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This page is for reviews of concerts people have seen during the 80s and reviews of tours that more recently focus on vintage 80s groups (like Depeche Mode or Bow Wow Wow, etc.). The first reviews here are from the old message board, so they might look a little familar. Hope no one minds me reformatting their original messages.

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"U2" / April 15, 2005
My friend and I both love U2 so much it's almost unhealthy. We showed up at Glendale Arena in Arizona and ran inside and bought shirts and posters. Each of us being only 13, it was our first U2 concert. We were so excited! I had done a countdown for 4 months. The opening act was Kings of Leon (and the guy was hoarse after just the first song). We were really bored, until U2 came out. The crowd erupted and it was amazing. Everyone was singing along. Even though they weren't the best seats, it was still incredible. I will never forget the sound of all those people singing Sunday Bloody Sunday in unison. I think I must've cried at some point, I was so happy. It was the BEST night of my life. (even though my ears were ringing for 2 days)
Review by: Kaleen
"U2" / May 10, 1983
My friend's dad worked for Yale University and was given two tickets. He asked us if we ever heard of U2. The only song we knew was "Gloria" because that was all that was being played on the radio/MTV at the time. We actually were not that excited but hey - it was a free show - so we went. It was AWESOME! It was the first time I ever heard "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Two Hearts Beat As One". When the show was over we went to a record shop that was open until 12AM and because we both had to have the "War" TAPE! Great memories....
Review by: Dianna
"U2" / 1987
At least I think it was '87. They were touring in support of The Joshua Tree. I saw them at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto, Canada. I will never, ever forget the sound of 52,000 people singing: "How long to sing this song?" (from the song '40') in unison as, and even after, U2 left the stage. At that moment I realized the power that music has to unite people in a common purpose. Even if that purpose is only to sing a line of a song. Still, it's an amazing thing.
Review by: Brian
"U2" / 9/17/1987
Boston Garden show... It was at the height of my U2 fanaticism. Fall of my senior year in high school. If I remember correctly, we skipped out of soccer practice early to go to this show...and then again five days later for the 22nd Foxboro show...more on that one later. But here's some of the things I remember and have gathered: 09/17/87 Boston Garden - Boston, MA Bullet The Blue Sky Where The Streets Have No Name I Will Follow Trip Through Your Wires I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For People Get Ready The Unforgettable Fire Exit-> Silver And Gold In God's Country Sunday Bloody Sunday Help Bad Running To Stand Still New Year's Day Pride (In The Name Of Love) encores: One Tree Hill With Or Without You Party Girl 40 Our seats were obstructed view. They had limited them to two per person when they went on sale. We stuck together...snuck behind the stage to the seats that were back there. Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul opened up. We didn't know anything except "Sun City"- so didn't really pay much attention. We were so paranoid about not being in our assigned seats, we were convinced security would figure it out and confront us. No one kicked us out. We were very close to the back of the stage...within beach ball throwing distance...more on that later. So many highlights... First song... the house lights wouldn't shut off. So we could see the whole crowd flipping out. Bono donned a Celtics jersey at one point... During Bad, Bono came back, and our whole group (Sonja, Amy, Christine, me...) kept waving Bono to come out into the crowd. He shook his head "no" and pointed and motioned for one of us (Sonja) to come up on stage. Then some linebacker of a blonde, shoved Sonj aside and got up onstage and danced with Bono. When she came back out, she was all..." Oh I met him in London..."-Bitch. I had brought my Happy Meal beach ball with Grimace on it. During Running to Stand Still I tossed it up onstage, Bono bounced it and kicked it back out to us. A girl down closer grabbed it, and I was right there too. We both had a death grip on it, and then decided to tear it in half, and each keep a piece. I still have it. During People Get Ready, Bono brought a guy up on stage to play guitar. He knew how to play, and was so cool walking over and bouncing along next to Adam, then over to jam with the Edge...all the while Bono's throwing back his head and laughing. Turns out the guy is in a band...Bono asked the name of the band, but they didn't have one. So Bono named their band right there on stage...damned if I can remember what it is... Leaving the Garden, everyone was still singing 40 through the halls, the stairwells, out onto Causeway Street. It was magical.
Review by: Amy
"U2" / November 1987
I was very quiet in high school, I didn't have many close friends. I spent a great deal of time at home listening to U2 so when they came to Colorado, I had to go. I bought a scalped ticket for $50 (sounded like a lot of money then...) and went by myself. It turned out to be the show at McNichol's Arena featured in the movie Rattle and Hum. We had to wait for what semed like hours while the film crews set up, and then the show began. There is something distinctly wonderful about being a teenager in America, where something as simple as a concert can move you so deeply. I think I cried when they played "40" to close the show. It was a night to remember. The mood was unlike any other I have ever experienced at any show. Every member of the audience knew every song. We sang them in unison, we cheered wildly when Bono said "Fuck the Revolution!", even though many of us didn't even know what revolution he was talking about. There were no big screens, no fancy lights, no costumes. Just U2 at their zenith. I saw them again when I was older; it wasn't quite the same. There was a notable exception. I traveled down south to see them on a leg of the Pop Mart tour, which happened to fall on the day after Michael Hutchence died. I had a close friend commit suicide a few weeks earlier. At the end of the show, Bono dedicated it to Michael Hutchence, said good-bye, and they played "One" followed by "40". They had not played "40" since 1989, but they played it for me that night. For a brief moment in my now hectic life, I was transported back to my teenage life of the 80's, where U2's music could affect the heart and soul of a lonely kid.
Review by: Eric W. Anderson
"U2" / 1994
The 2 times I saw U2 in Dallas I won the tickets from a radio station. Cool! Bono was excellent and really played the audience well. He brought up this real cute girl all dressed in white on the stage to dance with him. This was during the Zoo tour. But they played all their good stuff from the 80's. Where the streets have no name, bloody Sunday.. Man what a night!
Review by: Monique (Guison) Smith
"U2" / May 2, 1987
Here's the setlist: Where The Streets Have No Name* I Will Follow Trip Through Your Wires I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For MLK The Unforgettable Fire Bullet The Blue Sky Running To Stand Still Exit In God's Country Sunday Bloody Sunday Bad October Springhill Mining Disaster** New Year's Day Pride (In The Name Of Love) encores: With Or Without You Gloria 40 Lone Justice opened...could see Larry and Adam watching them from underneath the stage. Some obnoxious guy spit on us because he was trying to push into our seats. * I remember hearing the Edge's opening guitar riff to this song...and being so excited the hair on my arms was standing on end. **During Springhill Mining Disaster...a very sad song about a tragic event...Bono had to yell at some fans that this was "U2 not the Beatles!" He was annoyed that they weren't taking the song seriously and were just hooting and hollering.
Review by: Amy

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