I Liked It When I Saw It The First Time, Entries Beginning with O

This page is inspired by the comedy of David Spade. Yes, David Spade. During his stay on Saturday Night Live, he would occasionally put things down that seemed to copy things before them by saying something like "I liked 'Black Sheep' the first time I saw it, when it was called 'Tommy Boy'". So this is my attempt at ranking on the movies and television programs of the nineties (and present) by pointing out what they copied from the eighties. Since there always seems to be a lot or unoriginal ideas in Hollywood, this should be an easy page to fill up quickly.

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I liked "The O.C " when it was called Beverly Hill 90210
I liked "The O.C." when it was called Beverly Hills, 90210
I liked "The O.C." when it was called Dallas
I liked "The OC" when it was called Beverly Hills 90210
'Nuff said.
I liked "Old School" when it was called National Lampoon's Animal House
I liked "Oliver Beene" when it was called The Wonder Years
I liked "Once and Again" when it was called Beauty and The Beast
The TV show "Beauty and the Beast" with Linda Hamilton.
I liked "One On One" when it was called Punky Brewster
I liked "Open Water" when it was called Jaws
The only difference is that only one of the main characters in "Jaws" was killed. (And the PG rating compared to the R-rated "Open Water".) And the fictionalized documentary genre is overrated anyway.
I liked "Outkast" when it was called A Tribe Called Quest
I liked "Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller" when it was called Corey Haim and Corey Feldman
They have done almost as many movies together.

What else can you think of that is ripped off from the 80s?

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