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This page is for reviews of concerts people have seen during the 80s and reviews of tours that more recently focus on vintage 80s groups (like Depeche Mode or Bow Wow Wow, etc.). The first reviews here are from the old message board, so they might look a little familar. Hope no one minds me reformatting their original messages.

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"Gary Numan" / 1980
gary numans fairwell concert...the best sounds the best light show ever been seen in a concert....and he did it three nights running.......go ed gazza.........the synth god
Review by: Les
"George Michael" / Sep 9,1988
At a time when almost every song of the "faith"album was a bonafide hit;George put on the best concert I have ever seen. The lighting and lasers used were excellent and choreography to songs were mostly related to the videos. I've seen many a great act;but not one has yet to top George Michael's "FAITH" concert.
Review by: Rick
"The Go Go's/ Bow Wow Wow" / 1982/1983
This really dates me, but, alas time ticks away. The show was at the now long departed Channel Nighclub ( a victim of the Big Dig in Boston) Bow Wow Wow opened the show, flashpots and all and gave a great show ( or could it have been I was in Love with Annabella's mohawk?) followed by the wondergirls of new wave, The Go Go's. They too, put a ton of 80's excitement in the air 9 the whole club did the pogo bounce up and down dance ( remember when our knees didnt hurt?) I remember it was roughly 100 sticky degrees in the "pit" and at the end of the show, I literally wrang out my shirt in the parking lot. ahhh, those were the days........
Review by: B C
"Go West - Here and Now Australian Tour - Sydney " / 17 November 2003
Saw this concert only recently. Loved 1927, Mondo Rock, Kim Wilde, Belinda Carlisle and Paul Young. Wasn't so fussed about Human League, BUT GO WEST ABSOLUTELY ROCKED. They had never been to Australia before and I had forgotten what a fantastic voice Peter Cox has. Their set was the first time at the concert that people actually got up and stayed up singing and dancing for the whole of the set. Every other artist had people get up to dance and then sit down again when they didn't know a song. I just wish that I could convince the record company to get them back here for a tour of the club and pub scene - they would be awesome.
Review by: Trisha
"Go-Go's" / July 25th 2004
Best show I've seen in years, these grrrrls ROCK! They highlight of the night was while performing Automatic, the song faded into the best rendition of Blondie's Atomic I have ever listened to. They played about 15 songs in all and the encore was great, the crowd went wild for about 2 minutes requesting the encore, and then, when they came out again they performed What a feeling wich then faded into Maniac, with belinda doing the best dancing she has done; well needles to say it was a great show. I highly recommend that you see them live.
Review by: Luis Assemat
"Guns and Roses" / Jan, Feb? '88
A friend had talked me into going to the Iron Maiden show in which I was only familiar with their rock radio tunes. Anyways, GNR was the opening act at the Arena in Seattle. The previous summer we had played Appetite into the ground and were amazed that a band during our time was able to put out such a recording. A forty-five minute set blew the crowd away and when Axl jumped into the crowd during Paradise City we thought the roof would come down. My buddy summed it up great when after about a half-hour of Maiden we decided to depart early, "It's the only time I saw an opening act steal the show and I think Maiden had a bunch of bionic rock musicians carry out their show.
Review by: Aaron
"Guns n' Roses" / Summer '93
Athens Olympic Stadium (Greece). One word: WOW! Opening act was Brian May - not bad. Axl did the usual job of showing up two hours late. The crowd was going hyper and fights were breaking out in the mosh-pit. Suddenly, the lights went out and the opening bars to "Welcome to the Jungle" played - and believe me all hell broke loose.... Total mayhem for the next (almost) three hours. The new guy had broken his arm so we had the added bonus of seeing Izzy Stradlin (original guitarist) alongside Slash in the lineup. The Gunners were beginning to flake in their career by this time but you wouldn't have believed it if you were at this show (its a pity they only came to Greece this one time). Defining moment: in the middle of the acoustic set (singing "Patience" I think), pizza delivery boys came on stage with about 20 pizzas which Axl started chucking into the mosh-pit. He then threw about 100 red roses and proceeded to hose us down with a garden hose as well. I was in the mosh-pit and almost got my neck broken but it was worth it!
Review by: Alex Peroulias
"Guns N Roses" / 26th Feb 02
Ok-i had seen GNR two days earler at Leeds festival, but this was their own concert. London arena was in a state of utter excitement and suspense as we waited for one of the most renowned late showers ever. Not only were they on stage on time but they absolutely blew me away!! Whoever said Axl had lost his voice?-or looks?!! It may have been a new line up but that old GNR spirit is definitely there!! They played most of Appetite, and the favourites like November rain and Patience plus some new material that i have to say i was more than impressed with! What an AMAZING concert! Axl Rose-come back!! Stay back!! Rock n roll needs you!!
Review by: Hannah
"Guns-n-Roses" / November 24, 2002
When I heard that Axl had formed a new group and was going to tour, I was more than excited. I had always wanted to see them. There was one problem however, I live in St. Louis. Ever since the riot on July 2, 1991, Axl has not been aloud back here again. So I looked at the concert calendar and found a show on my 25th birthday in Cleveland. There were seven of us that made the trip. The concert was unbelievable! I was mesmerized! I was almost concerned at first, because there were so many negative reports, not reviews, but reports coming out about Axl's voice and about the band not showing up on time or at all. That was not the case though. GnR came out on stage and performed near perfect. The vocals and instrumentals were impressively accurate and on time with each delivery. I recommend this show to anyone with rock-n-roll taste. At 40 years old, Axl Rose is awesome!
Review by: Jason

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