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This page is for reviews of concerts people have seen during the 80s and reviews of tours that more recently focus on vintage 80s groups (like Depeche Mode or Bow Wow Wow, etc.). The first reviews here are from the old message board, so they might look a little familar. Hope no one minds me reformatting their original messages.

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"Wang Chung/Flock of Seagulls/Gene Loves Jezebel" / August 5, 2000
First up for the "80's Flasback Concert" was Gene Loves Jezebel - they were just okay - I saw them back in the early 90s I believe, and they were much better. The one lead singer quit some time ago and quite frankly, the singer now looked very bored or wasted - not sure which one - possibly both. Next up was Flock of Seagulls and they were really really good. I saw them back in the 80s somewhere on Fort Lauderdale Beach and I must say they were better this time up. Very impressive - they kicked into this one version of "I Ran", sort of Kid Rockish and it rocked - I wish they would record that (have they?) cuz I think it would get air play. Last up was Wang Chung and they were really really good. I definitely enjoyed seeing them the most. Hes has definitely aged but he sounded excellent! Music was really good in the 80s. Missing Persons was supposed to perform as well but for some reason they cancelled which was a huge disappointmentIt was a very poor crowd - this concert was at Sunrise Musical Theater in Fort Lauderdale which is a very small place and it was not even half way filled up - kinda depressing to me. I couldnt help but wonder if the bands are very disappointed as well. I would definitely go see Flock of Seagulls and Wang Chung again in a heartbeat! If you get the chance - check them out!
Review by: Lis
"Warren Zevon" / Winter 0f 1987
I saw Warren during the "Sentimental Hygiene" tour at the Palace Theater in Albany, N.Y. It was absolutely fantastic! The place was sold out and Zevon and his band chugged out hit after hit to the enthusiatic crowd. Warren spent a lot of time at the piano, and of course when he played "Werewolves of London" the place went wild. I like him for all of his music, not just that one song, so every song was familiar making for one of the best shows I have ever attended.
Review by: Brian C
"Warren Zevon" / 1986
I saw Warren Zevon at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY while he was supporting his excellent Sentimental Hygiene release. What a fantastic show! The place was sold out and Warren went from one hit to another without skipping a beat. I'm glad he played Werewolves of London early in the show so the screaming banshee chick sitting behind me would shut up. WZ spent a lot of time at the piano and he never sounded better. The band was tight, the audience was appreciative and it was truly an evening I'll never forget! Bless you Mr. Zevon.
Review by: Brian
"Wham!" / Feb, 1984
It was my first concert. I was 14 (eek!) I went with my best friend in the whole world! (Dad chaparoned!) We stood inline for over an hour waiting to get in, even with tickets! It was a great concert! Except for the woman behind us that told us to sit down her 5 year old couldn't see! We had fun anyway. Dad even enjoyed the show! Lots of dancing and the curtain that dropped to the ground. When I screamed Andrew's name, he looked right in my direction, I froze, and he turned shaking his head and laughing to himself. I am sure was thinking, crazy girls! It was thousands of screaming girls...great looking music..a night I will never forget!
Review by: Shanie
"Wham!" / Spring 1985
I was working at the Beacon Theatre in NYC as a part-time security guard - Wham was all over the radio. Lame opening act was a deejay who spun "Jungle Love" and yelled out "George" or "Andrew!" between songs; the average age in the crowd was 12 or 13. I don't recall the order of the songs, but it was pretty clear George Michael was not going to be a teenybopper act for long - he could sing his head off, even back then.
Review by: Gordon
"The Who/The Clash" / September 1981?
It was at the Los Angeles Coloseum. The Clash opened for the Who. When the Clash began their set the crowd created a mosh pit of around 3,000. I remember the Who playing really loud. Nevertheless, the Who remains one of my favorite bands.
Review by: Daniel

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