians.
I liked "American Idol" when it was called Star Search
Same difference, bigger prizes.
I liked "American Idol" when it was called Star Search
I miss the variety and the innocence of Star Search I don't let my children watch American Idol.
I liked "American Pie" when it was called Fast Times at Ridgemont High
I liked both movies, but I felt they were really similar.
I liked "American Pie" when it was called Porky's
I'll bet the creators of American Pie" were all sitting around the TV watching Porky's. And they thought to themselves, Here's a movie we haven't ripped off yet.
I liked "Annapolis" when it was called An Officer And A Gentleman
Blatent rip-off, with James Franco, Jordana Brewster, and Tyrese Gibson replacing the great Gere-Winger-Gossett cast.
I liked "Aquamarine" when it was called Splash
Both movies are about mermaids falling in love with humans.
I liked "Are We There Yet?" when it was called Planes Trains and Automobiles
Ice Cube is trying to get these troublesome kids to there mom when they have cause a lot of problems. Just like when Steve Martin is trying to get home and is stuck with John Candy the whole time.
I liked "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince" when it was called Prince
He changed his name and then he went back to his old name after his recording contract with Warner Music was up. He said he changed his name as a means of "freeing himself from all undesirables", whatever the h*** that means.
I liked "Ashley Tisdale" when it was called Tiffany
Not only does Ashley Tisdale look a bit like '80's pop singer Tiffany, she's even a manufactured pop singer. Though Ashley Tisdale is a better actress.
I liked "Ashley Tisdale" when it was called Debbie Gibson
Besides being pop princesses, they have similar facial structures. Gibson could easily be Tisdale's mother, though she's not. Both are talented in their own way. Gibson with singing/writing music and Tisdale with acting, but not much of a singer.
I liked "Ashley Tisdale (Maddie)" when it was called Miyam Bialik (Blossom)
Ashley and Blossom even look the same.
I liked "Audi T(i)" when it was called Audi Quattro
Rally superstar, digital talking dashboard and classic '80s origami looks trample all over Audi's current aluminium bathtub
I liked "Avril Lavigne" when it was called Catherine Deneueve
Avril is Deneueve without the class.
I liked "Avril Lavigne" when it was called Merielle Matthieu
A couple of young French singers. Matthieu was the Lavigne of the 80s.
I liked "Axl Rose" when it was called Axl Rose
His new band is awesome. His new look is not. Take the braids off and it would be okay.

What else can you think of that is ripped off from the 80s?

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