I Liked It When I Saw It The First Time, Entries Beginning with B

This page is inspired by the comedy of David Spade. Yes, David Spade. During his stay on Saturday Night Live, he would occasionally put things down that seemed to copy things before them by saying something like "I liked 'Black Sheep' the first time I saw it, when it was called 'Tommy Boy'". So this is my attempt at ranking on the movies and television programs of the nineties (and present) by pointing out what they copied from the eighties. Since there always seems to be a lot or unoriginal ideas in Hollywood, this should be an easy page to fill up quickly.

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I liked "B5" when it was called New Edition
Both teen R&B singing groups.
I liked "BET Rap City: The Bassment" when it was called Yo! MTV Raps
The hosts of BET Rap City: The Basement don't hold a candle to Ed Lover & Doctor Dre.
I liked "BET's 106 And Park" when it was called BET's Video Soul
A.J. and Free are great. But Donnie Simpson is the greatest. 106 And Park will never touch Video Soul.
I liked "BP Connect" when it was called Amoco Service Station
I liked "Baby Einstein" when it was called LooneyTunes
Baby Einstein are those tapes aimed towards toddlers that play classical music. Though Looney Tunes were around way before the '80's, they featured classical music and jazz on their soundtrack. Which means that most kids, from the past 50 years, probably got their first exposure of classical music while watching Looney Tunes and didn't noticed until later.
I liked "The Bachelor" when it was called Studs
I liked "The Bachelor" when it was called Perfect Match
I liked "Backstreet Boys" when it was called New Edition
Not just Backstreet Boys, but all the rest of them!
I liked "Bad Boys" when it was called Lethal Weapon
Seriously, did you notice?
I liked "The Baltimore Ravens" when it was called The Cleveland Browns
Nothing against the current Browns team, but the older teams with Bernie Kosar, Kevin Mack and Eric Metcalf were much better before Art Modell moved the team. And yes, I would have rather the Colts stayed in Baltimore and Indianapolis had an expansion team, but both the Ravens and Colts won Super Bowls this decade. The same can't be said for the current Browns (not even close).
I liked "Band Aid 20" when it was called Band Aid
They should have left well enough alone.
I liked "Barney" when it was called Pee Wee's Playhouse
I liked "Barney" when it was called H.R. Puffinstuf
I liked "Barry Bonds" when it was called Jose Canseco
Both great sluggers in their era and have the media following them with so many allegations against them. Only a few differences; Bonds is having more press pressuring him after his record-breaking 73-homer season in 2001 (at least he can deal with the media very well and hit more than 700 career homeruns). Canseco have more press pressuring him after he made some allegations about him carrying a gun in his car, his injuries, and his steroid use in the late 1980's. He has not been as much as an effective player since he left the Oakland Athletics. If Canseco would handle the media very well and not have any injury, maybe perhaps he would have at least 500 home runs (he ended his career with 462).
I liked "Battlestar Galactica (80's)" when it was called Battlestar Galactica (2004)
Prefer the original. Although the new version is good as they have made enough changes to be different. Still, don't fix what isn't broken.
I liked "Beast Wars Transformers" when it was called Transformers
I liked "Becker" when it was called Cheers
I liked "Ben Roethlisberger" when it was called Joe Montana
Quarterbacks who won the Super Bowl in their second pro season.
I liked "Ben Wallace" when it was called Dennis Rodman
I liked "The Benchwarmers" when it was called Major League
Funny baseball movies with characters you could never imagine playing baseball.
I liked "Bernie Mac" when it was called Cosby Show
I liked "Between The Lions" when it was called Reading Rainbow
Both PBS kid shows that teaches children to read & to enjoy books.
I liked "Beverly Hills, 90210" when it was called Degrassi Jr. High
I liked "Beyonce Knowles" when it was called Janet Jackson
I liked "Beyonce Knowles" when it was called Madonna
I liked "Beyond The Prairie: Laura Ingalls Wilder" when it was called Little House on the Prairie
I liked "Big Break" when it was called Star Search
I liked "Big Momma's House" when it was called Back to the Future
I liked "Bill Nye The Science Guy" when it was called Mr. Wizard
I liked "Blade" when it was called Blacula
I liked "Blender" when it was called Rolling Stone
Basically a second rate Rolling Stone Magazine or a third rate Spin.
I liked "Blind Date" when it was called The Dating Game
I liked "Blue Collar TV" when it was called Hee Haw
I liked "Boogeyman" when it was called A Nightmare on Elm Street
I liked "Boomerang" when it was called Cartoon Network
Boomerang is what Cartoon Network was like over 12 years ago. Much like how VH1 Classic is what MTV was in the 1980's. But with classic Hanna Barbera cartoons & Looney Tunes, which no longer airs on Cartoon Network.
I liked "Boy Meets World" when it was called The Wonder Years
Ironic that the 2 Savage brothers do the same character!!
I liked "Boyz II Men" when it was called New Edition
I liked "Brandon Flowers from The Killers" when it was called Freddie Mercury from Queen
They both look alike with the moustache.
I liked "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers" when it was called Ren & Stimpy
"Brandy & Mr. Whiskers" is a current Disney Channel cartoon that relies on gross out humor like "Ren & Stimpy". Except that "Ren & Stimpy" was much funnier & well written. BTW, "Ren & Stimpy" made it's first debut on an animation festival in 1989 before it became a TV series in 1991.
I liked "Bratz" when it was called Barbie
Barbie was so much more pure. These barely clothed, collagen surgery lips, make-up infested Bratz dolls send a horrible message to children.
I liked "The Bravery" when it was called New Order
"An Honest Mistake" sounds very similar to "Blue Monday."
I liked "Brian Mc Knight" when it was called Otis Redding
I liked "Britney & Kevin" when it was called Whitney & Bobby
Overhyped pop star couples, though Britney Spears was never a good singer like Whitney Houston and even Bobby Brown had some talent unlike Kevin Federline, who's only famous for being married to Britney.
I liked "Britney Spears" when it was called Belinda Carlisle
I liked "Britney Spears" when it was called Madonna
Besides pop music, both know how to grasp attention & being controversial in the lime light.
I liked "Britney Spears" when it was called Samantha Fox
I liked "Britney Spears" when it was called Debbie Gibson
Britney owes a huge thanks to Debbie for paving the way for her. Debbie had the catchy pop tunes(all self-penned BTW), the flashy choreography, endorsement deals, and legions of fans like Britney. Debbie was less sexy and more quirky, but it was the late 80's. Britney, thank your lucky stars that people, albeit with more talent, paved the way for trashy pop-stars like you.
I liked "Britney Spears" when it was called Cyndi Lauper
Okay, they both don't know how to match their clothes and they are both annoying, but at least Cyndi's music was good.
I liked "Britney Spears" when it was called Madonna
Love her(Britney), hate her...admit it, she has the staying power of Madonna. (Even though Maddy worked a heck of a lot more to get where she is.)
I liked "Brokeback Mountain" when it was called The Outsiders
The only difference is instead of them being greasers, they're gay cowboys!
I liked "Bubble Boy" when it was called Boy In The Plastic Bubble
Even though the new one is good, the old one was good too.
I liked "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" when it was called Scooby Doo

What else can you think of that is ripped off from the 80s?

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