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This page is for reviews of concerts people have seen during the 80s and reviews of tours that more recently focus on vintage 80s groups (like Depeche Mode or Bow Wow Wow, etc.). The first reviews here are from the old message board, so they might look a little familar. Hope no one minds me reformatting their original messages.

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"A-ha" / 1987 in dublin
I remember this concert as being the most eagerly awaited gig in years in Ireland.. it was in the RDS simmonscourt arena and it was on the chilliest january night ever. I watched an interview of the band years later and they remarked on the fact that there was STEAM coming off the audience in Dublin that night. They have to be one of the most under rated bands in the history of the world...Morten harket is amazing to look at and as for the voice,ay caramba!
Review by: sharonc
"AC/DC" / 3-11-03
AC/DC graced new york with an extremely 'for the fans and bon scott' FREE...yes, I said free show at roseland 5 days after my 38th birthday!...the actual gift was entrance without a ticket, courtesy of roseland. we went to try and get in, but scalpers were rapin' people at 300 dollars a ticket, so we just kinda hung around hoping to get in. security informed us [maybe cuz we looked so desparate] that there were 15 tickets available for us hardcore dc fans, and we were the first in the 'no ticket line'. talk about stubborn luck! next thing we knew, we were ushered in and handed three tickets to the free concert to give back to the fans their very late claim to the rock and roll hall of fame....anyway, what a set list-they did mostly bon stuff, and his nephews were in the front row!!...too cool!...the place was filled with dc addicts and record execs and the ac/dc family. what a ^$$@#*) show!!!! check out this setlist: hell aint a bad place to be-back in black-stiff upper lip-[get this:I have NEVER seen them do this: GONE SHOOTIN!-thunderstruck-rock n roll damnation-another rare show track:whats next to the moon-hard as a rock-the jack-if you want blood[another showstopper]-hells bells-dirty deeds-rock and roll aint noise pollution-shoot to thrill-tnt-highway to hell-whole lotta rosie-you shook me all night long..... now thats a dc show, up close and extremely personal. brian introduced bon's family at the beginning, some chick was screamin 'i wanna sing with you!!!', so brian pulled her onstage and they sang 'tnt' together, really well, i might add!...angus ripped up the stage[and his knees] then mooned us all yet again. he was wearing a thong this time, guess he was a little hairy in the moon...and whats next to THAT moon n my wife lynne and my lead guitarist lee b. had the time of our lives. we were so damned lucky. guess its that rock n roll damnation we are 'cursed'?! by.see you again, dc!--john-new york--btw=-=that was their ONLY 2003 usa appearance!
Review by: John H.
"Aerosmith" / 12/16/02
It was at the first union center in Philly. I'm 18 but im a hugefan. They were absolutely electrifying. The best part was that the stage had extensions out in front and up the sides of the arena. Steven Tyler was spinning around with his microphone and fans were throwing scarves at him. Even my dad was impressed because they are all in their 50's and they can still rock.
Review by: Elizabeth
Review by: RATFINK
"Air Supply/Juice Newton" / August, 1981
At Red Rocks in Morrison, Colo., right after my junior year in high school. Didn't want to go but my other three buddies said it would be a great "date" concert and we should take somebody. Hard to believe but Juice Newton had the No. 1 song in the county with "Playing with Queen of Hearts" which I totally freakin' couldn't stand and Air Supply was just dominating the charts and I think they had the No. 2 song at that time with "The one that you Love". Thought it would suck. But to my suprise, Newton was a blast, really kept it live with the audience, and kept lifting her skirt up high during this one song. People went totally nuts over "Queen of Hearts" and "Angel of the Morning". Good entertainer. Air Supply surprised the heck out of me as well. They sounded phenominal (perfect for Red Rocks), great light show, much more energetic than I thought they would be, and Russell Hitchcock was probably one of the best singers of the 80s, even if you didn't like their schmaltzy, Barry Manilow-influenced music. Kept reeling off hit after hit, which is something I always like at a concert. Couldn't belive I actually liked it. Two other thingsI remember - first time I ever drank anything at a concert (vodka/lemondade), and the "date" I was set up with (nice person, but I wasn't interested) wouldn't stop calling me and sending me cards for months. Even funnier is the fact that I ended up talking to one of my buddies dates most of the night (he wouldn't pay attention to her) and we ended up going out two years later!
Review by: blake powers
"Al B. Sure, Bobby Brown, New Edition" / October 1988, Louisville KY.
Al B. Sure opened and was off the hook. He had lights, pyro, and the whole nine. Bobby was stuck on himself as expected. New Edition was awesome. The night belong to Johnny Gill as he all the ladies when he sang,"Can you stand the rain."
Review by: Brian
"Asia" / Aug/Sept 2006
The 23 year wait to see this band back together with all 4 original members was well worth the wait! My favorite all time band was finally playing together again since September of 1983! They were 23 years older, wiser, and blew everyone away with their musicianship. These 4 giants of the 1970's British Progressive Rock Goldenage (John Wetton: lead vocals and bass, Steve Howe: Guitars, Carl Palmer: Drums, and Geoffrey Downes: Keyboards) rocked the house down at all 4 shows I attended. They sounded EXACTLY as they did on their albums Asia from 1982, and Alpha from 1983. You will hear all the hits including "Heat of the Moment", "Only Time Will Tell", "Sole Survivor", "Don't Cry", and "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes". In addition, they performed a 15 minute 3 song acoustic set that was amazing. The band even played 1 song from each of the members past bands.....Yes, King Crimson, ELP, and the Buggles! They will be touring the US again this summer with Foreigner, Styx, and alone. If you want to see masters of their musical craft in action, DON'T MISS ASIA!!!!The SUPERGROUP of the 1980's back together again and rocking the world!
Review by: Art

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