I Liked It When I Saw It The First Time, Entries Beginning with T

This page is inspired by the comedy of David Spade. Yes, David Spade. During his stay on Saturday Night Live, he would occasionally put things down that seemed to copy things before them by saying something like "I liked 'Black Sheep' the first time I saw it, when it was called 'Tommy Boy'". So this is my attempt at ranking on the movies and television programs of the nineties (and present) by pointing out what they copied from the eighties. Since there always seems to be a lot or unoriginal ideas in Hollywood, this should be an easy page to fill up quickly.

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I liked "TNBC" when it was called One to Grow On
See Team Knight Rider!
I liked "TV Guide Channel" when it was called Preview Channel
Preview channel was a network that showed TV listings. Though TV Guide bought the network and added some cheesy "E! Entertainmentesque" interview shows.
I liked "Tara Reid" when it was called Molly Ringwald
I rented a movie the other day called Not Another Teen Movie which came out in theaters in December 2001 and it spoofs teen movies from the 80s and 90s. At the end Molly Ringwald makes a cameo appearance and she didn't look that much older now than she did in the 80s.
I liked "Team Knight Rider" when it was called Knight Rider
Less is more.
I liked "Techno Music" when it was called Disco Music
I liked "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (new version)" when it was called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(original)
I liked "Teletubbies" when it was called Rainbow Brite
I liked "Terrell Owens" when it was called Deon Sanders
I liked "Terrell Owens" when it was called Michael Irvin
I liked "That 70's Show" when it was called Happy Days
I liked "Thirteen Going On 30" when it was called Big
I liked "Tim Duncan" when it was called Hakeem Olajuwan
I liked "Time Out" when it was called A Spanking
C'mon, you know we didn't have a time out!
I liked "Time Squad" when it was called Voyagers!
Same plot: People from the future make sure the past doesn't get screwed up.
I liked "Tiny Toons Adventures" when it was called Muppet Babies
I liked "Titanic" when it was called Romeo & Juliet
I liked "Tobey Maguire" when it was called Michael J. Fox
I liked "Todd Newton" when it was called Peter Tomarken
Both hosted a version of "Press Your Luck", and they evidentially knew each other since Todd apparently attended Peter's funeral.
I liked "Tom Brady" when it was called Joe Montana
The two NFL quarterbacks help win Super Bowl titles for their teams they play for(Pats now, 49er's, 80's).
I liked "Tomb Raider" when it was called Pitfall
I liked "Tomb Raider's Lara Croft" when it was called Indiana Jones
I liked "Toon Heads" when it was called Mousterpiece Theatre
"Mousterpiece Theatre" was a show on the Disney Channel that showcased classic Disney cartoons (i.e. Mickey, Donald, Silly Symphonies) along with facts about the cartoon. "Toon Heads" was a show on Cartoon Network that showcased Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes & MGM cartoons in a similar way with tid bits & trivia about the cartoons & the people who worked behind them (Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones). Unfortunately, both are now defunct, but there's a new show on the Turner Classic Movie channel called "Cartoon Alley" that showcases Warner Bros. & MGM cartoons, like 'Toon Heads'. And uncut, for the better or worse, for those who're fans of classic animation. (Based on a short I saw)
I liked "Total Request Live" when it was called Dial MTV
Same idea and same phone number!
I liked "Total Request Live " when it was called Friday Night Videos
I liked "Transformers: Armada" when it was called Generation 1 Transformers
I liked "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" when it was called Transformers: More than Meets the Eye
I liked "Troy" when it was called Clash of the Titans
I liked "Turner Classic Movies" when it was called American Movies Classic
Turner Classic Movies is what American Movies Classic was like over 15 years ago. Or possibly TNT, but the movies aren't colorized, which is a good thing for fans of classic film. Though American Movies Classic now air commercials, "current" movies from the last 20 years, and some cheesy shows, for the better or the worse.

What else can you think of that is ripped off from the 80s?

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